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Samsung Galaxy S4 photo gets leaked ahead of CES 2013

Every year, just before CES officially opens, a lot of leaks appear ahead of the announcements. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of them and this leaked photo is the best evidence so far.

This press shot photo was taken right on a PC screen showing what could be the upcoming Galaxy S4.

From the looks of it, the S4 is likely a cross between the S3 and the Note 2. No details of the hardware specifications but this could be a 5-inch 1080p display, a faster quad-core processor and GPU, 2GB RAM, 64GB storage, etc.

We’re still not completely sure about this leak but that bezel is so thin. And, we’re not even sure if Samsung will actually announce this on CES.


Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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45 Responses

  1. DTech says:

    Maybe true, but isn’t it too early to refresh Galaxy S?…

  2. sher says:

    am I the only one who can see the shape of iPhone there?

    • DTech says:

      Nope, everybody knew it, since the 1st Galaxy S..

    • aianonymous says:

      Maaari ngang tama na since the first galaxy s or nexus phones ay nagkaroon na ng infringement pero is it even rational that you can patent shapes? As we speak this patenting system is being looked at for reformation kaya please tama na yung ego nyo “I OWN AN APPLE PRODUCT”

    • ronsterrr says:

      couldn’t agree with you more, it really does look like an iPhone 5, with its elongated shape.

    • DTech says:

      @ aianonymous, I was just educating SHER that it was an old issue (bulok na).

      And I wan’t you to know I agree with you, it’s irrational to patent shape. Pag nagkataon, iisa na lang gagawa ng bilog na pizza, pahabang spaghetti. or even with logo?

    • mm says:

      again? haha look at all brands’ phones right now, their shape are all identical to iphone5. look at xperia Z, it is the closest, the new LG phones haha. c’mon attack the, not this unofficial phone

    • Jojo says:

      @sher: not really :)
      @mm: stupid patent na yan :) agree @dtech, they should focus on real innovation rather than old technology use by other phone… IOS map innovation? Panoramic Shot?…

    • mm says:

      but im not against iphone, i love the simplicity, smoothness and display.. haha but being smart is what mkes samsung’s devices on top.. d iphones shape is not original though, before that phone, thhey say that there exist a iphone shape-like device..

    • aki says:

      @ mm
      yes mukhang copycat na rin ang Xperia Z sa LG Optimus G AT&T version’s design.


    • jipoy says:

      the shape of the original iphone or even the latest ones is similar to a sony prototype phone that existed way before iphone was designed by apple.. do you really think that apple had invented that shape for a phone?

  3. browse says:

    is it time for S3 to get old? Just what apple’s di, new iphone every year. — Kwentology.com my blog ^.^

  4. phmaverick says:

    I definitely doubt that that’s gonna the S4. It looks too plain and close to the iPhone, which I know Samsung would definitely avoid, and it doesn’t look like a better phone than the S3 necessarily. Also, they were able to keep the device hidden last year right up to the launch, so I doubt they would let it slip this year.

  5. john says:

    Can Samsung not increase the RAM of S4 to 3GB or 4GB, plus the internal memory expandable up to 128GB, and the processor should be a 2.0 GHZ or maybe 3.0 GHZ quadcore or is it possible to have either a 5 core or 6 core processor in a smartphone? Are there plan of Intel to join the smartphone market? Samsung should also make S4 available in 6-8 colors.

    • Frank Zappa says:

      How much would a device with a 128 flash drive cost? Oh wait. You’re talking about a MacBook Air!

    • protruska says:

      I really don’t understand why people want an ultrabook like specs on a smartphone if they will just use it for facebook. duh!

  6. alainL says:

    where’s the home button?

  7. Mica says:

    These companies think that people always want a bigger screen. But I know a handful, including myself, who prefer the screen 3.5-4″. The bigger it is, the harder it is to text with one hand!

    But I still can’t wait to see what they have in store for the S4!

    • yedfg says:

      True!! Especially for the people who always put their phones in their pockets.

      Texting with one hand with 5 inches is impossible to asians. LOL

  8. almed22 says:

    WTF!? 2 mm bezel!!

  9. Dan says:

    I hope this isn’t true. S3 looks better!

  10. Monty says:

    The removal of the home button was predicted around a few months ago. It makes sense to put the button on the side since it would allow a larger screen without actually making the phone bigger, which could also account for the smaller bezel on the sides. How this translates to ease of use though will be intresting to see.

  11. edisson says:

    So iPhone looks terrible without its bezels.

  12. John says:

    If it really won’t have that ugly home button, this is my next [or the Xperia Z].

    • DTech says:

      YEP, I hate that physical button. But I go for Xperia phones, they do great on UI, my favorite. I like how powerful Galaxy phones get though.

  13. REally says:

    5 inches? Really?

  14. Smokescreen says:

    I will just wait for the Note 3 instead.

  15. ddds says:

    ugly design again lol

  16. Samsung says:

    Anak ng tinapa. Ampanget! Gusto ko ang samsung pero wag na po yung puti. Pang bading eh. On second utot, ok na rung yan paradi ako manghinayang sa s3 ko. Wala kwenta yung susunod. Wakokokoko.

    • aki says:

      nanaman!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? ang design ng mga samsung phones laging pangit !

      lang ka-appeal appeal !

      still LG Flagship phones are the best!

  17. niel says:

    sad di na natoto ang samsung sa mga design ng phones nila.




  18. mm says:

    dont be sad everyone haha, this isnt d only leaks

    ..here > http://blog.gsmarena.com/this-surely-isnt-the-samsung-galaxy-s-iv-but-it-would-have-been-pretty-darn-sweet-if-it-was/

    good looking s4 haha hope that this will be the design of s4..

  19. fantoid says:

    Another cheap plastic from Mr Sam HAHAHA

  20. jasonBourne says:

    No home button? that is only the difference :(

  21. mm says:

    i really dont want home screen menu functions. hmmm.. samsung shud not remove the hardware home button..

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