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OPPO R7 Plus Review

OS, UI, and Apps


Running the show is an Android Lollipop version 5.1 with a layer of OPPO’s Color OS 2.1 on top. This puts the company’s touch on the overall look of the phone, software-wise. Browsing through its system, we experienced lagless performance and jumping from one app to the other was flawless.


Out of its 32GB of internal storage, there are about 21 gigs of usable space since the other 8.5GB has been dedicated for the system. There are pre-installed apps on the handset, but it’s mostly from Google. A few other software are in there like O Cloud, Security Center, Theme Center, and Kingsoft Office.

Fingerprint Scanner


To further enhance security on handsets, OPPO embedded a fingerprint scanner at a comfortable position at the back. It is meant for the index finger to touch. To set and activate this function, the user must first register his/her fingerprint on the Settings menu.

The setup guide will then make you place your finger on the sensor repeatedly to make sure it gets all the details needed. With our entire time unlocking the device this way, the sensor proved to be accurate enough as it read our prints successfully about 9 times out of 10.



One of the features that the company is headlining on the OPPO R7 Plus is its optics. This phablet is equipped with a 13MP ISOCELL RGBW sensor, meaning it produces photos that are more faithful to the original colors. It also boasts premium Schneider-Kreuznach lens for improved imagery and is embedded with phase detection and laser AF in hopes to achieve a more responsive and precise focusing.

The Camera software in itself has a number of presets for users to choose from. If you want more than the pre-installed modes, you can download them easily online.

The images produced had good tonal balance when given ample lighting. At night, digital noise was able to be kept at a minimum for the rear camera. Using its front shooter on low light conditions, however, yielded blurry and grainy results. Nevertheless, we were satisfied with its performance and you can check some of the sample shots and different shooting modes below:

As for the video quality, you may view it on the video review embedded at the beginning of this article.

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar for zeil zeil says:

    R7 plus is a very nice phone. I have this and I really enjoyed over my note 5 ang tagal kasi malowbat at mabilis din sa data net.

  2. Avatar for confused confused says:

    hi yuga, can you please create a comparison between Oppo r7 plus vs lg g4 and samsung note 5 (or in any other flagship phones).. thanks

  3. Avatar for Sinner Sinner says:

    Sorry for the off-topic post but Yugatech’s layout has been messed up for several days already. The layout is broken on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on PC. It may be looking great on mobile browsers but you really have to check it using a PC or Windows laptop.

  4. Avatar for steve steve says:

    Pity Oppo customer service is so appalling-nice phone -looks good but ultimately well behind in spec to current Sony-Samsung phones

  5. Avatar for abe abe says:

    ‘Although due to its large physique’. You can drop the ‘although’ there. Sir.

  6. Avatar for awts awts says:

    ibalik ang dating yugatech!! naging walang kwenta na ang site na to simula ng binago.

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