6 Reasons Why Feature Phones Are Here to Stay

6 Reasons Why Feature Phones Are Here to Stay

With all these shiny handsets and their futuristic features, what’s not to love about smartphones? One doesn’t even need to spend a lot to get a good device since there are those that are reasonably priced.

Although that may be the case, some folks still stick to the good ‘ol feature phones and we totally get that since they can offer a couple of things not usually seen with these fancy smartphones. We list down 6 reasons why feature phones are here to stay.


Microsoft’s Nokia 105 feature phone released early this year.

1. They are affordable

Why spend tens of thousands of Pesos if for under Php1K you can have your own feature phone? Sometimes, not just an ordinary phone since Firefly Mobile, as an example, has just introduced its E100 MAX that has 5500mAh battery for just Php799.

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2. It is easier to accept when you lose them

Let’s admit it, we commit stupid mistakes once in a while like leaving our cellular phones behind. Sometimes, when it’s really not your day, you might have experienced getting robbed on the street.

Whatever unfortunate events may have happened, it’s a bit easier to accept losing an 800-peso feature phone than a Php30K iPhone, right?

3. They are unattractive to pickpockets

Speaking of bad things happening, a brand new smartphone being used carelessly in public could be an unintended bait for pickpockets as these things are very hot to their eyes.

On the other hand, it’s less likely that anyone would care when you flash around a chunky, less attractive feature phone. These guys might even have better smartphones than you do.


4. They are usually more durable than smartphones

Thanks to that less attractive design we mentioned earlier, they were made to be more robust inside and out. These feature phones have no fragile displays that crack easily, nor are not tall enough to bend when applied the slightest pressure.

They are usually compact with a rugged housing that could take some serious beating.

5. They have longer battery life

Forget about the 5500mAh battery-touting feature phone of Firefly Mobile and just think regular ones. These timid devices could outlive most smartphones we have today due to the main reason that they power fewer components. There’s no 5.5-inch display with Full HD resolution here that eats up a big chunk of the battery, for one.

For one, the feature phones available today have no 5.5-inch displays with Full HD panels which eat up a big chunk of the battery. They also have fewer features that require powering up.

Remember, it’s always better to have a feature phone that can make calls than have the latest smartphone with an empty battery.

6. They get the job done

Lastly, these feature phones (although how basic they are) serve their purpose and let you communicate with other people. This is the main reason why you bought a cellular phone in the first place, so why would you need a superfluous phone if what you need is just something to use daily.

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Do you have anything to add? The comments section awaits.

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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11 Responses

  1. Yugafan says:

    Hi Kevin,

    An article should not only be informative but also entertaining. I am a fan of yugatech and would like to see more international readers visit the site. Below are some points that will make your article more appealing to international readers:

    • “It is easier to accept when you lose them” – Accept what? This will only make sense if you know tagalog (“mas madaling tanggapin”)

    • “There’s no 5.5-inch display with Full HD resolution here that eats up a big chunk of the battery, for one.

    For one, the feature phones available today have no 5.5-inch displays with Full HD panels which eat up a big chunk of the battery.” – Use another transition word. If you use “for one”, readers will be expecting at least another argument.

    Lastly, read it aloud. It may sound funny but it really helps in setting the tone and appeal of the article.

    More power and Happy New Year.

    • Yugafunmyarse says:

      “An article should not only be informative but also entertaining.” Entertaining with what? An article that could sing, dance or do magic tricks? Isa ka pa!

    • Mar Nognog Duterte says:

      May naligaw na grammar police. Hehe.
      Feature phones will always be around pangsubstitute sa mga fancy phones na may matataas na technical specs.

      Minsan nakakamiss pindutin yung flat and solid keypad ng Nokia 3210. Aminin mo yan kung naabutan mo yung unit na yun :)

  2. ren says:

    I’m down with number 6 esp. in urgent situations like if u are on a trip and in need of directions. physical keypad is the sweetest creation ever made!

  3. Yep says:

    I prefer basic phones when all I do is call and text.

    I recently used an old black & white nokia mobile phone, I was surprised as to how fast and responsive the loading of the menus compared to the latest colored phones. I actually prefer it.

  4. IS says:

    I’ve been loving my n206 since I got it. Gets the job done. Call, text AND play music. For much less power than any smartphone, period. If I need anything else, I have a tablet for that. IMHO, phones should stay phones. If you want your phone to do more, you’re looking for a toy, not a phone.

    I charge my phone once a week.

  5. Wily says:

    My attempt on a #7: Feature phones do not easily get obsolete. Since feature phones are bought for their basic functions (call and text, possibly flashlight and radio, everything else are extra features), users with these rarely look for upgrades. For instance, users will hardly need upgrading to faster processors or larger RAM; the need for more storage, however, may be another matter.

  6. Daren Aboy says:

    Feature phones are great as emergency phones because of their long battery life. For companies with well-developed business continuity plans, satellite phones are the gold standard. But feature phones can be very reliable and does the work in relaying communication. Durable in emergency situations.

  7. Yukichi says:

    7. You can text without looking at the screen.

  8. Jhay says:

    You can text while walking without looking your phone screen.

  9. ADAM says:

    It is handy as well.. You can put it inside your pocket without feeling discomfort.

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