BlackBerry Torch 9800 spotted, priced

BlackBerry Torch 9800 spotted, priced

Spotted this afternoon at one of the gadget stores in Virramall, Greenhills is the new BlackBerry Torch 9800. I’ve been told it has been selling there for about a week now.

The BlackBerry 9800 is the newest smartphone from RIM. It combines a full touch screen and a sliding full qwerty keyboard.


BlackBerry Torch 9800 specs:
3.2″ display @ 360×480 pixels
512MB RAM, 512MB ROM
4GB storage (up to 32GB via microSD, 4GB included)
3G @ 384Kbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
5MP autofocus camera w/ LED flash + video
BlackBerry OS 6.0
GPS w/ a-GPS support
1300mAh Li-Ion battery

The grey market price of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is Php38,500.

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27 Responses

  1. mjne_19 says:

    @abeolandres sir do you think it is worth it for the price? Im planning to get one…

  2. Calvin says:

    *whistle* 38,500. pumunta ka pa ng virra mall after mag tagaytay?

  3. MyMaria says:

    Sweet! If I were to get my first Blackberry, this would be it! Let’s just hope Smart will offer this for their retention plans soon! :)

  4. tipler says:

    P38,500? I bet that’s the funniest thing I’ll have read all week. I wouldn’t pay 20k for this.

  5. Where did you see this? and was there a logo on it? the question is what operator is it from? and how much is the $ price on it from AT&T

  6. mr. bogus says:

    not worth it… over priced and bulky piece of @#$%

  7. Whatif says:

    Pangit na mahal pa… Kahit specs olats

    Tama si tipler joke time ata to… Lol

  8. Val says:

    too pricey for what you get. Only BB fanboy will bite it (if there are) :)

  9. Manuel says:

    hi abe, so how does it feel to the touch? I know the specs and seems like quite thick, but nothing like the real feel assessment. Been thinking to upgrade from BBstorm2 to iPhone4 or BBtorch. Thanks.

  10. yodz says:

    overpriced. Ang daming alternative phone to this. made for the old school oldies!

  11. BAGSIK says:

    Samsung Wave is much way better than this crap.

  12. lawreas says:

    mahal namn.. rather get n8.. ang nagpmhal ata d2 ung bagong os version ng BB

  13. manong says:

    bat ganun? pag grey market ng dslr less than orig price.. pag cp, more than d orig price..

    hmmnn.. some vendors nga nman, d n nga tamang magbayad ng tax, gagaguhin p ung customer nila

  14. riv10 says:

    i think BB is just not that good with touch screen…i wonder how the blackpad would answer guys might as well get an onyx, bold 9700, that is..or maybe Gemini..cos for me BB is only work well in its messenger service and push email terms..the one which iphones r getting now..

  15. Miklos says:

    Lol this phone is using 5 year old technology and is priced as a ‘super smartphone’.

    Nokia N8 is WAY better for the money.

  16. cruize says:

    blackberry phones target business people so you wont really appreciate the phones’ full functionality unless you use it for its purpose which is as i said business. so if your looking for a more casual and techie phone i suggest you get an iphone but if your like me who is into business then this phone is your soulmate. The price is totally worth it and its not at all bulky.

    P.S. I’ve never appreciated any nokia phone. for me their models are usually rip offs of better phones and the value seems to decrease oh so rapidly.

  17. wuboy says:

    im selling my bb torch for 30,000 php, been used for 1 day only

    sms me on 09175528177

  18. masp says:

    I bought a couple of blackberry torches for my gf and sister but they apparently prefer to stick to their iphones after using mine (kulang raw sa applications). so if anyone’s interested please give me a call at 975-6677. selling them at 31k each or 60k for both.

  19. I have a blackberry curve phone and am not satisfied with the track ball which frequently conked out. Still watching if this latest model works before contemplating to acquire one.

  20. MRLA says:

    KiM’s store in multiply is selling it for only 30k, you might want to check it out. im considering in changin my bold 9700 for the torch 9800 or to iphone4. i’ve seen the commercial for BB’s new OS and its awesome.

  21. MRLA says:

    KiM’s store in multiply is selling it for only 30k, you might want to check it out. im considering in changin my bold 9700 for the torch 9800 or to iphone4. i’ve seen the commercial for BB’s new OS and its awesome.

  22. HoLo says:

    i agree with Cruize. BB torch is not a rip off. what is areal rip off are nokia phones. it’s like everyone’s phone with the cheapest look. its so casual. I’m still a student but I have my own business and this phone really fits my life style. and i dont care if it does not have much applications coz i got my iPod touch, so whatever. Blackberry is GOOD! very classy, unique, and functional.

  23. J_lee says:

    Mr. Yugatech i want to ask if you know where can i buy a white version of BB torch fresh unit…. i wana trade in my 9700 sana if possible. thanks!

  24. My Boss from Atlanta is going to send 30-50 BB torch by this coming 2nd week of June… We are comparing prices from different markets out there.. I believe whosoever sold it out the first time was really overpricing the item. As what my boss said “this is the best black berry on market”.

    The prices dramatically decrease from around 900$+ you can have BBtorch now a days at around 300-500$..or 20K below in Peso.

    And Yeah I agree this one is classy and very functional for business purposes..

    • ann says:

      hello jadi…
      where can i buy this with the price of 20K below?
      i see this last july 9 and it’s price was 30K

      hope you can reply..

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