Samsung Spica vs. X10 Mini vs. HTC Legend

Samsung Spica vs. X10 Mini vs. HTC Legend

We did a quick comparison of the top Android smartphones of three handset manufacturers last month (Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, HTC) and I thought might as well do the same with their mid-class handsets.

The same 3 handset-makers have their mid-range models available locally this month — the Samsung Spica i5700, the HTC Legend and the Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini.

Here’s the chart comparing their specs side by side:


The indicated prices above are SRP so they actually vary from store to store but for the sake of this comparison, the recommended retail price is a good starting point.

Samsung and HTC (Desire vs. Galaxy S) had it neck-in-neck in the round-up of their flagship smartphones. In the mid-class category, Samsung’s Android phone is a clear winner in the price positioning although it lacks a few features compared to the others. The X10 Mini has a good price-specs combination and could steal the spotlight while the Legend is so way up there for a lot of people to be reachable.

Again, design and build is another story altogether and can be very subjective.

So, which of the 3 Android smartphones is a winner for you?

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35 Responses

  1. the i5700 seems to offer better value for money among the three.

    Now, where are those Chinese Androids?

  2. JKisaragi says:

    Waiting for the HTC Wildfire. It’s cheaper than the Legend and Desire (I think).

  3. ken says:

    Galaxy spica is my choice! Considering the pricepoint and 800mhz with android 2.1.. M sure this could handle froyo!

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  4. simplynice93 says:

    Samsung Galaxy Spica is a better choice! :D

  5. the yawner says:

    Design-wise, SE’s current line are ugly. They used to be good at this, but now I’m not so sure. After the G1, HTC’s Android handsets have become increasingly nice and polished, even on their entry level units. Samsung’s neither here nor there, so ymmv.

    Specs, the Spica would be the better choice especially if the pricing is to be considered. It doesn’t support multitouch afaik, but it scores a lot of points against X10 Mini. Especially since it’s getting 2.1 while SE appears to be just playing catchup atm.

  6. lawrence says:

    I actually like the design of x10 mini. specwise, the only advantages of spica over mini are the screen resolution and size. the difference with the processor seems not so remarkable as discussed by some blog sites.

    mini will also be getting 2.1, though it might not be that efficient due to the low res screen. but the camera of mini is miles better than the spica. Hardware wise I still have my faith on SE.

  7. Philip says:

    I’m glad I bought a Spica. Really offers best value for money.

  8. Gwapito says:

    Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini has better design. The other two looks similar to iP.

  9. mike says:

    Redfox android phone.

  10. Hector says:

    spica got my attention = )

  11. wilde says:

    Samsung wins for me. I’m planning sana to buy that Spica, but then I read earlier (sa engadget) that in order for Android devices to run 3.0, Google prescribed the following hardware minimums:
    * 1 ghz processor
    *512 mb RAM
    * 3.5″ screen

    So there it is…

  12. Teknisyan says:

    if you’re not into 3G, just phones and average use of camera, videos and not particular to the brand, you can go for the samsung spica. But if you’re the upwardly mobile and needs to be connected to all the time, go for the HTC not as long as the brand does not bother you. HTC does stands for “High Tech Computer” Corp. :)

    I’m still waiting for the ifake.. err.. iphone 4. :)

  13. gwhiz says:

    Spica is really hard to find these days! cease production na ata?..SM cyberzone tech stores can’t say when or if stocks are coming. mas-excited pa sila to pitch in the Wave (which is realllllly nice btw. im just not confident with Bada though.)

    so anyway i found a stall @Maze(ayala)and they have Spica on stock @15k…not sure if i should buy from “stalls” if you know what i mean. safe ba? help.

  14. dinds says:

    I’d go for the Legend. The Samsung’s build doesn’t feel good for me, the processor may look faster on paper but it just doesn’t seem as efficient as a Qualcomm, and there are more free apps in Android Market.

  15. daddy joey says:

    If i got the budget i’d go for htc. :)

  16. the yawner says:

    I actually got the Legend a couple of weeks back. The design build really stands out. SE and Samsung should move away from all that glossy plastic. And SE should fast forward pushing Eclair (or possibly Froyo) on their phones. The 65K colors limitation may not be that noticeable, but compared side-by-side with Eclair handsets, well…

  17. rye says:

    Galaxy Spica for me. I’ve been using this since release, and im really happy about it. :D

  18. John says:


    Random question:

    What do you think of Sony Vaio E-series VPCEA21EG/BI?

    here’s the link of the specs and stuff:

    it runs on Intel® Pentium® Processor P6000 (1.86GHz) CPU, do you think this is worth it? Is this CPU good for MMORPG type of games? Thanks a lot.

  19. @John
    What has that got to do with the topic? You really should try to *read*.

    Those “minimum requirements” was from Eldar Murtazin podcast, and not an official announcement from Google. Murtazin later made a clarification that those were “recommended specs”, and not necessarily written in stone.

  20. pav says:

    x10 mini is not in the same league with Spica. X8 is there for that purpose.

  21. Niel says:

    Better pick Samsung Wave. It’s the best Smartphone though BADA OS is still young but promising.

  22. Joe says:


    wrong info naman..

    ang pagkakaalam ko eh, yung 128mb, ROM ng x10 mini.. while yung 384mb RAM ng desire..

    and i think yung spica, ROM din.. kasi pagkakaalam ko, 256mb RAM yun.. same with x10 ata (or 356mb ram)

    basta mali.. haha

    Bada? haha ok..

  23. Joe says:

    @desire, i mean legend

  24. carlo says:

    @ken the spica is a nice phone indeed but sadly it cant run froyo, the rom is to small, and it is highly unlikely that samsung would continue upgrading old handsets,
    The legend would be the best choice here especially since there is a shop along roosevelt selling the legend for 22500 cash price. :)

  25. carlo says:

    And i forgot to mention that the store also offers 1 year official htc warranty and their units are NTC registered

  26. geo77 says:

    I got a bnew HTC Wildfire for sale.. For anyone who’s interested – 0918-9123980

  27. I was really happy i got the spica over all the android phones. really Value for money

  28. hannibal says:

    Legend is better than other phones best phone ur money worth it

  29. Ceal says:


    where did you get your wildfire? Is it already available in our country?

  30. JERMINATOR says:

    Over the three, the LEGEND is the best value for your money. The unibody aluminum casing alone did it for me. Strength, sleek beauty and sensible use that how I see this HTC unit.

    The SE and Samsung units are just too plasticky and difficult to navigate for me.

  31. Tricia says:

    hi i need your opinion pls:

    im confused if i should get the Spica. is it on 2.1 now? and it doesnt have a radio and a secondary camera too. what other model is out there? not too pricey though. im also wondering if the galaxy 3 (apollo) is here in the phils now. and where can we buy the unit? thanks and more power

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