Moto G4 missing from devices getting Android Oreo

Moto G4 missing from devices getting Android Oreo

If you’re using a Motorola Moto G4 Plus, or any device from the Moto G4 series for that matter, then you may be appalled to find out that your smartphone is currently not listed on Motorola’s official list of smartphones that will be getting the Android Oreo update.

This is indeed strange, as well as disappointing to Moto G4 users, as it was even stated in promotional materials, such as this infographic detailing the Moto G4 Plus.


This certainly leaves us feeling confused about Motorola’s plans for the software updates of these smartphones. Stay tuned for updates on this matter, as things could still change.

Via: Android Police

Source:  niteshg16 (Reddit)

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2 Responses

  1. el gato says:

    nokia’s pure stock android OS will be put to test if it can deliver updates in a timely manner.
    lenovo’s switch to pure stock android is good but its commitment to timely updates remains to be seen.
    samsung’s delayed update release is a drawback.
    other smartphone manufacturers’ “buy and forget the updates” is laughable at best. idk if it is part of the mandate of dept of information and communications technology but the PH government should ‘encourage’ companies to guarantee software update support for at least one year, preferably 3 years.

    moto g4’s missing oreo update for now may just be a sign of delayed update release cycle. otherwise, it will be added to the failure of motorola just like the failure of cherry mobile to update first gen android one to nougat despite promising it.

  2. bulok says:

    in other news, moto x style ko marshmallow parin.

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