Nokia 6: A Camera Gallery

During our review of the Nokia 6, we praised its camera performance — both the back and front. With its 8-megapixel selfie sensor and 16-megapixel PDAF rear camera, the new Nokia phone is able to deliver great images in multiple scenarios that’s why we took the liberty to give you more camera samples from the phone.

Here’s a photo gallery of images taken with the Nokia 6. All images below are taken in auto mode and highest resolution setting available with the high-dynamic-range option turned off. They are untouched but resized to 1920px to make them friendlier for online viewing.


With a lot of light available, the Nokia 6 captures exceptional stills. The lens and sensor paired with its processing algorithm work together to come up with natural looking images. They do not have the saturated tones of other popular smartphone shooters but you can always tweak it.


Even in artificial lighting, the Nokia 6 can produce good-looking stills. Various lighting conditions is a piece of cake for the phone with spot-on white balance and exposure compensation. Details are still good with little sharpening on dimmer environments. Again, saturation is not a forte here but we like the natural tones the camera gives.


Playing with closeup and macro shots is a joy to do with the phone. The handset can get extremely close to a subject while still being able to do proper focus. The closer the shots are, the sharper the subject gets. The f/2.0 aperture of the lens also gives the photos enough bokeh.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Turning on the HDR feature allows the Nokia 6 to work better in high contrast environments like a wide landscape or anything with a bright background. As you can see the samples below, the phone manages to combine multiple exposures well. During shooting, though, we noticed it’s a split second slower compared to the competition.


Even with the sun shining on the other side of the globe, the rear camera of the phone takes bright and good looking photos. It’s among the best we’ve seen in mobile. The phone shoots still subjects best as moving objects give the phone a hard time to keep them in focus and captured. The phone relies on a slower shutter speed to compensate for the night atmosphere.


Anyone can take bright and good quality selfies with the Nokia 6’s front camera. It also has a wide lens allowing you to effortlessly put in more subjects in a frame. But, a wide lens means you’ll have to keep the phone close to your face for a solo shot. There’s also a beauty mode in the camera launcher for softer skin details.

And that concludes our gallery of photos for the Nokia 6. If HMD Global, the new owner of the brand, will continue to give the future Nokia smartphones good optics, the former king of mobile might have a bright future ahead — at least for camera performance.

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    Hi, there. What’s the exact model of the Nokia 6 you used for these amazing stills?

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    Why so gwapo daniel

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