iPhone vs. Blackjack vs. N95 vs. Treo 750 vs. BC 8300

iPhone vs. Blackjack vs. N95 vs. Treo 750 vs. BC 8300

Apple recently released a comparison chart for the iPhone pitting it against the Samsung BlackJack, Nokia N95, Palm Treo 750 and the Blackberry Curve 8300. Here’s their original chart comparing wifi capability and battery life, among others.

Apple Comparison Chart

Gizmodo then reported that it was revised after Scoble corrects it adding that his Nokia N95 has wifi and comparing some more key features. I would also like to correct Apple and add that my Samsung SGH i600 (Black Jack) has wifi too!


Here’s what the real chart should have looked like:


It’s really funny when companies highlight their very best features and hide the ones they lack. So, who comes out as the winner? I’m also curious why they didn’t include the Nokia E61i on the chart.

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30 Responses

  1. For me a DRAW between iPhone and N95!

  2. jhay says:

    I’d go for the iPhone, having a Nokia phone in the Philippines is like having a pair of sandals, it’s so common! ;)

    I wonder why no phone from SonyEricsson was not included?

  3. Eli says:

    this has been helpful!

    I was actually cheering for the iPhone but I think I like BlackJack more now…

    (iphone) Removable Sim – No? pano na yung iband sim ko? :-)

  4. Rickey says:

    Blackberry rules. For heavy-duty texting and IM, T-Mobile Sidekick. The market conditions are obviously different here in the U.S. compared to the Philippines.

  5. kaitlynggo says:

    It means competition, the batteries can support life for so long and broadcast calls? Listed on the know

  6. beeps says:

    too bad Blackberry Curve 8300 dont have WiFi anymore :( im buying one pa naman sana.

  7. bluderfok says:

    As I have heared from my old friend @ UK, the N95 thing was just crap and it nearly cost the same as iPhone (about $395 in UK)

  8. DJCraze says:

    Hmm, last I checked the iPhone has a SIM slot. I recall Steve Jobs pointing it out in the first keynote at Mac World. He pointed somewhere on the iPhone at the top. Yeah, I just went to the exact place in the keynote check it:



  9. Yev says:

    It seems you added features that are important to “you”, and didn’t do a good job at that.

    GPS – Only N95 has this and it doesn’t seem to be such a big deal for most people today. I don’t hear too many ads pointing the GPS out.

    HSPDA – they stated what network the phone operates on. To be honest until you use the phone, don’t judge the speed.

    Storage – iPhone wins 4/8GB compared to 2 GB Micro SD

    Eye-Free-Texting – that’s something you maybe proficient at, it is not a “feature” on the phone. Some maybe better at it than others.

    Blue-Tooth – what’s the point of this one? all have it.

    Camera – I had a discussion about this with someone the other day, what does it matter the megapixels on the camera, I have a camera on my phone I barely use it. How often do you use it? Its a “nice” to have.

    FM Radio – not a good comparison, only one phone uses it, not that important to me.

    Removable SIM – the iPhone does have it.

    So in the end to ME, there doesn’t seem to be anything compelling about the other phones other than faster network, but user-experience still remains to be seen.

  10. yuga says:


    I added the other feature checklist at the bottom of what Apple originally released and actually placed there features which Apple clearly omitted. IMO, it’s better to be transparent and lay out all your cards than just highlight the ones your own product has over the others.

    If the iPhone’s UI is its major selling point, good for Apple and let the market decide on that. But if it wants to compare which “packed lunch” has the sweetest deals, then show them all.

    It doesn’t make sense if they put in there Internet Usage and Audio Playback usage when they don’t have data from all the other handsets.

  11. madisonuui says:

    29th of June is my birthday! now all i need is someone generous enough to buy me one.


  12. andrei says:

    GPS – Only N95 has this and it doesn’t seem to be such a big deal for most people today. I don’t hear too many ads pointing the GPS out.

    I for one have bad sence of direction so GPS is awsome for me.

    Storage – iPhone wins 4/8GB compared to 2 GB Micro SD

    Yeah limited non replaceble memory is so much better than the Micro SD cards. /sacrasm off

    Eye-Free-Texting – that’s something you maybe proficient at, it is not a “feature” on the phone. Some maybe better at it than others.

    “some maybe better at it than others” isnt that the point of compairing.

    Camera – I had a discussion about this with someone the other day, what does it matter the megapixels on the camera, I have a camera on my phone I barely use it. How often do you use it? Its a “nice” to have.

    Well i never use camera on my phone also, but because it sucks. With 5 MP cammera i will for sure use it.

  13. Mitch says:

    Nice work updating this table! ;)

    One comment: allaboutsymbian.com reports that 4GB microSD cards are working in N95.

    And external memory means more felixibility…

  14. andrei says:

    I bought the n95 between my last post and also can confirm that 4 gb microsd card works. 8gb card is on the way in 2008.

  15. LarsG says:

    The N95 is the current feature king of the hill, with everything. Lots of 3rd party apps. The swiss army knife of cellphones. However, that comes at a price – both literally and in terms of size and battery life.

    In terms of features, the iPhone is last year.

    Comparing the two is, I think, missing the point. The N95 is for an entirely different market segment than the iPhone.

    The iPhone is for people who want an iPod that also can do email and web browsing. Oh, and it is also a phone. Feature for feature it is more like the old N70, if we ignore the UI. While any Nokia N- and E-series phone can show the same web pages as the iPhone (both browsers based on webkit), the way you navigate and zoom on the iPhone is simply great. Same with the iPod functionality. The user experience has always been Apple’s strong point, and that’s where the iPhone will sink or fly.

    I think it is great that Apple has entered this market. SE, Nokia and other manufacturers are excellent at stuffing features into handhelds but UI is unfortunately one area where they have a lot of room for improvement. And that’s the market segment for the iPhone.

    As for N95 and MicroSD, 4GB cards are out now, 8GB cards expected early 2008. The N95 will (or with the latest firmware already does) support the MicroSDHC standard which goes up to 32GB..

  16. john a says:

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  17. DaveW says:

    Feature N95 iPhone
    Camera Quality 1 0
    Video Recording Quality 1 0
    Music Playback Quality 0 1
    Bluetooth Connectivity 1 0
    Battery Replacable When Drained 1 0
    Battery Life 0 1
    Damage Resisentence 0 1
    GPS 1 0
    TV Out 1 0
    Third Party Applications 1 0
    One handed Use 1 0
    Typing (Without external BT Keyboard) 0 1
    WiFi Reliability 1 0
    Extrenal Speakers 1 0
    Audio Formats 1 0
    Video Formats 1 0
    Screen Size 0 1
    Email 1 0
    SMS 1 0
    MMS 1 0
    Transfering data 1 0
    Synching Contacts 1 0
    User Interface 0 1
    Professinalism @ Work 1 0
    Inferred 1 0
    Control Home and Office UPNP Devices 1 0
    Control Home and Office Inferred Devices 1 0
    Bar Code Reader 1 0
    Network Locked 1 0
    Removable Storage 1 0
    Access to Internal Storage 1 0
    World Traveler Network Phone Support 1 0
    26 6

  18. punisher says:

    let’s try

  19. Esteban says:

    I had an N95 for 1 month and then I sold it. Battery won´t last even 8 hours if you dare to use lightly their multimedia features, listening music for 1 hour, taking a few photos, using for half hour the GPS its all you need to drain the battery.

    GPS satellite aquisition time is terrible, sometimes 15 minutos in clear sky is totally unacceptable (with lastes firmware available, the one that enable AGPS.)

    Photo quality is also terrible, OK is 5 Mpix, but beleive me, my good old 3.2 Mp cybershot take better photos than this phone, ah… and it’s sloooow when taking then, 5 to 6 seconds between photos.

    I´m going to try iPhone, but lesson learned: By now its an impossible dream to have all devices in one with QUALITY.

    So… I bought a Garmin GPS, I´m buying an iPhone as a “Phone with casual and limited music listening and multimedia capabilities”, and an iPod Classic 160 to really fulfill my music needs, AND a good 8-10 MP Sony or Cannon camera. We are close to the one in all device, but that won´t happen until a new battery or low power electronics technology emerges.

  20. otoy says:

    i love my n95 and my only fuzz on iphone is how could you touch text on it?

  21. Raine says:

    hi, you should have included the prices of these phones. in an emerging third world country, not everone has the luxury to do a prod comparisson chart buying based on who has the most pro’s. its usually whats the most affordable and the cheapest is the samsung i600 SRP 24,000!!!!

  22. shezi says:

    hey guys leme tell u new and hot news bout iphone i bought i phone unlocked in canada…and it,s relocked when i update my firmware the reason is….when i called mac what they said is if u unlock it other den usa and update your firmware it will auto relock ur device and there is no way to unlock it so through it away….other wide it,s rele nice phone and nice mp3 playr

  23. bryancd911 says:

    Are all these features very important for a gadget/device that is used for communication purposes only? Just like what Esteban said…

    for texting and calling – buy a phone
    for photos – buy a digital camera
    for music – buy a mp3 player
    for locator – buy a gps

    And by the way…can someone use all the features at the same time? Like, while you’re talking w/ someone on the phone, you’re also listening to it’s mp3 player while taking a photo on it’s (?)megapixel camera…

    Well…If you have different gadgets for these, you can do it at the same time…

  24. Faiz says:

    dude i dnt no wat to buy now i phone oh n95………………help me out here wats the best

  25. Miggy says:

    I own an iPhone. Anyway, I tried out my friend’s N95 and IMO the N95 is better for everyday use because you can text without having to look at it, and that it is fitted with more applications than the iPhone. But, when it comes to the flexibility of navigation, good support for multimedia and simplicity of design, the iPhone beats the bulky, Jack-of-all-trades N95.

  26. edz1990 says:

    i salute the features of n95 and i think its really a powerful gadget but its size and bulky appearance makes it undesirable.. you cant certainly put it in your pocket coz it will attract attention from d people specially the snatchers.

    other downfall of n95 includes: talk time, battery life and storage.

    i was made to choose on the phone that ill get this xmas and i chose iPhone coz its cheaper and i can easily access the web considering im an internet freak!

  27. Lyle, RN says:

    About the iPhone, the sim tray is removable albeit with the help of a paperclip. :)

    Merry Christmas from Pinoy R.N. http://filipinonurse.blogspot.com

  28. SebMas says:

    The N95 can Have a 4Gb TFlash, I have once with 4Gb

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