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Samsung Bixby now available in the Philippines

Samsung‘s own virtual assistant called Bixby and its voice capabilities are now available in more countries worldwide, including the Philippines.

The Korean tech giant has just rolled out its proprietary virtual assistant onto 200 more countries, including the UK and Australia.  Before the worldwide rollout, Bixby is only available in two countries — the US and in their home turf of South Korea.


Bixby has a natural and intuitive interface and is powered by artificial intelligence and learns its user’s behavior through completeness, context awareness, and cognitive tolerance. Samsung claims it learns over time, recognizing “natural language” to make interacting with your device easier and more intuitive, and thus learns to respond to your commands.

Samsung plans to continue expanding Bixby’s voice capabilities to additional countries, languages, devices, features and third-party applications. By further enhancing its mobile experience and solutions offerings, more users can interact with their device and manage their apps and services more seamlessly and instinctively.

Samsung users with devices that support Bixby (most notably the S8 and S8+) will now be able to use the virtual assistant after a 500MB OTA update.

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