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Razer to announce first smartphone on November 1

Remember when we previously written that a Razer smartphone could be in the works? Well, turns out it’s legit because Razer is going to have its “biggest unveiling” yet on November 1st.


Not much has been said about the upcoming smartphone but one thing’s for sure: the new Razer smartphone is definitely for gamers. As we can see from the photo teaser above, which is now present in Razer’s website, we see a man who is playing with what seems to be the Razer smartphone.

While we all wait for its grand reveal, what do you think are its possible specs? Leave your comments down below!

Source: Razer
Via: Engadget

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2 Responses

  1. ronelm2000 says:

    I have a strong feeling it’s just gonna be a premium just for the branding and design….

    I really want a heavy-duty series of phones that don’t rely on ridiculous things such as *cough* Camera *cough*.

  2. Jinela says:

    I think it will be like a spec of an expensive android. ONly added some perks for gamers.

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