MyPhone to launch a number of devices supporting the 700MHz band

MyPhone to launch a number of devices supporting the 700MHz band

This news comes in really good for those who are clamoring to have a piece of the sought-after 700MHz LTE band that Globe and Smart have started to roll out in a couple of areas.


Local smartphone brand, MyPhone, has posted on their social media accounts that a series of smartphones and a mobile Wi-Fi will be released to the market just in time for the demand of the new frequency.


While they have not put in specific details, we are seeing quite a few smartphones in the photo from budget to mid-range. There’s even fingerprint scanner at the back of one which is perhaps one of the top offerings. As for the mobile Wi-Fi, we’re assuming this will be an LTE pocket Wi-Fi since they have branded it to support 700MHz LTE.

We’ll be on the look for the release of these devices. For now, you may check out our growing list of current devices in the market that supports 700MHz LTE here.


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  1. Easy E says:

    Nice move, but “if the price is right”.

  2. Ronald says:

    sana affordable

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