My New Nokia 6230

My New Nokia 6230

Despite the eagerness to get myself a N3230, the upfront cost is just way out of my budget so I opted for the Nokia 6230 instead. Nokia 6230

When I came to a mobile shop and took a good look at the N3230, I didn’t really liked the cast of it. The texture wasn’t as good as what I saw it in the pictures, the size and the proportions of the keypad wasn’t snug fit with my palm. I held both phones in my hands to see which one got the better grip. Guess what, the N6230 won by a whole yard.


The 1.3MP camera wasn’t a big deal for me since I have a dedicated digicam for that purpose. The size was actually the biggest factor why I shied away from it. And though the screen was way bigger, it also meant that the battery could get drained much faster.

In any case, for those who loved the N6600 despite its gargantuan size, the Nokia N3230 is the most logical upgrade. But for me who used to love the Nokia 8210 and the Nokia 6510, the Nokia N6230 is an affordable and most likely upgrade. :)

P.S. Ajay just got a N6230i which comes with 1.3MP camera. A good improvement if you’re up to it.

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5 Responses

  1. ajay says:

    Hi Yuga! Am surprised that you got yourself a new phone so soon. But you shouldn’t be regretting the choice since the N6230 got excellent reviews in its heyday, the reason why they followed it with an “i”. Am only reviewing the i version, lol, but am actually thinking of getting it for myself. I miss the Nokia after using SE for so long. FYI, Karla also has a review of the N3230. Enjoy your new phone;)

  2. yuga says:

    Got a wee bit impulsive and my n6220 was conking out on me…

  3. karla says:

    shet!!! dream phone ko yan abe!!! ehehehe
    gusto ko kasi maliit lang.. not like my 6600… bar soap ang drama
    (no offense meant to 6600 owners like me ;) )

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