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List of smartphones with longest battery life

We all know that having a feature-packed smartphone means nothing if it has poor battery life that won’t last a day without being plugged in. If you’re out looking to upgrade your handset with great battery performance, you might want to check out this list of smartphones with the biggest batteries.

smartphones with longest battery life

The devices are ranked by FindTheBest according to their battery size and overall battery performance. As seen above, the phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tops the chart with its 3200mAh battery despite its big display which should consume more juice. Falling in second place is LG G2 followed by the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4, with the iPhone 5s tailing the list.

One thing that we can conclude from this graph is that Android smartphones are better in conserving battery with its power-saving apps, both embedded and downloaded; and that battery performance from Windows and Apple phones are far cries compared to Android devices.


So again, if you’re on the prowl for a device that could work for long hours without the help of power banks then hopefully this graph would help.

Update: The source states that the data was derived not only from battery capacities but also from performance benchmarks that include specs of each device. Experiences from different testers were also taken into account.

* Data from manufacturer and carrier websites. Ratings from CNET, LAPTOP Mag, PC Mag, PC World, and WIRED. Performance benchmarks from Geekbench, DxOMark, and Rightware.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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63 Responses

  1. ronsterrr says:

    wow, di sinama ang lumia 1520. According to gsmarena, 107 hrs ang endurance rating nun, habang 75 hrs lang si note 3.

    may namiss ba ako o sadyang biased lang yung report?

    • anonymous says:

      you’re right about that, thats why this article makes me wonder kung yung source ba yung bias, if yes then why is this thing still posted here… Or hindi lang alam ni author yung about dun sa test ng gsmarena?…

    • Siphone says:

      Having big battery capacity does not equate to long battery life. If the hardware and the software are power-hungry, the battery life will definitely be affected. I agree to the posts, I have the Lumia 1520 and the battery life really lasts long.

    • Siphone says:

      The article is really misleading…

  2. George says:

    The NL 1520 has 3400 mAh. Did I miss something? “that battery performance from Windows and Apple phones are far cries compared to Android devices.”

  3. TJ Dimacali says:


    I just need to clarify that the chart only shows battery CAPACITY (in mAh), not battery life.

    mAh ratings are meaningless if you don’t take into account other factors such as screen size and processor speed.

    Also, the original chart itself clearly says “Battery Capacity”. I don’t understand why the author had to re-word it into “battery life”.

    Just my two cents :)

    • mermo says:

      very well said…this could be very misleading to potential buyers who seek BATTERY LIFE rather than BATTERY CAPACITY…

    • wp says:

      onga capacity lang yung chart nito and there’s no data showing the actual battery life of these devices. pathetic article.

  4. mermo says:

    high capacity =/= longer battery life…moto g for example has an excellent battery life even with a 2k+ mAh battery…

  5. Yugatechsucks says:

    This is it.. I’ll forever block this site dahil sa misleading and inaccurate articles.. kokopya na nga lang, mali mali pa..

  6. iamdarqueza says:

    Wow. Galing ha. Sa pagkakaalam ko mas matipid ang note 2 sa s4 at z. Bt wala jan. -,-

  7. Sean says:

    Stupid post. Just because the phone has a higher battery capacity doesn’t automatically mean that it has a long battery life. Do your research first before naming the article something that it isn’t. My lumia 520 has a 1430 mAh, but that doesn’t mean that it has a shorter battery life than an iPhone.

  8. batang buraot says:

    takteng buhay ito oh…

    pakawala ng samsung itong gumawa ng article na ganito…masyadong bias para mapakita lang superior ang samsung..

  9. emman says:

    May poor reading comprehension skills yata ang nag copy and paste nung article. Kung ano ano na lang pinagsusulat para maka quota?

  10. Jp says:

    Yugatech…copy paste! Nawawala na ang credibilty ng yugatech! Paid editorials and Ads! sided reviews.

  11. Calm down, guys. The article is updated. My bad for not stressing that part out.

    • TJ Dimacali says:

      Hi, Kevin!

      Thank you for updating the article, but the chart used to illustrate it is ONLY for battery capacity (mAh). The chart itself doesn’t in any way reflect any of the data that was supposedly “derived not only from battery capacities but also from performance benchmarks that include specs of each device”.

      Perhaps a link to the specific page where the above claim is made should clarify things? :)

    • Hi TJ,

      No need to thank me, I didn’t do it just for you. Anyway did you go to the source? Because it’s there like I’ve mentioned on the update.

      It’s funny how you’re almost saying that what the author wrote is something he made up and without basis. I believe you’re also a tech editor, correct? I’m surprised you don’t have respect for the people who are in the same industry.

      Btw I might not be able to reply for a while after this as it is still a holiday and I have better things to do than sit in front of the computer.

      For your case, however, I’m sure you have time. Try checking it again, perhaps wear the glasses this time.

      Thanks :)

    • TJ Dimacali says:

      Hi again, Kevin!

      Yes, I did click on the link and I did go to the source, but it just linked to a larger version of the chart. I couldn’t find where it says that “the data was derived not only from battery capacities but also from performance benchmarks that include specs of each device.”

      Of course, I could be wrong and that’s why I messaged again here to clarify.

      At huwag mo sana akong insultuhin kasi hindi rin kita iniinsulto. Unlike other commenters in this thread, I never berated you or called you names. All my questions are valid ones and not meant to put you or anyone else down.

      Abe is a good friend and, in fact, Yugatech is an official news partner of our site. I have always thought highly of Abe and Yugatech as a whole, which is why it behooved me to comment on a glaring factual error on what I think is an otherwise excellent site.

      In short: maghunusdili ka at alamin mong maigi kung sino ang mga totoong kaaway mo at kakampi mo.

      It looks like I’m not the one who’s shortsighted here.

    • TJ Dimacali says:


      Also, I NEVER said nor implied “that what the author wrote is something he made up and without basis.”

      All my comments were valid observations and polite requests for clarification.

      Please don’t put words into my mouth, nor read malice where there is none.

      Thank you.

    • bliss says:

      very well said TJ…

    • bliss says:

      Now i see the difference between a tech editor and a tech blogger…=)

    • G2 says:

      What a very condescending reply from the author.

      TJ was obviously very polite in his post and didn’t even insult you in any of his replies.

      You don’t just need glasses boy, you need to go back to your Reading and Comprehension Skills 101.

      Also a tech blogger saying they have better things to do than sit in front of a computer is like a fish saying it has better things to do than swim in the ocean.

      *Drops Mic*

    • wewe says:

      I’ve got nothing against the author.. this is a good article, on the other hand, di nga lang maayos mag reply sa mga commenters..

      ayaw ata na masita sya or macorrect?

      anyway.. just my opinion :)

    • shdhdksosjdbudj says:

      Feeling magaling tong author kaya nung nasita nagalit..tanggap tanggap din ng criticism para maayos ang gawa wag masyado mataas tingin sa sarili.

  12. mema says:

    Mema post lang si boy.. hahaha

  13. Mir says:

    hindi nga makatagal ng isang Araw ung 1020 mas lalo kung nkaOn palagi at ngnenet ako, walang kalahating araw >.<

  14. ramces says:

    I have both Samsung Note 3 (3200mAh), Sony Xperia C (2390mAh) and LG G Pro Lite (3140mAh) but based on experience LG G Pro Lite last longer (test parameters: open wifi, data connection on, bluetooth on, max. screen brightness, gps on, unli call and text, games). SO I dont know what is the basis of this post in terms of its ranking.

  15. kile128 says:

    Even htc one surpasses galaxy s4 lame article so. S4 also surpasses z1?this is paid review lol

  16. Paul says:

    I knew it. A biased article favoring Android. As far as I know, Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020 has an amazing performance regarding battery life. Before I clicked the link of this article from FB, I knew that the author will be biased to either Android or iPhone.

  17. vince pags says:

    Ang aramihan sa binabasa kong article dito ay yung kay sir Abe lang… yung ibang writers medyo hindi ko pa pinagtitiwalaan

  18. chris says:

    Grabe ha, sobrang biased ng source article dito. Pili lang ang phones. Wala man Lumia 1520, 720 tsaka Lenovo P780. At wala rin LG G Flex.

    at hindi totoong mas pangit ang battery life sa Windows Phone at iOS. Except sa 1520 at 1320, maliliit lang talaga ang battery na sinasalang sa WP at iPhones.

    What an irritating way to start Easter Sunday.

  19. kontrabida says:

    Isang malaking kalokohan

  20. Wacko says:

    How about lenovo 770 and 780 not on the list , 3200 and 4000 mah

  21. Ice de Ocampo says:

    Annoyingly, the source narrowed the playing field down to a subjective “top smartphones”.

    Which left out mid-tier cellphones that is based on power efficient A7, and equipped with batteries rated more than 3000mAh

  22. Netgearboy says:

    Wag nyo na isama yung s4 jan ang bilis ma lowbat kahit kitkat stock ang bilis ma lowbat nakakinis -.-

  23. bliss says:

    dapat i verify muna mga data from other sources di sa isang source lang before posting…Yugatech is a very trusted site with regards to gadgets only to be marred by articles like this…Sana laging may quality control yung mga editors at di pinapalagpas ang mga mediocre na article tulad nito…

  24. Kolokoy Me says:

    I believe that the Lumia 1520 has the best battery life. Why it is not included here? That is, according to GSMARENA. It is their benchmark phone for the longest battery life. Why such bias?

  25. jett says:

    This just prove how biased yugatech are, ni hindi nga sila nagpost ng news na lumabas yung WP 8.1 Developer preview, eh yung mga major tech news site may nilabas sila na article.

  26. Johnaray says:

    BIAS…bakit walang CDR-King … LOL

    • Reverie says:

      Clearly, this is not misleading but just a spinned article. That’s why a source is given in the bottom.

  27. growupyugatech says:

    misleading article – eh ano p nga bang ini-expect nyo s yugatech?

  28. nosyaj says:

    1520 anyone?

  29. Lantis says:

    BIAS talaga ang yugatech. Yung Sony Xperia Z1 hindi nila isinama. Yung xperia Z lang ang nilagay.

  30. hans says:

    Lenovo P780. 4200maH. Maybe, Lenovo didn’t pay their share to Yugatech that’s why thisSP (smartphone) didn’t make to Yugatech’s list. OR the writer is a neo.

  31. kamot teh says:

    Personal choice ng writer ang mga NASA list. So bias.

  32. a says:

    bias naman tlaga si kalbo and co. e

    di lang mahilig sa misleading articles, basta no pay, no post. :D

    ayan wala daw tuloy silang balita sa wp 8.1 dev preview.

    kesyo di daw mageendorse ng product kasi walang padulas este walang ‘invite’.

    haha. i love you yugatech.

  33. shanyan says:

    Haha..misleading tlga..umaabot nga ng 5 days ang lumia ko ehh..ung exeperia at samsung ng mga kapatid ko twice a day pag chacharge..

  34. Chris says:

    HI Kevin,

    nice article – but i think you forgot the

    It has a 4000mAh battery and kicks ass ;)

    Cheers Chris

  35. Anyare? says:

    Walang CLOUDFONE 530qx? ehh yung nga may pinaka malaki ang capacity na battery anu ba yan.

  36. tom says:

    Pre, ang angas mo magsalita ah. Ikaw na nga ang palpak, ikaw pa may gana na magpalusot. Ano ba ang pinagmamalaki mo ha? Kapal rin ng mukha ng mokong na ito.

  37. pika42 says:

    they don’t acknowledge the awesomeness of lenovo p780…take note “list of smartphones with longest battery life” NOT flagship or high end phone only …duhhh

    • Chris says:

      yes, lenovo is getting stronger in general, especially what you get for their cheap prices.

      cheers chris

  38. ambs says:

    Based on experience.Samsung fucking sucks when it comes to battery life compared to the likes of Apple and LG…

  39. Chanchan says:

    Sobrang biased! I have my Nokia Lumia 1520 and I charge it every other day, with data always on (I am subscribed to unlimited data). And that is not even the whole story because the longest I’ve had is two full days and I can prove it! Were you guys paid to write?

  40. Sharingan_yeah says:

    Where’s the Lenovo P780? OMFG this is a biased blogsite. Lol

  41. Marf says:

    hi, can you post a collective one. one with all phones available in the Philippines. top 10 list of smartphone with longest battery life in the Philippines… just to be fair with other brands, and just for benchmarking… thanks!

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