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Droid X by Motorola comes with 4.3″ display

Announced to be available next month on Verizon, the Motorola Droid X is one giant phone with a 4.3-inch display, powered by the latest Android OS and a 1GHz CPU.

Two other phones that come to mind when I saw this are the HTC Evo 4G and the HTC HD2, both of which also have the same display size.

So far, here are the details that’s been confirmed:


Motorola Droid X
4.3-inch display @ 854×480 pixels
1GHz Texas Instrument OMAP processor
8GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD (16GB included)
8MP camera w/ dual-LED flash
HD video recording
HDMI port
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n with DLNA
Mobile 3G WiFi Hotspot
Android 2.2 Froyo
Adobe Flash Player 10.1

The specs on the camera looks impressive — 720p HD video, 16:9 image image capture, image stabilization and a mechanical shutter that snaps up to 1/1,000th of a second.

The 3G Mobile Hotspot allows you to use 3G connectivity to be shared over WiFi (similar to JoikuSpot on the S60). This feature isn’t free though and costs $20 extra per month with a 2GB cap.

As for the price, it’s $199 with a postpaid contract.

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33 Responses

  1. patrickross says:

    Damn! Ganda ng vital stats!

  2. Jon says:

    Machong-macho ah! I like! I like! This would definitely cost an arm and leg! One big kickass phone. I hope battery life is good as well, since it looks like that big screen would eat a lot of power.

  3. simplynice93 says:

    Sana mas mababa ang presyo nya kesa Samsung Spica…(fingers crossed)

  4. daddy joey says:

    wow, 4.3 in display and froyo. it’s nice to see variety of android smartphones in the market. more phones to choose from for android fans :)

  5. the yawner says:

    If it’s a Verizon phone, the GSM version won’t come up until a couple months later.

  6. cris says:

    Now that’s an Android phone.

  7. Alex says:

    would’ve been perfect if they’ve only included a front-facing camera for video calls. tsk tsk!

  8. xtian1986 says:

    that background is awesome!

  9. roiji says:

    It is powered by TI OMAP processor. Probably 3630, not Snapdragon…
    It will never be cheaper than Spica. Probably around 35k-40k.
    This is a high end smartphone.
    I hope motorola releases a GSM version soon and here in the philippines as well!
    Now I’m torn between this and the Samsung Galaxy S!

  10. Aos says:

    I’m also looking forward to Galaxy S and Droid X (GSM version), not to mention the EVO 4g (if ever they’re going to release a GSM version), but I would like to compare Galaxy S and X screens under the sunlight.

  11. prosopagnosia says:

    san ba may mga outlets pa ng Motorola d2 sa pinas??

  12. HTC Evo 4G is also cool, only that it doesn’t support GSM network yet. other phone to look forward to is HTC Droid Incredible. however this too isn’t GSM. they said HTC Desire fills the gap, however Desire only has a 5MP with single LED flash, whereas HTC Droid Incredible has 8MP and a dual LED flash. also, i like the HTC Droid Incredible looks better than HTC Desire.

    speaking of Motorola, i have read somwhere that they use Corning’s gorilla glass. ironically, i have also read some gripes about people claiming to have abroken or scratched screen just placing their Moto Droids in their bag with car keys ands wallets to squeak space with.

  13. Herce says:

    Do we have a CDMA carrier here? I don’t think this phone will ever be sold here.

  14. how is this Motorola Droid X different from Motorola Droid and Motorola Milestone.

  15. Aos says:


    No, we use GSM. It would be most likely that they’ll sell that phone (but under a different name) here. Philippines is one of the top consumers of cellphones in southeast asia (correct me if im wrong), and i think it would be good for motorola if ever they want to compete with apple.

    It would take a while though…

  16. yohan says:

    android really cool n not too expensive :)

  17. Adrian says:

    I prefer motorola dext. Mas cool yung design.

  18. the yawner says:

    @John Ray
    Droid X doesn’t have a keyboard. However, there’s also an upcoming Motorola Droid 2 to replace the original Droid.

  19. Nico says:

    Which is better? sony ericson xperia x10 or m0tor0la droid x?

  20. Aos says:


    Specs wise: Droid x
    They both have the same processor speed (1GHz), but different architecture (They say that the OMAP droid x is faster than the snapdragon, one that x10 has; not entirely sure about this)

    droid x has 512MB RAM vs 384MB x10

    droid x has a dedicated GPU (like i9000 Galaxy S, good for gaming ^_^)

    droid x has bigger internal space (8GB vs 1GB)

    Noise reduction on one of the mics (for clearer sound quality while recording; and it has 3 mics)

    Droid x is a bit bigger in screensize (4.3in vs 4.0in). Seems small but alot of people are saying its noticable.

    But droid x can’t be loaded with custom ROMs (for now)

    Personally, i’m waiting for the droid x GSM version (wish they announce it soon if ever they’re going to release one), or else ill get the Galaxy S. Ericson phones tends to be a bit expensive vs specs compared to other phones.

  21. Howdy all just found the site and thought I’d say hello. I like loads of you are ready for my Incredible to be shipped. I ordered it on-line on 6/9 and so they maintain telling me it is going to ship this Wednesday 6/30. Fingers crossed that it does this waiting is killing me! I am soo glad this site is very informative to me. Thank you

  22. nico says:

    hmm.. what do you think is better.? droid or x10 xperia.? i need to know it badly.. cause im going to buy new phone.. but i cant decide which one ill choose.. is droid X available in philippines.?

  23. nico says:

    so you mean.. that motorola droid x is better than x10.? what do x10 makes better than droid x.? thanks for the reply..

  24. Ryan says:

    hindi gumagana droidx ko, received one from states today. walang simcard slot. locked for verizon only. for now organizer lang ang function nya :(
    hay kaka depress. ok na ok pa naman, take it from me. mas maganda ang verizon sa iphone4. a totally iphone killer

  25. Locust says:

    Guys droid x will not be release here in the Philippines since its build for CDMA network only while us here in this freakin’ country are using GSM.. If you dont know what CDMA or GSM stands for — iGoogle nyo..

    and lastly, before you buy a gadget like this ellegant phone I suggest that you should do a research first pra masayang pera nyo..

    ‘nough said..

  26. Locust says:

    LOL I mean para hndi masayang pera nyo..

  27. bobby says:

    Hey Guyz. This would really be a cool phone, if not for its known issues. I’m a CSR nang Motorola dito sa pinas, maraming issue ito, android phones ang aming support eh. hehe.. pero masasabi ko lang napaka sarap gamitin ang mga android phones.. Lalo na yung MotoBlur feature nang Motorola android phones, yun ang edge nila sa ibang manufacturer. Hintayin lang natin mag open ulit ang Motorola sa pinas. But there would be 30% chances lang. hehe.. Pero dito ang kanilang customer service, wala lang authorized service center dito.

  28. After drinking 1 cup of yerba daily for 30+ yrs, suddenly it seemed to go right through me, even with the small amount of half & half I add to it.

  29. kamitoki says:

    Labas daw this December ang international Droid X with GSM.

  30. karissa says:

    I miss motorola :(
    until now buo pa ang L7 ko and never ko syang ibibigay sa iba or ibebenta. I want to upgrade to a new phone but I want the Motorola Flip Out
    Motorola balik na kayo sa Philippines please :(

  31. It will not work here in the Philippines since it has no GSM slot, plus it only works at CDMA…

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