O+ Plus phones and tablet hits local market

O+ Plus phones and tablet hits local market

If you’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the TV then there’s a big chance that you’ve encountered a new brand of smartphone and tablet called the O+ (O-Plus). If you’re curious about what this brand can offer then read on.

O+ is a technology company from the US that wants a slice of the mobile market in Asia by introducing affordable lineups of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

O+ is offering four types of devices – Music, WiFi, Pad, and Android.

Below are some of the devices featured and their selling price:

O+ 5.3 Music – Php 1,895


O+ 6.3 WiFi – Php 3,795

O+ 8.7 Android – Php 4,995

O+ 9.7 Pad – Php 9,995

Here’s a list of stores selling O+ devices {click here}.

Lazada.com.ph is also selling O+ phones here.

You can check other device models by visiting their website at O+ USA.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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45 Responses

  1. Sefi says:

    Hi Yugatech!

    I’m really interested to buy their 9.7 tab with 8000 mAh that’s worth 4 movies of battery life according to them! hope you can do a review on this soon!

    I’m still wating for reviews before i buy their 9.7 pad cause they just launched their product this august so reviews for their products is scarce right now.

  2. rency0722 says:

    What you don’t know in the O+ Pad is that, it only houses a 1.2-GHz Single-core processor, which is a no-no for today’s generation.

    I better yet buy an Ainol tablet, which houses dual-core processors and good GPU since it uses Mali-400.

    • rency0722 says:

      We’ve got to have a hands-on of it just this Monday at Mobilizer Greenhills. We hadn’t install Anfish app since it needs a Play Store account, but what we’ve tried to know if it carries a dual-core processor or not is this.

      We’ve tried to play 720p video on YouTube and it still played smoothly, with some frequent lags, but when the time we tried to play a 1080p video, the whole pad goes untouchable and not responding to anything.

      The rear camera is a 3-megapixel snapper, with VGA video recording only (if you think some can record 720p on a single-core devices) and a VGA front-snapper. It houses its own O+ UIX which has too large keyboard but cool icons.

      One thing it notifies me most is the Facebook and Twitter app dedicated to O+ Pad, since most Ainol tablets do not have dedicated FB and Twitter apps.

    • Sefi says:

      how long does the battery life last?

      will it be worth buying? im only an ebook/mag, web person.

      for everything else, i use my laptop.

    • Pusang Kulog says:

      @rency0722 – Tagalugin mo na lang utang na loob…

    • lousy says:

      napacomment tuloy ako. @rency0722 – kung may alam kang bang language pwede un na lang? dumugo ilong ko sa ganda ng english mo.

    • Name: Brando says:

      sumakit ulo ko sa inglis mo brad!
      Maawa ka nman sa iba pang makakabasa ng comments mo!

  3. jums says:

    one more thing to consider (actually to know) is the amount of ram. it is not specified.

  4. Benchmark says:

    I hope the quality and after service is better compared to Cherry and My Phone…if it does, then a good news to all. :)

  5. eric empire king says:

    Just bought my Pad 9.7 last saturday at Sm Moa memoxpress for P 9,995 the touch is smooth like an ipad, no problem in using a broadband stick for surfing. but on monday iv’e notice the micro usb port is not functioning anymore now waiting for my pad to be pick up for check up and repair. later i’ll post the full spec of the pad.

    • Sefi says:

      @eric empire: how long does the battery last?

      kaka dismaya naman na bago pa lang may defect na. wat more in the long run, napaisip tuloy ako ilang months/year ang lifespan nito. promising pa naman ang brand.

    • raffy says:

      Bumili ako ng O+ tab 9.7 two weeks ago at wala ako nakikita pa na hindi maganda. Hindi ko lang nagustuhan ang kulay aksi white lang talaga ang lahat.Gusto ko sana Black. mabilis naman at aabot ng 7 days kapag naka standby lang. 8 hrs naman kapag deretcho ang gamit ng mga apps. Mabilis mag charge ang battery. Mabilis din mag response ang mga apps. Ang galing eh mura pa.

    • What's the diff says:

      I was told by the Junrex Sales person that only the OLD SMART BRO USB Stick would work.. What were you using?

  6. Dick says:

    I badly need a review on this tablet! I’ve been searching a review on this one for a week in Google but it seems the product is new to the market. Please, whoever purchased this product kindly make a review. Thank you! :)

  7. Francis says:

    the specs looks like the cdrking fp-005-xon or fp-004-sec tablet which is selling like hotcakes with price much lower than that.

    • Gerard says:

      pretty scary, 10″ tablets with single core processors on ICS. Single core mobile processors are already at the lowest end of budget smartphones.

      13K can buy the hot Nexus 7, with quad core cpu and 12 core gpu.

  8. Anthony says:

    Isa to sa mga minamata kong phone ngayong buwan. Sino mas competitive, 0+ 8.7 Android or yung CloudPhone Thrill? Anyways, P6K ngaun ang benta ng ClodPhone sa SM North, original price P7K.

  9. pao says:

    this is a stupid question from a man who is young at heart. Gusto ko lang po malaman kung okay ba yung mga games dito sa 9.7 tab. thank you :)

  10. Jaylai says:

    maganda po ba ang O+3 Music?

  11. Gian says:

    Please do a review on the 9.7 tab. Is it really a single-core device? And the RAM, is it really 512mb? The sanei n10 is priced lower in aliexpress but with better features. It has 1GB of RAM.

  12. Yo says:

    Haha weak ang specs nito kung 1.2 single core at 512mb lang ang ram. Tapos 10k. If i were u. Buy google nexus 7. Or if you are willing to take the risk cdrking fp xon or fp sec. Much cheaper than this and more faster. Pinaka mahal nilang tab 8k lang. Tapos ung mga 7″ nila nasa 3-4k lang. Down side lang nito mga internal storage. And susugal ka sa quality. Chambahan to. Peri if u want the best quality mag google nexus 7 ka nalang. Panis na panis to. Mahal lang ng konti. Mga 2-3 k dif

  13. Hardport says:

    this pad look so cool..pero matanong ko lang pano po ang mga applications d2?freedownload ba o bibilhin pa din??
    im alsao waiting for some review..mahirap na…

  14. zel says:

    REgarding 8.7,pde ko ba gamitin panvideo col to sa skype? natry ko kasi gmtn iskype ng 8.7 nung demo ng phone, voice col lang ang pde sa skype nya.. may dapat bang gawin para mgng video col? kasi may front cam dn xa..

  15. lexus says:

    Advice lang po if your going to buy any gadget. Mas mabuti nang bunili ng branded kesa sa bagong uso.. mura nga madame namang problen.

  16. angel says:

    I have the 8.7 Android by O+. This is a very good phone at this price. I have fully customized it and installed my favorite apps. Unfortunately it cannot play temple run due to its RAM. Havent have any serious problem with this phone other than finding those free full version apps. Camera is decent, and I could play a lot of games.. just be sure to move it into your microSD card. Its a 4 out 5 for me.. considering the price, speed and features!

    • aileen says:

      hi! ask lang kse i bought 0+ 8.7 recently. ok naman sya problem lng dna ako maka install from android market kse full na daw memory ko. paano kaya magtransfer ng files to memory card?bkt yung ibang apps ko nsa fon memory lng sya? pls. help! thanks angel!!!

  17. kaye says:

    hi. i’m having a problem with the usb modem (brodbamd kit). it’s not working. can you help with that?

  18. michael says:

    hi, I just bought my O+ 9.7 pad and I’m lovin it…its really a great tablet as its price…no problem at all…and I use smartbro and it really works fine…I’m lovin my O+…..!

  19. edsel jalmasco says:

    I bought a 8.7 phone and the 9.7 pad, so far I’m not experiencing any problem to both unit,all I can say is that if you just want a pad or phone,just pick the one that suits your style,if you,re a tech guy stuff like that then prepare your wallet,why spend a lot of cash to gadget to branded tabs where you can buy cheaper tabs or pad or phone with the same function.
    HAIL O+!!!!!!

  20. johndacula says:

    oi…patulong nman…sa mga nagka tab…ng 0+ 9.7pad…maganda ba talaga kasi…balak pa nman ako bumili…

  21. Asset says:

    Ang matutulong ko sau. Basahin mo yung trail sa taas.

  22. edsel jalmasco says:

    With regards to 9.7 pad,I have just downloaded movies like A-Team,shrek(for
    My son) , the movies were in high resolution as in 1080p and its so clear,to those who want to buy pad, get this one and the 8.7 phone,its worth the price.

  23. Ken says:

    Sino sa inyo naka bili na nang O+ 7.1 PAD? It is only priced around 6,500 pesos with 1.2ghz 7″ screen. Ano ba ang RAM nito? Ang mura kase. Parang gusto konang bilhin. Kaso new brand ehh. Baka hindi maganda ang quality.

  24. emblinthelion says:

    Ainol Flame!

  25. eric empire king says:

    e2 review ko sa pad after 3 months of use
    Touch: smooth like ipad
    Battery: mga 4-5hrs playing games charging time: medyo matagal mag full charge around 4hrs
    Speaker: ok naman malakas
    Using Broadband: Tested kuna Huawei E1553, Hindi pwede yung mga 4G na broadband stick hindi kasya sa usb socket.
    Wifi: working fine naman malakas naman sumagap unlike sa iba na tab na my issue sa wifi.
    Internet: mabilis naman supported nya Flash 11. kaya yung apps sa facebook.
    Games: Working fine naman yung mga standard na game pero pagdating sa ibang HD games like Justice League, Real Steel HD hindi nya kaya need ng chain fire 3D yung nga lang dapat rooted yung pad to install chain fire.
    This pad is not for heavy gamer kasi single core lang sya tapos 1.2GHZ lalo na kung puro HD games. i Think hindi na kakayanin nito to upgrade to Jelly Bean.
    Personal comment: For gamer madami na pad ngayon na 9.7′ for P8.5K tapos Dual core na Jelly Bean nadin. By Dec. kasi battle of quadcore na madaming pad ang ilalabas like yung Ramos na pad ang processor nya kagaya ng samsung galaxy note na 10.1 quadcore.

  26. eric empire king says:

    e2 complete specs using Antutu Benchmark.
    Screen: 9.7 IPS
    Screen resolution: 1024×720
    CPU Model: ARM v7
    Processor: 1.2GHZ
    CPU Frequency: 60.0-1008.0 MHZ
    GPU Render: Mali 400 MP
    GPU Version: OpenGL ES 2.0
    RAM Size: 814.3MB
    Memory Size: 1007.9 MB
    Dual Cam Back: 3MP Front: VGA
    Battery : 8000 mAh
    Memory: 16Gb internal
    not rooted out of the box

  27. What's the diff says:

    A Nexus 7 SHOULD cost 8k plus! The 13k price u quote is BULL S H I T! That’s your government sticking it to YOU! More fun in the flips.

  28. Pwede po ba humingi ng full specification ng o+ 7.1 pad?

  29. Pwede po ba humingi ng full specification ng o+ 7.1 pad? Please.

  30. bolinoy says:

    @human implore here is the complete specs. you may also try to look for it in m.oplususa.com



    Powerful Android 4.0
    Crisp and clear 7″ IPS screen with 1024×600 pixel resolution
    Gamers delight! 1.2GHz Processor.
    Do video calls with front camera, 3mp back camera packed with customizable effects.
    Wifi ready! Via Wifi or USB, access Facebook, Twitter when you want.
    Go movie marathon! With 3000mAh battery for up to 3 movies!
    Plug and play movies, videos with up 32GB memory card slot and USB Connectivity.
    Maximize HDMI! Link it up to your TV for the ultimate home movie experience!
    Download your favorite apps with 1GB + 8NAND Internal Memory


    USB Modem
    Memory Card Slot


    7″ IPS
    1024×600 Resolution
    119.4 x 184.5 x 12.5mm


    3 Mega Pixel Camera
    Front Camera
    Video player
    Video Recorder for front and back camera


    Music Player: Mp3, Mp4
    Side Volume Controls
    3.5mm Headset
    Audio Recorder


    Android 4.0
    1.2GHz processor
    Internal memory of 1GB + 8 NAND


    3000mAh Battery
    Charger Plug
    USB Cord
    3.5mm headset with Mic

  31. Dual core ba ung 9.7 na o+..?

  32. jnfl leynes says:

    Wala po bang sariling market ang o+ gaya ng playstore para mbilis mgdownload. Nd po kc ako mkpgdownload

  33. LJ says:

    pano po ba ma fix yung “too many pattern attempts”

    PLS HELP O+9.7 PAD

  34. S says:

    I do not recommend the 0+ brand, especially if you live outside Metro Manila. There is no local support, and the Manila service shop doesn’t even have parts. They have to send to the US to get parts? I purchased a unit, and within 4 weeks, a pin in the charging port was bent… Now it’s been a month and I’m still waiting for the phone to be returned to Davao. Not a good choice.

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