HTC Desire HD and Desire Z announced!

HTC Desire HD and Desire Z announced!

While the Nokia World 2010 event is still mid-way, HTC tried to grab some air time by holding an event right smack in the same city (London) to announce the HTC Desire Z and Desire HD.

If you’ve been drooling for months about the HTC Evo 4G but disappointed that it’s not going to work here in the Philippines, then you’re gonna love to know that the HTC Desire HD will do just that (the GSM version of the Evo 4G).

HTC Desire HD
4.3-inch display @ 480 x 800 pixels
1GHz 8255 Snapdragon CPU
1.5 GB internal
up to 32GB via microSD
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA 2 Mbps
WiFi 802.11n
GPS w/ aGPS support
FR Radio tuner
8MP camera with dual LED Flash
720p video recording
Li-Ion 1230mAh battery
Android 2.2. Froyo

HTC Desire HD Price: 599 euros or Php34,500 (before taxes and tariffs).

I expect it to be a bit higher than the SRP of the HTC Desire when it first came out (Php34,900). My guess is that the Desire HD would be between Php35k to Php40k.


On the other hand, the Desire Z could be HTC’s counterpart for the popular Motorola Milestone with its 3.7″ screen and full qwerty slider keyboard (remember the Xperia X1?).

HTC Desire Z
3.7″ display screen @ 480 x 800 pixels
800MHz Qualcomm 7230 processor
1.5 GB internal
up to 32GB via microSD
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA 2 Mbps
WiFi 802.11n
GPS w/ aGPS support
FR Radio tuner
5MP camera
720p HD video recording
Android 2.2. Froyo

HTC Desire Z Price: 549 euros or Php31,500 (before taxes and tariffs). Conservative estimate when it arrives in the Philippines will be around Php35k.

Will update the specs and prices once we get them. The handsets is expected to be released as early as October but my previous conversations with the local distributor tells me it’s gonna be near December for the Philippines.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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120 Responses

  1. mcometa says:

    Naglaway sa HTC Desire HD. =P~

  2. guyrony says:

    HTC Z is said to be the G2’s counterpart. I hope they ship it here.

    After drooling over Samsung Epic, Nokia E7 and now HTC Z, I think I know what I want for Christmas.


  3. niko says:

    wala pa ba silang price range? para mapaghandaan na :)

  4. mike says:

    let me guess Desire HD is 40k – 49k pesos

  5. batman says:

    i think the battery life of the desire HD will last for a day lang or less. 1230mah li-on compared to the desire’s 1400mah li-on. Tama ba? But i think mas ok ito compared to galaxy s. Hehe

  6. sylv3rblade says:

    Finally! Another slider phone!

  7. Abiel says:

    nice one.. parang mas gusto ko ito sa EVO !!!

  8. Ceal says:

    Mas mababa ang specifications(processor and ram) ng desire z compared sa desire?

  9. jox says:

    this is it!! kelangan ng mag ipon

  10. Hebron says:

    This is my Desire!

  11. Ton says:

    @jox Could not agree more. This looks like the one to get no? Damn that price though.

  12. I was supposed to settle for a 2nd hand Touch Pro 2 but now I’m glad I haven’t bought one yet. I hope HTC Desire Z becomes available soon!!!

  13. Manny says:

    Nice specs. 2010-2011 is the time for smartphones and tablets!

  14. I’m currently looking for a smartphone for my staff, maybe this one will do. But the price maybe be a little high. Any suggestions?

    Arthur Abogadil

  15. Looking currently for a smart phone, maybe this will do but the price might be too high.

  16. Ranz says:

    Im planning to settle on Galaxy S next week but well I guess I could wait a bit longer. Cant wait for the full review on this one. Getting a new phone keeps getting harder and harder these days lol

  17. where’s the optical trackpad.

  18. Prosopagnosia11 says:

    i like the HTC Aria more

  19. Alwin says:

    a worthy replacement for my HTC Magic. *droooool*

  20. Hazel says:

    OMG!!! I’ve been drooling and basically stalking the HTC EVO 4G for a whole week now!!! A whole effing week! Only to find out this morning that it has no SIM Card holder. And then, finally… This! Hallelujah! Oh God, I would buy this even if it came with a service plan from Globe!

  21. Caloy says:

    December pa?! Gotta keep my EQ up. Or else I’ll end up purchasing the Desire before the Z comes out.

  22. jahykel says:

    OMG! tagal kong hinintay to..

  23. Ving says:

    I so want the HTC Desire HD. Ever since I saw the EVO 4G, I’ve been hoping HTC would bring it to Europe. :)

  24. Ariel Eata says:

    Mas matagal ang battery ng Desire HD kumpara dun sa lumang Desire. oo mas maliit ang capacity ng Desire Hd w/c is 1230mah compare sa lumang desire ng 1400mah. pero mag tatagal battery ng Desire Hd dahil un procesor nya ay bago 1GHz 8255 Snapdragon CPU kumapra sa lumang desire 1GHz 8250 Snapdragon CPU. Mas tipid ng 30% ang procesor ng Desire Hd kesa dun sa lumang desire. at mas tipid sa battery ang screen ng DesireHD kesa sa lumang desire dahil itoy gumagamit ng S-LCD compare sa AMOLED na malakas kumunsumo ng battery. kaya sa mga nag tatanong mas maganda ang battery life ng bagong HTC DesireHD kesa sa lumang desire sana makatulong.

  25. otel says:

    apple knees.. LOL btw this phone is amazing…more cheaper than iphone 4g

  26. markm7d2 says:

    this is the latest android to beat.. but if it will be priced at 35-40k.. hmm.. mag iphone4 nalang ako.. sa globe it will cost 38k i think..

    the desire doesnt have a front facing camera, lower resolution (than iphone 4), need to buy a microSD 16gb/32gb..

    so i thing it would make more (HTC) sense if the price should that be like the galaxy S i9000… and it better should be so that i can buy hehehe

  27. jc says:

    it doesn’t need if desire hd have no camera in front. di naman yun nagagamit sa pinas, ang 3g lol ang 4g pa kaya.. anyways the tracker of desire pag nawala yung phone mo.. you can trace it.. which is cool..

  28. whags says:

    what the ? are you sur eit would be more than 35k when it is released here in the philippines? grabe naman yan i thought it would be in the 27k to 30k price range, i love HTC desire HD pero i didnt expect na parang iphone4 din sya

  29. adshocker says:

    na release na po ba dito sa pinas yang htc desire hd?

  30. markm7d2 says:

    yup.. masyado mahal kung 35k.. when compared with iphone 4 kahit anung sabihin mo iphone is still iphone, its still the most prestigious.. maybe ito would be somehow priced like samsung i9000 around 30k,,

  31. sub says:

    Masyado naman kayo bilib sa iPhone… Napaghahalataang wala kayo alam sa HTC and Android…. Magbasabasa nga muna kayo nang mahimasmasan…

  32. markm7d2 says:

    no matter what everybody says about android vs. ios4, iphone is still iphone.. the value would not drop like other phones.. still looks fresh even after 2 years.. android has better os in my opinion vs ios4.. pero iphone is still an iphone.. dito sa pinas konti lang naman may alam sa android and htc..

  33. I’m selling the HTC Desire Z, i have 4 units.

  34. jayc says:

    @ marvin martinez.. how much ang benta mo?

  35. Leo Francis Pacquing says:


  36. ben says:

    saang branches unang magrerelease ng dalawang yan?thank u s magrereply

  37. Alain says:

    wala pa ba price about sa htc desire hd? balita ko nasa 37k daw sa mismong htc store

  38. Donds says:

    Hi everyone. HTC Desire Z and HD is surely to be available here in the Philippines tentatively this second to third week of November… I’ll give everyone an update about the stocks as well as its retail price…. :-)

  39. Jules says:

    gusto ko nang HTC Desire HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me naka try na ba? Ok ba? =D

  40. Paolo says:

    I would really love to have this phone. I wanted to buy this in the States thinking that it would be cheaper, pero I think the same lang din ang aabutin.. Bahala na! I know na dapat mapasaakin ang Desire HD bago magtapos ang taon! Kung sino man ang may exact price na, please update us naman para alam namin how much talaga cost.. :D

  41. alee says:

    best phone ko ever! d kayo magsisisi pag binili nyo to pramis! walang sinabi iphone 4. i love the interface, design, large screen, color(although parang mas maganda tingin ko ung oled ng Old Desire ko). another thing guys, nacompare ko ung responsiveness ng multi touch. mas smooth and nag rerespond properly ung multitouch sa games. dahil ata sa improved touch sensor.

  42. joLogz says:

    inaantay ko din ilabas ang DHD dito sa taiwan.. second week ng November ata ang release.. SRP is about NT$21K, almost PHP30K..mas mura dito..hehehehehe

  43. daniel says:

    DROOOOOOOOOOOOL. kkbli ko lng ng wildfire. tight budget kc. hhe. sarap nmn nyang hdhd. htc.desire.h.d. haaayyy.

  44. Htcfan says:

    Htc desire hd didn’t get such a good review from engadget. I think the t-mobile g2/htc desire z got higher scores. Some sellers at sulit are offering the t-mobile g2, cheapest I’ve seen so far is 31k and still negotiable. Leaning towards the latter but I’m gonna wait and check the prices of WP7 devices here before I jump the gun. So tempted to get the desire z!!!

  45. frankymd says:

    check out the profile on the one who did the review: he’s under the cult of steve jobs. that wasn’t a review at all, all he did was to criticize 90% of the time. and most of his checklist are wrong: Wrong about the bezel on the front, wrong about the boot up time. wrong about the app mgr feature of android 2.2. maybe correct with the battery; but remember, its SLCD-designed to withstand longer use compared to retina or oled screens. Still..the HDHD is a phone to beat. Check profile of the reviewer: one of his hotest gadgets are APPLE products..hehe

  46. ettenoj says:

    i want this one or htc hd7

  47. ettenoj says:

    kelan kaya ito darating sa pinas… im so excited

  48. pupuboy says:

    i just asked d htc retail store at sm north cyberzone about d release date of the Desire HD, they told me it may me release dis dec or early jan, hayyy tgal pa ng paghihintay ko I want ONE!!!!

  49. ettenoj says:

    @pupuboy magkano daw po? and 16gb ba?

  50. artbreaker says:

    @pupuboy: Whaaat!!! sa dec or januar panila irerelease ang HTC desire HD sa north? are you sure? T_T plan ko pa naman punta this second week of november.. please, is there anyone can tell us kung kailan talaga mag rerelease sa SM north?

  51. jahykee says:

    meron akong iphone 4 ok naman siya sobrang enjoy ako sa retina display lalo sa gyro axis.. ito naman desire hd, alam ko may camera in front din to.. 3g po nagagamit dito sa pinas nuh.. ewan ko lang 4g.. tingin ko balance lang sila ng iphone 4 nagkatalo lang sa porma mas takaw pansin lang iphone 4 kaya mas muka kang sosi dito sa pinas.. kung maaga lang lumabas to malamang mas binili ko to kasi second choice ko lang iphone 4 ko.. ang range ng price nito is 34k to 37k depende kung tutubuan ka ng malaki ng bibilan mo pero 34k ang pinaka price nya pag tumaas tubo na ng nagbebenta yun.. by second week of november lalabas na to dito sa pinas kaya mga nag aabang diyan ipon ipon na ehehe..

  52. Jared says:

    Di ako makapili! Decided na sana sa desire pero after reading problems regarding its motherboard (shutting down issue), napunta attention ko dito. fixed naman na siguro mobo nito. problema ko lang talaga e di ata maganda tignan pag may tawag ka tapos etong dambuhalang hd nakasampa sa gilid ng mukha mo. hehe!

    Any users here of desire and desire hd? pa-share naman..

  53. David says:

    I was aiming for the MOTOROLA MILESTONE 2 then I saw this phone.

    It is a good competition even though the HTC Desire Z falls 200MHz short compared to MOTOROLA MILESTONE 2 in terms of CPU speed.

    BUT! I love the “Idea” of HTC sense wherein you can save your messages and contact online (, this will come handy if your phone got stolen or lost.

    Do you guys have any info about the HTC GPS? Does it work in the Philippines?

  54. tom says:

    i love my iphone 3g phone then i have a new htc desire hd.parang naging wlang kwenta ang iphone ko..i super love the hd kaya lng ang bat 1 day lng talaga..

  55. artbreaker says:

    is there anyone can tell kung meron ng HTC Desire HD sa SM north? and magkano? :D

  56. Rico says:

    Sir Yuga, any update on the Desire HD? When will it come out in the country? I’m waiting for this to come out. Still can’t decide if I should wait for this or just settle with iPhone 4.

  57. frankymd says:

    that was weird! tama ung query in the 1st time i checked on it; it was the htc desire hd —25k but then again, i doubted, so i texted them to confirm, no reply. a few minutes after, the site changed!–it was the htc desire they were referring to. so… FALSE alarm guys!!! hehehe

  58. pupuboy says:

    will dis phone be release dis year, I really really really like this! ;-) anyone wid updates?

  59. Yzac says:

    I am so excited for this phone. Sana ma-release na d2 ASAP.
    Berlein said it will be released here this December but MemoExpress said January next year. I hope Berlein’s forcast is the real one since they’re the authorized retailer of HTC phones here. Can’t wait to have this phone.

  60. pupuboy says:

    Their is this issue about the battery life of the Desire HD, some site says that it does not last for a day as the said phone has a small battery which cannot compensate its great feature, will be battery replacements be available also at the market?

  61. pupuboy says:

    Their is this issue about the battery life of the Desire HD, some site says that it does not last for a day as the said phone has a small battery which cannot compensate its great features, will be battery replacements be available also at the market?

  62. Rico says:

    The prices of HTC Desire and HTC Legend depreciated by more than 5k in ~6 months. Do we expect the HTC Desire HD to be the same? If I’m thinking of selling the phone after 6 months, would it make more sense to buy iPhone 4 than Desire HD? Help!

  63. madapaka says:

    Anyone have an idea as to when will Motorola Droid Pro be release here? I really like the qwerty touch screen combo, mahirap mag txt pag nag drive pag touch screen eh

  64. Yzac says:

    Update as of November 18,2010

    HTC Desire HD is now coming on November 23, yahoo… that’s 4 days from now…

  65. artbreaker says:

    HTC Desire HD is now available at SM Noth (HTC Convention center) Annex Building, at Php37,000.00 – See for your self guys. May kamahalan pero ASTIG ang phone na toh

  66. Yzac says:

    ^ Just called HTC SM North today. HTC Desire HD is not yet released. They foresee it to be anytime this December. They have no price idea/estimate as well. I hope it’s not that expensive like artbreaker stated. I don’t know which shop artbreaker is talking about in SM North.

  67. artbreaker says:

    @Yzac: Pumunta ako mismo sa SM north last Monday (11/15/2010), then pinaiwan sakin ang number ko kasi that day hindi pa daw available ang HTC Desire HD, their forecast will be January daw ang release dito sa pinas, tinanong namin ang price kung how much it would cost, sabi samin ng lalaking bantay is about.. php 37,000.00!! @#%^&**(too expensive!!!)

    Then yesterday (Friday), I received a text message from them (HTC Concept Store- SM North -Annex), and that the phone is available.

  68. ellimac says:

    hi po, san pa sa manila/makati makakabili ng HTC DESIRE HD? super sure na nandito na sa pinas?at meron na?bibili kase ako… thanks in advance sa mga infos.

  69. Yzac says:

    That’s so much of a price considering it’s an Asian Company (Taiwan)? It should be lesser here don’t you think? In US it’s just $599.00 or ~PHP 26,000.00. This phone seems so cool but the price seem not worth it given poor battery life and not AMOLED display. I might switch to iPhone 4 or maybe just HTC HD2.

  70. Yzac says:

    If not HTC Desire HD because of price reason, what will you suggest guys?

  71. Yzac says:

    Anyone tried purchasing a phone here —>

    is it safe and trusted? Their phones are way back cheaper.

  72. mackyboy says:

    tech radar posted an article about the 20 best mobile phones in the world today. check nyo yung top 3 phones.

  73. Joshua M says:

    Wala pa bang update sa prices?

  74. J.R. says:

    Which do you think is better,the desire z or desire hd? Used to have htc touch pro 2 and really liked the QWERTY that the desire z has. But the desire HD looks really packed with features.

  75. DG says:

    guys, ask ko lang kung reliable talaga ung CMK Cellphones… Mababa kasi ung mga price nila talaga compared sa mall..

  76. jerome says:

    Is the Desire HD available already?

  77. PPJ:) says:

    Is there any update about the release date of the HTC Desire HD?:D I checked with HTC in SM North on Tuesday(8 December) and it still isn’t availible.

  78. check out my ad if you would like to get the htc desire Z

  79. Jovel Gangcuangco says:

    wahaha! i’m finally getting a desire hd! :D

  80. PPJ:) says:

    @Jovel Gangcuangco
    Is it availible here already?? Where are you gonna buy it from??

  81. Jovel Gangcuangco says:

    My friend told me na 1st quarter pa daw next year pero I’m not really sure. I’m getting mine from Qatar, can’t wait to try it soon :p

  82. pupuboy says:

    tgal nman ng HD mapipilitan na ata ako mag Iphone hayyy….

  83. Ghanilorica says:

    ung HTC Desire HD n yan..nasa 30K lang d2 sa Malaysia…mahal jan s pinas sobra!

  84. barron skaar says:

    ang tagal tagal naman ng HD.
    napanis na wall post kong
    “I want desire, in HD! fro HTC!” sa fb
    sows! asan na? :(

  85. lawrence m. says:

    nsa 26,500 lang ang htc desire z d2 s
    cguro by the time na lumabas ang desire hd nsa 29,500 lang xa kasi 32,000 ang launch price ng desire z at 35,000 nmn ang sa desire hd.

  86. PPJ:) says:

    No news yet?? :(

  87. ettenoj says:

    meron na sa try nyo guys. mga galing hongkong i think.

  88. Lazy says:

    hummm galing ako sa htc concept store sa sm annex nun dec 25 sabi wala pa daw htc desire hd T_T

  89. lawrence m. says:

    available na ang htc desire hd sa top electronics.. 32k daw, kala ko pareho lang cla ng price ng hd7.. sana mgprice drop pa s 26k-29k range..

  90. PPJ:) says:

    Anybody know if Desire Hd is coming out in white or silver? I’ve seen a white Desire so I’m hoping the same applies for its improved version..

  91. picabeary says:

    Got my Desire Z last month. I’m loving it.
    Responsive siya and masusulit mo ang gamit kapag may data plan ka or pag may wifi. I love the weather application – accurate kse. Ang astig din ng AMOLED na screen, maninibago k tlga pag icocompare mo sa hindi AMOLED. The slider keypad, di ko maxado ginagamit kse pde n ung touch screen na qwerty keypad and parang lumuluwag kse siya pag pinaglalaruan mo ung hinge. The camera can be a bit better (d prn mapantayan ang cybershot ng ericsson dito) dapat nka-still tlga ung kamay mo para hindi blurred ung pictures. Pero ung video nya ok naman. Ang weight, mabigat nga sya lalo na nasanay ka sa maliliit na phone. The best thing pa in this phone is andaming android apps na available for download. Andali png i-connect ung phone to pc. Pde as a usb drive, can be used as a modem, or if wlang wifi you can use you pc connection para mkpaginternet sa phone (pero di ko mapagana dahil sa missing driver). Also battery life can only stay for about 1-2.5 days depending on your usage.
    I had this phone for 3 weeks na and I’m still trying to learn it everyday. Overall Rating: 9/10 (downside lng ang camera and battery)

  92. MasterPipo says:

    cmkcellphones price it at 30k.. not bad na

  93. The Desire Z is NOT AMOLED

  94. picabeary says:

    AMOLED / Super TFT – not really that big of a difference..

  95. Marvin martinez says:

    Actually, it does. I had the HD7 and samsung focus, big difference on colors andbattery life.

  96. Lawrence m says:

    widget city priced it at 27000..

  97. Kaloy says:

    after seeing HTC Desire HD nagbago isip ko to get iPhone 4. Di ako maka tulog kaka isip ng phone na to. sana meron na!!!

  98. John says:

    I was originally an iPhone Fan boy.. Pero nagsawa na ako sa iOS kasi hindi na siya nagbago from the start. Kaya binili ko ito Desire HD. I made the right choice.

    IMHO, the Retina Display na seeling point ng iPhone 4 is not that big of a difference with the Screen of the Desire HD. Very clear ang mga nakasulat sa Desire HD and hindi mo naman mapapansin ang pixel. (pwera nalang kung malapitan ka na tipong nakadikit na sa mata mo ang phone) – wala naman nagbabasa ng ganun.

    This is a nice phone, experience it to know it.

  99. John says:

    By the way, the 8 MP Camera and Video HD recording is extremely WONDERFUL. =))

  100. Kaloy says:

    woohoo..! finally got my new HTC Desire HD and am lovin it..!!!

  101. Julius says:

    Hey Kaloy! Can you tell us more about your experience with the product? How’s the screen sensitivity? The camera, the video? Come on tell us! :D

    I’m considering HTC because I’m tired of iPhone not being able to play flash!

  102. Kaloy says:


    the experience is fun. all the things being said here is true. however, the only drawback is that the battery drains fast. can live for a day. but since this phone have lots of features, you cant blame yourself but to use it causing the battery to drain. i hope that they can do something about the battery.

  103. Julius says:

    @Kaloy. Thanks! Well, that’s fair enough because iPhone drains quickly as well esp when you’re using it to surf the web, read your emails, tweet and stuff. Thanks!

    Now my only question is where to find the best store to shop for HTC gadget. Do we have authorized HTC dealers in the country or HTC store? Thanks for the help!

  104. Kaloy says:


    That i am not sure. Based from what i heared from other post here sa SM North. Since i bought my phone here in the province am having difficulties looking for accessories. Need to go to manila to buy spare batt, screen protector and jelly cas.

    Overall, this smartphone is really the best. Once you have the desire hd post your experince to.

    Good luck!

  105. Camille says:

    im using htc desire z!im lovin it! been usin it last december pero i wonder when nila ilalabas dito ung thunderbolt?tska meron na sm north edsa ng DHD?

    • ecko says:

      hi…ask ko lng kung saan mo nabili ung htc desire z mo…and how much did it cost…im planning to have one…i hope you can help me..thanks…

  106. tony says:

    hi may i know where can i get accessories for desire HD tulad ng car charger, dock saka battery?

  107. mel says:

    Guys,,try this link HTC phones priced lower than malls’s.

  108. jenna says:

    talaga bang dark brown lang ang kulay na meron ang desire hd? may nakikita kasi akong solid black color sa net. pero according to the store na binilhan ko, one color lang daw talaga which is yung dark brown. answer please. thanks!

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