Fast Five: Apple iPhone 7 Roundup

Fast Five: Apple iPhone 7 Roundup

September 7 could be a make-or-break day for Apple as they reveal the newest iPhone (or iPhones) in the USA. Numerous leaks are around the cyberspace, but none of them bear truth until the final reveal. In this Fast Five, we’re rounding up all the buzz and presenting top features to look forward to (or maybe not).


Five colors incoming, including ‘Piano Black’

Goodbye, Space Gray: Apple is reportedly ditching the dark variant in favor of a darker black hue in two finishes — a ‘dark black’ in a matte finish, and a limited edition ‘piano black’ reminiscent of earlier iPhone models with a smooth finish. The two black variants are joining Silver, Gold, and Rose pink in this year’s roster of iPhone colors available for the new model. In addition, an enhanced display is said to be placed with more colors like the iPad Pro, for a more natural viewing especially when taking photos. The antenna strips are also modified in a way that they won’t look that much hideous at the back, and…

Look ma, no headphone jack!


Stranger things are happening on the Cupertino side of Silicon Valley, where engineers have decided to ditch out that 3.5mm audio jack off the new iPhone and rely on the lone lightning port for both charging and music. Like what they did with the new Macbook, we’re expecting Apple to release a lightning-to-3.5mm port included in the phone’s package, and that would connect your beloved trusty headphone to the device via its Lightning port. Else, you’re stuck on purchasing another ear gear that would fit the slot.


Waterproofing may be in the works

Apple may very well be joining Samsung and Sony in the waterproof flagship smartphone league as new rumors point out to an iPhone bearing water resistance certification similar to the Apple Watch. This comes after numerous reports before of the Cupertino giant patenting a new waterproof design last year that seals the internals with nanocoating and silicone seals. If this bears truth, you’ll be able to dip your iPhone as deep as 1 meter for about 30 minutes.

It takes two to tango


Two variants of the iPhone are expected to be launched on September 7th, but this has not changed since the iPhone 6. This year won’t be different either, as we’re to be treated with two different display sizes — the iPhone 7 at 4.6 inches, and the iPhone 7 Plus at a bigger 5.5 inches. Both of them sport 12MP cameras, but the 7 Plus is reported to have optical image stabilisation built into its dual cameras — a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens — and will have optical zoom and light field camera applications.

Adios, 16GB

Good news: we’re (finally!) going to say goodbye to storage problems in the long-aged 16GB model, as numerous reports have suggested that Apple is axing that variant in favor of a much bigger 256GB one. Bad news: the 64GB variant is also set to be on the sunset, leaving the next roster of storage capacities to only 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.


That wraps up our iPhone 7 roundup. The clock begins the countdown on September 7 when we cover the launch of the newest iPhone and other expected released on the same day. Stay tuned, folks.

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8 Responses

  1. Mir says:

    Was there really a Rose pink?? Iphone

  2. ross says:

    haha lintik walang 3.5mm audio jack, siguradong lalangawin ng yan, papano mo kaya pag sasabayin ung charging at pakiking or panood ng multi media. lalot ang iPhone ang liit ng capacity ng batt.

    • Paolo says:

      hahaha, with or without 3.5mm jack for sure marami pa rin bibili nyan. dami kayang sumusunod na die hard apple fans.

    • ross says:

      @Paolo hindi naman ang ibig sabihin ko eh talaga hindi bebenta yan, ang tanong lang kung makaka benta ba sila ng marami, katulad ng 5c, 5Se at ung si Apple umamin na mahina benta nila ng 6s & 6s+, back 2 back low sales tyak yan.

  3. lito says:

    siyempre ang mga iphone fanatic eh sigurado patok yan kaysa s7 ng samsung na pina rerecall ng ng sansung.

  4. Fellisimo says:

    Mga di nag-iisip eh di syempre my bluetooth connector ung newest iphone or di kya wireless na sya in some other way. hahahahaha

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