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Cherry Mobile Superion to spoil Galaxy Tab

The Cherry Mobile Superion is a 7-inch Android tablet that could probably spoil the entry of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab with its uber-cheap price tag of Php19,990.


Cherry Mobile Superion
Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
Qualcomm 600 MHz processor
7” WVGA capacitive touchscreen
512MB internal (up to 32GB via microSD)
3G, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Ambient Light sensor
3MP autofocus camera
Front Facing VGA camera
Bluetooth 2.0
SRP: Php19,990

The Cherry Mobile Superion is the same Android tablet as the Viewsonic ViewPad 7 we blogged about here earlier (probably came from the same Chinese OEM).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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148 Responses

  1. Vera says:

    oooohhh very interesting

  2. mike says:

    i already reserved my money for this.

  3. SAM YG says:

    Can we install Windows 7 on this tablet?

  4. Teknisyan says:

    Nice… a cheap tablet… I wonder if people will buy this one, since pinoys are more on the name.

  5. petken says:

    Mas mababa ang specs nito kesa sa Galaxy Tab…
    Processor 600Mhz vs 1Ghz ng Galaxy Tab
    Resolution 480 X 800 vs 1024 X 600 ng Galaxy Tab
    And of course the Samsung Brand

  6. Martin says:

    will wait for the review :)

  7. watusi says:

    wala pa ba ang my phone and torque….heheheheh

  8. simplynice93 says:

    A Cherry Mobile iPad??!! WoW!

  9. wilde says:

    Nice one Yuga!

    Does it handle multi-touch, like pinch zoom?

  10. wilde says:

    One more, what’s the screen resolution of the Superion?

  11. jay says:

    san kaya maka try ng demo unit nito? is it out in the market?

  12. luiboowee says:

    I’ll be waiting for a review on this. :)

  13. Opium Opinion says:

    Yes, it is almost 20,000 Pesos. But you could buy an iPad at HK for 23,000 Pesos. I’ll rather choose an Apple though it lacks most of the features of this android tablet rather than buy some China Quality Gadget.

  14. jan says:

    yes meron to pinch to zoom

  15. raymond says:

    guys, may i emphasize that this tablet also has phone capabilities.

  16. berkano says:

    resistive? never mind.

  17. berkano says:

    If the screen is resistive then it won’t be for me.

  18. islacom says:

    Wait for Yugatech’s review before buying a test unit hehe
    I’d like to run Jolicloud on this unit hehe

  19. RJ says:

    if there is one thing I’ve learned about processors it is that clock speed is nothing,.. what if its 600MHz? the firmware Froyo can handle it very nicely. Android is not like Windows that needs a lot of CPU to run fast.. check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megahertz_myth and this one too: http://www.computer-hardware-explained.com/megahertz-myth.html
    This is just like the camera/megapixel myth. Personally, I’m excited about this.. :)

  20. raymond says:

    the screen is not resistive. it is capacitive and it supports multi-touch to allow pinch zooming.

  21. jay says:

    its advertised on major papers right now :)

  22. jan says:


  23. Ryan Ang says:

    this is interesting.. altough the 600mhz might be a downer for some but tests ran using the froyo build shows improvement in all areas so this might be a good thing.

    we must not forget that this will support FLASH!

    anyway this is an interesting entry for the tablet sector. Cherry should partner up with a carrier to further subsidize the price. Sun should get this, para mas maraming units ang mabenta.

    The only caveat ata dito is the build quality.. but for the price maybe ok na rin.

  24. Pusang Kulog says:

    Would the processor limit the usability of the unit when it comes to 3D games and other related apps? I’ve heard that the HTC Wildfire could not play a lot of 3D games for Android…

  25. bijz says:

    how bout the battery, external ports and memory?

  26. vondoom says:


  27. UGALI says:

    wow walang nag-aaway dito! hehe

    astig yan ah. pero sabi nga ni Opium Opinion, 23k lang ang ipad sa HK. hanap na lang ako na kakilalang pupunta dun para magpabili. :-)

  28. Ryan Ang says:

    @Ugali and Opium Opinion

    well the 23k ipad might be the 16GB wifi version, this has the bells and whistles of the galaxy tab minus the processor.

    sana lang hindi cheap ang build quality nito.. kasi may promise siya e.. Although I can imagine the same with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Hindi ko type yung feel ng Galaxy S e, plasticky, parang Samsung Jet.

  29. islacom says:

    video calls pwede to perfect for globe supersurf50 via 3G
    again like iPhone 4 u need 2 units of this to work

  30. jan says:

    guys techpinas.com meron video nito p*%*

  31. Calvin says:

    800 x 480 yung display nito. galaxy tab 1024 x 600. big difference din yun.

    if you want video check this link:

    isipin niyo na lang cherry mobile yung wallpaper.

  32. irv says:

    the specs and price are interesting, but what about build quality, stability and service?

  33. Pach Pach says:

    This one looks good enough for a tablet. Surprisingly, the Magnum has higher specs than this tablet, save for the screen size.
    This one also deserves a review badly :D

  34. Doodles says:

    If by chance you visit Singapore, you can get a 32gb ipad for P27k with a bonus ipad case.

  35. Effie says:

    Does this support AVI files for video playback?

  36. Chad says:

    Their Cherry Mobile Magnum HD is much more powerful than this. a beast of a phone that sports a 1GHz processor and a 4.1-inch WVGA (480 x 800-pixel) capacitive touch screen and goes for a reasonable price of P18,990.

  37. ron says:

    Can we use this device like a regular cellphone?

  38. Jhay says:

    The iPad is overrated I think. I’m not an apple hater but..That’s what I feel. My bets are on Samsung..

  39. islacom says:


    I took the time to check the Viewsonic Viewpad 7, said to be that these 2 devices are on and the same. Specifications, they are exactly the same, been searching the web for a possible information about the battery life. How long will the battery life for calling, video playing, etc., but to no avail.

    So I called up the Cherry Mobile Office(567-1342), I inquired, according to the agent I spoked with, 5-6hours talk time 2G network, 3G network maybe around 4hours, the video playing around 4hours(around maybe 2 movies) still depending on the brightness and volume. if you are planning to buy this device, and you are a power user, this might not be a great device for you.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab is already marked at 7hours battery life. It doesn’t beat the Apple iPad endurance but you get a phone functionality with the Galaxy Tab.

    You can’t blame Cherry Mobile for wanting to join the tablet frenzy.

    And another thing, the agent I spoked with said that the viewsonic viewpad 7 and CM Superion are 2 different products, although if you check it out all of the details of these 2 device are exactly the same. Plus as we know Cherry comes from China so even if they don’t want to say where the CM superion or their other cellphones are made, your guess will aleays be as good as mine, CHINA.

    Maybe the Viewsonic Viewpad 7 and the Cherry Mobile Superion are not the same, that only means that one of them is a KIRF.

  40. Ryan Ang says:


    I don’t think that we have to rule out that one is a KIRF. They might be made by the same OEM and only cosmetic changes are made. Sometimes, with these OEMS, they pretty much repackage/rebadge the same item for different markets (depending on their customer). There could also be under the hood changes too.

  41. Andrejtf says:

    Again a lot of idiots here:

    @sam yg why would you want to load a shitty OS like winmo 7?
    @Doodles the 32Gb iPad is not 3G, no comparison
    @Jiro Yan Cheap?Bakit , mayaman ka?Why hang around these forums if mayaman ka

    Yung maka samsung , bakit ano ba ng samsung nung araw? Cheap and shoddy appliances rin.

    Cherry Mobile, My Phone and torque have done a lot to liberate filipinos from the expensive crap like nokia, samsung, Sony Ericsson and the like. The least we can do is support them and give the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism so they can improve their products.

  42. yih says:

    Andrejtf – Wow! You’re asking too much from consumers. Cherry offers piss poor products and terrible after sales service and you think they deserve respect?

  43. mike says:




  44. yih says:

    kahit ano pang sabihin mo sirain pa rin ang Cherry phones and panget ang after sales service.

    kahit turuan niyo pa kaming magbigay ng constructive criticism, sirain pa rin ang Cherry phones and panget ang after sales service.

    kahit tawagin mo pa kaming mayabang, bobo, tanga, eh sirain pa rin ang Cherry phones and panget ang after sales service

    Ang solusyon: gumawa ang Cherry phones ng mas magandang produkto and gandahan nila ang after sales service nila para wala na kaming masabi.

  45. raymond says:

    I’ve been looking around all cherry mobile stores but I still couldn’t find one tablet phone. Please advise…

  46. jan says:

    the reason why cherry mobile after sales nila hindi mganda kasi first kung businessman ka at maglalagay ka nang service center sa isang lugar na lets say na ilang lang costumers sa tingin mo ba magtatayo ka ng service center?para yang sony erricson hindi masyado ng madami ang kanilang service center kumpara sa nokia kasi yung sony konti lang ang bumibili kumpara sa nokia madami kaya nakikita mo maraming service centers na nokia. at pareho din yan sa cherry nakukuha nio ba?

  47. manibela says:

    It’s the same as a viewsonic viewpad 7 (or other iterations). And so far some reviews online give it a thumbs up for hardware. I’m not a fan of cherry mobile, but this one’s a breath of fresh air.

    Hehe I just wish cherry mobile didn’t name their company after that fruit. (It could be worse though, strawberry mobile perhaps? Or starApple…) Or better yet, I wish you could buy this OEM per piece, with absolutely no branding. Then etch your name on it.

  48. Minyang says:

    is there a WIFI?

  49. kathy says:


    comparison nila with the Galaxy Tab. Lamang ang galaxy tab sa specs but for 15k less pwede na talaga superion!

  50. raymond says:

    Did some research on its supposed counterparts such as the Olive Pad and Viewsonic Viewpad. The Olive Pad retails in India for 25,000 rupees. That’s PhP 24,464. Viewpad is estimated to retail for €350. That’s PhP 21,086.

    Therefore, at P19,990, Cherry Mobile is actually retailing the Superion at a good price. Don’t take my word for it. Search for the youtube videos.

  51. Caloy says:

    To those interested, I saw Cherry Mobile retailers in Robinson’s Place Manila selling the Superion already.

  52. jaycee santos says:

    bibili ako nito sa christmas and its better if you buy youre own product …. its cheap and its very affordable ghanda ng graphics …….

    gogo philippines…

  53. jombag says:

    walang masa kung bibili ka ng mura kung satisfied ka naman diba? di lahat ng mura low quality, wag mag-generalize…

    bakit ang nokia at samsung nagrerelease din ng mga murang cellphones (C3 na 6k w/ wifi, Nokia N8 na 23k – very high-end, samsung champ na 4k na touchscreen)? kasi they admit na ang trend ngaun sa market is pamurahan ng products. ang Cherry Mobile, Torque ang My|Phone, isama pa natn ang mga chinaphones is killing their market kaya naglalabas sila ng murang phones para makacompete.

  54. king says:

    yes, i do agree with jombag. cherry mobile phone being in the market now with low and affordable prices compared to other mobile phones will create competition. i do use a cherry mobile Q9, and in many ways i’am satisfied with it. there are downside and good function. wala nman perfect phone that’s why every now and then something new is coming out. if you dont like and dont want to patronize cherry mobile then its your choice. somehow we should be thankful for its existence because it will lower prices of other well known mobile brands because they are being patronized tremendously by the masses right now. i also agree in one of the comments that they should improve their aftersales service. the staff in their stores should also undergo training re proper customer service approach, not good.

  55. anon says:

    i heard the samsung galaxy tab sells for 200 to 300 usd is this true?

  56. Rey Mun Jr says:

    Galaxy is around $600, i blv the 300 is with contract sa US ala iphone. Im trying to locate a superion unfortunately most store i went tells me its on a per order basis. tsk tsk, i want my hands on this one, many reviews in u tube and its doing good. As they say its a viewsonic viewpad7 and priced at around $400 so ok na rin ung local price at least may local warranty. I have my ipad but its just to big, this one will fit my baggy pants pocket just fine :-). Google streetmaps was way cool :-)

  57. kathy says:

    Saw the superion at Cherry store in SM North and also in SM Manila. Still need to save up

  58. vidgen13 says:

    This is a rebrand, Mi700, foxconn, olivepad, superion viewpad iisa lang daw lahat to. Okay naman reviews sa kanya at narroot na sya according sa isang forum. Un lng wala pa atang mga custom roms para sa kanya chaka tingin ko magmumura pa eto

  59. Rey Mun Jr says:

    Nice meron pala sm north, atleast i can pay via C.C. Sayang ang points :-). Hmmm i wish may 12months hehe, pushing my luck here. Pls wag sana ako ma temp later or else…..ka-ching! :-)

  60. rey says:

    Got my hands on one after so many failed attemps. Went to many cherry mobile stores but either its per order basis only or they were already out of stock, went to SM north edsa, CM out of stock but cellway finally got one. Paid 22500 on 12months ok na kaysa 19900 cash:-). first impression?
    Supperion has its good and bad side.

  61. rodel says:

    Can I do Microsoft Office with it? I usually do spreadsheets and documents.

  62. rey says:

    it has documents to go which is almpst full version wherein you can viw,edit and create documents.

  63. rodel says:

    Hey Rey! Thanks for the info bro. Hopefully I can get one this Xmas…if not maybe next year jehjehjeh.

  64. mint&sand says:

    Di ko maintindihan ang ibang mga tao dito. Madami ang nagsasabing improve on their products kasi laos. they bring in a good product tapos sasabihin nila laos, kahit na hindi pa nila nagamit. I mean, ang daming good reviews ang superion sa ibang bansa, ganun pa man, pangit pa din ang sinasabi nila.

    Lets give them a break guys. They really are trying to improve their products. The least thing we could do is give them a chance.

    I, myself, am planning to buy a Cherry Superion.

    Great work Cherry Mobile.

  65. Cxian says:

    Guys, got one yesterday from Festival Mall Alabang :) – not from cherry coz they are not accepting CC and for order basis sila.

    After using after it for 5 hours, these are my initial thought and observation.

    1. The hardware seems solid to hold, there are very little creaks while holding it on the side but it doesn’t make you bother naman. Take care nalang dun sa side kasi parang matatangal ung silver na coat pag matagal na ginagamit. (very prone to scratches)

    The screen capacitive touch works nicely, though medyo nag-hahang if marami kang running na apps and when theres major app running like loading of a webpage (eg facebook – suggestion, downloading facebook app for galaxy tab do the trick).

    2. texting wise, medyo nakaka-asar lang na nagagalaw lagi yung ‘qwerty’ mode to something-else mode when typing something so kailangan ko ulit ibalik sa qwerty mode… madalis ko rin napipindot ung dictionary on but this is an adroid issue naman.

    3. phone call experience is okay, na try ko loud speaker, great siya gamitin.

    4. the weight is somehow heavy for me, nakaka-ngalay din when holding it in a long time (like ebook reading).

    5. there’s an optional wallpaper naman na pamalit sa cherry wallpaper na naka-default. hehe (panget wallpaper nila)

    6. install launcher pro adk to view the dashboard and the menu’s vertically. (may maganda pa nga ung launcher pro kaysa sa launcher na nka default)

    7. I learned that never install app-killer, (wala rin naman nagbabago sa running apps). just trust android when it comes to memory management.

    8. browsing experience is quite okay naman, minsan matagal magload ung buong page. (7 to 15 sec)

    yung lang muna for now, kakalikutin ko pa, i will post again for updates

  66. cloudchaser_28 says:

    @Cxian: Sir, sa’n sa festival niyo nabili? Do they accept 0% interest installment?

    based on your experience so far, would you recommend it? I’m torn between getting an Archos, Galaxy Tab, iPad or a Cherry Mobile.

    Kung kaya ko mas mura better. =) ‘Pang Movies, ecomics, ebooks, web surfing lang namam. Light gaming din siguro.

    Wala siyang 3D acceleration, can it play 3D games?


  67. cxian says:

    i bought mine in one of the stalls selling mobile phones near co-green…
    im actually planning to buy archos 70 for its 17k price tag but as on my inquiries with them, first week pa raw ng dec sila magkakaroon and as i read in reviews the built quality is not that superior naman..

    would i recommend it? if your considering not just the brand (ehem apple) but for the its features versus the price tag, id definitely recommend this ;)

    id even post this from my superion while listening to mp3, 2 browser windows open, chat app running and its works like a charm

    okay for my lil complaints nman, the qwerty mode accidentally switching to other mode still nagging me, sanayan lang siguro sa tap texting and the battery is just 6 hours when in continious usage

  68. cxian says:

    they accept installments for bpi and bdo only, straight for others..

    i didn’t tried to play 3d games yet.. though i think di nya kakayanin but im not sure with this.

    nice apps id tried so far, poweramp for playing music files, rock player for movies, ebuddy for facebook, gtalk and ym for chats.. opera browser is not good with tablet.. i still using the default browser for android

  69. Francis says:

    Already had this my superion for almost a month now. So far so good.

    Its a good for light browsing. Browsing, blogging, and chatting on 7 inches is definitely better than squinting or continously scrolling on a 3 to 4 inch screen. This model does not support flash (does not meet flash 10.1 ‘s minimum requirements).

    The dual cameras are a mixed bag. No flash. 3mp at the back and vga front. The free case does not have a hole for the back camera. Takes nice pics in good lighting conditions. Video chatting Is possible via apps (Tango, YM etc.) No video call option from the phone dialer.

    Gaming on the superion is quite good. 2D and simple 3d games can can run. It can play angry birds and NFS shift without any much problem. Higher end games like assasins creed and asphalt 5 are slow.

    Its quite awkward to use as a phone outside because you have to hold the thing right next to your ear if you want to hear anything in open air (you can use a headset tho). This is not replacing my regular cellphone for calling on the go.

  70. rodel says:

    di ba may bluetooth ang unit? can i connect my bluetooth headset (Sony Ericsson Brand) with this in making calls? Also, since this has the same specs with Viewpad 7 (from what I saw in the Youtube) which is being introduced in the US, can I get tech support from the Viewpad 7 group when I go there?

  71. Ken says:

    My friend bought this Superion Last Nov. 15. Awesome. Android 2.2 Froyo. Mas nagenjoy ako ibrowse kesa sa iphone ko.. :-(
    Nainggit din officemate ko na naka HTC wildfire.
    specs are good. Screen is very responsive. Super namaximize ang features lalo na nung nagsubscribe cya sa Supersurf 1200. accessible lahat ng website esp. Android Market.

  72. Ken says:

    another amazing discovery. pede plang maging wifi hotspot ang superion tablet phone. Ginawa kong wifi hotspot ang phone na ito and mabilis ang connection ng iphone ko sa net.. hehehe…

  73. rey says:

    superion so far is doing a good job here. Not missing my ipad. ultimate portability wins over screen size. 7inch is ok, its like bringing ur laptop inside your pocket(i have a big pocket hehe). Sir you can disable the screen swipe option sa keyboard option to avoid accidentalkeyboard changes. Unlike the iphone4 sides which are stainless Superion got aluminum like sides(dont know its plastic or aluminum)thus very prone to scratches. The first thong that need to go are the screen protector, it makes the gadget dirty and cheap loooking though one tip here make sure you clean the screen thoroughly before installing a new screen protector as it will affect the touch screens behavior. So far for the past 2weeks aside from some few lags and slowdowns(due to multi tasking) im quite satisfied with my pocket pc.
    Galaxy tab now available in some stores but at almost 3800 for 12months
    0 interest the price is too stiff, much higher than the ipad when it became availble in greenhills. Though its thinner than the superion and at 1gig speed siguro sa malaki ang bonus at 13th month baka pwede subukan :-)

  74. rey says:

    Superion users what are your fave apps so far, care to share?
    here’s mine
    1.advance task killer, automatic task killer to make your droid snappy.
    2. besttube-to download you tube videos.
    3. apps to sd-free up your mem by traNfering installed apps to your SD card
    4. piano-to kill some time and creating some tunes
    5. mp3 music download
    6.homerun 3d- baseball game

    so far those are the few apps i downloaded coz some apps accumulates in your internal mem, i just cant move all apps to sd. limmitation of android perhaps only 170+mb avlble and right now im down to 60mb.

  75. Iceman_9 says:

    Do you think that this gadget is durable? Knowing that cherry mobile has a reputation of having mobile phones easy to break down.

  76. rey says:

    well its not localy assembled, i blv its foxcon made same with iphone 4 only the materials are not up to par with apple. As long as we keep the Superion in its included binder then i blv it will last…havent tried dropping it yet :-) but knowing how clumsy i am with my gadgets i may have an update soon.

  77. Ken says:

    May isa pa akong nalaman about sa unit na ito. WiFi hotspot is still working kahit wala kang load. I can connect and browse to my friend’s superion tablet phone wifi kahit zero balance ang load nya and He can connect to his own network as well. Saya naman ng phone na ito. May wifi phone ka na may sarili ka pang wifi hotspot.

  78. Iceman_9 says:

    Thanks! i really want to buy this gadget this christmas for myself. I hope it will last. hehehe

  79. j says:

    saang mga mall merong chery stores where i can buy superior? or kahit saang store na “legit” to buy this product? thank you.

  80. rey says:

    buy it from cherrymobile stores i suggest at sm cyberzone north edsa or rob manila but just in case this stores are already out of stock try cellway they accept 12months though with interest. goodluck,you wont regret your purchase.

  81. j says:

    thank you @rey

  82. gtab says:

    really isn’t worth the money looks cheap no resale value and experienced bad warranty before from cherry mobile better wait for samsung galaxy tab to lower price and extremely slow

  83. geogetski says:

    got my samsung galaxy tab for 34,590 the 15k difference is well woth the money

    Faster Processor
    dedicated GPU
    16gb builtin
    better resolution
    better battery life
    better warranty as i have a friend who has seen how crappy cm gives warranty :)
    Flash support
    better build
    made in korea :)
    and better firmware support currently there are dozens of roms from different samsung builds that can be flashed thru odin

    as far as superion user goes i don’t think you’ll get firmware update anymore because they’ll probably just introduce a new model by then or if lucky enough maybe someone will introduce cfw support :)

    still waiting for CFW for the tab maybe someone can do a cyanogen or muiu cfw for tab that would be awesome :)

  84. rey says:

    kudos to you man, you got a nice toy this christmas. Be it a galaxy or a superion we all got greeat toys. And both got Android :-).

  85. robert says:

    did your superion come with bluetooth headset and 4gb micro sd card? cherry mobile sm southmall bundles them with the superion.

  86. rey says:

    yes sir it does, bluetooth, 4gig and the cherry mobile bear though i did not take the bear binigay ko na sa sales agent :-). Anyways the bundled 4gig doesnt seem to work with superion. The 4gig is not busted its not just compatible with the superion but with other gadgets like nokia, even pc recognizes it. The tech said its something to do with the the class of the card, perhaps cherry did not mass test the cards. The sales tech replaced it with other SD cards but none seems to work for the superion. I have no problem with that since i replaced it with 16gig right away. :-)

  87. rey says:

    guys while cleaning the superion(took it out of the binder) i noticed that there are some gaps in the back pannel, something like tabs you can pry open. i had the superion for almost a month now and no problem with it. i blv superion got good quality and durability, im saying this since i almost always put my new gadgets to a test trying to find out its limits. Any way the tabs at the back are so tempting and since i blv this gadgets already for keeps(passed its 7 day replacement warranty) i doing my best no to open the back but knowing resistance is futile i might, 1 of this days, open the back and have a look. im hoping to see if the batteries are replaceable and if there are same size batteries out there but with high amp to increase the 5-6hours life of the unit. Though higher amp could also mean hotter gadget and longer charging hours. ill post pics once i gave in to the temptation :-)

  88. Iceman_9 says:

    can i place a 32gb micro sd in the superion? thanks!

  89. rey says:

    havent tried 32gig yet, kasi wala pa avlble sa cdr king :-). pero as of now havent even filled my 16gb yet, not even 25%. unlike sa ipad ive already deleted most movies its down to 3g from 32gb. Parang mas madali magdownload ng movies dun but BEST Tube app sa Sup is doing ok. Using Navigation in the Superion is great. Last nigh it helped me weaved in and out of traffic.

  90. robiert says:

    I’m also having problems with my 4 gig card on the superion. parating sd card error.

  91. rey says:

    sir if thats the one bundled with the unit perhaps its really the card. it will still work with other device naman. Try replacing it with other card, a 16gb card at cdr is only 1300…more music more video though you have to be choosy with your apps and games kasi there are apps na resides and installs in your internal mem than the SD and even app2sd cant transfer them result you will be down to your last 40mbs with just a dozen of good apps :-( not SUP problem but the OS itself(from what i read in some forums)

  92. robert says:

    @rey Unfortunately only 2Gb cards are available at cdrking at the moment.

  93. Iceman_9 says:

    Purchased the superion and placed it with a 16gb micro sd. It is really true that some of the apps will reside with the internal mem.. I can say overall that this is a “good buy” gadget. Thanks Rey for answering my queries.

  94. rey says:

    nice one sir iceman, welcome to the SUPERCLUB :-).
    Now enjoy the toy and discover its powers, hehe

  95. Iceman_9 says:

    Rey, dont you find your superion hard to charge? It takes quite a long time for my gadget to be fully charged..

  96. rey says:

    actualy it does takes to long to charge,50-60%down it takes a while 80up its ok. even from the reviews thats one of their findings the slow charging. luckily im always around an outlet(in the ofc)almost all the time:-). batlife is around 6hours heavy internet use.

  97. cxian says:

    hi guys! fellow superion user here. so far im satisfied with the tab but one thing that worries me is the overall battery life. I like to know if cherry is good with support once we need to replace it. though this issue is common for all tabs..

  98. rey says:

    good day sir,fellow SUP user. re support on bat as much as i hate to admit this but as for the moment i doubt that CM has support for bat replacement but who knows, as it appears the back can be easily spliced open and from the weight of our TAB it seems like half of the back contains the battery. i just hope its just a normal ipod battery back there so we can replace them on our own (for the brave souls hehe)or any phone tech in ghills…

  99. cxian says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, all the while, its very tempting to take a look underneath the back cover but I don’t have any idea how to open it. lol.
    I’d also tried to look if there’s an olive pad/ viewpad 7/ DroidPad/ repair manual but haven’t found any yet. Say, how often do you charge your tab? I don’t allow the battery to be less than 40% so I charged it more frequently.

  100. rey says:

    its an understatement saying i charge them every day, when im near an outlet i see to it that its pluggeed in. youre right not to let it dip below 40% coz when it reaches 30% it drains power faster than u could download 100g videos and when the bat turnz red, tagal nya mag fill up.

  101. jan says:

    @rey anong contact no. or website ng celway?

  102. robert says:

    I finally got a 16GB card from cdrking for my superion.

  103. isto ward says:

    i was able to buy sa cherry mobile store sa sm southmall las pinas. marami sila stock. don’t bother buying sa stall sa festival mall ng cherry mobile..mandaraya ang staffs ng cherry doon..at first sabi nung saleslady 2 bago kadarating lang pero nung bibili na ako nagbulungan sila nung lalake na staff. sabi isa na lang daw bago naman daw un. pero upon checking may ding and stratch na unit..but still pilit pa dn sabi nila bago un. den i checked un sms..may mga message na nung nov 29 pa. den umamin un guy na demo unit un. but i think returned units binebenta nila. sa iba na lang kayo bumili..un staffs sa sm southmall ok kausap. so far happy ako sa superion..pag wala ako sa wifi zone pwede pa dn internet using my globe sim

  104. vidgen13 says:

    Flash support???

  105. cxian says:

    theres no flash support. buy galaxy tab if you want flash

    guys, have you able to calibrate your ecompass in your sup? it never work for me.. :(

  106. rey says:

    i agree with sir isto, pls check the units carefully, though some were not really really demo unit but most of the staff already used them and plays with them, afterwards some who knows the works just factory resets them. the first one i got also have some sms and pics already but then again if the techie guys were able to test them and played with them then most likely it already passed their standards and its a good unit. OK lang sana if they admit that they tested the units and it work great as per their assesmnt but passing it off as a new unit…wag naman. Also one way to check is the battery, most new units will have factory charge which is at 40-50%,if the unit you got is fully charged or empty then most likely either they drained it or they….charged them, for you hehe.

  107. rey says:

    as per compass, pag cnacalibrate ko naman after some tossing and turning lumalabas naman you have succesfully calibrated…., as per flash support try downloading skyfire browser. it does not support flash but if the site your visiting have flash movie it will notify you and you can open the flash movie in another window..this is true not only with youtube vidz but even for othe websites with small flash movies…though i tried other “atintube” vid sites :-), yun ayaw ma detect…cguro pang legit web sites lang hehe. just be sure to empty the cache every now and then as it accumulates in your internal mem.

  108. cxian says:

    Thanks for the inputs bro.

    I’ve downloaded a compass app from the market and it works naman.

    Anyway good news, gingerbread is here! I’m excited to experience it on the sup :)

  109. rey says:

    yes!!!GINGER BREAD…hmmm will it run on our SUP baka namimili ng processor yan hehe, Sir xian pls update us, tnxvm

  110. cxian says:

    yes! as per Android Engineer confirmed, there’s no minimum requirements for gingerbread.

    ref. here: http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/07/lg-invents-imaginary-1ghz-processor-requirement-to-say-optimus-o/

  111. robert says:

    Has anybody here rooted their superion already? I’m thinking of rooting my unit to get apps2sd. I always get the low memory warning.

  112. Iceman_9 says:

    what does it mean when you root the superion and how do you do it? what are the advantages when you root the sup? thanks!

  113. Larry says:

    based on experience with my Cherry Mobile unit, sira na agad on the first instance na mag charge. the USB terminal is confused kung headset o charger ba ang nakapasok. it took the service center 1 month to replace motherboard.(bago unit pero papalaitan na agad motherboard, na QC kaya ang units ng Cherry Mobile?) after a day, balik ang dating sira nya. paala-ala lang to do your research before spending your money on china made items na hindi dumadaan sa quality control.

  114. hunch110 says:

    im looking everywhere on how to root our sup, but as of now im still unsuccessful. i just read from other threads that rooting the device would lead to a faster processor and better management of the memory (they say apps2sd would work well for rooted sup). anybody here knows how to root? pls share the procedure and actual performance of the rooted sup. tnx.

  115. robert says:

    I found this guide on rooting the viewpad 7.


  116. rey says:

    there is this app z4root…its a one touch rooting…download it, install it and then just click root and thats it…, i downloaded the n700 commtiva ROM as a fellow SUP user at the other site said it made his SUP faster…oh also with the z4root you can un root it anytime if you wish to put it back to the old state..just be sure to back up your SUP before flashing to other rom. so far im doing the rooting right now…i also have the back up software and the image as well as the ROM…lakas nalang ng loob hehe

  117. rey says:

    also when it comes to b uild quality of the SUP…i guess so far i have not seen a complain on their SUP that it got broken easily.i guess cguro dumaan din sa quality control mga SUP kasi its also the same device lke the commtiva, camangi as well as Viewsonics Viewpads. iba ibang name lang per country. so sa mga gusto mag invest sa SUP its well worth your hard earned cash…though sa mga gadget enthusiast talaga…mejo nakakasawa kaagad :-)..dati sabi ko IPhone lang im ok na,got an iphone then sabi ko IPAD para mas malaki screen better viewing space..purchased an IPaD, then sobra laki di ko ma ibulsa lets try SUP…then its perfect..ofc,internet,email,games, cell phone all in 1 and can fit the pocket…but now its still too big…im contmplating on gettin a 5incher like a dell streak or perhaps the new samsung nexus S. Haay, gadgets and boys…toys we cant live with out.

  118. rey says:

    oops correction…its the gadget we cant live with out. hehe. what im comparing it with is boy and gadgets is like man and girls..different age groups lang…???

  119. cxian says:

    thanks for the headsup re rooting feedback. can you tell how much percent does your sup perform better after you root it?i bricked my router just recently so takot pa ako magflash ng any device.. hehe

  120. rey says:

    want able to root it…di ko alam why z4root doesnt work on my device..sabi ko baka sign so i did not attempt to download another rooting app…next time cguro pagim bored na with sup…perhaps pag may dell streak na gingerbreAD OR honeycomb OS…then i will flash my SUP…kahit ma brick hehe

  121. t3chn0 says:

    mga katoto sa SUP post kau kapag naFLASH nyo yung SUP nyo sa ibang mod na ROM hah kc want ko din itry! astig ng tabletphone noh hehehe yun lng wala 3d accelerator

  122. Rey says:

    Guys, I just gave in and bought a dell streak. Its a small version of the galaxy tab at 5in. I gave up my sup because thoigh its small enough to.be pocketable but its still a bulk in my pants. With the streak its really compact, but with a 1gig proc thus able to view flash contents. So far ik loving it, a familiar interface with froyo but a lighter and compact more powerful device. Bought it here in hongkong for 5000HK dollars or around 30k(sme price with the galaxy tab). Anybody interested with a 1month new Superion :-). Hehe

  123. odie says:

    @rey sayang nakabuy na me today sa southmall. eto kinakalikot na. jejeje. how do i download skype and angry birds?

  124. odie says:

    sayang nakabuy na me today sa southmall. eto kinakalikot na. jejeje. how do i download skype and angry birds?

  125. zerone says:

    Galaxy tab or Ipad,This cherry mobile superion is definitely good, the reason we are here is finding a phone that suits our needs when it comes to functionality and a reasonable price on the market. the bottom line here is most of us is finding a product that is cheaper and meeting all the features on the way we want to use them. every individual has his own unique way of how we use them.

  126. odie says:

    hey guys! how can i activate video calls for sup? i downloaded skype but the video dont work. how about ym? help pls…

  127. hunch110 says:

    Hi everybody, anyone interested with a very slightly used superion? I’m selling mine for only 17k. My unit (complete set including box) is still fresh, not yet rooted, and has lots of apps installed. Includes the following: original freebies when i bought it – 4gb micro sd, cherry mobile bluetooth headset, superion hard case, and cherry mobile swiss knife, i’ll also include a brand new mini 11n wireless usb adapter for your wireless needs, a jabra bluetooth headset, a soft case, and a microtex cleaning cloth for fingerprints removal. If interested pls email me at [email protected] for more info. I’m available for meet-ups during weekends only at megamall or moa or festival mall in alabang.

  128. fritz says:

    here’s a quote from the tech support of CHERRY MOBILE:

    “Cherry Mobile Support ‎@frederick..i understand that you really want to have a flash player in your superion however, flash player only runs in a 1ghz processor.please understand that superion only has 600mhz processor hence, it is not compatible to flash player.”

    SO PLS BE WARNED, that if you are buying CHERRY MOBILE SUPERION on the hope of getting an ADOBE FLASH PLAYER10.1 installed on your unit, sorry but it can’t!


    sabi yan ng Cherry Mobile Tech Support!!

  129. prey says:

    i guess if some here would back read..it was already stated that flash player only runs on 1gig processors that is why there have been inquiries on skyfire browser which can view flash movies on a website in a seperate window. Superion with its price still rocks.(IMHO)

  130. Marjune says:

    I just got my new CM phone tablet

  131. Gatch says:

    Where can I get one in Laguna-Alabang-Makati area? Is the SRP still 19K+ ?

  132. rodel says:

    Hey Gatch! sa SM Southmall Cherry Mobile outlet meron.

  133. Ramces says:

    my superion got hang while power-off and shutting down.. and it already press the turn on and off but nothing happens… please help

  134. Ramces says:

    my superion got hang-up while power-off and shutting down..i try to press the touch screen for menus but nothing happens… and try to press the turn on/off button nothing happens…is there a battery i could get off to completely turn it off and back it again … and where could i find the battery of it.. please advise and need your help

  135. Zaito says:

    maganda po ba yung quality? responsive po ba yung touchscreen? and pwede na po ba ipa upgrade kung sakali yung SUP sa android3.0 honeycomb?

  136. Name:galleon says:

    Ndi maganda ang quality, ndi rin responsive ang touchscreen, walang update for 3.0honeycomb… Kung ako sayo wag ka nang bumili. Mahirapan ka lang magsauli katulad ko… Sayang pera mo, bili mo na lang ng apple products. Btw, i work for motorola so there’s no bias here. But i bought a cherry sup and already filed a complaint with DTI since they will not refund my money after sending my tablet for repair due to multiple issues including unresponsive screen and getting it back after over a month with still the same problems… just my honest advice.

  137. Marky says:

    Try nyo na lang ung ZTE V9 lite. It has a higher processor than SUP at nasa 12+++.00 lang ang price.

  138. Onin says:

    mga sir, ask ko lang, di ko kasi ma-factory reset ung SUP, laging “Enter Recovery Mode” lang..
    Any help is highly appreciated.


  139. Louie says:

    Parehas maganda ang samsung tablet and Galaxy Tab
    at mas lalong maganda ang samsung galaxy note!Kaya lang may problem sa wifi d magmatch ang wifi sa bahay para sa ipad keysa sa nabilhan ko sa robinson manila!

  140. Leon says:

    papaano mag upload ng movie sa cherry mobile superion??

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