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HTC Touch Trade-In Promo

HTC Philippines is running a promo with their latest line of mobile phones. Get a chance to get a discount of up to Php10,000 when you trade-in an old phone or PDA.

HTC models included in the promo are the HTC Touch HD, Touch Pro, Touch 3G and Touch Viva.



Promo Price:

HTC Touch HD – Php45,900 (down by Php10k from Php55,900)
HTC Touch Pro – Php40,800 (down by Php10k from Php50,800)
HTC Touch 3G – Php27,900 (down by Php5k from Php32,900)
HTC Touch Viva – Php16,900 (down by Php5k from Php21,900)

trade in promo

  • Period covered: February 15 to March 31, 2009
  • For mobile phones only working units will be accepted (unit/charger/battery).
  • For PDA/PDA Phones working or non-working units will be accepted (unit/battery).
  • Other electronic gadgets such as MP3 player/ Digital Camera maybe considered so long as its working (unit/charger/battery).
  • The Php10,000 discount will be applicable to HTC Touch HD and HTC Touch Pro for cash purchases only.
  • The Php5,000 discount will be applicable to HTC Touch 3G and HTC Touch VIVA for cash or credit card purchases.
  • Customers must present a valid I.D to avail of the promo so as to avoid fraud or theft accusations for traded gadgets.

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22 Responses

  1. taksan says:

    interesting. how will they set the price of the phone? hmm

  2. Obed says:

    Still HTC phones are pretty expensive, I’ll still go for other cheaper WinMo phone.

  3. martin says:

    how and where exactly do you get to avail of this promo? kinda interested. thanks!

  4. Lhei says:

    Love that touch HD.. Ü

  5. Siren says:

    I’m interested and checked galleria and megamall. The shops are not aware of this promo. Where exactly do I go for my trade in? Help will be immensely appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Eilis says:

    i think the stores should be aware already of this promo.. shops would be digital walker, premium logic, xsite mobile, complink.. i think those who are selling htc phones..

  7. frozenpyro says:

    any working mobile phone??

    can i trade in my nokia 3310?? they did not specify which mobile phone can be trade

  8. eilis says:

    haha yes you can.. even if you have the nokia 1100 as long as its working.. you can trade that for P10k as long as you buy either touch pro or HD

  9. Rico says:

    A friend’s selling some brand-new (but older-model) HTCs. Up to 60% off! Details here.

  10. Summs says:

    Which stores honors this promo?? Does anyone know??

  11. marq says:

    iv seen this in complink in moa. i dunno other place.its a good promo from htc

  12. Jake says:

    Go to Park Square 1 – GF – COMCENTRE near Odyssey

  13. Artoo says:

    Silicon Valley at Park Square 1 sells the phones at P10K discount, even for Viva or Touch 3G, provided you trade in a (working or non-working) phone (any brand/model). Its the lowest-priced seller i found so far (others in Park Square only offer P5K discount for Viva and Touch 3G). The Touch 3G sells for only 22,900. I went there yesterday to buy Touch 3G but unfortunately, they only have one last stock with them which is already configured so somebody might have tried to buy it before me but changed his mind. The screen protector which is supposed to be bundled with the phone is also missing, so i decided not to buy the unit. I thought it must be a return unit or something. Other models however are still available so for those who are interested, rush to Park Square 1 now. Mobile 1 also sells HTC phones, but i think you have to place an advance order and you will have to go back the next day to get your unit.

  14. fredmon says:

    Went to Memoexpress branch in Trinoma yesterday and I found out that they are selling the HTC Touch Viva at 14k cash price. That’s 3k lower than the discounted price offered by other stores with regards to this promo.

    Sadly they already ran out of stock of HTC Touch ‘cuz they were selling it at 10k.

  15. Daniel says:

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks

  16. hush says:


    Do they have extended promo for May 2009? Thanks!

  17. ristync says:

    now the price of HTC TOUCH 3G is promo sale for only P 18,500 up to sept 30, 2009. parksquare makati

  18. rhean says:

    there’s an ongoing sale at the HTC Concept Store at SM North EDSA. HTC Touch Viva sells for only 13,900.00; 3G & Diamond only 20k each. Plus HTC Android G2 (Magic) is also available.

  19. bhel says:

    htc sales are still going? where? and what mall? im interested in htc touch 3g… help me..

  20. maita says:

    Gud eve. I would like to ask where to buy casing of htc 3g because the back of my phone has stain……..thanks

  21. Rickey says:

    HTC touch viva sucks. Definitely one of the worst WinMo pda-phones I have used. Poor build quality. Stylus is destined to break regardless of care. Senseless HTC UI with no lock screen feature. Worst of all, very poor call quality no matter the carrier u use.

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