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Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 unboxed!

We finally got a review unit of Samsung’s flagship smartphone — the Samsung Galaxy S (GT-i9000), powered by Google Android 2.1 (Eclair). Unboxing photos after the jump.

What’s in the box? Headphone, charger, data cable and the handset. Was actually hoping it would come with a case or something.


This unit was provided by Globe Telecom. They offer the Samsung Galaxy S exclusively until end of the month and you can get it free on Plan 2499 (til July 31); after that, you’ll only get it free on Plan 3799. Prepaid kit is Php32k.

Full review coming out soon.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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54 Responses

  1. Teknisyan says:

    nice! hopefully droid can be upgraded to droid 2.2!


  2. simplynice93 says:

    ..drools….drools…I want one…

  3. cris says:

    Nice, will wait for that review, especially it’s camera capability.

  4. Sam says:

    The nice thing about this phone is the camera
    ..with a panorama feature you can take a shot in a wide angle camera
    another thing is the swpe application on.

    What I don’t like is the gps..it seems laggy
    And lack of flash support

    But overall its a great phone

  5. Rom says:

    Galaxy S’ 1ghz Hummingbird processors sadly beats the HTC Desire’s 1ghz Snapdragon, but I still love HTC Sense.

  6. Mon Macutay says:


    Stop posting your worthless blog here, you pathetic knave.

  7. roan carl says:

    lol @ stop posting blogs here

  8. bruno says:

    @abe, i envy you for always having first-hand on whats-hot latest gadgets available.

    how would you compare samsung UI to HTC sense UI?

    how impressive is the 4″ super amoled screen.
    is it really better than retina display of iphone 4?

  9. Cliff Rosario says:

    Gorgeous! and yep.. OTA Update to Froyo 2.2 is on deck as tweeted by Samsung US most likely towards Q4 this year.. so Abe.. Galaxy S or iPhone 4?

  10. grabe…on my first look, I thought it was an iPhone 3g or 3gs!!! Sobrang pareho except for the camera part and the home button thingy…

    @abeolandres Wouldn’t Apple sue them? :))

    -iPhone 3gs 32gb owner

  11. and also the other difference is the back part…the back of this samsung is kinda thick :)

    but the front part really resembled an iPhone3g or 3gs :))

  12. vincentdomingo says:

    @abeolandres Hi just like to ask your opinion about laptop brands or models that has long battery life?:D

  13. lolipown says:

    lmao… ayaw pa rin tumigil nung impostor haha.. I wonder how much his feather’s we’re ruffled by the real Mon.

    For the uninformed, the md5 hash of the impostor’s gravatar id is:
    The real GM T has the following md5 hash of his gravatar id:

    Good luck trying to copy that mr impostor :)

  14. bijz says:

    it’s so smooth with quake 2 and quake 3 on it.

  15. Teknisyan says:

    I really don’t know why THAT Mon fancies my comments. LOLs.. anyhow..

    @Kim… Oo nga.. at first look it looks like the 3GS I think they’re suing HTC for some reason. Not sure if they have Samsung under their radar! :)

    btw.. samsung as a phone maker has 3 platform under their belt.. which are BADA, Android and at one time WinMo. :)


  16. carlo says:

    I tried using the galaxy s the other day, it was on display at shang, and i wasnt convinced that the procie of the samsung was better compared to the desire, UI was laggy, switching between the home screens was really slow as compare to the desire, although it could be just the software, anybody else got to try the galaxy?

  17. carlo says:

    I tried using the galaxy s the other day, it was on display at shang, and i wasnt convinced that the procie of the samsung was better compared to the desire, UI was laggy, switching between the home screens was really slow as compared to the desire, although it could be just the software, anybody else got to try the galaxy?

  18. trufflemash says:

    camera.. no flash??? boo!! lol.. i love it.. it’s very thin.. ;-)

  19. snpklsdmbldr says:

    the biggest letdown for this is samsung’s UI. its darn UGLY! not to mention it looks like the iphone UI and the phone itself looks like the 3gs.

  20. Lexty says:

    You can get it for as low as 26k at greenhills for BrandNew! still prefer Google Nexus One Phone. Froyo is awesome!!!

  21. android_fanboi says:

    the device feels a bit plasticky, (lightweight too) and feels like a toy in my hands – its upgraded aOs 2.1 exclair was more than fast enough.. a near perfect android phones i guesz but with no camera flash – it sucks too… :)

  22. lolipown says:

    I agree.. the TouchWiz seems like a failed attempt at HTC’s sense.. seems like a waste of effort on samsung’s part.

  23. cliffrosario says:

    Samsung Galaxy S’ UI Touchwiz is nowhere close HTC’s Sense UI.. pero I’ve read blogs about how you can get Sense with a Samsung phone.. though you might Brick your phone along the process..

  24. rie says:

    i would choose desire w/ froyo over samsung galaxy s. but i’ve heard it would take some time before htc could provide the froyo update with sense ui to desire. i’m still deciding what to buy and its f**king hard!

  25. cliffrosario says:

    @RIE : hahaha.. I know right… the Phone’s UI is a deal breaker for Samsung.. But Samsung’s phone got so much promise from hardware alone yet the freaking UI.. but some say it’s not that horrible..

    Abe’s comparison chart..

  26. lolipown says:

    it’s called rooting

  27. Hihey says:

    Pair this with Fully loaded plan and you’re all set. I just wish they extend the promo until September, I’m still paying for my snatched n97 sad

    off topic:
    Let me advertise my page http://hiheygaler.blogspot.com/

  28. cliffrosario says:

    @lolipown: ah.. now I know.. thanks.. but like what they say.. it can Brick your phone along the process…

  29. lolipown says:

    that’s the caveat but it’s well worth it

  30. lupita says:

    waah… can’t wait for the full review! i have read gsm arena’s review but it doesn’t hurt for a second opinion.

  31. Mon Macutay says:

    Hi Abe,

    Paki block naman IP ng impostor na yan. Sobra na

  32. Buick says:

    I came from greenhills but did not find any stalls / shops selling this for 26k.. AAMOF, I found several shops selling it for 36K.. too much

  33. JKisaragi says:

    That’s weird. Globe’s selling it for Php 32,995 as a prepaid phonekit. It’s also available with their latest My Fully Loaded postpaid plan for as low as 299 a month (I think the phone costs 26k for plan 299, and it’s payable via 3,6,9 and 12 months 0% installment with Citibank).

    And I just realised that my post is like an ad for Globe’s latest postpaid service. O_O

    Just trying to help, I guess. XD

  34. Nashyboy says:

    The design looks like a rip-off of iPhone 3G/3GS

  35. Jaypee says:

    Guys take note that globe’s promo for this samsung galaxy s for postpaid plans mostly comes with a 36-month lock in period (if I’m not mistaken). Ang tagal ng contract XD

  36. Lexty says:

    too sad. meron yun sa Theater mall 2nd floor. its 28k. pero sa mga stalls 26k. just ask. :D or hindi mo pa naikot lahat. eheheh

  37. JKisaragi says:


    I think the 36-month lock in period only applies to the Galaxy S promo (Jun 25 to Jul 31) wherein the handset is free at plan 2499 (the phone is free at plan 5000 pag normal).

    Guys, I need help. ‘di ko parin alam ang bibilhin ko. Galaxy S vs HTC Desire vs Samsung Wave.

    Price-wise, the Galaxy S is waaaaay up there. HTC is second (checked it out yesterday at MemoXpress, their selling it for 26k, cash) whilst the Wave is just tempting for its specs (at 18-19k).

    However, HTC and the Galaxy runs Android. The Wave runs Bada. Although I’m a bit optimistic about Bada, there’s still a chance wherein it will fail to get the developer support it needs and the Bada will soon cease to exist, or it’ll get that much needed support after a few (or several perhaps?) years later.

    I like the screens of both the Galaxy S and the Samsung Wave (Super Amoled = drool). It’s just that, from what I have read so far about Samsung, there’s too much “anger” out there about their lack of support for their phones. Scary.

    On the other hand, HTC Desire has received a lot of good comments since its release. I am yet to experience the Sense UI but I’ve also read a lot of praises about it (too bad walang test unit yesterday).

    Recommendations are pretty much welcome (hopefully, within the day). I’ll be buying one tomorrow so I need to maybe slim down my options to at least two (why do I have this that feeling no one will recommend the Wave?)

    Thanks in advance!

  38. carlo says:

    I tried both the galaxy s and htc desire and i can definitely recommend the desire. It
    looks better on the outside plus there’s hardly any lag when using it, unlike tje galaxy s where the UI is laggy, plus its true that support from samsung really isnt that great. Just look at the spica, it was just released last november and now they have a replacement for it already. Same thing might happen to the SGS. Also there is no flash for the camera on the SGS, which is quite disappointing for something that expensive. Oh and dont bother w/ the wave, its just another feature phone which by the time bada picks up (if it does) it will already have been replaced. By the way i own a desire :)

  39. carlo says:

    I also forgot to mention that touchwiz is just plain boring compared to sense ui, plus having hardware buttons on the desire is better than the touch sensitive ones on the SGS. Oh and if you plan on buying a desire buy it from cmk cellphones, that’s where i got mine, they’re selling it for 25500 cash w/ one year official HTC warranty :)

  40. red says:

    I wonder does this device work without a SIM card? i.e. using it as a little web browsing/IM chatting machine via wireless LAN where 3G/HSDPA connection is not available.

  41. JKisaragi says:

    thanks for the advice. However, I got myself a Galaxy S instead. So far, so good. And I’m really liking Swype. Woohoo!

  42. Gian Viterbo says:

    I love the iPhone 4 but with its current issues, I believe na mukhang better ‘tong Galaxy S. I’m getting a review unit later. Hopefully, I’ll meet my expectations of the unit.

  43. Levs says:

    great phone. was a bit disapointed with the camera with no flash :(

  44. zEr0-IcE says:

    Sir Abe, do you know or could somebody share the APN settings for the Galaxy S? When I got the unit the APN settings were pretty bare (actually, there was none).

    Please help?

  45. lupita says:

    why is my IP blocked

  46. lupita says:

    ay nd na pala kasi last week blocked ako magcomment.

    waiting for your full review :)

  47. Junulrik says:

    by the way, i am using now a galaxy s, and using the launcher pro from android market(free), the galaxy s speeds up more. maybe with launcher pro background processes are much reduced. the samsung touch wiz is deactivated with launcher pro. try it..

  48. Buster says:

    Does anyone here know if the Galaxy S Pro will be offered by Globe soon? Or is the non pro all we are gonna get in the Philippines?

  49. FireFlax says:


    this phone worth 32k right?? but what is the memory?? 8g or 16g?? is 8gb memory is the same price with 16gb?

    Thanks in advance for the answer.,

  50. Ma.Elaine Mariz Calabia says:

    just had my galaxy s a week ago…i have the MY FULLY LOADED PLAN P1799 of globe….i just knew that there is this apn thing that u need to turn off to prevent expensive charges from globe bcoz the connection is still running even tho ur not using it(im new with these things….i dont know anything)…ive been searching how to turn off the apn setting…i dont know how to…can u guys help me with this…how can i easily turn off the connection if i dont want to use it…? pls help….

  51. Dennison Uy says:

    this is a really beautiful phone, the fact that it runs android just makes it perfect!

  52. mark says:

    wow… cant afford

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