Idou officially named Sony Ericsson Satio

Idou officially named Sony Ericsson Satio

The 12-megapixel Sony Ericsson Idou previewed back in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February has an official name — the Satio.



3.5 inches (360×640 pixels)
accelerometer sensor
128 MB internal memory
up to 16GB on microSD
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, DLNA
HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps
HSUPA, 3.6 Mbps
12.1 MP (4,000×3,000 pixels) autofocus camera
Xenon flash, video LED flash
Secondary front-facing camera for video calls
Stereo FM radio with RDS
GPS with A-GPS support
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP


The full touchscreen Satio will run the Symbian Series 60, 5th edition (that would be the same platform as the one used in Nokia 5800 XM) and is expected to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

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47 Responses

  1. john says:

    This is the first phone ?. have a 12 mp camera?. All i can say its very nice. but the question how much it is?. i guess it will cost 30k up.

  2. by the way, is the word Satio an acronymn of some sort? because as far as i can remember, sony is fond of acronyms like vaio, clie, bravia, etc. the only thing that doesn’t have an acronymn amongt its product is qualia. don’t know with the sony ericsson though if they do the same thing.

  3. whaâ„¢ says:

    how much will it cost? and will it be able in the country? wow… 12 megapix for a mobile phone pretty much cool.

  4. Erin says:

    @john,wha: a leg and an arm. maybe two arms.

    its a sony product, and targeted at iPhone-gravitating users so what can you expect.

    disclaimer: my phone is a SE K618i. :)


  5. man says:

    So okay, it is a 12 mp camera but what about video recording? And it is so thick…. I think ill settle for a standalone camera…. Phones with decent MP is better if it is slimmer… Just my two cents on the issue

  6. cris says:

    i’m still enjoying my C905.

  7. beng says:

    all this talk about megapixels makes my head hurt, if they put a tiny sensor and lens on it; it’ll look good on your phone but as soon as you blow it up on your pc you’ll see how bad it is.

  8. eithan says:

    sir yuga
    My PS3 can recognise the Satio if i hook it uu via USB?

  9. chris says:

    i have read alot of details about this phone..i am really interested..when will it be available in the philippines and how much does it cost?

  10. bruno says:

    >”The full touchscreen Satio will run the Symbian Series 60, 5th edition (that would be the same platform as the one used in Nokia 5800 XM) and is expected to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2009″.

    i thought it would the first phone to use Symbian foundation OS?

    would symbian foundation OS be the same as s60 5th?

    yuga, could you please confirm it with your source. we are curious and excited as everybody else. many thanks:-)

  11. tantan says:

    sir yuga,or anyone around here:
    does anyone have any idea what the price range will be for the Sony Ericsson Satio when it hits the Philippine Markets?or is it still early to give one?thanks :)

  12. jondeng says:

    imagine how expensive is da x peria is !?

    and imagine how much better is satio is ?

    its 40 k and above since d experia is 42 :((

    im gonna start to stop spenting my alowence

    den buy this think its better dan nokia n97 :))

  13. tantan says:

    same as SE Xperia X1?!ouch!

  14. tantan says:

    will the camera lens of the Satio be Carl Zeiss?because if it isn’t Carl Zeiss then the 12.1 megapixel camera will be useless and pictures will have poor quality

  15. Tristan says:

    q3 ? so around september ryt ?

    i wonder how much it will cost in PHP

    guys keep me [email protected]

    pm me if its already available in the phils.


  16. hajji says:

    it’s pretty coo! very great shot on unexpected events. no need to bring slim digital camera =)

  17. jondeng says:

    GOD please make this phone the phone of the year and make this phone last in my hands … what do u mean its da same flatfrom used in nokia 5800 or wuatever it is

  18. shinn says:

    uhhm.. can you give estimation of the price for Satio.. Ive read about Satio and i saw (Satio and Satio a) WTF? is there two versions? hahaha. really love the features.. i hope you can give estimation of the price.. :D

  19. dimsirch says:

    I guess it won’t have a Carl Zeiss lens. However, image quality is still great. Look here

    There are two versions. I reckon that they have to do that because US carriers have weird frequency bands, way different from carriers elsewhere in the world.

    This will come with S60 5th ed instead of the Symbian Foundation OS due to time constraints.


  20. david says:

    i would like somebody to tell me where to get this phone.

  21. Maria-Elena Berdon says:

    reliable cellphone, I always wanted in my dreams

  22. Laila says:

    is this now available in the market? what is the official price?

  23. rein says:

    can they put AMO LED screen and carl zeiss camera plus a 1 G snapdragon cpu on this? if they can then this will be the final phone ***nothing follows***

  24. nadine says:

    is this model S.E idou already available here in the philipinnes?

  25. Liz says:

    As of 2day, a source frm SE main declard that Satio will be availble in the Phil.this December..Man, i beg make it really on its affordble price or else!..i cant buy.:'(

  26. Khaisa says:

    December?! sheez… cant w8 for it…. i bet it will cost 40,000+php

  27. bongnate says:

    im waiting for this phone to be available in the philippine market so that i can buy the C905 at reduced price.

  28. redh says:

    – i belive this phone is already available in for bidding and the price is 30k plus and i’m not sure but i think i saw this phone at 4th floor of market-market. this phone has great features and i’ll buy that soon.

  29. Sonny says:

    Satio will be available first week of December.
    Price range is P31-37K.
    A sales rep also mentioned they will give
    P5,500/month for 6Months Installment – Credit Card.
    Can’t wait. =]

  30. mai says:

    wow! i found out this cost 37K in SG. but what if it goes to phils.? and they add all those import taxes on the consumer? T_T

  31. Already says:

    Its already available at the price of Php 25,000 only @ SM.

  32. redh says:

    really? 25k? where in SM? i would like to buy it..

  33. Already says:

    I found it at SM San Lazaro, I forgot the name of the store but it is located at the upper floor. The store is near at escalator. When you enter at the SM San Lazaro go turn to your right and then go up to the upper floor. The price is also cheaper comparing to other Malls like Robinson. And some phones in Rob is cheaper than SM. Which I don’t know why.

  34. xlm says:

    Guys this phone is super amazing and it’s cost of 31k ph. So SE lovers this is it…. i guest you love it too. Disadvantage of this is no Office Doc. But its very interesting to use.

  35. piping says:

    to already are u sure it is only 25K?lol! double check it. i’m sure it is more than 32K.

  36. Already says:

    piping, check it so you would know im not kidding. Then make comment here again if what i’ve said is such a joke.

  37. Sara says:

    Already – are you sure it’s Satio?

  38. inyourname says:

    wooooaaa. I’m looking forward to have this phone as graduation gift. weew. taht would be a good gizmo ofor me as I enter college life. weew. few days then HS life is over. can’t wait. :)

  39. jr says:

    This fone cost 30k hir in qatar..

  40. satio says:

    i already buy this satio phone here in saudi arabia it cost 2,449 riyals..its super amazing guyz the camera quality so great and also the video its HD very amazing..

  41. darylsalazar says:

    i do already have the SATIO Red editon and i do have a problem with it, my SATIO had a scratch all over it,the main front housing,where LCD located on its side, can i replace the old housing? where can i purchase that?? anyone i need help. THanks!!

  42. Shanzky^^ says:

    Which is better, Iphone or Satio?

  43. Markskie says:

    i have satio, Satio is better when it comes to picture (obvious b’coz of 12.1 mp) plus a lot of applications. Try to handle with care, of course for the purpose to prevent from scratches. Very good video also,so clear looks like a prof. video and up to 16 GB of memory. (sold separately).

    iPhone is better when it comes to touch screen,, smooth transitions to touch but picture is not as good as Satio, if it is iPhone 3GS much better b’coz of it’s internet,, faster than Satio.

  44. daryl says:

    gud day i do have my satio red edition and id like to change its housing to be replace the housing into black or brown, is it possible? how? where? and whre can i buy the housing? and how much it will cost me?

  45. jay says:

    im still confused in choosing between satio and vivaz. vivaz has a higher processor speed (720mhz vs 600) and a mini usb and 3.5mm jack instead of fastport.

  46. jiaeli says:

    how much is this now? thanks

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