LG KP500: Full Touchscreen and Cheap?

LG KP500: Full Touchscreen and Cheap?

LG Mobile wants to bring touch-screen phones to the mass market so it’s introducing an “affordable”, full touchscreen handset, the LG KP500, sometime end of October. But where’s the catch?

Guess what — no WiFi or 3G capability. The 3-inch display (240×400 resolution) can display webpages in EDGE network only.

lg kp500


The 3.15 MP camera (2048×1536 pixels) can also do videos but only at 12fps. It has a built-in accelerometer to allow shifting between vertical and horizontal orientation. The on-screen keyboard only appears during horizontal position, but it can do handwriting recognition which is complemented with a stylus.

Aside from the FM-tuner, 8GB storage via microSD card and Bluetooth there’s not much else to expect from this phone. Well, at least it’s very slim at only 11mm and they come in 4 colors. But that’s it.

Why a crippled touchscreen phone though? My guess is they want the general mobile user to get used to their Flash UI and eventually upsell them later on. Or at least, people who crave for expensive touch-screen phones but can’t afford them can do so now.

If LG is pitching this as the most affordable touch-screen phone never “offered before”, they better price it below Php15,000.

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17 Responses

  1. Jhoanna says:

    After reading what the catch was all about, I couldn’t help but say: “LG KP500, what’s the point?”

    Wifi and 3G are too important to ignore.

  2. GensanBoy says:

    Ya, whats the point in buying this product? to keep up with the Jones’ who have touch screen phones? Although the unit looks good, kinda Iphone look but and its cheap err I mean affordable but wifi is basic for a phone nowadays. My two cents.

  3. calvin says:

    how much would it cost if they add the wifi kaya?

  4. ralph says:

    my dads kf750 is better .twas bought in dubai

  5. Gee Please says:

    The on screen keyboard only appears during horizontal [b]potion[/b] though but it can do handwriting recognition

    I think this should be position. Unless you mean it got witchcraft and wizardry with the unit Lol!

    Anyway, pretty nice looking phone, the attractiveness might be in the price and the large screen, I would grab one if priced under 15T…

  6. baet says:

    china phone are affordable than lg500

  7. makr says:

    er… why not go for the SE P1i… it has 3g & wifi although it has a smaller screen. & ryt now isn’t it selling for just around 14k-16k?

  8. nicky says:

    how much does it costs?

  9. jazzy says:

    can it play 3gp video formats? how about tv-out?

  10. Miranda says:

    Yo ya lo tengo y esta increible pero tengo un problema olvide mi codigo de seguridad, alguien sabe como hacer para desbloquearlo?

  11. ahmed says:

    jai le meme

  12. Pusadoll says:

    Not everyone needs wifi kasi. Ok na to!

  13. fyrste_jarl says:

    so wat if 3g and wi-fi are not fitted in this phone?!do u think u can use ur wi-fi and 3g thing most of d tym?!if ur n d middle of huge salty water,its useless!!!

    its d latest model anyway..and m just a bit lucky coz i just spent 145 USD for this unit.. ;)

  14. jhunlei says:

    No Wifi and 3G! ok lang most people doesn’t now how to use those feature, even they have the latest model they used it on regular call and text. ilang year na merong 3G ang mga cellphone me nakikita ba tayong gumamit ng video call? WIFI, kailangan pa bang pumunta ng MALL para gamitin hehehe.

  15. Angelo says:

    2nd hand price…lowest is 1.5k php nalang yan..highest bid is 4k…affordable..i like it..touch na,pwede mo pa ipares sa lahat ng lakad mo.:)

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