Nokia C3 goes on sale today at Php1,000 off!

Nokia C3 goes on sale today at Php1,000 off!

Nokia Philippines yesterday announced that the new Nokia C3 will be officially available nationwide on August 1 but added that they are doing a 1-day sale today (Saturday, July 31).

The Nokia C3 is the Finnish handset manufacturer’s cheapest full QWERTY phone with a suggested retail price of Php7,295.


However, Nokia Philippines is putting out a sale with a Php1,000 discount on the handset when you buy it today (and today only). Nokia Stores should be selling them for Php6,295. The purchase also includes a free 2GB microSD card and a 1-week free Smart internet (also applicable on other newly-bought Nokia handsets).

Was thinking of doing rounds in mall stores just to see if there are huge lines like what happened in Indonesia when it was launched there. Early reports from today indicate that the units have been selling fast though. Read first impressions of the Nokia C3 here.

Anybody out there bought one of these today?

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69 Responses

  1. Clint says:

    Just bought it :D super nice and cheap

  2. nexusboy says:

    lined up in a Nokia store at 10am, i was already the 10th person in queue. only one unit is allowable for purchase per person. definitely the best valued wi-fi Nokia phone yet! web browsing is pretty decent, much better than Samsung Corby and any other entry-level wi-fi capable phones.

  3. rbsoriano says:

    It would be better if its OS is Symbian instead of S40.

  4. Jedd says:

    I checked it out but held off. It looks really plasticky, more than I expected, and might break with rugged use. Same with the C5.

  5. bokoi says:

    @ rbsoriano
    ?? diba symbian rin yung S40? I think what you mean is s60.

  6. rbsoriano says:


    S40 = Nokia OS
    S60 = Symbian

  7. bon says:

    i just bought nokia c3 in MOA around 2pm and guess what most of the stores that i ask for this unit is sold out. but lucky i found one store which they still have the unit. so far i am really loving this phone..

    my question is. when i open the box i just have a charger and headset. i am wondering where the hell is the usb cable? for those who bought this unit do you have the usb cable when you open the box or maybe the sale person forget to add or misplace the usb cable.

  8. DomainsPH says:

    Nokia should have several offers like this in the future! :)

  9. epstein says:

    S40 = symbian 40
    S60 = symbian 60
    ung old os like yung sa 1209 un ung tinatawag na nokia os

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  10. nexusboy says:

    Nokia C3 didn’t come with a USB Cable.

    i have trouble with the Ovi Store, it’s hard to get in. i use the built-in browser instead. dont see much interesting apps, for some reason.

  11. bon says:

    i’ve seen the video of the unboxing of nokia c3 in youtube and saw different unboxing reviews and it say there that the unit only have the charger and the headset so to bad because usb cable is sold seperately so if you want to put pictures and music better buy the usb cable at nokia center.

  12. mhel says:

    i bought one today at nokia center sm pampanga, but i pay additional Php800 for 2GB memory. anyone also experience this who bought outside metro manila? sir abe, can you please confirm if only metro manila stores offer free memory? thanks!

  13. bon says:

    @mhel: i bought mine in mall of asia. for 6295 because of the one day promo and the memory card is not included so i buy a micro sd to another store. so i think the additional 800 is for the price of the sd card…

  14. sweetscrazy says:

    i tried to look for a white one in megamall and galleria but they only had the gray ones left by 4pm. They said the first 15 buyers had free 2GB card. if i knew i would’ve gone there much earlier because CDRKing’s micro-SDs aren’t as cheap as they used to be :P

  15. rbsoriano says:


    S40 stands for Series 40, not Symbian 40.

  16. Clint says:

    @mhel, I bought it without memory card and without forcing us to pay to get it.

    @nexusboy, pwede naman maramihan ang bilhin, dun kami sa memoxpress bumili ako ng 2 units in one transaction :)

  17. jul wayne gahit says:

    i got mine yesterday at nokia concept store cdo and i would say that it’s really a budget phone with FREE 2 gig micro SD and and a smart sim. people here were lining up just to get this phone and luckily i was the last one given the free microSD card.

  18. slept_late says:

    I went to SM Manila to buy one, but they said that it was already out of stock, and that I’d have to wait for the next batch (but this batch would be sold at a regular price). So, I decided not to buy anymore. aww…

  19. mhel says:

    @bon…yup Php800 is for the sd card that i ask to include in my purchase.
    @clint…they never force me to buy the sd card i decided to buy one.=)

    Thanks guys for the info you provide.

    As of now, i find C3 okay esp. the wifi function coz im here at the province its very usable for me than 3G signal.

  20. bon says:

    ask ko lang if this unit supports ovi maps??

  21. jocy says:

    how can i get that c3? i jst read it now.

  22. jocy says:

    it still available? when? what band b yan?

  23. bon says:

    as i mention on my earlier comment that this unit nokia c3 doesn’t have any usb cable included in the box. so luckily my girl friend has a LG KM555 so i tried the usb cable of the LG KM555 and voila!!! it works now i can transfer files easily using the usb cable. just want to share this that’s all…

  24. Missy says:

    Hi, I bought mine last July 31 at exact 9pm.
    and I’m loving my phone right now.
    6,295 lang and free 2gb pa. before ako nakabili dami ko napasukan na store na out of stock and sold out na daw, luckily I found the store where I bought my Nokia C3. :))))

  25. BertSingson says:

    I was lucky to buy 2 units last July 31, with free 2gb memory cards and Smart Sims. The store also programmed the Nokia Messaging service (free 7-day trial)

    Though FB, Twitter & Y!Mail works flawlessly, I cannot setup Y!Messenger to be the default IM/chat client. The store set OVI Chat to be the default IM/chat, which nobody I know is on, GRrrrr…

    Does anybody here no how to set it up without restoring phone defaults and reinstalling the GPRS setting? Thanks in advance.

  26. Jamby says: mine without the memory card…

    I confirm that there is really no cable inside the box..but with free smart sim…

    sayang memory card..

    Isn’t it S40 and S60 (Series 40 and Series 60) are both Symbian OS’s??

  27. Miguel says:

    Series 40 is not based on Symbian.

    Question on the messaging – can you do chat and email when inside the Opera Mini browser? Or at least, is it now possible to suspend Java apps instead of shutting them down completely?

  28. BertSingson says:


    The USB cable is not included in the package, but I’m lucky that my old Xpress Music has one. So not all stores were giving memory cards? Bummer


    FB, twitter, Y!Mail & ovi chat have their dedicated icons built-in on the homescreen, there is no need to open the Nokia browser or the Opera Mini for these, making it quite simple and functional. I believe the C3 was intended to be a messenging phone and not for surfing(no 3G). But you are asking if it can multitask, right? The answer is NO. But for P6K, it is value for money.

    Judging from your profile pic, I’d suggest that you go for the E-Series (3.5G, multitasking S60)

  29. kesterbt says:

    Got my Nokia C3 last July 31 @ SM Marikina. =) For only P6,295 with 2GB memory card. Talagang hinintay ko magbukas yung mall =)). Sa ngayon ok na ok sya , pero hindi ko lang alam next week or next month =)) (mabilis ma-lowbat pag gamit mo ang wi-fi connection).

  30. eutikana69 says:

    the interface of nokia c3 is poor,I would suggest that using a e series nokia phone is much handy than nokia c3.

  31. bon says:

    @eutikana69: thats true mabilis malowbat pag gamit mo lagi yung wi-fi. my battery lasted for only 2 days.

  32. bon says:

    sorry its for kesterbt :-)

  33. Miguel says:


    thanks for the advice.
    based on my profile pic? LOL.
    well it’s not for me, I’m checking it out for my teenage bro.
    I’m a BlackBerry user.

  34. BertSingson says:


    I have to disagree with you, the interface of the C3 is, in fact, beautiful and simple. You can use it right of the box without reading the manual coz it’s just that easy. A co-worker of mine has an E-72 for over a month & he still can’t get the feel of it. The E-series are feature packed but it is way too complicated (but I love its MS Office and PDF reader for email attachements, hehe…)

  35. Jake says:

    Bought it last July 31 at SM Manila…it’s a nice phone…very recommended…for a price, it’s really worth!

  36. may C3 pa kaya ngaun?
    gusto ko ung hot pink eh

  37. Nikka says:

    @BertSingson: On the Chat menu, you can select Options->Update service. If you still don’t see the Chat portal (Ovi, YM, GTalk, Live Messenger), you may call Nokia Careline at 886-1234 for assistance =)

  38. monica says:

    here at sm bicutan madaming stock..hurry buy now!!!!

  39. love my new phone :)

  40. barbs17 says:

    s40 and s60 r b0th called software platf0rm. ‘s’ stands 4 ‘series’, s40 runs n0kias 0perating system wyl s60 runs symbian(dfiniti0n:

    d difrence betwen d tw0 r:
    s60 s an s40+other features lyk multitasking.
    b)s40’s ip add cnt b edited

  41. barbs17 says:

    juz 2 clarify, s40 and s60 r n0t Operating System.dey r software platf0rm.
    observe dis:
    n70-s60 editi0n v5
    -0S 7

    obvi0usly, s60 s way much better dan s40 wen it c0mes 2 features. ol n0kia NandE series,s0me n0kia xpres music r s60..dey support alm0st ol posible java apps due t0 its high RAM..
    samsung 0mnia s an s60 editi0n f0ne also.its 0perating system s windows m0bile 6.5..

    h0pe i was able t0 clarify d argument.ü

  42. roshell says:

    im planning to buy a usb cable for this one? can anyone tell me what type has this phone have?

  43. kumukulongyelo says:

    super delayed push email.

    no push notification for facebook and twitter

    great chat client

  44. kumukulongyelo says:

    super delayed push email.

    no push notification for facebook and twitter

    almost great chat client with minimal user mod-function and frequent disconnection issues

    Smart Telecom stopped advertising Nokia C3 Nokia Messaging. I don’t exactly know why but I’m thinking its because

    a. Push Email doesn’t PUSH not unless you refresh it every so often, which is not push, but a mere manual refresh

    b. Smart EDGE on Nokia C3 is uber slow. Coming from a bbcurve 8520 edge user, the difference is huge. Of course I know that BB datacompression is way better but really, nokia messaging is slower than dial ups during my elementary days.

    c. Chat client problem which disconnect from time to time moreso when idle

    My settings, as I have availed nokia messaging, is on ALWAYS ONLINE hence the push wanting tantrum in me. but at 10 pesos a day, who am i to complain?

  45. Dennis says:

    Hi to all, is it possible to install a pdf reader to a nokia C3? I got a charger and a headset but no MIcro SD card when I bought the unit.

  46. slept_late says:

    alam niyo po ba kung bakit may bgsa_upload_ddmmyyyy.log sa memory card ko?

    I’m unable to delete it, and whenever I want to access my memory card as mass storage, “memory card in use” daw.

  47. sheidz says:

    Heyy! I just bought mine yesterday. :))) But the thing is, how do I use the 1 week free Smart Internet?

  48. Nikka says:

    @slept_late: Try reformatting your memory card. You can either use the C3 File Manager/Memory Card Manager or put the MMC in an adapter /card reader and use Windows file explorer to reformat it.

  49. slept_late says:

    @Nikka: ohh… I see. Thanks a bunch! :D

  50. chatty says:

    i just bought mine last night…wala ding free memory card ung akin :( daya…ung chat services po ba and communities(sa home) wifi lang po gumagana? or pati sa smart internet browsing? kasi po ung akin hindi nag coconnect eh…may problema daw sa connection..pahelp po..kung papano..thank you!

  51. Katried says:

    I just bought nokia c3. I’m not sure if it’s just my phone or applicable ba to sa lahat. When I selected chat, ang default nya is ovi and then wala yun others like ym, googletalk, etc. Dapat ba automatic na sila lalabas?

  52. Nikka says:

    @chatty: the free mem card was a freebie given to the first few customers who activated their Nokia Messaging during One Time Big Time promo for Nokia C3 last July 31. Chat & Communities should work on Wifi or Internet Connection. Try calling Nokia Careline at 8861234 so they can assist you with the set up.
    @Katried: Try calling Nokia Careline with the set-up of YM and GoogleTalk.

  53. Katried says:

    @Nikka: Thanks for your response. Did you also seek assistance from Nokia Careline regarding setting up the chat feature. I’m a little bit worried since when I clicked on Chat, it only shows ovi chat. I’m not sure if once I successfully log in to ovi chat, that’s the time the other IM services would show up.

  54. junc says:

    i hav no usb data cable too so i use my old card reader instead to transfer files to and fro my pc and cell phone…its just irritating to remove the sd card from the cell phone and insert it to the card reader and insert it again to ur computer hahaha…

  55. yden says:

    I got my C3 last Saturday. So far so good although meron din flaws. It usually hangs lalo na pag ginagamit ang video camera. And it doesn’t have a USB cable so I’m gonna buy one. DO you have any idea how much it will cost? And I want to install some animated themes. It somehow looks boring for me. :) Is there any site where I can get those themes for c3?

  56. Dotu says:

    my nokia mobile c3 is not working prpperly and i cant delet the photo and other file ….

    what it could be the problem and solution could be to over come the erroer.

  57. Ezekiel says:

    Hi Guys i was wondering if the price of nokia c3 get lower already? i know its a affordable price for some persons want a QWERTY phone. Is the camera High Quality even its only 2MP? Good Sound Quality Using Headset? i want to buy this one before Christmas i know i would have many competitors buying this phone because its cheap =)

  58. anna says:

    this dec po ba my offer pa kya na promo for C3

  59. Mark says:

    GUSTO KO NA BUMILI kaso hindi ko pa natatanong ung mga store kung may promo ung nokia C3 this xmass…sana meron :|

  60. Marky says:

    guys bakit d gumagana ung nokia communities ko meron p b dapat gawin or iapply??

  61. ms. kate says:

    hi galing ako sm north edsa & sa cubao.. tumaas pa nga price ng nokia c3.. lahat ng stores na pinagtanungan ko hindi included ang memory card.. Price range P5,790 – P5900.. sa guanzon pinaka mura.. advice ko lang po na made in India ang lagi nten hanapin kesa made in china. .

  62. jhel santos says:

    My Photos on the menu cannot be access and it turns off. What suppose be the problem?

  63. elaine says:

    hi, ive just got myself a c3 and ive just got a usb for it,can anyone tell me how i put photos from phone to pc please…. im not very good at this sort of thing

  64. Bluetooth says:

    I just received my C3 today and I am impressed with the wifi and keyboard is very easy to use

  65. Name: bambam says:

    magkano na ba to ngayon?

  66. janil says:

    how much????

  67. ivan says:

    hi can i trade my samsung corby wifi(White jacket,blue silicon case and permanent screen guard just new with me) for your nokia c3? any color except pink will be fine to me add me on facebook so i can see your phone if its still clean..

  68. amante says:

    may cable kayo ng c3. if meron how much?

  69. Arianne says:

    Is this phone available in the philippines? where can I buy this in brand new stat?

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