Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leaks, aims to be premium

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leaks, aims to be premium

There are more smartphones to wait for in the second half of the year, and one of them is the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy Note 4. GSMArena has obtained some photos of the aforementioned Galaxy Note 4 in detail, and it looks pretty authentic and consistent.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Just as it has been, the Note 4 looks to be having a pretty huge screen with thin bezels. A fingerprint scanner may be working itself into the physical home button once again and another sensor, potentially a heart rate monitor, is found beside the camera. Beside the stylus, the port for charging is probably going to be micro USB 3.0, and since there is nothing to cover it, we may not see waterproofing carrying over from the Galaxy S5. The back still seems like it’s going to be plastic emulating a leather texture, but note that the side frame actually looks like it’s going to be metal this time.

The Galaxy Note 4 will most likely be announced this IFA in September 3, and will most likely be available later that month as well. For more photos, head to the source link down below.


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18 Responses

  1. samsungfools says:

    Again, people will be buying these half-baked Samsung gadgets. Ang dami nilang linalagay na apps and hardware, pero pagginamit mo naman, dysfunctional or walang kwenta. That’s the price for copying and imitating apple. LOL

    • Krypton says:

      and that’s what you get for drinking apple kool aid. iSheep.

    • cricthon says:

      another apple fanboy, probably just a sad little kid at nagpapabili sa parents nya :-p

    • Andrew says:

      Please. Di hamak na mas maganda naman ang Samsung products kesa sa Apple. Ang Apple taon-taon may bagong gadgets, minimal naman ang improvement. Puro recycled features lang nung previous generation, pero baliw na baliw naman mga engot na buyers kasi *pangmayaman *daw.

    • samsungfools says:

      Apple fanboy? LOL

      This makes me realize ang daming stupid samsung “smart”phone users. I DON’T own an apple product! I have been using an HTC Android for 3 years now! I have a samsung tablet and laptop. LOL

      Ang daming bitter and insecure na Samsung gadget owners against Apple. LOL

    • hector says:

      your so pathetic samsungfools.. di mo alam from processors to screen ay galing at manufactured ng samsung ni hindi nga makagawa ng sariling screen at processor ang apple..
      Apple needs Samsung to make the iPhone and iPad. Period. Samsung is the sole supplier of Apple’s processing chips and without Samsung, they can’t make these products.

  2. Easy E says:

    Sabi nga ng mga observers, “Note 4 will not save Samsung”. Sana magbaba ng price. Nagpapaka-high-end masyado.

  3. lllbenjolll says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the Note series of samsung. Been waiting for the note 4. Finally. Mmmmm excited.

  4. jeopsdv says:

    I will definitely NOT upgrade from Note 3. but its always fun reading APple fanboys hit the deck and be bitter with Samsung_android release.

    Hey Kool-aid isheep kid, yes you.. no don’t look back, im talking to you.. what phone dimensions and display matrix you’re living in? 4 inch? coming to 4.7 and 5.5, around 250-280 ppi?

    and by the way, we have been telling you this since the iPhone 3GS, you don’t become automatically ‘Cool’ when you buy APple products. you just become a bragging SOB who has some money to spare to buy the same gadget over and over again.

    keep it to yourself. Steve Jobs is dead, your hipster bullcrap doesn’t have any power here.

  5. duterte says:

    Hey you minimum wage earner! What is Samsung? third world gadgets?

  6. vinci says:

    Third world is releasing features and technology samsung and android starded having 3-5 years ago

  7. rovic says:

    walang panama yan sa iPhone 6 bka lg g3 plang taob na yan eh another plastic phone from shamesung

  8. Carl says:

    Design opinion: That physical home button makes every Samsung smartphone looks ugly.

    For the Note series, it’s also annoying that when you’re using the pen you can’t easily use it to press the home button.

    I believe they can still incorporate fingerprint scanner even if it’s a capacitive type

  9. what does the fox says:

    The design of samsung always sucks!!

  10. Netboy says:

    Haters everywhere hmmmmmmm kung ayaw nyo ang design ng note 4 eh di wag kung mahal wag kayong bumili. Okay naman yung home button design nya tsaka mas gusto ko pa to kesa sa g3. Hey samsungfools tumahimik ka nalang kung ayaw mo ng samsung apps eh di wag mo gamitin yan lang hater ka na? Dude software lang yan gago punta ka sa mundong tinatawag na XDA doon makikita mo kung ano yung hinahanap mo at kinokopya apple? Saan banda ha? Baka nabulag ka lang sa software yung UI ng htc pede ko ilagay sa samsung ko yan pero ayoko kasi okay naman yung touchwiz ikaw lang naman ang reklamador.

  11. Netboy says:

    Tsaka fyi ewan ko bakit madaming may gusto ng on screen buttons. Bakit nga ba pede nyo i share?

  1. August 30, 2014

    […] really hope it’ll be water and dust-proof, too. But there was this article (here) that says it probably might not. Still hoping for the best, […]

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