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LG Optimus 2X vs. Samsung Galaxy S2

Two of the more promising dual-core Android smartphones are coming to the Philippines this month (if not, it’s next month for the SGS2) — the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the LG Optimus 2X.

LG is releasing the Optimus 2X this week with a suggested price of Php27,990. Samsung Philippines has yet to launched the Galaxy S2 but we’re expecting Globe to release it exclusively for at least a month, just like the first SGS.

If the Galaxy S2 hits the Php32k mark, it will be competitive though we hope it will be lower. My money is on Php29,990.

Here’s our tabular comparison between the two smarpthones.

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100LG Optimus 2X
Dual-core 1.2GHz Samsung Exynos 4210Dual-core 1.0GHz ARM Cortex A9
ARM Mali-400 MPULP GeForce GPU
4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus (480×800)4.0-inch IPS LCD (480×800)
16GB storage, 1GB RAM8GB storage, 512 RAM
microSD up to 32GBmicroSD up to 32GB
8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash
1080p @ 30fps video recording1080p @ 24fps video recording
2 MP front camera for video calls1.3 MP front camera for video calls
Android OS 2.3.3 GingerbreadAndroid OS 2.2 Froyo
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, WiFi DirectWiFi 802.11 b/g/n; DLNA
Bluetooth 3.0Bluetooth 2.1
125.3mm x 66.1mm x 8.48mm123.9 x 63.2 x 10.9 mm
116 grams139 grams
1650mAh Li-Ion1500mAh Li-Ion

So what’s your pick between the two?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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50 Responses

  1. Messie says:

    Oh wow! S2 eats the 2x for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Though I have to give midnight snack to 2x because Samsung’s UI really sucks =P

    • Josh says:

      Messie says:
      Tue, May 10 at 8:33 pm Oh wow! S2 eats the 2x for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Though I have to give midnight snack to 2x because Samsung’s UI really sucks =P

      well, this will be the first time you be seeing touchwiz 4.0, so you’re UI comment is not applicatble. Learn to review the product first.

  2. Apache says:

    For now i’m still impress with Samsung Galaxy S and my Tab. so for me ill be waiting for that S2 and Tab 10.1. But still need to wait the info of 8.9 and 10.1 what is the difference between the two not just the size and weight if they are the same i think w/ is cheaper with the 3g+wifi 64gb.

    Yuga please do review with the Galaxy Tab 2 8.9 and 10.1 with 3G.

  3. Android Newb says:

    Practical ba ang dual core phones since hindi nga halos makatagal ng 1 day battery life ang mga single core phones?

    • NineSwordz says:

      Agree. Sa susunod nyan 30 mins mo nalang magagamit phone mo “as a phone”. 1 Ghz is enough I think. Can’t play 1080p videos? slow browsing on 1Ghz? Mag tablet w/ Tegra.. or better mag netbook.. still slow? bili desktop. =)

    • Andrew says:

      Improvement from previous generation is always a good thing. So, 1.2 ghz dual core, 1080p @30fps, bluetooth 3.0, 1GB ram wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than iphone 4. Koreans better than Americans in Technology now a days. Let’s say 2 years ahead.

    • Eingild says:

      Di naman kakain ng battery life ang dual core phones ng sobra-sobra unless nagrrun ka ng multiple apps sa background. Tsaka dinagdagan naman ng Samsung yung battery capacity nung S2 eh so I guess It’ll last for a day and a half with moderate usage.

    • Zo says:

      Batt life all depends on your usage.

      Yang less than one day of batt life happens only on heavy users, by heavy users we mean na halos buong araw naka-on 3G mo, hindi mo mapigilang mag-games every hour, at tawag ka pa ng tawag at text ng text.

      kung hindi ka naman ganyan, mapapatagal mo buhay ng battery mo. :)

  4. benchmark says:

    Base on side by side comparison, ill go for samsung…well the higher specs the better. :)

    But then again…if the price is RIGHT! :-)

  5. …..definitely the Samsung Galaxy S2

  6. Kael says:

    I hate Touchwiz. Otherwise, S2 is great.

    • Zo says:

      Read reviews on Touchwiz 4.0 which will be in the S2, hindi daw siya ganun kalaking hassle like the previous touchwiz na nilabas ng samsung. Hoping it’s true coz that would definitely be a plus in my book :)

  7. cherry says:

    sgs2 ftw!

  8. csseyah says:

    Parehong maganda ang specs at parehong siguradong mahal sa bulsa…

  9. Roldan says:

    SGS2 for me, magkano naman kaya ang price nya, but for sure masakit sa bulsa

  10. Zo says:

    I say S2 > 2x. Specs wise no competition. But what really gets me is that the Galaxy S phones of Samsung are their flagship phones. So kung may new update on android software sure dadating agad yan sa galaxy s phones. And since flagship phone nga, they’ll be working hard to keep introducing enhancements to the phone :)

  11. d says:

    ang ayoko lang sa samusung walang premium feel ung design nila. minsan kamuka niya ng high-end ung asa mga midrange or worst e sa entry-level. LG’s design are so much better.

    Pero spec wise, samsung ftw!

    mas the best parin sakin designs ng sony ericsson, kaso laging late in terms of specs.

  12. yamcha says:

    This is Samsung & LG’s best to immitate Apple’s iPhone. Copycats!

    • Andrew says:

      Improvement from previous generation is always a good thing. So, 1.2 ghz dual core, 1080p @30fps, bluetooth 3.0, 1GB ram wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than iphone 4. Koreans better than Americans in Technology now a days. Let’s say 2 years ahead.

    • Zo says:

      This is very true technology-wise and spec-wise with the phones that Apple, Samsung, LG and other companies are coming out with.

      Only problem with non-Apple phone makers is that their phones have an engine of a ferrari but their running under the hood of civic. The power’s not 100% utilized. Hanggang potential kung minsan.

      Like the 2x. Tegra nga pero 512mb RAM lang.

      At least the s2 is changing this, hopefully sunod sunod na :)

  13. jen says:

    Samsung Galaxy S2!!!
    Please..launch this hot phone this month! :p
    Wag quarter 3..too much waiting na yun.

    • Paul says:

      well they said this May daw or June. Samsung even brags its got 3 million pre orders already. hopefully they can deliver with no bugs. Like the 2X which was released last Feb, so many bugs. Hopefully the GS2 has non or else it would be worth waiting a few months more to hear reviews from those 3 million who have pre ordered.

      sakto babagsak din presyo niya eventually…or since they are the top phone spec wise, they may not drop prices like what Apple did with their iphone. LOL. Bagsak nalang presyo pag may kalaban na talaga.

      Definitely Samsung GS2 but i can wait a few more months. id rather be a late buyer than a first one who would suffer the bugs LMAO

  14. Andrew says:

    Koreans better than Americans in Technology now a days. Let’s say 2 years ahead.

  15. Maniejhun says:

    I still choose Samsung Galaxy S2

  16. jp says:

    mga pinag-aral lang sa mga magagaling na universities sa US yang mga gumawa nyan pero natalo na mismo nila ang mga American :D

  17. dulfo says:

    I say Samsung Galaxy SII. Bring it on!

  18. iamsirhc says:

    Nasubukan ko na yung prototype ng LGO2X and SGS2. I bought SGS2 instead.
    Really fast and responsive. Great captures ng photo. Sa battery, fair usage lasts up to a day and a half. During the first few days, ‘di masyadong matagal yung bat (around 16 hours). Heavy use kasi nung una; games, applications, boosted display, wifi, data, bluetooth — para ma-test lang yung device. Wala masyadong problem sa phone. The biggest issue, which is not really a major one, is that there’s no option for you to disable the shutter sound. But I’ve heard na dito lang yun sa UK. Not sure sa ibang countries.

  19. Mikhail says:

    Definitely worth an upgrade. Just have to root that Galaxy S2 and put it on stock ROM, lovely!

  20. bongskie says:

    Problema exclusive na naman sa globe. Bad.bad.bad

  21. mark says:

    sana super amoled plus ang dumating dito sa pilipinas. pag nagkataon sure buyer ako :)

  22. adam says:

    wag lang sila magkalayo ng price I’ll go for SGS2.

  23. mar_ky says:

    i asked samsung store, they said that once na na launch na yung phone thru globe, after a month pa daw nila pedeng i release sa store yung SGS2 for those who want to purchase the handset thru installment. . :)

  24. iamsirhc says:

    Go for shipping! :) Around 30-35k yung brand new unlocked phone sa England.

    • rain78 says:

      pano po shipping? the only couriers i trust are jac express & manila forwarders. pwede cguro, buy uk, deliver us, saka padeliver sa pinas. kaso, my real problem is kung defective yung unit out of the box (it happens). i would appreciate it if u or anyone can suggest an easy and reliable way to get this phone. thx.

  25. bOkz says:

    How about Samsung Galaxy S2 VS Motorola Atrix 4G?

    • Zo says:

      you can try searching for reviews on the Atrix. Alot of them give praise to the unit, but i think that’s because they did the reviews without the 2x and s2 entering the market.

      specswise it may be comparable to the 2x but reviews say its weakest points are its 5mp rear-camera (s2 and 2x have 8mp) and many people don’t like Motoblur. Aside from that, some people have reported that their units crashed, froze, and that sometimes audio levels become an issue when making calls.

    • bOKz says:

      I think I’ve read that article you’re saying. But i was more intrigue by them saying that S2 owe’s its glory to android 2.3. If other phone’s get upgraded to 2.3 then it’ll no longer be landslide victory to S2.

      But then of course there’s that Super amoled and 8mp cam right?

    • Zo says:

      true that Gingerbread brings alot to the table. But i think the Atrix is half-baked in terms of how it was done. It tried to beat competitors in being one of the first to release a superphone which ended up with them making a souped up half-baked device.

      I’d bet my money on the S2 because it’s had time to study their competitor’s phones thus making it a fuller superphone. Im not saying it’d be a perfect device since nothing is(yes, even Apple devices screw up) but it’d be more ready for consumers IMO.

      And yes, we get super AMOLED, 8mp camera, 1.2ghz, 1080p video recording, and whole lot more with the S2. :)

      That’s just my 2 cents :)

  26. sale ang optimus 2x at optimus black!

  27. Dan says:

    Sir Abe, in your own opinion whats it the right one for you?



  28. dan says:

    Sir Abe,

    Sir Abe, in your own opinion what is the right one for you?

  29. Air21 says:

    I prefer Galaxy S2. Based on the review, it’s more responsive than Lg 2x.

  30. Rodel says:

    i checked LG2x last night at SM Cebu, really cool phone and was tempted to buy… but i guess S2 is worth the wait based on the comparison shown above… i really hope it is.. :)

  31. coollearner says:

    simple lang naman gusto mo mas mura – LG 2x pag mas mahal at mas maganda ng konti – SGS2 – ung sale ng LG2x is 23K im expecting SGS2 to be at least 33K that 10k difference…which one is worth it? it depends on the user

  32. Bimboy says:

    Ok sana talaga ang Samsung, but you can always see that Apple Design Concept. I once remember someone having a Galaxy Ace (which hindi malayo ang physical Outlook sa SGS2). “Uy iphone!….ay Samsung Pala” :S. Hardware/Software Wise, yup SGS2 clearly shows its power over O2x, pero I really consider Aesthetics and HCI din and syempre price :D, kung iba lang talaga ang looks nang SGS2, its a definite buy for me. I’m leaning more on O2x between the 2, unless its only a 4-5k difference(crossed fingers) :P

  33. Omaniac says:

    Samsung galaxy s2 is a definite buy for me.. Check nyo sa youtube ung mga reviews nya.. For those who are concerned about battery life, it can manage up to 2 days with moderate use.. The super amoled plus display really helps alot to reduce battery consumption. if u use dark background wallpapers only few LEDs are lit up thus saving battery.. Unlike those other screen tech like the nova display of optimus black.. Sucks ur battery dry.. Hope it comes in june.. Just in time for the midyear bonus haha..

  34. confused says:

    bakit sa nakikita kung specs ng galaxy s2 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 at Orion chipset, dito ay 1.2Ghz Exynos 4210, bakit mgka-iba?

  35. liza says:

    hi, I don’t understand much about the technicalities but which would work best with Skype? Will it be able to make skype to skype calls (kahit hindi video calls) And would it really have a short battery life if connected to the internet the whole day?
    thanks in advance.

  36. cynogenius says:

    hindi pa pala nahahawakan ang device panay negative na mga comments nyo sa taas!… pinoy nga talaga hu!…

  37. jayarlou says:

    Yuga i’d like to ask if the SGS2 that will release here in Philippines is 1.2GHz Exynos or the older version wich is 1.0GHz Tegra2?
    Thanks in advance

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