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Samsung Galaxy S3 price to hit no more than Php37k

Reports are coming in that Samsung Stores in Metro Manila are also accepting reservations for the Galaxy S3. These are unlocked/openline units but will be released later than the pre-orders for Smart and Globe (which will have a week or two of lead time).


According to sales rep in Samsung Stores, there’s no advise as to the suggested retail price but they estimated that it will be around Php36k or not more than Php37k when it comes out. It’s not sure if the quoted price is for the 16GB or the 64GB model.

Our original price estimated was Php29,990 for the 16GB, Php32,990 for the 32GB and Php35,990 for the 64GB.

If the final price tag is in the Php36k for the entry-level variant, it could be a deal breaker to a lot of expecting buyers. If that’s the case, and in this price range, we might also be right with our estimated postpaid plans under Smart (which will be accepting pre-orders on May 23).

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55 Responses

  1. Marcelino says:

    Too expensive! HTC One X’s introductory price was 34k. Now, it’s around 30k.

    • mx says:

      you can get htc one x for as low as 25k in some stores, napaka deal breaker tlga yung price nang s3 kung ganyan ang introductory..

    • Marcelino says:

      Yeah, we all know we’re buying those outstanding specs, but it’s too much.

      I’d rather get HTC One X or Sony Xperia S. I’m also tempted with the Xperia P’s aluminum finish. DAMN, it really looks premium.

      PS. iPhone 4S user here. Oo, ok yung user experience niya, pero there comes a point na parang nakakasawa nang puro grid lang nakikita ko and a stationary wallpaper. :)) :|

      Hoping for improvements especially with the battery life in iOS6 a.k.a. Sundance this June :)

  2. ty says:

    kapag cash nga you can get HTC one x for 25,400 php..
    is this rumors are true, some might opt in to get HTC one X

  3. zer0ice says:

    WRONG move for Samsung if it’s coming out at 37K for the entry-level.

    Definitely a deal-breaker! HTC One X can be had for 26K (a colleague of mine bought his via Kimstore)!

    E di maghintay… My Galaxy S II is a great phone. I won’t be greedy this time.

    • Jam says:

      Zer0ice is right. Definitely the most tragic move for Samsung! I would’ve believed that frustrating price range if it was toppled with the best case when it’s just the plastic that thrusts around it, not to mention hyperglaze made it beautiful to cover its inexpensiveness. Yes, everything was impressive but seriously? I think it’s way over the top. -_- They have got to be just rumors. If it’s not, then I’d rather have the iPhone 5. Lol.

  4. Ramon says:

    hopefully, “not more than Php37k” means it would be the highest price (64GB unit).

    If not, then the only reason for me to get the S3 would be if it would come with the LTE dataplan

  5. eeee says:

    kapanget naman na phone tapos ang mahal!!! LOLS!!!

  6. John says:

    That is absurd !! I’d rather get the iPhone 4s at 32k. Well rationally, the HTC One X will do (26k).

  7. mike says:

    How will that fit in my pocket?lol

  8. Jaem says:

    Zer0ice is right. Definitely the most tragic move for Samsung! I would’ve believed that frustrating price range if it was toppled with the best case when it’s just the plastic that thrusts around it, not to mention hyperglaze made it beautiful to cover its inexpensiveness. Yes, everything was impressive but seriously? I think it’s way over the top. -_- They have got to be just rumors. If it’s not, then I’d rather have the iPhone 5. Lol.

    • Angelo says:

      HYPERGLAZE = Marketing sh*t.

      Samsung should get their designers preferably rom Motorola or Sony!

      Motorola = materials, finishes
      Sony = concepts, innovations

  9. storm says:

    37k for a laggy device? Outrageous.

    • sdfdsf says:

      laggy? sigurado ka?
      eh sa browser pa nga lang super smooth.
      pati rin sa ui napaka smooth.

  10. Mark T. says:

    It is indeed too much if it would be 37k for the entry variant (16gb). However if it would be for the top variant, it’s a fair price. I can relate to those who are contemplating on buying the HTC One X, the price was actually competitive. One store at GH (inside stalls) quoted me with 28k, almost bought it, had I not been eying the Galaxy Note.

    Advise to those who are really opting for this phone, wait for 1 to 2 months, I am sure it would depreciate at least 2-3k.

  11. zer0ice says:

    Hey guys.. easy lang.

    All I’m saying is that the price is outrageous. The phone might be very capable. Previews done by multiple sites have, in a way, proved that the smartphone is a very capable device. It’s probably outstanding.

    However, that being said, I still do not agree tagging this with a hefty price. Why? Consider this..

    Galaxy S came out pricey. But at the time, the device was revolutionary. Super AMOLED, 1Ghz processor, the works. It was a hit!

    When Galaxy S II came out, it blew the original S in terms of EVERYTHING. However, the price was no-where near the original price of the Galaxy S. In fact, the price was lower. It was again a hit. In fact, if I remember right, it surpassed the original S in terms of sales, and reach.

    Galaxy S III is not revolutionary. It’s more of an evolution. I mean, seriously, right?

    ALSO, given how fast-paced technology is, especially in the mobile market, we would be expecting this technology now. We EXPECT excellence… and that becomes the NORM. That said, why pay for a premium price, if you are already expecting this kind of technology NOW?

    Again, the phone is great. I like the features. Benchmarks are wonderful. But the price is just too much if it comes out at 36K for a 16-GB model. PWEDE PA kung 64GB.. but I don’t think the 64-GB will come out this month.

    The price just gave me more reasons to wait for December. By then, Apple might have announced the next iteration of the iPhone (not that I’m joining the iOS ecosystem. I’m sticking with Android). I just think when Apple makes it’s move, Samsung and other manufacturers adjust (price, spec, etcetera). I’d call it “normalization”. LOL!

    • Tabby says:

      Hey, diba nga di pa nila sure kung 16Gb or 64Gb ang tinutukoy diyan?
      Pero, for sure naman 64Gb iyang 37k na iyan. Kase, take a look, almost 30k lang yung 16Gb, tas pagdating diyan, 37k agad? Diba? So so, I’m saying na, wag muna tayo pasigurado kung ilang Gb iyan.^0^

    • zer0ice says:


      sabi ko nga, IF they’d price this as 36/37K for the entry-level e outrageous yon.

      I doubt they’d release the 64GB model NOW.

      Again, I’d better wait.

  12. neer says:

    8 megapixel camera for a 37k+ phone? Taob sa 41 mp ng Nokia.

  13. showbiz says:

    No problem with the 37K introductory price. Just wait for few months and it will be sold for 30K.

    • John says:

      In contrary to what you presume – The device’s price will go down and at the point, the other high ends as well ? I’d rather get the One X. The price presumably would be much cheaper like 24k or something.

  14. dens says:

    ok na sana yung HTC Once X but that built-in 32GB is just very limiting. They should have added a micro sd slot for memory expansion and para future-proof.

    to those who bought the S2 at launch, how much was it?

    if the 37k is for the 64gb version i think that’s good enough… good news is that there will be openline units for sale, hope they sell the 64gb variants, I read somewhere na it wouldnt be immediately available, hope that source was wrong as i really want the 64gb one. 64gb (internal) + 64gb microsd FTW!

  15. Satan says:

    too expensive, ill choose htc one x than this,

  16. james says:

    just wait guyz just give some tme nagmamadali ba kayo? ? paunahan? bababa din yan

  17. wreek888 says:

    Wait after 5months mababa na price niyan lalo na pag lumabas na iphone5. I remember last january, galaxy nexus was selling for 36k, now after 4months nasa 18,700 na lang. So why waste money.

  18. wengweng2003 says:

    too expensive & too ugly… go for the slightly less spec’d one x

  19. Tuesday says:

    Way too expensive even for the 64Gb variant.
    It should be P28k/16G, P31k/32G, P33k/64G

  20. JasonBourne says:

    Everyone is waiting for this smartphone thinking it will beat up one x but heck it ends up choosing one x rather than this golden 1 karat phone…:P

  21. reader says:

    Introductory prices are for people that cannot wait to get their hands on bleeding edge technology. That has always been the case for any type of electronic commodity.

    Granted that there was a precedent on S2’s introductory price point, prices will still drop do whatever the consumers are willing to pay for it. We just have to play the waiting game.

  22. NormanG says:

    What’s crazy with the price? Almost all high edge phones open with 30,000 or more. If you can still remember S2 during its prime, it was also released with that same price. You’re complaining with S3 with 30k but you’re silent with Apple? That’s not fair. S3 was made to kill 4S.

    • zer0ice says:

      I beg to disagree.

      I bought my Galaxy S II at 26K, with car mount and a leather case. First 300 units sold by Samsung in the Philippines. It was at the Powerplant mall. Samsung warranty and service.

      We are complaining about the price of S3 relative to current tech and market.

      Now why would I care for Apple?

      S3 can’t kill 4S because you can’t compare two different ecosystems. Hindi mo sya ma-ko-compare.

      S3 is supposed to compete with other Quad-core phones, so that’s HTC One X.

      Lastly, it’s not 30K. It’s 37K we’re talking about.

      High-capacity gadgets usually come out last. Low-capacity usually go out first.

      So, if rumors WERE TRUE, we are expecting a low-capacity (16GB) Galaxy S3, selling for 37K.

      That’s our issue.

      Kung hindi totoo, e di OK! Kung 64GB, e di mas OK.

      POV lang namin chong is mahal kung mahal ang 37 for a 16-GB gadget. UNFAIR ba yon?

    • reader says:

      Comparing new tech to current products is not necessarily wrong. To a certain extent, most semiconductor-based products follow the principle of Moore’s law where we can see technology increase by a 100% every 18 months while maintaining the old price point (or even lower).

      So honestly, I was expecting that the S3 be made available at around the 28k – 30k range. I was surprised that 37k would be the expected retail price. But all of these things are still speculation, let’s wait till the prices have been announced.

    • Marcelino says:

      I bought my iPhone 4S last January for 33k.
      (1 month after its launch here in the Philippines)

      Still a bit cheaper than that! :))

  23. Kirk says:

    Obviously that’s for 64 GB. I honestly doubt Samsung (or any Android manufacturer) would price it with a 16 GB. Samsung can’t price it the way Apple does.

  24. Leonor says:

    Kelan ba labas ng iPhone 5. Hmpf! I’ll wait na lang muna.

  25. William C says:

    While I am hoping that the 37k will be the high-end 64GB version, or the street price of a imported Galaxy SIII (ie one from grey market that arrive before the official one),Samsung does sometimes overprice their products if they thought they could get away with it… Remember The First Galaxy Tab which at over 30k was way overpriced, and is thus unable to grab significant marketshare from the iPad (then), that device dropped almost 40% in price in a few months!

    Still with the One X already out, Samsung would be stupid to price it that high. As said, aside from faster processor, 95% of S3’s capability can be had on older devices (Some like improved S-Voice will eventually be hacked by someone to work on say, the Note, Flipboard (a S3 exclusive) has already been released to the wild).

    Or maybe Samsung is testing the waters, so to speak, by floating at high price, then coming in at say 32k, then giving first adopter a discount of 2k, plus free case perhaps… Take note, not every preorder promo is a hit, the Note, for one, was not sold out…

  26. FuckThisUgaTechLOL says:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is so much better than HTC One X. But I can’t afford S3 at the price.

  27. chuful says:

    sana naman hindi ganyan kamahal ang s3…. Yan pa man din plan ko bilihin… Guys, ano masasabi nyo sa performance ng one x? Worth ba yung performance nya for the price?

    • TechGuy says:

      Design lang ang nag dala sa One X. Pero everything else… Samsung Galaxy S3 and panalo. Hindi naman din panget design ng Galaxy S3 eh…

      I’m going to get S3 :)

    • wakoko says:

      I agree with you, one x captivate the consumers interest because of the design not in the capability or use which s3 has. but the price of s3 really matter in terms of budget

  28. Jericho says:

    pagbaba ng price nito mas mababa na htc one x so htc pa rin ako IMHO.

  29. Mark says:

    mahal naman tlga lagi mga bagong labas na phone ng samsung eh, after ilang months lang, biglang mag bababa.. mas mahal pa nila ibinebenta compare sa iphone 4s, but stil now ang iphone 4s konti lang binaba ng price, maganda specs ng GS3 but sana pag dating sa software update, kung gaano kamahal, ganun din sana kabilis ang after sales software update nila for GS3.. bka pag may GS4 na ma etchepwera nlng update ng GS3. para bilin u naman ung GS4 nila

  30. anonimus says:

    mahal naman bakit kailangan ng pre order? ano yan limited edition? LOL

  31. anonimus says:

    too expensive for a pure plastic casing :(

    • ximon says:

      actually it’s not pure plastic casing like the GS2. it is a polycarbonate body covering

  32. wakoko says:

    I guess after 6 months the price of S3 will drop 10 to 20 percent like other sumsung product in the market, all you have to do is save your money and wait.:) sound great right.

  33. HAPPY says:

    3310 still the best waaaahhhhhhhhh…..

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