Samsung Star S5233 Review

Samsung Star S5233 Review

After trying out the Samsung Star (S5233) for over a week, I must say that this entry-level full touchscreen phone from Samsung comes as a contender in that category.

The first time I powered up the phone and saw the UI, it reminded me of the Android OS. Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is fast, responsive and pretty slick.

samsung star samsung star samsung star

The screen is a full 3 inches with a resolution of 240×400 pixels. The display is bright and crisp while the haptic feedback of the touchscreen can be adjusted for sensitivity (1 as subtle to 5 as shaky). This gives you the ability to choose how much response/feedback you feel whenever you touch the screen.

samsung star samsung star samsung star


While using your fingers to navigate the touchscreen is quite easy, the Samsung Star comes with an aluminum stylus which is retractable to different 3 lengths (much like an umbrella stick). The stylus is primarily for handwriting recognition. There’s an option for alphanumeric, small qwerty and full qwerty as input method while the accelerometer provides automatic re-orientation of the display screen depending on the position of the phone.

The phone runs a number of standard widgets for photos, music, clock, calendar, etc. on the left side of the screen that you can drag and drop into the home screen for easy access. The home screen is also extended to 2 more screens just by swiping your finger sideways (there are 3 small dots that indicates which screen you are in). This is one feature from Android I like since it gives an impression that you have a larger virtual screen to work on (I’m tempted to call it extended desktop).

samsung star
At the bottom of the screen are 3 physical buttons — two for making/dropping calls and a center button that functions as cancel/back button. While the phone is just 12mm thick, the phone feels thicker than it seems although you get a good hold of it with one hand.

The speakers in the front is loud and crisp at low volume (probably due to the DNSe) but doesn’t have enough bass. The camera at the back is 3.15MP (2048×1536 pixels) but no autofocus so captured images aren’t even decent enough to post here.

samsung star

If you’re looking for connectivity options, the Samsung Star might not be for you — no WiFi, no 3G (just GPRS/EDGE), no GPS — just Bluetooth with A2DP. This is an entry-level touchscreen phone that retails for Php10,490 (some stores sell it for Php9,999).

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570 Responses

  1. eithan says:

    I think I like it..

  2. whaâ„¢ says:

    nice phone… i envy to own. . .

  3. goosebumps says:

    UI is pretty much same with Omnia minus WiFi, 3G GPS and other features..

  4. xxxNxxx says:

    its good phone but also not bad, i’ve seen it in store just past few weeks,its too tempting to buy this phone, coz its cheaper + the touch screen thing.. i’ve notice there’s alot of touch screen coming out in the market,is this the end of the keypad era? and will the touch screen phone will be the new generation?

  5. hm…one of my officemates bought one! Pretty nifty device IMHO especially for the price. There is only one caveat – we cannot install games and applications into the unit! I think it was some security thing of some sorts!

  6. erikjames says:

    sooooooooooo cheap, i mean literally! madaling masira ang samsung, helloooo… ang mahal pa ng pyesa and ang hirap pang humanap. i rather buy nokia 5800 xpressmusic and if anything goes wrong, they have nokia service centers anywhere in the philippines. think about it.

  7. ritha says:

    ya nice mobile am using it yeah enjoyin the features try it…

  8. coj says:

    this must be samsung’s match for lg cookie.the star looks better and sleek though.

  9. Miguel says:

    This phone has a widget engine. How is it?

    Are widgets now mainstream?

  10. tell me which fone is bette
    e63 or star

  11. magnetman says:

    +1 to ashkay chadha..

    e63 or samsung star or samsung f480?

  12. ankit khanna says:

    can u please tell me where can i find facebook widget for samsung star!

  13. pravin says:

    go for it……i already owe it….

  14. chanelle says:

    alin kaya ang mas maganda? lg cookie or samsung star?? both cheap! i like them both , i cnt decyd wich to buy!need help!! plz! tanx! mwah!

  15. Epstein says:

    LG Cookie plastic ang casing or mukhang plastic. Me and 2 of my friends have samsung star

  16. Grace Wong says:

    Beware of Samsung products. Quality is not bad but the worst. Plus the super lousy customer service. I bought many samsung products from Celfones to appliances for my new house,( from LCD TV, Ref, Washing Machines, split type air-con.) I regretted it. All appliances & celfones started breaking down one after another. I called their customer hotline, they gave false promises. Worse is that even their Head (Mr. Cris de Leon) refused to talk to you. They just let you talk to the customers reps who are trained to stay cool and give standard replies like…”we’re doing something it”. But if you ask what? of course they don’t know.Their strategy is that they will let their call agents receive the “punching” until you are tired and you will just give up hope in running after warranties. Furthermore, they outsource their technical group to small business entities with backyard training. Example, for their aircon, they hired Henry’s & Raycon. Both made mistakes in troubleshooting our units. My samsung celfones — (take note plural) I just threw them all. It’s a health hazard to buy Samsung. You’ll certainly lose your cool. My hope is that with this warning, ill be able to warn others not to make the same mistakes I did. CAVEAT EMPTOR !!!

  17. angeltoo1970 says:

    Got the phone samsung s5233 star and it is terrific unlike LG mas malinaw ang kulay at screen niya ,been owning lots of phone from original ,recon to china phones and so far this I enjoyed so much …wi fi is only good for hot spots and knowing business they will not give us free time for wi fi so who needs wi fi phone?(though I have one E65)

    Go for star if you would like to see people stare you with envy and wows,it is expensive to see out from the box and come with three diff. colors (black,white and soft pink )mine is soft pink so girly,love it

  18. ohh..pahabol ko pala you can install games on it i had installed mine…night at the museum2…just browse you gprs and go to gameloft…you can choose more games there to download…

  19. ohh..pahabol ko pala you can install games on it i had installed mine…night at the museum2…just browse you gprs and go to gameloft…you can choose more games there to download…

    Ang nokia mas madaling mapasukan ng virus compared to other brand…and mas madaling mahack ng china mobile makers infact you could not identify the original not unless na kalikutin talaga…see you

  20. kate says:

    omg.. Grace Wong’s feedback scared me, oonga konti ln customer service ng samsung and a friend of mine had a samsung phone, ncra nung inupuan nia tapos 3k ung bayad ng pagawa. ung 5800 ng nokia trice ng napagsak nung isa kong friend pero buong buo padn. i just bought samsung star 5 days ago. This is my first time using other brands, since highschool i’ve been using nokia and it was really a tough decision picking samsung instead of 5800 xpress music. i have several reasons for choosing samsung star:
    1. it’s thinner and looks more elegant
    2. it’s cheaper, super cheap na bnli ko agad xa nung araw na nakita ko xa sa store, im a college student, i dont work yet so how can i have 15k php (for 5800) asap.. i’ve been wanting to buy a new phone since the day i lost my 7610 supernova last marh and it took me 3 months to have 10k T_T
    3. i dont need 3g or wifi or a cellphone with dual led flash and louder speakers as nokia 5800 have because i have separate gadgets for those.

    -samsung star is a nice phone but nothing beats Nokia series phone when it comes to camera.
    -one thing that annoys me is that when you browse your gallery, you should hold the phone straight either horizontally or vertically, kasi kapag nka slant xa ng konti automatic na nagmomove ung mga pictures. idk yet, maybe there’s a setting for it.. and maybe i need to explore more. anyway 4/5 stars for this phone. =)

  21. yukino09 says:

    i bought mine a month ago or maybe 2 mos. ago, when this phone was still a hot gossip in the net that it would be the LG killer, i really was intrigue bout’ that… so after few mos. samsung star was launched in the philippines and ofcourse i bought 1 unit, and i must say if LG was selling like cookies, samsung star shines brighter… why?

    1. it looks expensive and all people thought i purchased it around 20k when the fact is it’s original price is 10k

    2. user friendly

    3. widgets are very cute

    4. not too complicated to understand // use

    and last…

    5. im the star @ our office

    after having this phon, i think i acquired the star material…

  22. yukino09 says:

    i bought mine a month ago or maybe 2 mos. ago, when this phone was still a hot gossip in the net that it would be the LG killer, i really was intrigue bout’ that… so after few mos. samsung star was launched in the philippines and ofcourse i bought 1 unit, and i must say if LG was selling like cookies, samsung star shines brighter… why?

    1. it looks expensive and all people thought i purchased it around 20k when the fact is it’s original price is 10k

    2. user friendly

    3. widgets are very cute

    4. not too complicated to understand // use

    and last…

    5. im the star @ our office

    after having this phone, i think i acquired the star material…

  23. Ali says:

    Wow, Grace Wong, that’s one scary piece of advice. I am getting mine tomorrow and i’m actually having second thoughts of buying it because of Grace Wong’s post…

    I am a solid nokia user since the cell phone age and I dont know if this decision would be worth it.

  24. Ian says:

    This is a nice phone for 10K. I’m thinking of getting one but I saw your review on N5530. I’ll get the N5530 if they have the same price. Kelan ba lalabas yun N5530

  25. JS says:

    It’s super phone with two minus points:

    1. No WiFi
    2. No space for Touch-Stick in the handset. It comes as a separate pen.

  26. eula says:

    is it avilable in sm megamall??

  27. meg says:

    i have samsung star
    just bought it last week…
    its nice..really

  28. cRiCkiEs says:

    >cNo MAy aLAm ng MabibiLHan ng
    scReEn gUArd nitO? wLA kc kSama s
    PAckAge Nung biniLi KO eh..
    PLz.. LeT me KNow ASAP!!

  29. creepy-chan says:

    does anyone know if may kasamang stylus pag binili ung package???

  30. mark says:

    Im going to buy this phone. I don’t need to throw away around Php 30,000 for an Apple iPhone.

    Samsung Star is a perfect phone during these trying times. I got a hold of this phone and the touchscreen is very responsive. Audio quality produced by the Star is good and Music player is easy to use.

    the loss of 3G is forgivable. I don’t use 3G anyway.

    I hope Sony Ericsson could follow LG and Samsung’s move of introducing budget friendly touch screen phones.

  31. creepy-chan says:

    does anyone know kung may kasamang stylus pag binili ung phone???

  32. mark says:


    samsung made some updates on Samsung Star.

    they ditched the stylus.

  33. creepy-chan says:

    @ mark

    oh..too bad.. angulo kasi..sabi sa samusung site they had one..and pati dito sa review..

  34. eula says:

    how much is it??

  35. mark says:


    its around Php 10,000

    its on the review above. have you read it?

  36. mark says:


    visit that is where i found the review that there is no stylus anymore.

  37. Grace Wong says:

    I can feel & understand your excitement and enthusiasm.
    People from samsung’s hotline 580-5777 who will answer your complaints (just in case) are Sha,Cheryl,Chris,Jen, Marge, Judith, Ian, Adam and their boss Chris de leon who constantly hides and is always “not in the area”. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. It came to a point when I don’t have to identify myself when i call their hotline. They just know it was me. I kind of gotten closed to some of the people who answered my call.They felt sorry for me and I for them. However, there was this rep who answered me & implied that since samsung is cheaper than most brands in the market, I should expect and be prepared for breakdowns and defects.sort of saying.”you beggars can’t be choosy” i almost dropped the phone. that was when i decided to give up the fight. It was not worth it. How I wish i had ample warning regarding Samsung. I am somehow obliged to share my bad experience with Samsung and I kind of feel relieve after doing so. Samsung Marketing strategy is worldclass, while product quality is the opposite.

  38. Obert Grant says:

    how about accelerometer? does star have it?

  39. Angeltoo1970 says:

    Hello to those asking if there is stylus yes it does go for 5233 model than 5230 wla sya stylus,acclmtr of ths phone is great ,you can buy screen guard at cd r kng ask for 3inchs…hope i am hlping

  40. yuki sohma says:

    mine has a stylus it’s place on the upper right corner… but mine was s5233 not s5230… and both are still known as samsung star…

    well so far to all the people who are confused to buy this phone…

    i must say…

    that this phone is cheap, and all the people who sees my phone thought that i’m using IPHONE coz’ it’s look is identical with the IPHONE but it’s more smaller and thinner…

    as for the features…

    samsung will not put advance features for a cheap unit… this is touch screen [duh?] touch screens should be sold in a very expensive price, and their selling this for a cheap price…

    and why should samsung put 3G and WIFI on it? if they would do that then the other units won’t be sold anymore…

    so if you wanna buy touch screen mobiles in a very cheap price, i’d go with this…

  41. yukino09 says:

    mine has a stylus it’s place on the upper right corner… but mine was s5233 not s5230… and both are still known as samsung star…

    well so far to all the people who are confused to buy this phone…

    i must say…

    that this phone is cheap, and all the people who sees my phone thought that i’m using IPHONE coz’ it’s look is identical with the IPHONE but it’s more smaller and thinner…

    as for the features…

    samsung will not put advance features for a cheap unit… this is touch screen [duh?] touch screens should be sold in a very expensive price, and their selling this for a cheap price…

    and why should samsung put 3G and WIFI on it? if they would do that then the other units won’t be sold anymore…

    so if you wanna buy touch screen mobiles in a very cheap price, i’d go with this…

  42. eula says:

    i don’t need wi-fi or 3G .. so this phone will work for me ..

  43. ej says:

    yes, i have one

  44. Ali says:

    Got mine already and I’ve been using it for about a week now.

    Touch feature is very responsive.

    There is a stylus included in the package. You can place it on the top right part of your phone. There is a special place for it there.

    There is an accelometer which is very helpful specially when switching to QWERTY pad while texting.

    This is the best phone you could get for P10k.

  45. Grin_Salt says:

    S’an store nagbibenta ng Samsung S5233 na Php 9,999 lang?

  46. smileymye says:

    I bought one last wednesday for only 10k in Star search market! market! global city taguig.
    so far, ok naman sya,
    user friendly

  47. jErEcO says:

    samsung products are not bad at all guyz……..becuaz my samsung phone is 4 yrs old now and it’s still working the way it is working before and i never incounter any problem with it…….unlike my other nokia phone which after 1 1/2 yrs the batery start to have problem and always hung after using the camera or playing games…….hehehehe…

  48. RJ says:

    hi guys,

    For those who already bought the Star, any idea of the total sms you can save on this phone?

    basically i wanna know if it can reach up to 3000 or more coz that’s how much i have currently,

    I currently have Nokia & new to samsung but this phone really caught my attention.


    Accdg to the following websites…
    500 SMS –

    1000 SMS –

  49. RJ says:

    @ Grin_Salt

    Try at SM Mega Mall Cyber Zone
    Most there sell it at P9,990 meron iba 10k but i saw one shop there

    Good Lcuk

  50. Grin_Salt says:

    @ smileymye and RJ

    Thanks sa pag-reply. I’ll buy one this end of July..excited na talaga ‘ko…he he he! (^-^)v

  51. nikki says:

    hi. :) do you know where i can download themes and wallpaper for this?ang hassle nung wallpaper nito. haha!pero overall, sulit naman sya kase mura lang. ;)

  52. RJ says:

    hi guys,

    For those who already bought the Star, any idea of the total sms you can save on this phone? i wanna know if it can reach up to 3000 or more coz that’s how much i have currently.

    I have Nokia & new to samsung but this phone really caught my attention.

    Simply put I wanna save SMS as much as i can on it.. senti lng haha, so can it save that much or something.. its difficult to search sa net.. limits are 500-1000 & no more na daw.

    Feedback is greatly appreciated


  53. magnetman says:

    may stylus na kasama ang samsung star.dun sa nabilhan ko may libre pang 2gb na micro sd.

    madali masanay.nice phone overall.:) nasa upper right ng phone yung lalagyan nya.

  54. Grin_Salt says:

    @ RJ

    Sa forums ng TipidPC ka magtanong about sa specs ng phone na ‘to. May thread sila d’un ng Samsung Star. Eto ‘yung link:

  55. I plan to buy one, but i need wi-fi and 3g phone. Bakit wala motorola dito, Is it a good phone to use? for me,its not!

  56. BarracknRolla says:

    hi guys i don’t know when will these brothers be available there but the specs are really impressive.

  57. creepy-chan says:

    nakita ko sa ebuystore bagong version ng samsung star..mas maliit ung screen pero may secondary camera w/c means may 3g and nilagyan ngLED flash ung primary camera.. pero still no wifi.. price is php 12,500 compared to the original star w/c is php 9,700..

  58. Grin_Salt says:

    @ creepy-chan

    Maybe your referring to Samsung Preston (S5600) (^-^)v

  59. creepy-chan says:

    @ grin_salt’s called samsung s5603 star 3g according to the site.. i’ll post the link:

  60. Grin_Salt says:

    @ creepy-chan

    I think S5600 and S5603 are the same. Like S5230 and S5233..depending on the country where it’s released (^-^)v

  61. creepy-chan says:

    @ Grin_Salt:

    yeah oo nga nabasa ko sa anyways mukhang this release walang stylus na kasama coz capacitive ung touchscreen..

  62. ice says:

    san pwede kumuha application and mga games for this phone? im planing to buy eh.. para alam ko kung san ko hanap games and aplication that i want. thanks reply kayo …thanks

  63. dinah says:

    i already have it..i enjoy it so much and i really like it

  64. BarracknRolla says:

    Breaking new ground in smart performance, Omnia II delivers the total package of features and fun. Omnia II comes fully loaded with an oversized AMOLED Display, simple touch optimised UI, and an array of improved multimedia features, for an unmatched all-in-one mobile experience.

  65. catie says:

    hi there, ask lang po me idea po ba kau kung sang store makkabili ng samsung s5233 star worth of 9k?
    wala po b tlgang flash ung camera ? :)

  66. creepy.chan says:

    @ catie

    yes wala talagang flash ang samsung S5233 however kung gusto mo ung version ng star na may LED flash, 3G you might like the Samsung S5600 Preston / Star 3G… kaso nga lang at least 3k higher ang price nya sa S5233

  67. pankaj uniyal says:

    Hi frnds,
    samsung s5233 It’s a worth of money, touch screen Response is very good, very handy easy to use, battery backup is better. Internet speed is very very good. Good sound quality.

  68. yukino09 says:

    my frustration right now is, since samsung star is just newly released, some accessories are not yet available in the market…

    i wanna buy.. silicon case, or protection for my phone and it’s kinda hard to find… even apps in the net are short or few…

    there are available protection for the unit but it could only be found in the net, so i think i’ll end up having my phone G-Masked…


  69. creepy.chan says:

    how much na po ba ung samsung star? sa samsung official store? and totoo bang may free pouh na kasama pag bibili?

  70. yukino09 says:

    @ creepy chan

    – yes! the package does have a free pouch

  71. creepy.chan says:

    @ yukino

    how much yung retail price sa samsung stores?

  72. baby:) says:

    hi guys, is samsung star s5233 already available in greenhills? how much is the selling price? hope you could comment back :) i’ll buy this at the end of the week.

  73. baby:) says:

    one more thing, is there a difference between samsung star s5230 and s5233? or is the same? please help :)

  74. baby:) says:

    one more thing, is there a difference between samsung star s5230 and s5233? or is it the same? please help :)

  75. creepy.chan says:

    @ baby:)

    ung S5233 may stylus and stylus compartment unlike nung S5230..

  76. Adam says:

    guys, im gonna buy one star later after my office hour..

    hope it will last khit years lang…


  77. yukino09 says:

    @ creepychan

    – im sorry… coz i didn’t buy my unit @ a samsung store, i bought mine at a cellphone store with samsung franchise… as for the price i think it will cost from 9,500 – 10k i know it will not cost more than 10 unless if there are any other things which the seller will add to the package i think it will cost more than 10k

  78. meth says:

    ei guys anu pu ba mas mganda pra seniu
    compare w/ LG COOKIE and SAMSUNG STAR

    may mga pareho cla pro alin sa 2 ung
    mas angat..

    bibili kc me tom. nd i can’t decide
    pa kze pareho ko cla ngs2han. =)

    sna may pumansin. thanks.

  79. Grin_Salt says:

    @ meth:

    Go for “Samsung Star”…sulit ang pera mo (^-^)v

  80. baby:) says:

    i can’t decide kung what color. which is better black or pink? help help help!

  81. Grin_Salt says:

    @ baby:)

    Check mo sa link na ‘to ‘yung 3 colors ng Star:

  82. Grin_Salt says:

    @ baby:)

    2 pics ng white Samsung Star na kuha n’ung owner:

  83. raika says:

    Well ang hirap magdecide kung ano bibilin ko. Gusto ko sana nitong Samsung Star or LG Cookie or E63. I’m looking sana for a phone na malalagyan ng application like e-buddy. I need to be online kasi lagi sa ym eh? help me decide please..

  84. baby:) says:

    @ grin_salt

    thanx for the link :) u’ve decided to get the black one, it looks formal and classy. thanx again :)

  85. baby:) says:

    @ grin_salt

    thanx for the link :) i’ve decided to get the black one, it looks formal and classy. thanx again :)

  86. Apple says:

    hi! bought my samsung star yesterday… and really loving it… i have one question though… pde bang lagyan ng ibang theme ito? seems to me red & green lang pde mo magawa…

  87. Grin_Salt says:

    @ Apple:

    Unfortunately di siya pwedeng lagyan ng bagong themes. ‘Yung wallpaper at background n’ung menu na lang ang palitan mo para magmukhang kakaiba..he he! (^-^)v

  88. baby:) says:

    i bought mine already :).. i’m loving it so, guys question, how will i upload movies here? anung format dapat? nakta ko kasi sa reviews sa you tube pwede mag lagay ng movie, kaya lang i don’t know how? please help. thanks a lot.

  89. Grin_Salt says:

    @ baby:

    Eto ‘yung video format na pwede sa Star (according to Samsung India website):

    * MPEG4
    * H.263
    * H.264
    * WMV

    ‘Yung Samsung PC Studio na included sa package ang gamit kong pang-convert ng videos at pang-transfer nito sa Star ko (^-^)v

  90. baby:) says:

    @ grin_salt

    thank you :)

  91. rodel lugo says:

    waaaah!! can’t wait to have one! gusto ko na palitan samsung f300 ko “beyonce phone” nagre-reset na kasi magisa huhuhuhu..magkano na ba to sa market ngayon?

  92. Grin_Salt says:

    @ rodel lugo:

    P9600 ang bili ko n’ung akin sa tiyange ng mga celfone sa Greenhills. May 1 year warranty siya pero walang libreng Pouch at Micro SD, ‘yung Hand Strap lang ang libre. Pero sabi ng kapatid ko may napagtanungan sila d’un ng P9500 lang.

  93. baby:) says:

    where can i buy a silicon case for this? yung nakita kong pic sa forum.

    yung pang fourth.. please please..

  94. baby:) says:

    @ grin_salt

    thanx :) i already saw that on ebay. gusto ko sana yung jelly/silicon case na pinost sa forum. sana meron na sa gh nun.

  95. general says:

    how can i convert movie using new pc studio? i’d like to put movie in my phone…tnx

  96. princess tifanny says:

    is there any way to have an internet connection using STAR phone without consuming up my prepaid?
    I have a voucher to purchase SAMSUNG STAR for 10k and it is 14months 2 pay ,0% interest using citi bank credit card,but i don’t know if the case and the memory is already included.I’m planning to have one,.I’m looking in the site if there is a sample of white color unit for STAR but haven’t seen it,is there anyone knows where can i see it?

    Thanks guys,,..
    im not that techkie person..,
    thanks again,.

  97. tina says:

    i just bought it and hindi separate ang sytlus may kalalagyan ang stylus sa gilid ng phone.

    paano ba gamitin ang internet dito sa phone na ito? please teach me.


  98. Grin_Salt says:

    @ general:

    Sa Media Manager, click on Video -> Menu -> Import file from PC..browse the video file na gusto mong i-convert and click “Open” (another way is, you can just drag the file right onto the Media Manager’s window). Click the video file once, tapos click the “Video Converter” icon (siya ‘yung icon na square below n’ung video file na pinili mo, ‘yung may arrow pointing left & right). Or if you want, just right click the video file then choose “Add to video converter.” May lalabas na window n’ung video Converter. Tapos ayun, click mo lang ‘yung “Convert” button na naka-locate sa lower-left side n’ung window niya. Then wait mo lang matapos ‘yung pagko-convert…ayun. Goodluck! (^-^)v

  99. Grin_Salt says:

    @ princess tifanny:

    Check mo sa link na ‘to ‘yung 3 colors ng Star:

    2 pics ng white Samsung Star na kuha n’ung owner:

    * Just scroll down para makita mo ‘yung pics (^-^)v

  100. princess tifanny says:


    is there any way to use star phone connecting to internet without consuming up my prepaid?I’ve check already that SAMSUNG STAR hast no wi-fi ,..beside of using prepaid is there any way to have a internet connection using STAR phone?

  101. Grin_Salt says:

    @ princess tifanny:

    Try mo sa link na ‘to:

    * Basahin mo ‘yung Users Comments or gamitin mo ‘yung “Search Bar” nila. Sana makatulong…goodluck! (^-^)v

  102. chubbylita says:

    guys i bought my samsung star kanina lang sa sm my problem is that maxadong mahina ang signal nya sa smart… don’t know what to do…. tinry ko sa sun okie naman may dumadating na message bat ganun sa smart ko ayaw… pls help me… :(

  103. Grin_Salt says:

    @ chubbylita:

    Baka mahina lang talaga ‘yung signal ng SMART sa area niyo. Try mo din i-insert ‘yung SMART sim mo sa ibang phone, tingnan mo kung mahina din ang magiging signal (^-^)

  104. ob says:

    ei! di ba siya nag hahang or something?? prang nag lalag daw ata yan ehh. pkisagot po plzz.. ty. ~_^

  105. lolo_na_sutil says:

    so far ok naman sya kakabili ko lang mas maganda sya sa LG cookie!saka freindly user nakakatuwa sya hanagang ngayun mabenta parin palagi ubos sa market!

  106. ob says:

    may stylus ba?? and,, panu magtext?? hehe

  107. chubbylita says:

    haaayyy i still have problems with my SAMSUNG STAR sobrang bagal nya mag sent ng messages… pag dating sa other networks ayaw nyang gumana i bought it last sunday lang at eion sa kamalas malasan ayaw palitan ng pinagbilhan ko sa SM at policy daw nila yun… tama ba yun???? grabe guys na HHB talaga ako tapos pinagrereport nila ako sa service center at dun ko daw ipagawa na wala silang effort effort man lang to compensate me…. haaayyyy so depresssing :(

  108. jobel says:

    report mo chubz sa DTI, bawal yan policy nilang yan.
    make sure lang you have the receipt and under warranty pa. Be patient lang sa pagre-report, as in you wait. Btw, anyone who has an idea over which phone is better, the STAR or the F480? All in all, price, specs, ano advantage ng bawat isa? Thanks.

  109. ob says:

    waaah! anu ba yan?? si chubbylita lang ba may prob bout STAR or khet ung iba? kc,, im planning to buy it na. kaso,, baka magaya ko kay chubby.. plgay nyo guyz?? rep kau ha.. share ur insyts..

  110. Grin_Salt says:

    @ ob:

    May stylus siyang kasama. May lalagayn ‘yung stylus sa mismong phone (upper-right corner ng unit). May 3 ways sa pagti-text sa Star:

    * Standard keypad buttons.
    * Full QWERTY keyboard.
    * Handwriting recognition (walang kwentang gamitin).

    About sa nangyari kay “chubbylita”..palagay ko nakachamba lang siya ng Samsung Star na may defect. Kahit anong gadget naman kasi makakachamba ka talaga minsan ng may diperensya. Kaya nga nagbibigay ng warranty para sa mga ganito situation. Lahat ng kasama ko sa forum about Samsung Star sa “tipidcp” masaya naman sa Star nila. Ah! Meron palang isa na medyo na-badtrip. ‘Yung nabili niya kasing Star, ‘yung battery tumatagal lang ng isang araw kahit di masyadong gamitin. Eh karaniwan dapat 3 to 4 days ang tinatagal n’un..minsan 5 days pa (w/ moderate use s’yempre). Ayaw din daw SM MOA ata siya bumili. Bili ka na rin ng Star, di ka magsisisi (‘wag ka lang s’yempre makakachamba ng may defect)..he he! \(^-^)/

    @ chubbylita:

    Papalitan mo ‘yang Star mo. May warranty naman ‘yung binili mo diba? Bawal ‘yung ginagawa nila sa’yo. Dapat ‘pag di satisfied ‘yung customer sa product, inaasikaso nila. Sana mapapalitan mo na agad para ma-maximize mo na ang paggamit. Nakakatuwa pa naman mag-videoke sa Samsung Star..he he! (^-^)v

  111. dshox says:

    mga sir at mam..first time ko lang po bibili ng touchscreen phone,hehe..ano po ba maximum memory ang pwedeng ilagay sa star.?ung micro SD po..and sulit po ba talaga samsung star.? (^_^)v

  112. Grin_Salt says:

    @ dshox:

    Itong Star din ang first touchscreen phone ko..he he! According sa site na “”..up to 16GB daw ang pwede mong gamiting MicroSD. Pero sa’kin okay na ‘yung 8GB, di ko na nga mapuno eh..he he!

    Sulit na sulit ‘tol ‘yung pera mo sa Star! Madami kasi siyang features na pwede mong magamit. Lalo n’at first time mong mag-touchscreen na phone, matutuwa ka kasi napaka-responsive n’ung pagka-touchscreen niya. See & try it for yourself na lang para mas maganda.

    Para sa’kin (mapa-phone or kahit anong gadget) mas mama-maximize mo ang gamit nito kung ikaw ‘yung tipong mahilig magbutingting ng mga features n’ung unit. ‘Yung tipong kung anu-ano ang softwares or hacks ang ilalagay mo na pwede d’un sa gadget. Kumbaga, talagang gamit na gamit mo siya bago mo ito mapagsawaan or bago ito masira \(^-^)/

  113. dshox says:


    salamat sir..8GB na lang din po sa akin.. =D bibili na po ako tom,so excited…thanks for the info..

  114. Dj says:

    How do you change Samsung star sms tone?

  115. Wanderer says:

    I’m planning to buy Samsung Preston/Halley/Star 3G (S5603/S5600).. i’m hesitating to buy one since i noticed that samsung star (S5230/S5233) is far more popular than Preston. Which one is better kaya? Mas stylish din kasi ang Preston. I dint like the idea that it has a smaller TFT screen. hay… Help guys

  116. Grin_Salt says:

    @ Dj:

    Go to Menu -> Settings -> Phone profiles -> (pili ka ng kahit anong profile then press “>>” button) -> press ‘yung “drop-down button” sa upper right corner ng screen -> choose “New Message” (^-^)v

  117. dshox says:

    got my samsung star na..hindi po pa namamatay GPRS ng globe dito.?hehe,and pwede po ba alisin ung FM radio sa widget..di ku po kc matanggal yun..pero masaya gamitin all in all, =D

  118. dshox says:

    one more thing pa pala..anu po ung letter E sa upper right?katabi po nung signal.. (^_^)v pwede ba sir matanggal un?noobs pa ako sa paggamit kc..

  119. Grin_Salt says:

    @ Wanderer:

    Difference n’ung dalawang phone according sa site na

    Star (S5230/S5233):

    * Weight – 92g
    * Technology – WQVGA 262K TFT LCD
    * Resolution – 400 x 240
    * Screen Size – 3.0″
    * Battery Talk time – up to 10 hours
    * Battery Standby – up to 700 hours
    * Camera – No LED Flash
    * Internal Memory – 100MB
    * No 3G

    Star 3G (S5603/S5600):

    * Weight – 96g
    * Technology – 16M QVGA TFT LCD
    * Resolution – 240 x 320
    * Screen Size – 2.8″
    * Battery Talk time – up to 7 hours
    * Battery Standby – up to 378 hours
    * Camera – with LED Flash
    * Internal Memory – 60MB
    * With 3G

    Sana makatulong ‘to sa pag-decide mo..he he! (^-^)v

  120. Grin_Salt says:

    @ dshox:

    Ang alam ko ‘yung “G” means GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), ‘yung “E” means (EDGE Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution). Mas mabilis ‘yung data transfer ng EDGE kaysa sa GPRS.

    Added info lang, kung di mo pa alam. Bukod sa Call Ringtone, pwedeng magkakaiba din ang Message Tone ng bawat contacts mo. Pwede mo siyang i-customize sa Phonebook mo. Para marinig mo lang ‘yung Message Tone, ‘lam mo na agad kung sino ang nag-text sa’yo..he he! (^-^)v

  121. ob says:

    5800 or Star?? plagay nyo??

  122. dshox says:

    salamat po sa info.. (^_^)v

  123. Grin_Salt says:

    @ ob:

    Depende kasi ‘tol sa pangngailangan mo sa isang phone. Kung gusto mo ng phone na maraming features and may budget ka naman..go for Nokia 5800. Pero kung ikaw ‘yung tipong kuntento na sa touchscreen phone na may iilang features lang (walang 3G & Wi-Fi, walang LED flash, no Autofocus ‘yung camera) at medyo gipit ka sa budget..go for Samsung Star. Okay ‘tol ang Star (kahit ‘la siya n’ung mga nabanggit ko)..sulit ang pera mo dito…he he he! (^-^)v

    @ dshox:

    No problem \(^-^)/

  124. YUAN says:

    hi may kasama bang memory card n a to? parang mas maganda ata ung samsung preston o s5600?

  125. harley says:

    pede b 2ng lagyan ng ebuddy?

  126. samsung mobiles are the worst mobiles,specially samsung star.we cannot download even games in that mobile

  127. harley says:

    why dont you try at

  128. minnie me says:

    I read this somewhere:

    S5230 – European Version (not meant for the Philippine Market)
    S5233 – South East Asian Version (Meant For the Philippine Market)

    Same goes for S5603 (Preston), S8003 (Jet), C3053, M7603 (The Beat). Though does not apply to all models.

    The last digit (3) is actually Samsung’s way of tracking Gray (illegal) units in the Philippine market.

    SO if you are going to buy Star, buy S5233 and not S5230.

    But again does not apply to all Samsung Models.

  129. marc says:

    pano iset ang gprs ng star???kung globe ang sim mo

  130. harley says:

    may difference ba ung Unit ng star between S5230 and S5233 or just the Model Code lng?

  131. marc says:

    meron..ung s5230 walng stylus…at ung sa back boton nya wala ung arrow,,,,at bka meron pang ibng difference…d ko lng alm…ahe

  132. confused says:

    is color light pink still available in the market? parang black nlng ang nakikita ko.

  133. confused says:

    pahabol… hindi ba siya nag ha-hung parati? kasi i want to buy it… pero, i have some reservations… i’m still confused… pa enlighten naman dyan oh..

  134. harley says:

    tnx marc….compatible ba ung star sa mac? kc nung ikinabit ko d sya madetect, ano po gagawin ko?

  135. diane says:

    im selling my lg cookie for 9500 still negotiable.. its good as new cause i bought it just last february.. it still has plastics so you know its still new.. im selling it because i want a new fone.. i want ung slide na horizontal na lg..

    im a student so im your pretty sure im not some kinda sindicate or whatever..LOL just email me if your [email protected]


  136. japz says:

    does anybody knows how to set samsung star’s sms inbox to phone memory.

    everytime an incoming sms arrives it’s always saves to sim card.


  137. edan guiruela says:

    gamit ko star phone ng samsung…and i can say na maganda at wala akong masabi…a nice product from samsung

  138. myles says:

    who needs wifi if you have a laptop…

    its cheap but it looks very expemxive… professional look and hav the WOW factor in it…

    going to buy one next week… saan ba may sale at saan mas mura? tulong naman kuns saan…


  139. littlemakz says:

    anybody who knows if there is any dual-sim samsung mobile…? thanks…

  140. Ajtih Gopinath says:

    I am planning to buy a touch phone. Two shortlisted (Samsung Star and LG Cookie).
    Somebody comments that, Star having some problem with back cover and its not good for rough use.
    And saying LG is good for rough use.
    Any body have any adivise on these products, both pros & cons like
    1. ease of use
    2. battery life
    3. sound clarity
    4. voice recording
    5. rough use

    Ajith Gopinath
    my id – [email protected]

  141. qtme says:

    i just bought my samsung star last friday sa sm annex sa cyberzone, php9690 with 1gb memory card, kasi ung isang shop “topwin” ata, 9700 pero wlang kasamang mem card… katabi lng nung ung pinagbilhan ko.

  142. harley says:

    guys…ung friend ko nka bili ng Star complete nman sya with warranty card and etc.. Pro bat ganun made in china??

  143. myles says:


    need help guys… saan yung samsung store na may sale? im going to buy one tomorrow na… could anyone please tell me where…

    salamat poh… thanks!

  144. mark says: nmn panu activate gprs neto???

  145. meth says:

    i got mine nung aug. hehe. 9,500 lng sa market2.
    nhirapan me maghanap kze puro out of stock xa
    haha mabili daw kze. dpat mag lg nko den aun
    pnka last store na napagtanungan ko. meron cla
    ganda. nag eenjoy me sobra! sbi dn sken ng girl
    dun mas ok ung star compare 2 cookie mdali masira
    at hnapan ng pyesa kze dpa mxado kilala lg pagdating sa mga handy phones. =)
    mdali lng i activate ung gprs twag lng kau sa operator ng sim niu. kya lng globe ako sbi nila wula daw silang settings for star or s5233. pero
    nag try ako mag set f480 ata ngamit q ok naman
    nga2mit q na ung browser nia.
    kya lng problema napka limited ng games ang hrap maghnap ng pdeng pagdownloadan.

  146. meth says:

    and natu2wa me kze meron xang FAKE CALLER mode. pedeng may kunwaring 2mtwag sau pero boses mo lng
    din un nka2usap mu. haha. pasikat lng kunwari may
    2mtwag. haha.

    ang problema ko wula me mhanap n site pdeng pag downloadan ng games ung nka install kze halos trial version lng pag i pu2rchase mu nmn pde kya
    lng d available sa phil. haha. sa samsung fun club
    nmn wlang available for samsung star khit sa gameloft.

    may alm ba kau guys??? help nmn…. =)

  147. Allei says:

    HI…San ba makakabili ng samsung star s5233 na may kasamang stylus, pouch, at iba pang accesories? Sa Mega mall ba? San mismo sa Mega/ help me pls…

  148. Caila O. says:

    i’ll be buying that phone gusto ko talaga siya but nag dadalawang isip ako because of the following:

    1. sabi ng iba madaling masira
    2. sabi nila dont buy samsung products
    3. i cant choose kung lg cookie o samsung star

    guys pls. help me decide cause i’ll be buying it eh!

    thanks :)

  149. echo says:

    weeeeeeeeeeee….im so excited na bumili ng star this coming weekend after reading all your comments guys. Im choosing samsung star over lg cookie. =)

  150. Allei says:

    San ba sa mega makakabili ng samsung star s5233 na may free memory card at pouch?

  151. Allei says:

    Sa mga may samsung star s5233 madali bang masira yung phone na yan? gusto ko kasing bumuli by next month, i cant decide kung ano bibilin ko.. gusto ko yung matibay. at worth it.. pls help me… firts time ko kasing bibili ng cellphone sa pera ko ang ipambibili. baka kasi magkamali ako sa mabibili ko.. need help talaga.. pls reply asap.. thanks..

  152. Ephemeral says:

    Sorry for the question, but I just want to know if Samsung Star S5233 has a security code just like in the other Nokia phones? I want to buy one but I want to confirm muna if they do have something like that (madami kasi pakielamera dito). Thank you!

  153. lei says:

    just got my samsung star s5233A. balikbayan kase ako bought it in bahrain.last week lang ako umuwe msart gamit ko problema ko hirap configure yun settings ng gprs sa smart at globe. reply lage phone model not supported. help naman po paano po niyo configure? salamat po. =)

  154. cutie says:

    hi ephemeral! i just bought mine last saturday lang, yes it has a security code , kaya no need to worry just buy it and enjoy it.. super wow tlaga… elegant and nice phone ….

  155. Ephemeral says:

    I’m relieved to hear that. Thanks Miss Cutie :) Will buy one soon :)

  156. harley says:

    ms.Cutie I just want to know made what country ung nabili mo n star? kc nkita ko made in china…pls reply..tnx

  157. thibos says:

    go for it..i already own it and there’s nothing not to like about it. it’s the best phone i have ever owned. if you don’t think it’s cool, try it then we wil talk business.

  158. William Letwaba says:

    How can I manually configure the wap profile o the s5233 samsung?

  159. Justine Rivera says:

    i just bought Star last week and i can say that it’s worth it, i mean, great features for a very affordable price, mukhang mayaman pag nasa school.

  160. May says:

    i cannot make a call using this phone… please help! it always says NO CREDIT LEFT kahit kaload lang 300load card…

  161. cutie says:

    hi harley! yes it’s made from china y? as of now wala p n nmn me problem na na encounter enjoy siyang gamitin yun lang i dont know how to configure my email here and it’s for me to find out para complete ang life hehehe by G cs cntr i’ll try pa lng, but guys if you know help naman jan pls…. tnx!

  162. Kohi says:

    Hello May. I think the problem is with your service provider.

  163. morenaist says:

    Ive had this phone for more than 4 months now.. I have to say that its a decent phone and its worth it for its price. I intalled an 8gig SD card as soon a I bought it and I mainly use it to store pictures, videos, mp3 and mp4s (FLVs and other video format need to be converted to mp4 first). I wanna know how to utilize its EDGE/GPRS functionality to access internet. Does anyone here know how to activate this feature?.I would appreciate if you can teach me how. I’m using a globe sim on this phone by the way. Thanks!

  164. Aldz says:

    any reviews for Samsung Star WiFi?? magkano kaya un dito sa ating bansa? worth it kaya un? salamat. :D

  165. Allei says:

    Made in China ba talaga samsung star? wala bang iba?

  166. echo says:

    i bought samsung star yesterday habang bumabaha sa ka far so good xempre 1 day pa lang sa akin.hehehe..pero i hope maglast to ng months even years..=)

  167. cutie says:

    hi morenaist can u teach me how to load using prepaid card? i cannot press the keypad while calling for reload pano un? help me nmn please thanks…..

  168. jayjay says:

    gUys wala ba tlaga wifi ang samsung s533 or s530..kelngan ko lang tlaga malamn..plsss

  169. ladygaga says:

    For the ones who have it, can you help me? I really want the Star but people say the battery life is not good. I am an avid texter, do you think it`s a nice phone for me? :) PLEASE HELP!

  170. dianne says:

    wow! thnx guyz…pinagpipilian q kz between nokia5800 and samsung star 5233….

    ahahahha…ganda kz weh, lalo na ung pink nila…grabe! at super cheap pa…

    cgru naman ung cra2 issue, depende nrin s gumagamit ryt? nsa pagiingat nlng din poh cgru un…

    @jayjay, i saw ung new na release na samsung star wifi, sbi skin ung nagbebenta may wifi dw sya for hotspots area, pero ala dw sya GPRS ata un na pwde for videocall…un poh sbi nya…



  171. dianne says:

    ay not pla GPRS, 3G pla ung wla…ahaha….for making videocall….hehehehe


  172. Leonard says:

    nakabili na aq ng samsung star. ayus nman. magaan. made in vietman sya. nde nman masirain. tama, depende na rin sa user un. ang problema nga lang, hirap mag download ng games and applications. pero maganda namn. God Bless you all, lalo na sa mga nadamay sa bagyo.

  173. Kohi says:

    Hello, I also want to know the answer regarding Miss Cutie’s question as I’m buying a Samsung Star soon too.

    cutie replied on Sep 28th, 2009 at 8:28 am (169)

    hi morenaist can u teach me how to load using prepaid card? i cannot press the keypad while calling for reload pano un? help me nmn please thanks…..


  174. Harlene says:

    hi….baka pwede nyo akong tulungan….im a Samsung S5233 user….iam encountering some problem on my phone…everytime i send txt..nababawasan lod ko 3.00 /txt.try ko ilipat sim ko kala ko sim may defect pero hindi me nman oh…

  175. cutie says:

    @ Kohi

    I discover na how to load using prepaid card actually that day din ng mag ask me, basta when you dial reload # press the hold key to use in- call fuction tapus lalabas na dun ung keypad di kc me nagbabasa hehehe….:-)

  176. jehca says:

    hi..i just bought my samsung star last friday..and it is really cool..ok xang stylus ng kasama and 1gb memory card…1st tym ko gumamit ng touchscreen phone and its worth sa mga mgbabalak bumili ng samsung star bili na kau..ok xa..ndi kau mgccc..

  177. allei says:

    @ Jehca

    San mo nabili yan samsung star?

  178. Allei says:

    @ Jehca

    San mo nabili samsung star mo?

  179. harley says:

    ms. cutie tnx po……kakainis lumabas agad ng samsung star S5233W Wifi!!! damn!!!10,200 sa megamall…d bale nakuha ko naman ung samsung star na white hehehehehehe….

  180. Justine says:

    For those asking kung madaling masira, siguro naman it depends kung paano mo gamitin diba? Walang matibay sa careless na tao. Overall features naman maganda, kahit walang WiFi and hindi 3g, besides, this is a STYLE phone.

    I have this phone for 1 month and i’m not encountering problems using it, no hung-ups, and very responsive yung touch screen nya, kaya dun sa mga nag-aalangan na bumili nito, your money won’t go down to waste.

  181. trixie says:

    hi guys!!! im planning to get this one very soon. but something is bothering me.

    my cousin told me that i should get the SE W595 and my dad told me to get nokia 5800. im confused now. what should i buy man?? help!!

    thanks! :)

  182. april says:

    just got this fone 2days ago…& it has wifi but the problem is..i dnt know how to configure the settings…anyboby please help me…thanks

  183. candz says:

    hi april, got mine a couple of days ago. settings ng wifi would depend on the network you are trying to enter/join. sa akin kasi, meron akong wifi network sa bahay so what i had to do was: click menu/browser/settings/browser profiles/search for wifi/*at this point, masasagap na yung network mo*/click the network you want to enter/*lalabas yung details about it*/if it is a secured network, scroll down to enter the network key aka the password/SAVE…after nun, pwede ka na kumonek. I hope this helps. Ciao! God bless!

  184. candz says:


    maginput ka na rin pala ng preferred homepage mo, under din to sa details page na lalabas, just scroll down :)

  185. Bianca says:

    i just bought my brand new Samsuing Star yesterday at Wellcom sm fairview. i really like it coz its very user friendly and has long battery life..

  186. Harikiran says:

    Can any one suggest me hot to configure gmail in samsung star phone.

  187. vinod says:

    too diffcult to make call pls advice me

  188. jehca says:

    @ allei

    sa sm north edsa annex ko po nabili.. i forgot na kung saang store eh..pero dun lang po…8800php ko po xa nabili

  189. jehca says:

    @ trixie

    well it’s up to u..actually maganda rin ang SE and nokia..gwin mu tgnan mu muna ung 3phones na napili mo..den compare..kung anu sa tingin mo ang mas mganda for u un ang bilhin mo..wag mu isipin kung anu ung snbi ng dad mo or ng cousin mo kasi ikaw naman ang ggamit nun eh hndi naman kung anu sa tingin mo..un ang bilhin mo..kasi ganun din gnwa ko eh..lahat ng phone na gs2 ko tngnan ko muna den kinompare ko..mas feel ko ung samsung star kaya aun ung binili ko..

  190. jehca says:

    hi..cno po nakakaalam kung san pwede mgdownload ng games para sa samsung star?wala kasi akong mhanap eh..pls help..tnx

  191. Mia Dela Vega says:

    Hi! I got my Samsung Star Wifi last week at SM Bacoor for P10,200. Im soooo lovin it. Nag-aajust pa lang ako kasi my last fone was Nokia 7610 Supernova. Di naman mahirap pag-aralan yung Samsung but im still trying to learn how to install more apps. Does anyone know if the skype for Iphone is compatible with star? One thing i’ll miss with my supernova is the camera with flash! Pero overall, ok naman yung samsung star. Best buy na sya. Btw, soft pink yung unit ko. I love it..girly kc. :D

  192. Allei says:

    hi,, maganda ba yung may wifi?? Pano kung wala namang wifi sa bahay nyo worth pa din ba xa or hindi dahil hindi mo naman magagamit yung wifi di ba? please advice asap.. i was choosing kasi kung may wifi or wala yung bibilin ko eh..tnx..

  193. harley says:

    @Allei well its up to u kung u really need the wifi features ng star, kung busy k pong tao at need mo sa daily den go for the star wifi, ung nga lng po 1000 lng difference ng my WIFI at wala, pero black lng po available n color sa Star WIFI…

  194. lei says:

    tagal ko narin ask pano configure tong phone. i cant use wap i’ve used it overseas pero dito ayaw tlaga. help naman

  195. Allei says:

    ano bang magadang color ng samsung star?

  196. Bianca says:

    You can download Java softwares for your phone here:

  197. david says:

    wahhh.. my SGH-u600 lageng naccra.. so I`m planning to shift sa samsung star?

    pero I`ve seen samsung star n may widget na ng facebook.. kc for now.. I`m an avid Facebook person.. so I need ung may Wi-fi para makapag-Facebook aq sa school.. anu poh sa tingin nyo?

    mga magkano na poh kaya un??

    mga 1 month pa cguro bago ako magkapera.. hay..

    lage kc naccra Flex ng u600 q.. T_T

  198. sani says:

    Hi Yuga,
    Have you tried to install java apps and games on this phone? If so, how did you do it? Please tell us.

  199. sani says:

    @david, meron ng samsung star wifi..around 12k ata un..

  200. sani says:

    For those guys who wanted to know games,apps and wallpapers for your star phone. You may visit this link >>

  201. angeltoo says:

    Hello guys…grabe hindi man lang nag one year lumabas na ang star wifi…can samsung star without wifi malagyan ng wife application?thanks

  202. angeltoo says:

    ay sorry wifi yan technical error

  203. cutie says:

    @ sani

    how to download ng games sa link na un thru phone? help naman po tnx….

  204. chocokat says:

    Hi mge peeps! Just wanna ask your opinion. Which one is better po sa palagay nyo, Samsung Star Wifi or Nokia 5530? Ang gusto ko po ay touchscreen na text-tawag-pwede mag internet using wifi-and okay if ever nasa mood ako to listen to music.

    Thanks! Planning to get either of the two sa birthday ko next week.

  205. Punsiher Rano says:

    Angeltoo like the samsung star with wife….hehehe….where can I get one? Just kidding. Anyway planning to buy either Samsung S5230W Star WiFi or Nokia N97 mini, I saw a Nokia N97 mini pero hindi sya from a trusted store so I’ll wait if kelan magkakaroon sa nokia store. Anybody here na meron na ng mga na mentioned ko na phones and maganda ba mga reviews nila? And if does this two phones may carry yahoo messenger? Thanks.

  206. cemalettin says:

    ik ga samsung star krijgenus ik om pas op

  207. cemalettin says:

    ik ga samsung star krijgen

  208. Cassie says:

    I recently bought this fone and seriously it is a wonderful devise to use.

    i kinda got a bit bummed when i saw it didnt have a qwerty keyboard and then i turned it whilst i was txting bam there one was haha. its an amazing fone.

    and the camera is good too.

    i want to buy a silicone case for it though. but not off the internet.

    its so cheap i bought mine for $199.00



  209. marc says:

    please help me..i cannot install any application in my s5233 using pc? how does it works? i cant click on the “install/uninstall” options in the application it says ” YOU MUST CONNECT A DEVICE THAT SUPPORTS THE PROGRAM USAGE “….


    [email protected]


  210. deka22 says:

    guys tanong ko lang kung ung S5233 ay my wifi..meron kc mga sites na ngsasabing meron..

    and aside from the stylus anu pa pgkakaiba nya sa S5230?


  211. elbert says:

    bought samsung star yesterday. di na ko nanguha ng may wifi since may laptop ako… just to share 9k plus yung wala at yung may wifi nasa 12k… its a cool fone… but just wanted to ask kung talagang kailangan laging ililipat pa yung msgs from sim memory to phone memory? wala bang option na autonatic sa phone memory na agad papasok yung msgs? ty

  212. elbert says:

    pls help! just need to know if there’s no option na sa phone memory agad papasok yung messages at hindi sa sim card memory?

  213. Jan says:

    Nice and cool phone. Very affordable and easy to use. Everyone must try it!

  214. manny says:

    How do you turn off the gprs/google search/map/gmail function when there is no wifi so that it won’t eat your load? I plan to use these features through its wifi capability and not through the load of the phone.

  215. elbert says:

    pls help! just need to know if there’s a option na sa phone memory agad papasok yung messages at hindi sa sim card memory?

  216. neil says:

    wla b tlgang samsung star n color gray?

  217. The Samunsg Star is very much comparable with the Cookie. Both the Cookie and the Star are great phones that provide a good user experience at a good price. What is even better is that the Samsung Star is now available with wireless internet, because I really don’t think there are a lot of people these days who can do without internet on their phone. Even when browsing on your phone isn’t such a great user experience, at times it can be very handy.

  218. gwenry says:

    hi im planning to replace my sony ericsson p1i to samsung star, kasi parang mas gusto ko ng full touchscree, i know mas maraming features ang p1i kaysa sa star, pero what do you thing guys, is this move of mine is better???? plz response!!! need help. medyo kasi nagsawa na ako sa p1i lampas na 1 year ko na ginagamit, wala naman sira, madali lang ako talaga magsawa. tnx

  219. Ned says:

    WTF!!! meron na ba talagang Star WiFi?? Kakabili ko lang ng Star ko last 2 weeks….does anyone of you know kung san may available nito? thanks…

  220. jtudz says:

    guys!Is samsung star supports an 8gb micro sd card??
    need to know ASAP.tnx

  221. manny says:

    elbert, nasa options sa settings,you can move all info to the sd card

    neil, walang gray. there is silver, white, pink and black

    samsung star, how do I enlarge the view when I am on the net. some of the websites I went to had small fonts, di ko mabasa mabuti. Paturo naman.

    gwenry, I do not know how sony ericsson p1i is.

    ned, it is everywhere. may great samsung sale now. mabenta yung star wifi. value for money talaga. just go to any samsung shop or other shops participating in it.

    jtudz, yes it supports a maximum of 8gb microsd card. when i got mine, pinalagay ko na kaagad and i had the person program it so all files will go to the microsd and not to the sim card.

    who knows how to enlarge the view when you are in the web and you need to see zoom in to see the letters better?

  222. sunshine says:

    ano ba mas magandang bilin samsung star wifi, nokia 5530 or nokia 5800?saka san ba murang bumili? help nyo naman ako please…. nahihirapan kasi akong mamili…. gusto ko kung bibili ko worth it naman kasi pinaghirapan ko yung money na ipambibili dun eh… di ko kasi kayang bumili ng 5800… may free memory card na ba yung 5530? i need your help guys.

  223. sunshine says:

    saka musta naman ang battery life nito? ok ba yung camera, wala kasi syang flash di ba? hirap naman magdecide…

  224. twinkle says:

    hi guys! i just bought my star wifi last night..
    question, talaga bang up to 10 characters lang yung sa network key(password for secured connection)?
    di ko kase magamit yung wifi sa bahay kase 26characters ang password.. help naman pls:)

  225. elbert says:

    manny press mo yung volume key sa gilid lalaki na yun…. about sa settings sa messages na sa phone memory agad papasok… la sa options tung sakin… pics at files lang nalilipat sa sd…

  226. toinkx says:

    magkano po ang samsung star wifi ngayon?

  227. toinkx says:

    talaga bang walang kasama na mem card sa package na to

  228. manny says:

    Sunshine, hindi ko tinignan yung nokia so I can’t compare. My priority was to get a touchscreen phone with wifi and the star wifi was the most reasonably priced among them. I figured I was spending 1/3 that of an iphone and I figured in a year or two, there will be newer, better models at cheap price with which the money I have saved I can upgrade. Hindi sulit talaga bumili ng mahal na phone in that case. Battery life is okay for normal use…3 to 4 days supposed to be. Camera is not autofocus and lacks flash. Kaya manual adjustments to make the most out of it. I think that is their weak point.

    Elbert, I think you are right. Tinignan ko ulit, kasi sa settings — memory settings — default memory, wala ngang options where to store the text messages. I will ask later at the store since I have to get my free 2g microsd. Papaturo rin ako how to read big pdf files so I can read my ebooks. Di kaya kasi basahin ng access. Maliliit na files kaya. So that capability I have to inquire further. Salamat Elbert sa pagturo, nagawa ko na. Napapalaki ko na fonts. Wala na akong problema sa wifi net surfing except for how to make you tube videos work. Nakakapasok ako sa mobile you tube pero di ko ma-play. Isa pa rin thing that I have to ask at the store. Will update you once I have the answers.

    Twinkle, I am not sure if I can help you since kami ang aming router is configured at 128k so 13letter password lang. Inadjust ko ang settings sa phone for that and presto, nakakaconnect na ako sa password protected wifi namin sa bahay.

    toinkx, balita ko may 10.2k cash. kuha ko sa akin sa samsung sale, 6 months to pay via credit card 11k. nagdagdag ako ng 1.5k for the microsd na 8g.
    may libreng 2g microsd na (takaw lang ako sa memory kaya I got the 8g), may silicon case and other giveaways plus raffle ticket.

  229. ayana says:

    i’ve been using my star S5233 wi-fi for a month and so far wala nmang problema. It’s the best selling wi-fi touch pone now. It comes with leather case and 4gb sd nung nabili ko. Its very cheap for 11k but looks so expensive.

  230. ayana says:

    WARNING lng sa bibili ng star wifi,check nyo kagad yung wifi if its working kc yung nabili ko sira yung wi-fi hindi sya nagcoconect buti na lng pinalitan nila ng bago.

  231. manny says:

    Elbert, sabi ng shop people, wala talaga for messages. It goes to the sim and phone memory. The others can go to the sd card.

    It was very weird that I was able to watch you tube movies in the mall using the free wifi. Hindi ko magawa sa bahay. I will try again.

    As for my pdf inquiry, they do not know. They suggest that I call the hotline of Samsung and inquire with them.

  232. elbert says:

    thanks manny! thats okay lang sulit naman ang fone nato kase di kang manghihinayang dahil mura lang. satisfied naman ako… san ka nagddownload ng mga games at applications?

  233. twinkle says:

    manny, thanks for the info.. inadjust ko yung key length to 128,so up to 26 characters sya. i can now use wifi at home..thanks alot:)im lovin my star more:)

  234. toinkx says:

    thanks manny sa info..kaso bakit ang nakita ko wala laging free na mem card sabi nila di daw tlga kasma sa package..tapos 10 700 pa ang price niya..where can i buy na meron ng free na mem card?

  235. toinkx says:

    by the way im from batangas kasi…i need to know kung mas mura sa manila yung meron ng free na mem card na samsung star wifi at how much ito…kung mas mura sa manila i think doon nalang ako bibili..thanks

  236. twinkle says:

    manny, how can i watch videos from youtube? do u know?thanks :)

  237. rhed says:

    i just wat to know how much na ba yung star w/o wifi (yung SRP nya sa market) and also want to know kung mgkano yung wifi ready na samsung star. please help….. thank you po!!!

  238. manny says:

    twinkle–may participating outlets kasali sa samsung sale…so sa kanila 11k may free 2g microsd card. To get the full list of participating outlets, go to

    twinkle, choose offline profile sa phone profile muna bago magsurf sa net. then go online using your wifi. tapos kasali na sa mga widgets doon ang youtube, just click on it. then you are there na. my problem is I can’t do it successfully here at home but I am able to do it outside on free wifi. Still figuring out why.

    rhed, look at the thread and you will see the prices for both. the wifi version is from 10.2k to 11k. no wi-fi is much cheaper. personally, if I were to get a no-wifi touchscreen phone, then I might as well get a cheap chinaphone I-phone clone which is 2.8k lang in Greenhills tiangge. But I want one with wifi kaya this is the one most reasonable.

  239. mia says:

    super cool phone. just bought mine last saturday for Php8,990.00. I bought it immediately after i saw it on display. such a cheap price for a nice looking touch screen phone. can’t stop playing with it.. even my office mates borrow my phone just to know how it works.

  240. rhed says:

    thank you for the reply regarding the price. now the problem is im thinking if i would by immediately this coming oct. 30 for the one w/o wifi or il just wait until nov 15 so i could buy the one w/ wifi. what would you think?

  241. twinkle says:

    manny,i still cant watch youtube videos using wifi here at home..i followed the instructions you gave me.. do i have to install something from the cd or what??

  242. manny says:

    Twinkle, sorry. I have not figured that out also. I can’t get to play you tube videos when I am at home though as I said, in the mall with the free wifi, I was able to. Could it be due to the password protection? I have talked to samsung helpline but they said they will call me back once they have the answers to my questions. They have not.

  243. twinkle says:

    manny, thanks alot.. sorry i asked too much.haha.

  244. manny says:

    Well, Samsung helpdesk got back to me. Unfortunately, the news is not good. All Samsung phones do not play you tube videos using wifi. You have to use Edge or 3G (for those models which have it) to view you tube videos. They can’t explain how I was able to view mine in the mall. This is a very weird explanation. I suspect that there is an apparent blocking mechanism, the exact reasons why they placed it I can’t explain.

    As for the pdf and other big files, the software Access can only handle so much since this is a starter touchscreen phone. Hindi rin nga niya masabi exactly how big a file it can handle. Well, so much for doing their research. So pang maliliit na pdf, doc, xls files lang siya. No ebooks. :(

    So I told them to give my customer feedback to the higher ups with the following points:
    1. give us software update to unblock the watching of you tube videos using wifi. do not force us to use edge to watch you tube videos.
    2. give us software update so that we can open bigger files like ebooks.

    I told them that these limitations will not give the Star a boost for its sales. It will dampen it. I am not raising my hopes anymore (I doubt it if they are that efficient). I will just use the phone with its limitations and wait for a year or two. I am sure by that time, there will be a lot of cheaper, more powerful, more capable pda like-camera/video camera-wifi enabled-3G-mobiles which are like mini netbooks already. By that time, buyers’ market na.

  245. twinkle says:

    oh thats soooooooooooooo sad manny……:(
    whats the use of wifi and the youtube thingy in this fone.. parang nagsisi ako i should have gotten a nokia fone :(

  246. manny says:

    Twinkle, okay lang yan. It is just you tube only. You can surf many other sites pa naman. You can read online newspapers. You can monitor the financial markets, so forth and so on.

    Di dapat ka magsisi, malayo naman ang presyo ng iba. So it can’t be compared. Remember, entry level touchscreen wifi phone ito. Follow my strategy, wait for a year or two. By that time, all these pda smartphones will be much more powerful and cheaper. I expect a phone with similar or greater capabilities as the current Iphone 3gs to be available at around the price of the star in a year or two. Samsung must innovate or else maiiwanan sila.

  247. elbert says:

    we should be happy with dis fone guys… madaling magdepreciate ang value ng gadgets… nagsisi ako nung binili ko yung n96 before. ganun lang din naman ang features wifi at 16 gb at 3g… bought it for 26k… pero nung bebenta na magkano nalang nasa 15k or less nakakahinayang di ba? compare nung nakuha ko tung fone na to parang kahit lumipas ang buwan di ako magsisisi may lumabas mang bago makakabili ka uli… tama si manny by year or two mas may lalabas na cheaper touchscreen fones na powerful na din… :) may laptop naman for wifi di ba?

  248. siddharta says:

    i got Samsung S5233W Star WiFi and i dont know how to install yahoo messenger on this phone i’ll try to search program for this phone but no lucky. anybody here can give me a idea or what to do for this problem.

  249. siddharta says:

    hahaha… LOL now i know how to install yahoo messenger in this phone hahaha yeahhh cool. and verry easy to use wifi its cool nice but i love my iphone parin hehehhe!!!!

  250. twinkle says:

    manny, i was in the mall yesterday.. I can play youtube videos using the free wifi :)

  251. pink says:

    sulit bang bumili ng star wifi?

  252. manny says:

    siddharta, teach us how to install ym. baka you know how to install other programs.

    twinkle, hindi kaya dahil password protected ang ating mga router sa bahay. hindi kaya dapat tanggalin natin and it might work. so twinkle, sa totoo lang di alam ng mga samsung why you tube does not really work.

  253. manny says:

    siddharta, please teach us how to install ym. Teach us also how to install other programs.

    Twinkle, that is really weird di ba. Baka nga our routers have password kaya di makaconnect sa bahay. Baka dapat tanggalin natin. It shows you how the help desk people in Samsung do not know what they are talking about.

    pink, it depends on your needs and budget. If you don’t need wifi, then get the cheaper iphone clones that cost 2.8k only. If you need wifi, then this is it. If you have lots of money and need to read ebooks, etc etc, then get the iphone.

  254. pink says:

    star wifi or without wifi? kung meron naman akong net sa bahay anu bang mas maganda?

  255. manny says:

    pink, as I said, it depends on your needs. If you do not need wifi while outside the house, then get the cheap iphone clones (which do not have wifi) which cost only 2.8k. If you need mobile wifi, then get this star wifi as this is the cheapest and is okay naman in function. I would not buy the plain star (no wifi) at 8.5k when I can get the iphone clone (which do not have wifi) for 2.8k only. I am also eagerly awaiting iphone clones with wifi below 10k. Hopefully they become a reality.

  256. joyce says:

    hi, just want to get your opinions. I was given a choice to get either the samsung star or nokia e65. I chose samsung star but after reading the comments here, i am now worried if i had the right choice. I can still change my order so i’ll really appreciate your advice :) thanks!

  257. kris says:

    hi guys! question, gusto ko maglagay ng video sa phone ko gamit ung pc studio kaso kapag dndrag ko na yung video sa phone ko, ngeerror.. ang lumalabas reconnect the device or restart the program.. bakit ganun?? please help me.. tpos nung iinstall ko yung pc studio sa laptop ko, ngffailed yung sa usb driver.. bakit ganun?? please please help me.. i’ll wait for your reply.

  258. manny says:

    kris, i think you have to reinstall your software. Baka nagkaproblema.

    joyce, i don’t know much about nokia e65 but looking at the pics, hindi siya touchscreen, walang wifi. So I don’t think you can compare with the star. ang mga kalaban ni star ay yung xpressmusic ng nokia.

  259. cecille says:

    It’s a good phone, has many features, but still has many irritating limitations.

    Has anyone tried to synch it with a pc? I tried to install the bundled software in 3 different pc’s and 2 different Os, but they don’t work. The Samsung site does not list support for this model.

    Another limitation is that you can’t store business cards sent to you from most other phones.

  260. jared says:

    Waa! Samsung S5233, I had this phone already and I really really love it. I bought it for 11k php with free silicon case cover, 2gb microsd and other freebies (such as bag, umbrella, LOL!) @ SM MOA.

    I love you using this phone because it has a lot of features. Di talaga ko nagsisi na binili ko toh. It has a stylus compartment on the top right corner of the phone, WI-FI, cool widgets, full touch UI, and blah blah. The quality of sound and camera is quite good. I’m very satisfied with this phone.

    Thanks a lot Samsung!

  261. elbert says:

    any update guys kung meron additional applicatons tayong pwedeng install?

  262. twinkle says:

    i think so manny.. unfortunately, i dunno how to remove the password at home.. haha.. have you tried it?

  263. jhael says:

    hi.. i was in starmall yesterday and i found out na meron na ding iphone china with wifi you can get it for 7500 neg. pa yon… hehehe.. ano kaya mas maganda yong clone iphone or etong star??? i want to buy new phone at the end of the month e..

  264. lhen says:

    ei gusys,pahelp naman po.. i got my samsung star kaso problem hndi ko mgamit yung wifi..ang lumalabas DNS failed.. anyone could help me set up the wifi please.. would greatly appreciated..thnks a lot:)

  265. lhen says:

    ei guys,pahelp naman po.. i got my samsung star kaso problem hndi ko mgamit yung wifi..ang lumalabas DNS failed.. anyone could help me set up the wifi please.. would greatly appreciated..thnks a lot:)

  266. manny says:

    jhael, if i were you i will get the iphone clone with wifi as long as it is exactly the same as the real iphone. if it is not exactly the same in abilities like the real iphone, i won’t get it. in short, i want good touchscreen phone with good camera with flash, video, good wifi, good browsing, documents editing whether it be doc, xls, ppt, pdf, etc and able to read ebooks; 3g, etc etc

    lhen, go to the samsung store so they can help you. it should not happen that way.

  267. lhen says:

    @ manny i tried na pumunta sa 2 samsung store pero di nila mgawan ng paraan.. pinapuunta nila ko sa north edsa baka system upgrade daw kailangan.. haaaaay

  268. bianca says:

    galing ako sa mall kanina..may nakita akong samsung corby ano bang mas maganda sa dalawa? star o corby?

  269. raimarc says:

    kuya manny, kapag ba nagyoutube ka sa bahay mo, nagpaplay ung youtube pero black lng and walang sound? kasi sakin, nagloload ung time para sa video pero wala ung video eh… is it my internet or router??

    I’m using PLDT DSL and a linksys router..

  270. me_ming says:


    im still in the process of thinking of buying this phone. anyone please help me decide?! im not really sure if i should “like” this phone. what i want for a phone now is;
    1. large memory for music and files;
    2. good camera resolution;
    3. as much as possible sana maka.access nang MS outlook (although pwedeng wala);

    hope u can help mne with this guys; how would anyone here rate this phone? and what are your basis? really appreciate your help guys.

  271. carlo says:

    magkano kaya samsung corby??

  272. Javee says:

    magkano na kya ung samsung star ngaun?
    both wifi and w/o wifi.

  273. manny says:

    bianca, star is better as it has wifi. corby wala. kung magcorby ka lang, get a iphone clone for 2k

    rainmarc, same problem. we can’t use it at home

    me_ming, get an iphone or iphone with wifi clone

    carlo, corby is 7.9k

    javee, star wifi is 11k, w/o wifi is 8.99k

  274. marie says:

    where can i buy the iphone clone?

  275. arjay says:

    san pwede makadownload ng themes ng samsung star?

  276. haja says:

    hey guys,which is better s5233 with wifi or nokia 5530?

    and did you resolve the wifi connection problem dns failed?

  277. lhen says:

    i already access the wifi:)

  278. manny says:

    marie, tiangge in greenhills

    arjay, don’t know. not into that.

    lhen, happy for you.

    haja, don’t know 5530 so can’t compare. as for lhen, you read it, okay na siya.

    my personal point of view: what is the lowest cost for a wifi capable smartphone? now the iphone wifi clone is the one that answers that question. I will go for that. prior to that coming out, it was samsung star wifi but the capabilities were limited compared to the iphone. anyway, the choice then was star wifi then so that it why I got the star wifi. No way will I spend more that 13k for a smartphone.

  279. manny says:

    I found out that the iphone clone with wifi is 7.2k. Better than star in the sense that it is cheaper, it has autofocus, it has 3g. Not as good as the real iphone as it can’t modify ms office documents so limited lang siya parang star. There was an iphone clone exactly the same as the iphone 15k lang pero nawala na sa market dahil iphone filed a case or something.

    anyway you can contact ANYA NEA AT (02)-3572889 / (0927)-8777810 / (0923)-2201391
    for more details. Nagsisisi na ako, I should have bought this clone or I should have bought the exact iphone clone. Cheaper na, stronger pa. Well, life is like that.

  280. manny says:

    dagdag pa pala, dual sim pa siya at may tv pa.

  281. kurt says:

    just got my new s5233 unit. kaso lng, got some trouble activating my GPRS. had consulted my service provider but as per them, di rin nila maactivate kasi daw wla p daw sa list nila tong model. i tried it manual activation pero di pa rin gumagana. please help me on this. tnx

  282. lhen says:

    may new problem is i cannot use the USB i always receive an error like this usb is not recognized… haaaaay.. i dont know if my phone has the problem or my PC :(

  283. lhen says:

    my new problem is i cannot use the USB i always receive an error like this usb is not recognized… haaaaay.. i dont know if my phone has the problem or my PC :(

  284. rhea says:

    how can i remove the gprs sign on the side?

  285. beckster says:

    @ lhen, i have my new s5233, nakakonnect ako thru wifi pero nung tried ko ulit dns failed na. what di u do?pldt mydsl ..dunno the router’s brand gamit ko.

    oh and ok lang ba ung may G everytime na nka on? kasi parang ung BILL kom sa globe lumolobo na

    pls help

    gosh i bought it for 11k kasi nga sale daw..waaaa un pala u can buy this at 9k?

  286. mackie says:

    i need to surf ok need na… kelangan e. yu g pina ka feature is yung speed is thre anything new about its operating systym? or ganun pa rin just like the old model na siraen

  287. farang says:


    pls better check more.. SAMSUNG STAR HAS A VERSION with WI-FI

    i love it.. bought in bangkok.. again its same style with wi-fi.. but price is 1,500php ++ than without wi-fi.

    i guess Philippines also have…pinoy pa pahuli ba!

  288. cleo says:

    Obviously when they made the phone, they were aiming to make it low key. SOOOO if u want a phone with 3G and Wifi, go ahead. some of us dont care about those things. I believe it’s a good phone and corresponds with its price. People Samsung DOES have phones with 3G,Wifi, HSDPA etc but was aiming to help us who cannot afford expensive phones but have considerable features.

  289. jae says:

    can someone let me know how to get cookies for this phone

  290. roma says:

    Just wanna ask… can I install Opera mini/mobile in this unit? If yes, does it work well? And which is better: Star WiFi or F480i?

  291. deka22 says:

    just bought my GT S5233W yesterday.. so far, i’m liking it..^^..

    hey guys, if cud give me some tips to maximize the use of my fone, that wud be great..( ung mga wala sa manual..hehe)

    san pati pde download ng widgets/ games/ apps nito..thanks!

  292. grrrrr says:

    kainis, i went to the GLOBE telecom to set up the connection of my globe internet, i asked the girl if she could fix the settings for me to connect to the internt.sabi nya, ah ounta ka sa pinagbilhan mo nyan,asar! then told her na, naka plan and i have a friend who has a fone like the Star and went to Smart and just a snap, ok na.pero si GLOBE sabi, ano ba fone mo, chinafone ba to?whhhattttttt!!!! omg, napagkamalan na China fone ang STAR wifi ko?kainis di ba?was pissed off that time. ohh, dahil sa inis ko, sabi ko im not lleaving unless u fix the settings of my happend at globe-sm manila

  293. joje says:

    @beckster san daw nkakabili ng nine?? may nkita aku sa welcom 9790.. sa rob gelleria.. at ung isa pang store dun it’s 10k+ pero sa samsung sa megamol 11k nga

  294. roma says:

    Dito sa Davao 11.2K ang Star Wi-Fi but pwede 0% installment for 6mos depende sa card. Without WiFi 9k+. Additional question: Is micro SDHC compatible with this phone?

  295. Javee says:

    ask lng po..san mkakabili ng iphone clone na 2-3k lng??

  296. cha says:

    Hi I am planning to buy Samsung star but I can’t decide if I’ll be buying the one w/ wifi or w/o! I have a Samsung brochure showing great samsung sale from october 17-nov. 30,2009 in SM MOA, SM mega & SM north. The one without wifi cost 8,990 with free silicon case The star wifi is 11,000.00 but with free silicon case & 2GB microSD! So 2k din a ng difference nung star wifi may free 2gb pa! And diffrence lang nman ng is the wifi, 3g and led flash di ba? Pero hindi ba shorter ang baterry life nung star wifi?

    And I’m also planning to get either the white or pink color but I had a samsung u700 before w/c really sucks! natutuklap white color nya tpos palpak tlga flex! as in several times ko na pinagawa sira again angflex! HIndi talaga maganda ang mga slide phone ng samsung…So im just hoping na sana ok tong touch phone series nila ngayon…

  297. jehca says:

    hi sa mga globe user my gprs setting na ba para sa star?nung tumwag kasi ako lastmonth ang sabi wala pa daw silang settings..i dont know if meron n ngaun…

  298. kim says:

    sa sm bacoor ang star with wifi nasa 9k something lng..hnd siya lalagpas ng 10k..brandnew..and this phone is great..ung sounds nia aus dn magandang tumunog..ung camera aus dn,,malinaw dn sya..den ang mgnda d2 may wifi sya..5/5 rate ko dito sa phone na to

  299. luiboowee says:

    ang problem lang na sabi sa Samsung, hindi daw pwede simultaneous ang applications. So kunwari you’re surfing the net then may nag-text, you first need to close your browser before you could access your inbox. Then, panibagong session ulit sa internet.

    tama ba ito?

    doon sa nagsasabi na why need a phone with WiFi if you already have a laptop.. mas madaling mag-access sa net thru phone lalo na if you just need to have a quick look sa isang website. May wifi dito sa bahay and most of the time gusto ko lang mag-check nang mabilis sa isang website. Mas dyahe kung turn on ko pa PC/Laptop ko (wait pa mag boot). Ayun, and for example yung resto na pinuntahan mo may free wifi, sayang naman kasi not all the time dala ko ang laptop/netbook ko, so again, quick browsing sa internet magagawa ko thru wifi. Like kanina, we just need to check kung how much yung accommodation sa isang hotel tapos free wifi sa coffee shop, no one brought a laptop and our phones do not have wlan/wifi. Sad db? hehe.

  300. elbert says:

    sa activation ng gprs for globe, sun and smart paki check yung fone nyo kung meron option sa settings na you will just select yung connection…
    go to settings
    operator settings
    then select yung operator nyo…
    tapos restart po….
    then try to send mms and connect sa net.

  301. kristin says:

    waaahh.. super confuse wat am i going 2 buy.. n5530 or samsung star.. but i agree with grace wong msmdli mgpgawa ng nokia compare with samsung.. i like the look of samsung star but n5530 have wifi.. help me wat should i buy.. since d nmn cla ngkakalau ng price…help pls

  302. starr says:

    @ lhen, pahelp naman, panu mo napagana yun wifi mo, ngsearh na ako sa net wala ako nakit, so baka matulongan mo ako, ano ginawa mo para maalis yun DNS error..? pls help anyone

  303. ganns says:

    No one’s answered the “Is the Star compatible with a Mac” question, and Google isn’t too helpful. Does anyone have any information on this?

  304. roma says:

    @kristin, there’s a wifi version of samsung star, too. costs 10k at

  305. Eff says:

    Hey guys. Good thing someone started this thread. Thank you.

    Anyhow. I’m planning to buy this phone, star, but without wifi. I’m just wondering what possible problems I might encounter with this phone. What i should be prepared of.

    Btw, samsung is on sale now that’s why im planning to buy. haha. if im not able to purchase this one, i’ll go with sony ericsson. i only want this ’cause of its price and of being a touch screen type. (First time)

    i hope this phone will last for 1 1/2 year. :)

  306. starr says:

    pahelp naman, panu mo napagana yun wifi mo, ngsearh na ako sa net wala ako nakit, so baka matulongan mo ako, ano ginawa mo para maalis yun DNS error..? pls help anyone

  307. beckster says:

    @joje, sa samsung ko nbili ung star wifi ko, super duper ok na for me.i can use both wifi and gprs anytime. punta ka sa samsung b4 nov ends para sale pa.8,900 w/o wifi.11k w/ wifi.

    i got mine for 11k with free bag, umbrella and white casing na un/:P pero wala naman free MSD eh.

    dun sa mga may prob sa gprs, go to ur nearest tel. co…pero sasabihin nila wala pa sa list nila ang star..kulitin nyo para ayusin nila( pero the truth is di nila alam use ung fone.)paayos nyo settings

    about tsa DNS error, if the connection sucks u’ll recv a DNS error.

    pag wifi use mo, check mo settings then browse profile then click mo ung wifi or if GPRS globe connect if nka plan ka, if no, sa globe internet
    lang…depende sa connection na gusto mo.

  308. kristin says:

    @roma.. thnx for the info hehe now im thinking qng anu msmgnda since 10k pla ung ung my wifi.. hmmmm isa nlng pgkakaiba ng 5530 xaka star.. ung flash.. hehe.. anu b msmgnda resolution nokia or samsung.. thnx..

  309. janneth says:

    i bought my samsung star wifi @alimall for 11k, w/ free bag, umbrella, 2gb micro sd, leather case and free e1080 phone upon presenting my receipt the next day. super mega sulit sya ksi daming free, i can connect to the net thru gprs and edge pero sa wifi dns failed lagi. help help help!

  310. starr says:

    sa mga gumagamit ng samsung star wifi na lagi DNS error. When you get the DNS error with wifi, turn off the phone, wait a few seconds, turn on again. Re-connect to the wifi and it will work.. natry ko gumana..

  311. rica says:

    I bought mine at alimall din last saturday lang. Pero ang free ko lng is the sling bag and swiss knife. Bakit ganun?

  312. roma says:

    may free ba sa samsung stores ngayon? nationwide?

    was able to test one earlier kasi BIL ng friend ko meron. ok naman kaya lang dalawa ang natest ko. yung isa iphone 3GS ng friend ko. Waah! Ang ganda ng screen ng iPhone sobra! Pero ang ganda rin ng price… never mind na lang.

    last question: does this unit start to lag considerably the longer you use it? sa SE ko kasi i think same pa rin ang performance when i first bought it unlike sa nokia unit ko na ang bagal na.

    @kristin, not sure sa cam. pero mukhang ok naman ang sample shots sa gsmarena taken from samsung star and mas ok ang reviews nila sa cam nito compared sa nokia 5530.

  313. marc says:



    (200 INBOX, 200 SENT, 50 DRAFTS, 50 OUTBOX)





    STAR WIFI COST 11K AND N5530 IS 13K…


    I WILL BUY N5530……TNX GUYS!!!

  314. rica says:

    I’m getting the DNS Failed error when trying to open a browser din. Tried to turn off and on but same thing pa rin.

    @lhen, what did you do to resolve your issue? help please.

  315. kristin says:

    @marc.. thnx marc for the info now im decided wat to buy ill go for n5530 hehe okei lng n msmahal qng mgeenjoy nmn aq.. im excited 2 have my 5530.. super thnx..i hope mkahanap k ng buyer ng fone mu..=)

  316. reborn^^ says:

    tama bang pag compare ang samsung star sa smart phone?

    hehe..d nman pu katapat ng samsung star ang N5530 e..

    peace! maganda nman tlga un N5530 e.

    –Star Owner

  317. starr says:

    @ricca, just open your wifi then select the name of the wifi you desire, then after that reboot your samsung star then wait for few seconds, then turn on your phone, then try to connect it again. hope will help you..

  318. haja says:

    ei panu gamitin ung youtube dito??
    kxe lalabas lng connected tpo “connection has been lost” help???

  319. mackie says:

    ei guys check this out. hahahah work me sa game dimension sa robinsons forum 2nd floor

    we sell game consoles and even mobile phones pati samsung preston jet at ultra. ok mas mura dun kaya pl drop bye look for mackie

  320. marc says:




  321. kristin says:

    @marc student plng nmn pu aq kya dq kailangan ng elegant looks ng fone heheh mstype q ung cute hehehe.. here in antipolo n5530 cost 11,300.. mas cheaper d2..

    and btw we’re just comparing samsung star ang n5530 kc halos prehas ung specs nila my pgkakaiba lng ng konti.. im just asking suggestions from the owner of star.. ayoko kc mgcc at the end.. =)

  322. marc says:



  323. rica says:

    @starr, thanks it worked. I can now connect to WiFi

    Now I’m trying to connect using gprs. Globe doesn’t have settings for this phone yet.

  324. nek says:

    i’m fr0m davao city..i bought dis 2 weeks ago..di ko ma gamit ang wifi so pina-check ko sa customer service nila sa wiltelcom…abay
    Bwesit ang technicia nila dun! mas sira pa sa phone! walang modo! nag customer service pa xa!

    ABAY KILANGAN KO DAW PA PHOTOCOPY ANG RESIBO TAPOS MAGBAYAD! wala namang sira pa check lng baket ni ma avail ang wifi!
    “DINDO” ang pangalan..

    SAMSUNG DAVAO,please lng paki check ng mga tao nyo!

  325. jehca says: new applications na ba or any updates for samsung star na pwedeng iinstall?^^

  326. Dk says:

    there is this model of samsung star GT-5233W it has wifi……o_O

  327. tiler says:

    anyone selling 2nd hand star w/ wifi?
    6,500. flawless

  328. tiler says:

    anyone selling 2nd hand star w/ wifi?
    6,500. flawless 09228434429 i’m from pasig

  329. beckster says:

    @rica, globe has settings na, im using globe globe connect if plan and if not, globe internet… i can browse anytime.don’t forget to subscribe to TIME send to 1111 5 for 15 mins.

  330. tiler says:

    anyone selling?? samsung star without wifi..
    second hand i’ll buy it for 6,500 txt me 09228434429.. i’m only college stud and i can’t afford to buy bnew.. thankx

  331. kristin says:

    @marc im planning 2 buy the white one with pink flowers design… so cute pro pg d available bka ung white en blue nlng.. pra pg ntripan q ipa gmask mas mura hehe..ung black kc prang common n.. heheh

  332. joyce says:

    hi everyone, i decided to get samsung star na instead of nokia e63 :)and i love it!!!

    does anyone of you know how to use the internet if you are a sun postpaid subscriber? i was able to access the net na using smart but i shifted to sun, i dont know how to fix the settings :) thanks!!!

  333. xfk2624 says:

    To Joyce, If you are using Sun, samsung star has automatic settings for globe sun and smart.. just try this one.. go to settings, then select operator settings. select Sun from there. pc will restart..automatically, all settings (gprs, internet, mms) will be for sun na..
    *** s5233 has only 2 themes.. anybody there who’s able to download any theme and how he/she did it? i want black background kasi instead of white..

  334. jehca says:


    are u going to buy a second hand samsung star without wi-fi?coz im selling my star..and regards to the site that u’ve posted, 3months warranty lang xa ang usual kasi is 1year warranty..2 months old pa lang ung star ko sakin..ndi ko xa maxadong nggamit kasi 2 phone ko…

  335. tiler says:

    i just bought mine yesterday.. brand new.. thanks..

  336. tiler says:

    anyone knows if it’ possible to place 1 picture per desktop?? cause when i’m setting a pic as wallpaper the pic divides into three… it does not look good… but the phone is good.. the features is good..

  337. tiler says:

    features ARE good LOL haha

  338. john says:

    at greenhills others will say 9k and 8k.. but there re some who sells for 7.5, 7.3…
    original.. i asked samsung personnel to check my phone and he says it’s original but the only thing is no warranty. complete. pouch, headset, charger, cd and manual

  339. jewel says:

    need some advice kasi magbbday ako and i want to buy star pero confuse ako kung may wifi ang bibilhin ko o yung wala ..student palang ako.. how much na ba ang samsung star without wifi and star with wifi?

  340. tiler says:

    sino d2 ang natry na ang 16gb na memory card? pede ba sa samsung star o hanggang 8gb lng?? and what brand.. thanx..

  341. MACKIE GEMAGAN says:

    09267227401 GLOBE
    09183014977 SMART


    PS3 SLIM
    PS2 SLIM
    XBOX 360


  342. kaboink says:

    ei anyone there selling their samsung star w/0 wifi???

    interested ir 7.3k is ok,

    mit up at alabang,,

    contact me ir 09166589015

  343. john says:

    sorry but the one that costs 7.4 and 7.5k at greenhills is 2nd hand and not good.

  344. Julie Oosterbos says:

    Is there a stylus in it ?

  345. roy says:

    ey guys, im planning to buy samsung star with wifi within this week, i just wanted to ask what are things to check when buying the item? i’ve read that i have to test the wifi if its functioning correctly and what else? what are the things included in the package?

    Thank you

  346. quenelle says:

    hi guys! help me choose between samsung star and nokia 5600… pls. im buying before christmas dat as a present for myself… many thanx!

  347. harley says:

    ei guys my gf selling her samsung star w/o wifi(PINK)
    7k n lng po, need lng ng extra cash kaya benta namin 3mnths p lng po sya, good as new po, silicon, charger, pouch, box….contact me at 09395836924 tnx

  348. quenelle says:

    what i mean isbetween samsung star and nokia 5530. i dont need to have a wifi.
    pls advise…

  349. genelicious says:

    @ kaboink – hi there :) i hav a samsung star w/o wifi.. i bought it last aug and im selling it for just 7.5k.. i just want to buy a new fone :)

  350. harley says:

    @ quenelle buy u n lng samsung star ko bigay ko 7k walang gasgas good as new un with box and warranty, and freebies

  351. crissy says:

    hi..i just wanna know the latest price of samsung star w/ wifi?how much na po cya?and where can i buy one?

  352. royal says:

    I have the wifi version, it’s really nice. But my problem with it is that, when I’m connected to one wifi connection and then when i disconnect it and use a different connection, it won’t connect. I have to restart the phone pa so it would work. T__T;

    And i notice it tends to restart by itself when I browse sites or go to youtube. I have it for a month, and it restarted for almost 10 times na.

  353. marsh says:

    so okay naman yung wifi? pero nagrerestart yung phone? binibenta sya sa SM iloilo for P9990 na lang yung wifi version alto baka walang memory card included..

  354. petiksmode says:

    OK tong fone na to bumili ako nung may wifi kaya lang dalawa lang ung theme nakakainis.

  355. crissy says:

    is samsung star wifi availble in sm north?how much na po ba ang latest price nya dun?

  356. gwenry says:

    hi, pinagpilian ko yung samsung star and nokia 5800 or 5530, ang suggest sakin sa shop better to get nokia 5530 because my free 4 gig na, user friendly and no hassle, unlike samsung, medyo naghang nga “daw” saka mas maganda ang features, kasi halos pareho lang ng 5800 ang 5530, ang pagkakaiba lang ay much bigger screan and has a 3g kesa 5530, pero same lang with wifi pa ang maganda rin features, with lots of application ang can downloaded themes from the net. unlike ksi sa star, medyo wala pa ata. saka may mga flaws pa daw sabi sa store, sa tingin ko tama naman nung nagsabi sakin, kasi so far ang daming ngbebenta ng samsung star sa net na 2nd hand, maybe di sila satisfy sa features and performance ng star.

  357. jenny says:

    nokia? madaling masira…eversince ayoko ng Nokia.
    marami silang service centers kasi nga…madaling masira,, horrible phones specially ung high end nila. tsk tsk… kung nokia talaga ipapapili, best brand nila 3210.

  358. jenny says:

    bibili ako ng star :D

  359. Xandrouz says:

    for the price update, here it is:

    Samsung S5233 wifi 1Yr Official Samsung Warranty
    PHP 10,000.00 as of Dec 22, 2009.


  360. anev says:

    hi, just wanna ask if this s5233 is a dualband phone? will it be working at norway specifically? thanks.

  361. homer says:

    i just bought a samausng star with wifi two days ago and it has been causing me stress.the wifi doesn’t work.always getting dns error.nakakasisi.

  362. detcruz says:

    hi!!i like it..samusung stAR WIFI….
    pero may tatanung ako kc un samsung star wifi camera,bkit ayaw ma-flash camera??kc kapag pinatay ko ilaw sa bahay eh ayaw makita un picture kaya wala flash..paanu un???help me pls…

  363. kei says:

    I want to buy the model with wifi in white… pero parang nadadalawang isip po tuloy ako because of the comments I’ve read here about the problem sa wifi and the issues about the phone freezing. Can anyone confirm this? hindi po ba talaga maganda bilhin yung s5233w?

  364. Ria says:

    Mahal talaga ipagawa ung star lalo kung naupuan or inupuan. It will fall under negligence kasi or misuse/abuse thus void ang warranty. :)

    kapag ayaw mag connect ng wifi nyo, restart nyo lang. KEI, wlang flash yang samsung star!!!!

    HOMER, baka naman naka lock ung wifi mo. lagay mo ung password sa network key.

    ANEV, quadband sya.

  365. Ria says:

    Kapag hindi gumagana ung youtube, try nyo installan ng flash player. Isa din reason is hindi compatible yung wifi sa phone. Un lang ang sinbi skn ng employee sa samsung. :) I used to work for samsung rin pala so if you have any questions, baka makatulong din ako

  366. Ria says:

    maganda ang cam ng samsung pero medyo basag ang sounds. tapos kapag may kausap ka sa phone medyo msakit sa ears.

  367. Mark says:


    Pangit po ba talaga yung sound or sa speaker lang ng phone? Sayang naman kung hindi maganda quality ng sounds, mas gusto ko kasi mag soundtrip kaysa kumuha ng picture.

    Nalilito na ako kung Cookie or Star pagiipunan ko haha! Pero based on the reviews and comments regarding these two, I guess Star wins :)

    Kaya lang, may naka-experience na ba na nawawalan ng signal dito sa Star?


  368. mitch says:

    i’m not satisfied with the camera, blurred kasi sya pag nagttake ako ng pictures (indoors-maliwanag naman), dahil ba un sa wala syang auto focus? wat advice nyo para makakuha ako magandang pic?
    by the way – 10,300 bili ko sa phone ko sa sm north peo walang memory card.. sale pa daw un.

  369. Hai! i have the samsung star w/o wifi. maayus naman lahat, one thing na ayaw ko sa star camera is that AYAW nya sa artificial light, i min sobrang pangit nya kapag indoor. grabe, under sunlight lang gusto nya. gaunu rin ba sa inyong mga owners? and Can somebody teach me how the samsung studio works, pls. hindi ko kse tlaga alm pls. and may flv to 3gp converter ba ang samsung studio, videos which i can play on my phone? tnx, merry christmas everyone

  370. Pitimuno says:

    Hello everyone I just bought my GT-S5233W yesterday, and I’ve installed the software through my laptop. But there is a problem sa driver ng USB may nag pop-up na message “Usb driver install error. Unable to lunch the 1, 2, 3 & 5 Driver Setup file! Code:1” what does it mean? Can anyone help kung anong ibig sabihin nito? My O.S. is Windows7. May kinalaman ba eto dito? Thank you guys please give me feedback.

  371. kei says:

    @RIA alam ko pong walang flash ang s5233w, I’ve read that already sa specs. Si DETCRUZ po ang naghahanap ng flash. I was asking po about sa problem sa wifi and the issues about the phone freezing kung totoo ba talaga. Please read the replies carefully.

  372. rodj says:

    mga dudes, help namn. may samsung star ako, pero mahina speakers. gus2 ko sana malaman ung code na itatype tsaka ung step by step na procedure kung ppano. or if you have websites nlng that can help..thanks a lot!

  373. KEI says:

    KEI, my bad. well sa wifi, problem lang naman kapag hindi malakas ang signal ng pinag coconnectan mo. so dapat talaga malapit ka sa router/provider. Sa freezing, never ko naman un naexperience pero naeexperience ko is minsan namamatay ang phone.

    RODJ, medyo mahina talaga ung sounds ng samsung. Pwera sa M3510. dun kasi nalalakasan ako. (Dapat lang kasi kasama ung sa mga the beat editions which is counterpart ng Express Music) Kung level 14 na ung sounds mo, sagad na un!

    Regarding sa camera, check nyo kung sagad na 3.2mp na sya. Pero since wala syang flash, hindi ok pag madilim na ung lugar or pangit ang ilaw indoors.

    Sa price naman, naging 11k lang ung s5233w with free umbrella, bag, micro sd na 2gb, silicon case nung great samsung sale period. Standard price un sa mga GSS participants sa MOA MEGA NORTH EDSA. :)

    Ngayon hindi ko lang alam magkano pero feeling ko bababa na ung value ng star kasi magkakaron ng corby pro (B5310) next year. 3g na kasi un na wifi. touch screen and qwerty na rin. Improved version of the b3410.

    kaso kaya hindi ko to hinintay kasi ayoko ng mga nasslide na phones kasi magiging problem dto in the future is ung flex nya. Mahal kasi ang flex kapag hindi na under warranty plus labor mo pa! :) sayang lang kasi 3g phone na sya na touch scree na may wifi. :P

  374. Pitimuno says:

    Hello I just bought my GT-S5233W last 2 days ago, and I’ve installed the software through my laptop. But there is a problem sa connection driver ng USB cable hindi nya ma-detect yung mobile fone thru sa laptop ko. Tapos may nag pop-up na message sa screen ng laptop ko it said “Usb driver install error. Unable to lunch the 1, 2, 3 & 5 Driver Setup file! Code:1″ what does it mean? I re-installed again the software pero ganun pa din. Can anyone help me naman kung anong gagawin ko dito? May kinalaman ba eto sa windows ko? My O.S. is Windows7. Please give me feedback guys. Thanks a lot!

  375. RIA says:

    KEI, my bad. well sa wifi, problem lang naman kapag hindi malakas ang signal ng pinag coconnectan mo. so dapat talaga malapit ka sa router/provider. Sa freezing, never ko naman un naexperience pero naeexperience ko is minsan namamatay ang phone.

    RODJ, medyo mahina talaga ung sounds ng samsung. Pwera sa M3510. dun kasi nalalakasan ako. (Dapat lang kasi kasama ung sa mga the beat editions which is counterpart ng Express Music) Kung level 14 na ung sounds mo, sagad na un!

    Regarding sa camera, check nyo kung sagad na 3.2mp na sya. Pero since wala syang flash, hindi ok pag madilim na ung lugar or pangit ang ilaw indoors.

    Sa price naman, naging 11k lang ung s5233w with free umbrella, bag, micro sd na 2gb, silicon case nung great samsung sale period. Standard price un sa mga GSS participants sa MOA MEGA NORTH EDSA. :)

    Ngayon hindi ko lang alam magkano pero feeling ko bababa na ung value ng star kasi magkakaron ng corby pro (B5310) next year. 3g na kasi un na wifi. touch screen and qwerty na rin. Improved version of the b3410.

    kaso kaya hindi ko to hinintay kasi ayoko ng mga nasslide na phones kasi magiging problem dto in the future is ung flex nya. Mahal kasi ang flex kapag hindi na under warranty plus labor mo pa! :) sayang lang kasi 3g phone na sya na touch scree na may wifi. :P


  376. anev says:

    RIA: hehe i was supposed to ask if its quadband rather.:) kc galing ako store kanina, and they told me its not quadband/triband. kainis, i was about to buy na if quadband xa. bat ganun? hndi ba pare pareho na quadband??? im going abroad kc and i want to have it. and since you work sa samsung before quadband = okay sa europe db?? thanks.

  377. anev says:

    and what is HSDPA anyway?

  378. Ria says:


    QUADBAND talaga ang star. anong shop pinuntahan mo? Baka hindi lang alam ng frontliner ng pinuntahan mong shop. So far Quadband pinaka mataas or malawak na band range. So yes, pwede abroad. pwera lang sa japan kasi kailangan 3g phone din dun.

    HSDPA is High speed downlink packet access. it works faster compared to gprs :)

  379. anev says:

    local shop here in ilocos. wala kc sa flyers ng samsung, not indicated na quadband ang s5233. thats why. :(

    anyways, thanks ria, and happy new year.

  380. manny says:

    After a few months, I am quite satisfied with it considering its price.

    However, there are some drawbacks. They are the following:
    1. can’t load and see youtube videos if your wifi is password encoded. So remove your password connection.
    2. lousy camera and video, can’t shoot at night, no autofocus, very low resolution
    3. can’t really read ebooks, can only read simple pdf and word files
    4. can’t edit office documents like spreadsheets, word processing, presentations and database
    5. can’t multitask, you have to stop what you are doing if you are going to read your message or answer your phone

    The good points are the following:
    1. cheapest wifi capable brand-name phone. You can get cheaper wifi capable but these are unknown clones
    2. touchscreen
    3. good audio…reputed to be better than iphone even
    4. nice look, occasionally mistaken for an iphone

    Eagerly awaiting the new product apple is introducing next year…it will be in between the imac and the iphone. Sana it won’t be very expensive.

  381. ranuj says:

    if you like sounds buy n 5800!!!!!!!!

  382. eriyaki says:

    Hi everyone, im new to samsung but im planning palang to have one.
    Im choosing if im gonna buy samsung star or corby pro. gusto ko kasi with wifi but i found the star one is more cheaper. but im going to buy on february pa naman :p

    do you know any other samsung phone with wifi na hindi lalagpas ng 10.5k? and xempre yung subok na if meron kau iaadvise for me about the unit you want to recommend.

    Thanks :)

  383. eriyaki says:

    anyone here used to buy cellphone in greenhills?

    ok naman ba?… thanks uli :D

  384. daniel_giovannie says:

    I’ve purchased a set of S5322S… I’m satisfied…really. But, I really need free ms office for this mobile. thanks.

  385. vav says:

    hi guys

    @ manny, that’s also my problem. ayaw mag open ng youtube, haven’t tried using any wifi hotspot that doesn’t require a password. sucks din kasi may password yong wifi dito sa bahay. wala ba iba magagawa jan?

    i really wanted n5530xm, it has some features that star doesn’t have. but for 2 weeks now, i’m happy with the phone naman.

    additional question nga pala, does it support ms word and ppt files?

  386. marky says:

    I am selling my samsung star S5233 for 6,500. I just need money now… I haven’t used it that much coz i have other fones. Anyone interested could reach me through my email [email protected]

  387. jerry says:

    the counter part of this for nokia is nokia 5800 xpres music! see spechs

  388. marky says:

    it would be better to text na lang pala. w/out wifi nga pala yun. 09174355867

  389. ria says:

    daniel_giovannie Hindi sya nakaka edit ng ms documents. Viewer lang sya. Ung Mga windows mobile ng samsung and Samsung hd nakaka view at edit ngMs Word at Excel.

    vav- ang star nakaka view ng ms word at excel pero ppt hindi ko sure. Basta Docu viewer ang star hindi edit.

    For the wifi na hindi maka view ng Utube, according sa nakausap ko sa sepco nung nagwowork pa ko dun, may compatibility pa daw kasi ung phone sa router.

    Base on my experience, nakakapag utube naman ako kaso may times tlaga na ayaw. Ang sinsabi ay BAD REQUEST. So hindi rin masure if sa connection nyo, sa phone, sa wifi/router or may mali kayong setting or may kailangan i-configure.

    Hindi naman kasi ako ganun ka apektado sa youtube issue. Pwede naman kasi mag youtube sa laptop o pc. Pwede din naman maglagay ng videos sa phone. Maraming alternative. :)

    when I was still working at SEPCO, natatawa nalang din ako because some people expect so much from samsung phones specially sa mga high end.

    It’s still a phone! It’s not a tv. It’s not a laptop.

    Yun lang :)

  390. idlewild says:

    @ria, i guess you’re right regarding the youtube issue. i was able to view youtube videos using our office’s wifi (linksys router) kahit na password-protected pero hindi sa bahay (tplink router).

    i think it really doesn’t matter if password-protected ang access point. i think it all boils down to this:

    1) you are connected to either an open wifi or a secured one with a correct network key
    2) your browser profile and media player vod settings are configured to use this connection
    3) router is compatible with your phone

    overall, i’m happy with the phone. very responsive touch screen.

  391. ria says:

    idlewild replied on Jan 5th, 2010 at 12:31 pm (395)

    @ria, i guess you’re right regarding the youtube issue. i was able to view youtube videos using our office’s wifi (linksys router) kahit na password-protected pero hindi sa bahay (tplink router).

    i think it really doesn’t matter if password-protected ang access point. i think it all boils down to this:

    1) you are connected to either an open wifi or a secured one with a correct network key
    2) your browser profile and media player vod settings are configured to use this connection
    3) router is compatible with your phone

    overall, i’m happy with the phone. very responsive touch screen.


  392. ria says:

    Another thing pala, make sure na ung browsr profile nyo eh ung saan kayo naka connect. pag naka wifi kayo tpos myglob connect naman ang browser profile nyo, hindi yan mag youtube. ganon kasi na experience ng iba naming customers dati. kahit sa samsung jet. :) check nyo narin ung vod setting. dapat same din un sa kung san kayo naka connect at sa browser profile nyo

  393. idlewild says:

    i did more research on the problem relating to youtube over wifi and apparently, it’s not only limited to this particular phone. i’ve read about some users experiencing the same problem with their se, nokia, and even blackberry phones. turns out it has something to do with routers blocking off rtsp streams.

    if you notice, the youtube icon is just a shortcut to when you click on a video, it is streamed thru rtsp. provided you can access the internet thru wifi but getting errors when loading the video, your router is probably at fault as explained here:

    “If your phone isn’t playing any videos while you’re on WiFi, the WiFi connection might not allow RTSP streaming traffic.”

    so the solution is to allow rtsp streams in your router. some routers are already configured for this but for the others, you’ll have to do it yourself. this is a bit technical to set up so you might want to ask some people to do it for you. i got my idea here:,1.html.

    i just basically turned DMZ on for my phone and all is good now :)

    hope this helps current and future owners of this phone. before making any conclusions that its wifi feature isn’t good enough, consider checking that you’re using the right configuration.

    reiterating what i posted before, when accessing the internet make sure of the following:

    1) you are connected to either an open wifi or a secured one with a correct network key
    2) your browser profile, media player vod setting, and java application connection setting are configured to use this connection
    3) the router is configured to allow rtsp streams

  394. RameeAdams says:


    Pa help naman on how to edit Edge or GPRS or Internet settings that you can turn it off or on.

    Like Nokia E63, there is a setting where you can turn off connection from connection manager or set internet connection “when needed”

    I checked all possible settings with the phone(s5233 wifi) and i just cant get the part where to set it up.

    Is it automatic disconnection once u logout from the browser or is there somewhere you need to press an icon same as Wi-Fi to disconnect the Egde connection or internet. Manual was not that helpful. I Called Smart and was not helpful as well. I am just wondering coz it myt continue eating up my load when you only need 1 hr of mobile internet.

    Please help. Thanks! email me or post here.
    I will check on this daily.

  395. queng says:

    Good morning, everyone!

    Hubby just gifted me with a Samsung star w/ wifi (would love to have the one in soft pink kaso silver binili niya para raw pwede rin nya gamitin…;)

    Anyway, hope you can help me with the following concerns/queries…

    • Can I copy/move all my contacts from my old phone to Star in just one go? What I’ve been doing kasi so far is to transfer each contact one by one through Bluetooth.

    • I read in some posts that they’re able to watch movies thru this fone. How do I do that?

    • When I’m connected to wi-fi, how do I know that I’m browsing thru the wifi and not thru Globe’s GRPS? When I tried last night kasi, I got an immediate connection to our wifi sa house. When I opened the browser and tried to surf a site, me nag-prompt na “your…can’t connect, would you like to switch to wifi?” How do I surf na straight to wifi kaagad?

    Hope somebody can help me. Thanks so much!

  396. RIA says:

    • Can I copy/move all my contacts from my old phone to Star in just one go? What I’ve been doing kasi so far is to transfer each contact one by one through Bluetooth.

    ANSWER: Copy from old phone to sim then sim to new phone. Sorry, mano mano gingawa namin sa shop.

    I read in some posts that they’re able to watch movies thru this fone. How do I do that?

    ASNWER: download a movie in an mp4 format. transfer to phone. if this doesnt work, usually may problem na file unsupported or rate over bit or bit over rate ata.. something like that, u need to download a software. (I am using moyea)

    When I’m connected to wi-fi, how do I know that I’m browsing thru the wifi and not thru Globe’s GRPS? When I tried last night kasi, I got an immediate connection to our wifi sa house. When I opened the browser and tried to surf a site, me nag-prompt na “your…can’t connect, would you like to switch to wifi?” How do I surf na straight to wifi kaagad?

    ANSWER: Read threads here. It will help u. Naexplain ko na to eh.


    on the wifi, connect. kapag may password i edit nyo. lagay nyo password sa network key.

    then, go to internet. sa browser profile dapat pareho sa kung san kayo naka connect.. example, sm free wifi kayo naka connect dpat sm free wifi din browser profile nyo.



    Ask me nalang kung may magulo dito. :)

  397. idlewild says:

    @RameeAdams, @queng: check your browser profile settings under main menu -> settings -> application settings -> browser profiles. make sure the wifi AP you’re going to use is selected. you also need to set the VOD settings for the media player (under application settings) to this as well if you’re going to stream youtube videos.

    i usually set my home wifi as default for both and just change it when needed to use other wifi APs. haven’t used GPRS though but you should be seeing your provider’s connection under the browser profile as well.

  398. marc says:

    @eriyaki – if i wer u i will buy n5530xm…bumili me ng star last nov and ndi me naging satisfied sa features nya buti nlng nbenta ko agad sya nd i bought n5530xm…mas mrming features and you can do multi tasking which is very important…me auto focus ung camera and flash so you can capture good images even night…

  399. bonjovi says:

    im goin to buy this phone 2m… @ SM batangas… sana ung mkuha ko aus.. 5800 sana ung bblhin ko, pro short ung buget ko, at base sa comment ng majorty, ok nmn ung phone n to.. help me guys kung skaling my problem ung phone..tnx! ºº,

  400. RameeSareno says:

    Thanks for that one Ria! Surely this was a relief.

  401. hyde says:

    sa samsung store mismo ako bumili ng nito phone 10.5k price niya yung iba 9.99k pero ok lang libre nman mag pa set ng setting at open ng wifi atska naninigurado lang ako kay sa mismo store ako bumili

  402. bonjovi says:

    i got d phone na… one question: how can i change d message tone?? tnx!

  403. bianca says:

    ask ko lang po..why po di nagana yung movie na nadownload ko pag nilagay ko sa phone? ano po bang format dapat? thanks

  404. idlewild says:

    @bonjovi, to change the message tone, go to settings -> phone profiles then click the “>>” of the current profile you’re using. there’s a dropdown selection for incoming, new messages and phone sounds so select new messages. you can then configure your message tone.

  405. nix says:

    nokia 5530xm is better than this phone

  406. bonjovi says:

    i c…tnx idlewild….

    ask po ulet: ilang oras po tumatagal ang batery nyu?

  407. Javee says:

    2-3 days battery life ng akin

    try niu update firmware niu ^_^

    ..wala bang review para sa samsung b3410?plano ko kc bilhan gf q.

  408. tiler says:

    star is good, i’m satisfied with it.,

  409. RIA says:

    @ Bianca: I’ve discussed about this concern before. download a movie in an mp4 format. transfer to phone. if this doesnt work, usually may problem na file unsupported or rate over bit or bit over rate ata.. something like that, u need to download a software. (I am using moyea)

  410. Javee says:

    @ Bianca gamitin mu pu ung samsung new pc studio ksama n pu un sa package ng cellphone niu. convert niu pu un video gmit un samsung new pc studio

  411. Ramee Adam says:

    Been using this phone for 1 week now, very satisfied to the dot! Imagine a touchphone entry level this good is worth your investment!

    Using this phone often as modem for online browsing.

    1 thing about its pc studio, i cant import phonebook and send sms tru the software, “phonebook file not found” or something is missing.

    I am very satisfied overall with its features.

    [email protected]

  412. bonjovi says:

    sir javee, anu po b pg cnbing “firmware”? anu po un?

    panu i-update?

    me 2, im satisfy na. . ibang iba xa compare sa nokia.. ºº,

  413. Javee says:

    software version pu ng phone mu..
    nadadagdagan un features o kya may na aus na bug/s sa fone..

    pde ba may post ng link d2?? e2 ung link para mag update ng firmware



    FLASH GUIDE (kung panu mag upgrade)

    ang latest na firmware ai “S5230MREIL2”

    >pki delete nlng po kung bawal mag post ng links ng forums

  414. Javee says:

    ask ko lng pu.. magkanu ung samsung B3410??

    kc tnignan q sa samsung store 7990PhP tpus tnignan q d2 sa net 7590PhP..

  415. jay says:

    nkbili ako ng samsung star wifi pag mag wifi k minsan n disconect nid mo pa m shutdown meron b kaung alam na mkunan ng firmware ng samsung star wifi ah

  416. Javee says:

    e2 pu para sa firmware ng wifi

    ung guide kaparehas lng dn pu nun sa post q knina

  417. bonjovi says:

    i like to try nkakatkot.. bka mcra phone ko…nxt tym n lng cguro..

  418. joel esp says:

    i got my own star last week and im quite satisfied in such affordable price which is 8,500 only in Alabang Festival mall!

    may i just ask a few question about converting a video from youtube..imbis 4 minutes ang dapat maging capacity ng video nagiging kalahati nalang onced you crop it from my video conveter(nidisoft)..
    Even n change ko na yung setting.Help po

  419. joel esp says:

    javee..ask naman po oh about this thread..
    @ Bianca gamitin mu pu ung samsung new pc studio ksama n pu un sa package ng cellphone niu. convert niu pu un video gmit un samsung new pc studio

    panu po i operate ung samsung new pc studio through your samsung star?panu ung procedure,i mean..
    kapag nagwa ko na ba ito ung mnga video na i co2nvert eh same once lumabas n ung output?Nangyayari po kase nagiging 2minutes nalang ung video kapag na convert na?(nagiging kalahati nalang napapanuod ko)ee

    [email protected]
    please reply me..

  420. John Pallan says:

    Hi i would like to share some experience about this Phone,

    I fixed a Samsung Star (S5230) because the customer forgot the Phone lock code. And the customer left it on me for 2 days and tried to use the phone.

    I really love the phone, It has accelerometer for landscape view on texting. Although it doesnt have a 3g or WI-fi thanks for GPRS/EDGE i can still browse and use some of the social networking integration tools.

    Games, you can install java games, i even install opera mini..It’s cool.

    The file manager is good too, it will show you both the phone memory and the memory card contents :)

    I don’t agree that samsung get easily break. I think it depends on how you handle the phone. I’ve been using a non-touchscreen phone which is the old model r225 and still kicking…

    There is something that i don’t like about the phone, you have to hold it straight when viewing photos in the gallery,because if you slant it a bit it will change the screen orientation to landscape mode.

    Yes it is thin, cheap…Try samsung corby and wait for the Samsung Ling (with wifi and 3g but no accelerometer according to some other mobile reviews)

    Good day,

  421. some1 says:

    it is da best phone in da world

  422. riza says:

    i chose samsung star over LG as free fone from smart, with pouch but no sd card. Hoping to enjoy samsung fone. its’ my first time to own this brand.

  423. Mar says:

    How will i delete widget and games in samsung s5233w? When i upgrade my firmware it install russian widget and games. Please help thanks.

  424. uknow says:

    @mar: open mu ung widget sa left side ng screen..den my mkikita k dung widget setting…taz ung games: sa multimedia, tap mo ung GAMES and MORE, and delete….. ask lng….panu mg update ng firmware??????????

  425. Mar says:

    @uknow follow this thread andiyan lahat kung pano gagawin para sa firmware upgrade thanks ulit.

  426. idlewild says:

    @Mar: i understand the S5230WXEIL1 is for russia based on the XE code. won’t it screw up the operator settings? could you list the new features in the this firmware? does everything work (wifi, bluetooth, etc)?

  427. Dee says:

    Hello guys,

    Just a few questions…
    Is it true that wifi is no good that you have to provide the ISP or the wifi connection and your CP’s IP as well?

    Is it true that you’ll have a problem regarding SMS or issues regarding INBOX? Na it usually hangs daw kapag bulk messgaes na kahit 8GB na cp mo even if its stored in SIM MEMORY? How true? Because I am planning to buy one tomorrow. :)

  428. Dee says:

    Is it no good?

  429. idlewild says:

    @Dee: wifi is good. been connecting to different access points, both secured and open with no problems. you just need to set your connection to that access point to use wifi well.

    can’t give any feedback on your question over SMS.

  430. dshox_11 says:

    where can I get an electronic dictionary for this phone?kindly help please.. =D

  431. Mar says:

    @idlewild: “FOR SAMSUNG STAR WIFI”
    There is bug fix for Wifi “Connection Lost” problem.

    If you tap the “LOCK” button (side button) two times the phone light will turn off. (First tap locks the Touchscreen. Second tap turns the lights off). Small but cool improvement.

    Samsung Mobile Browser version updated from v0.8 to v1.0 (Faster loading, better appearence)

    Magnification(Zoom) limit is much higher for pictures and photos(NOT CAMERA, ONLY PICS). This is very cool, if you want, you can zoom photos to last pixel

    Several bug fixes and few more improvement

  432. idlewild says:

    @Mar: thanks. how is your experience with this firmware so far? any negatives compared to the stock firmware (S5233WDXIH2)? for instance, i’ve heard others were having problems with the bluetooth functionality. is such the case?

  433. Mar says:

    @idlewild: Its more responsive and no problem at all.Im always wearing a bluetooth handsfree and I dont encounter any problem with it even file transfer using bluetooth. The wifi.. I can connect easily with this firmware not like the old one.But what i saw is the memory before 80mb was left on the phone but now it takes only 50mb maybe because of this additional games.

  434. idlewild says:

    @Mar: thanks. been checking out user feedbacks on this firmware before i’ll consider flashing my phone. last question though, are the operator settings, specifically for smart, left intact?

  435. jessjr says:

    How do transfer jar games/apps? Mass storage mode? Dir?

  436. Mar says:

    @idlewild: You have to do it manually or download it for the operator settings after reflashing.

  437. pogi says:

    I need assistance, how can I turn off the display of radio and music player, it always in the display even I’m not using it. thanks

  438. idlewild says:

    @jessjr: i usually transfer files thru bluetooth. you can also transfer thru data cable, pc studio mode. i have yet to try it in mass storage since

    @Mar: thanks a lot. i’ll probably consider flashing the phone.

    @pogi: if you mean the radio and music player widgets, you can just easily drag them back to the widget tray at the left side of the screen.

  439. uknow says:

    how can i know my current fimware?

  440. Josh Bandonill says:

    Hi, everything’s working fine with my star, then i tried the codes, went to internals folder.. saw DEBUG folder, it was set to low, i actually dont know what that was for, i selected/changed it to HIGH, my phone suddenly restarted, when it came on, i just see black screen with yellow line on the top saying UPLOAD DATA TO PC, i cant do anything else. i tried restarting the phone, pressing several buttons, still has the same thing.. what should i do? is my phone busted already? HELP Please!!!
    -email me at [email protected]. thanks a lot.

  441. JaVee says:

    to know your current firmware type in keypad *#1234#

    !note: chnging your firmware voids your warranty :)

  442. uknow says:

    tnx… ºº,

    i got S5233WDXIH2……..its dat d latest???
    how can i know??

    tnx again!!

  443. pinay says:

    Ask ko lang po.. pede bang mag UZZAP sa samsung star S5233? thnks!

  444. RIA says:


    hindi gumagana uzzap sa star. un ang alam ko… kahit sa ibang samsung. ask mo na din ung iba :) hindi ata compatible kasi samsung OS

  445. Julie says:

    is this a music phone?

  446. Gino says:

    Im connected to the wifi using the Wifi settings of my office and everything is properly set from VOD settings to the browser settings (they’re the same) but when I try to access sites it keeps telling me “DNS FAIL” what does that mean? I don’t know what to do anymore but it connected in SM free wifi and I was able to view Youtube but when I got back to my office it kept saying that its “Timed Out” or more prominently “DNS FAIL” HOW CAN I FIX THIS? anyone please help

  447. hyde says:

    dami naninira sa samsung star ha baka naman di nila kaya afford yung phone sinisiraan nila

  448. johnanzures says:

    plssss need your help guys.. lalo na ung mtagal na gumagamit ng samsung star..

    1 month ko plng nabibili ung samsung star wifi ko, pero evrytime na pnapatay ko ung phone, tpos bubuhayin ko ulet, di ako mkpagsend ng txt messages.. pkihelp nman ako kung ano dapat gawin oh.. mraming salamat sa inyo

  449. miggy says:

    im so loving my phone..
    i had it since september 2009 and its sooper cool but there’s just one thing that i dont like about it.

    i cant change the theme or screen.. ugggh..

    but all in all i love it..
    i have the pearl white one..

  450. miggy says:

    To: Gino
    DNS (Domain Name Server)
    >> kindly check the advanced settings of the phone.
    >> SM or any public wifi provider use “dynamic settings” unlike the wifi service that you have in the office most likely it uses “static settings”. You have to contact the IT personnel in your office to get the informations needed.

    >> possible cause
    >> static IP vs. dynamic IP
    >> try to verify if your system administrator is using a proxy server
    >> static DNS vs. dynamic DNS
    >> DNS change from time to time. Make sure you have the correct info if your using static
    >> make sure authentication is good
    >> check username and password
    >> protocol should be set to HTTP

    this are just some of the possible cause of the problem. if you can connect through other wifi service the issues is just with the settings

    best regard,

    To: johnanzures
    >> try to insert another simcard if it do the same. if your using a new simcard it’s the issue is resolved replace your sim but if after using another simcard and the issue still occur check the settings.

    >> go to messages
    >> go to settings
    >> go to text messages
    >> go to sending options
    >> network selection should be circuit switch
    >> go to message center
    >> make sure your SMS center address is correct
    >> i believe for globe its +639170000130
    >> validity period : none
    >> default type : text

    >> if still no good
    >> try to reset the settings of the phone.

    To all concern regarding “file not supported” which most of the time occur with video file. You can use the Samsung software. Install it. After running go to the media center and you can see there a converter. I’m using Windows 7 and after converting it. You can find the file under Libraries -> Video (For other OS try to check under the video folder). When you found the file transfer it to your memory card.


    All the stuff that I shared have no guarantee that it will resolve the issue.
    Thank you



  451. miggy says:

    Feel free to ask if you have any concern.
    I’ll try to answer your questions as much as I can.


  452. joyce says:

    hello, i had my phone december of last year. I noticed that my phone’s cam was so bad for a 3.2 megapixel. But I didnt care much since i dont use it naman, however when I compared it with other 3.2 camera phones and even with 2 megapixels, it was the worst among all those i borrowed. To add to that, when I left my digicam for my graduation, i tried to use my samsung star! and grabe ang pangit ang dilim! Does your camera suck too? or is it just my phone? thanks!

  453. miggy says:

    >> at first i had issues as well with the cam itself. adjust the camera settings and make sure your using the approriate one. the phone doesnt have any flash features so if your on a dim area definitely you will capture a dim picture.

  454. Benjo says:

    Two things you should know about samsung phones, 1, the battery life for the stock battery sucks.. usually 1 to 2 days drained. 2, camera would suck when a place lacks lighting. Having a lit room is not enough, i’m talking about sunlight or multi lighted halls. During daytime, samsung’s camera is great, for me its one of the best out there, specially the texture of the image. But once a little bit of darkness arrives, your picture would probably suck.

    For the DNS error on S5233W, just clear the cache, restart the phone. Then you’re good to go, again..

  455. joyce says:

    my cam sucks even in a bright place. photos always look yellowish. cannot capture the true colors of the surroundings. i’ve checked the settings, everything’s right but still the image quality is so bad.

  456. idlewild says:

    @Benjo: the stock battery on my S5233W can run up to 4 days. on heavy wifi usage, i could squeeze up to 2 days max. it really helps to deactivate wifi if you don’t use it and only turn it on when needed.

  457. Benjo says:

    Ah ic, oh, I havn’t seen the battery potential for my Star, I just had it for 3 days. I guess i’ll have a hard time draining this one. ^^

    Sorry for the assumption on all batteries, but so far, all the samsung I had ran out of battery in just 1 1/2 days. But as I said, I havn’t gotten the most out of my battery for the star.

  458. Benjo says:

    Sorry to hear that, maybe its time you have to consult a samsung professional? Sorry, just can’t help but defend the camera, I just love it when it comes to bright places, even at 1.3 ^^

  459. idlewild says:

    @Benjo: actually, i was surprised it lasted that long since i was told by owners of other samsung phones the same thing. one more reason to be proud of the phone. hope you enjoy using it =)

    as for the camera, my experience has been good so far.

  460. Benjo says:

    Battery still not drained, I havn’t done any initial charging yet (been 2 days, trying to drain for initial chargin), so I guess the battery is really that good this time. Yep, I’m now enjoying it. ^^

  461. new to samsung says:

    Hello to all!
    I am a loyal nokia user before and this January I buy samsung star.
    Just want to ask something.. my friend forwarded mms but I cant view the picture. It just stored in my inbox and the only options I can do is to retrieve, move to folder, and delete. When I am attempting to retrieve the file it said.. Retrieving failed. No response. Try again.
    I’ll appreciate if you can help me with this matter. Thanks!

  462. enaira28 says:

    how much at present does star w/o wifi cost? nakakita kc ako P7500 sa mall, mas mura ba pag sa greenhills?

  463. kamaru says:

    I bought this nice phone last year Nov. 6, 2009.
    I hope this phone will have many games in the future.
    color white. dapat talaga alagaan. this phone is one of my new friends i’d say ^_^. sabi nila 20k to 30k raw price pagkakita nila.hehe. I love samsung. one thing i hate. i can’t use my more widget/s, accuweather. disappointing. I bought the phone at Ormoc City.

  464. hyde says:

    9500 price ng star wifi go to sm megall sa cyberzone at sa samsung store ka mismo pumunta para mgtanong wag sa mga stall dun sa greenhill

  465. Sham says:

    @crickies you can check out the Mobile Wonders web site. we have lots of affordable and high quality cellphone accessories and gadgets including screen protectors.

  466. Lito says:

    how much na po ngaun ang samsung star?

  467. Phil says:

    well, matibay naman ung samsung star ee… 3 beses ko na nahulog, k pa din… di ko lang alam sa iba nilang units… ^^

    take note, max maganda kung bibili kau sa sm.. ^^

    and ung price… below 10k but not less than 9k… jan lang naglalaro un.. ^^

  468. Lemuel says:

    may i ask what is the more convenient to use, Samsung s5233 star (no wifi) OR Nokia x3, because i can’t decide it to myself what i should buy.
    please help me. need you comments and feedback.

    email me if you’re interested to help me.
    [email protected]

    many thanks.

  469. Lemuel says:

    by the way.
    Samsung s5233 and Nokia x3 has no diffence in price..same..

    as of now. id check the price in megamall (cyberzone 4th floor):
    Samsung s5233 – P7900
    Samsung s5233 w/ wifi – P9900

  470. liezl distor says:

    Hi there guys! I got my samsung star wifi here at guanzon eastwood cybermall ., (libis, q.c) their price is cheaper now ., i got it 9,450 only!

    i have one question regarding wi-fi ., before i use gprs to access my email ., but since samsung star has a wifi already. how can i deactivate the gprs? thanks!

  471. Joel says:

    i’m selling my Samsung s5233 coz im about to buy new nokia express music touchscreen!! im here in san pedro laguna.. just contact me at my smart number (09394681693) im selling it for around 8k!
    I used it more than a month. With a 1 year warranty!

  472. lhen says:

    hi guys.. im selling my samsung start wd wifi s5233 pink slightly used (2mos)

    interested pls text me (09172038899)
    price: 7,500

  473. jamaica says:

    hello po. had my star s5223, ayaw gumana ng wi-fi ? help po.. thanks!

  474. marie says:

    im selling my Samsung star (GT-S5233)
    just used it for 2 months
    P7500.. interested buyers can email me @[email protected] ty

  475. ojoj says:

    i’m considering getting the samsung star wifi. but i read along that it doesn’t work with tp link router? yun ang gamit ko sa bahay and wala itong password. do u think i will have problems connecting at home? thanks!

  476. Dee says:

    Hi! I’ve been using this phone for three months already and everything’s fine. I was able to stream Youtube videos perfectly. However, when I tried it just now, “UNSUPPORTED RESOLUTION” error occurred. I can’t figure out the problem because I was able to stream Youtube videos before and suddenly I can’t stream anymore.

    Would anyone know how to fix it? Thank you.

  477. abby says:

    its hard to use this. anyway Nice digital camera review

  478. ojoj says:

    oh well, i bought narin the samsung star & everything seems to be fine for now. question, can anyone help me on this. i’m using prepaid and can anyone teach me how to load a new prepaid card? pag dial ko ng 223, nawawala na yung number keypad for me to encode the card number? sorry, my first time to use a touchphone. help naman

  479. Benjo says:

    After calling 223, press and hold [lock] button at the right side nun phone, lalabas ngaun yung options for you to choose additional actions.. may icon dun for keypad. =)

  480. ojoj says:

    got it! well that was easy. big thanks benjo! :-)

  481. Benjo says:

    np. enjoy! :D

  482. ojoj says:

    trying to connect to our office wi-fi and when i try to connect, i get … authentication failed. what does this mean?

    does this mean that everytime i try to connect to other wi-fi’s … i have to do some configurations?

    also, i read somewhere that it doesn’t connect to a tp link router?

    can anyone help me pls. thanks! :-)

  483. nicole says:

    I totally agree with Grace Wong. Right now I’m still on the process of fighting my consumer rights with them. I brought my brother’s samsung mobile in Samsung MOA, paid 1,500 for service and parts since it’s not under warranty already. When i got home, the 6 keys is not working. 2 days after I brought it back to them (note: 3 months ang warranty ng service nila). Now they’re telling me I have to pay another 1k plus because they think the keypad is really not working from the day i brought it to them. wtf! ni-release nila skin yung phone ng walang sinasabing nakitang ibang sira! ilang linggo nasa kanila yun hinde nila nalaman. may nagalaw sila dun kaya nasira at ayaw nilang aminin. napaka-rude ng technical nila kung makipag-usap. sabi pa skin bubuksan daw nya sa harap ko yung phone para makita ko na hinde related yung ginawa nya keypad. hello, ano malay ko dyan. naka-samnsung kaming lahat sa bahay, as in lahat. pag nasira tong mga to, never never ko ng dadalhin sa Service center bibili na lang ako ng bago at definitely hinde na Samsung. wala ring kwenta customer service nila. para ngang hinde customer service kase umpisa pa lang napaka-obvious na papanigan na nya kagad yung technical na gumawa ng phone ko.

  484. les says:

    Got mine kanina lang S5233T… Mobile TV astig. now I can watch TV anywhere esp pag NBA finals. I dnt need naman wifi( kakabwisit lang low connection)
    … so far ka enjoy sya gamitin….

    1 negative lang is yung label na MOBILE TV…cheap tuloy dating parang china fone na orig..

  485. dude says:

    may bago na has wifi and 3g.,.:D

  486. dhimple says:

    im trying to watch video on youtube but i cant view and play it… what do i need to watch video’s from youtube?do i need some set up with my setting? please let me know how to do it…

  487. ojoj says:

    so far so good! i can access my wifi thru my tp link router. at least i know the wifi works hehe. enjoying it!!!!!

  488. flor says:


    got same fon,. pro d ko alam paano mag work ang wifi.still new to it.. pls help… i try already in wifi zone.. and our house is a wifi zone but it always says, authentication failed, whats wrong with it? and also wat is suppose to be filled in network key.. pls help me people… pls help… email me at [email protected] thanks… your help would gratly appreciated

  489. tj_rai says:

    hi kakabili ko lang kahapon ng samsung star wifi sale kasi kaya di na ako dalawa isi so far maganda naman siya very user friendly. question lang pano laging kasi Dns failed lumabas pag d2 bahay ok nman pag sa sm

  490. Nemo says:

    Anyone can give me the current price of this phone in the philippines?

  491. ojoj says:

    i bought mine for only P9,200 at one of the cellphone stores in SM centerpoint

  492. nayre says:

    im planning to buy 1, w/c is better to buy?!
    samsung star or samsung corby,
    anu diff. nila,, buy the way im planning to buy w/c of them basta merong WI-FI acss. if both meron pls tell w/c good?, thankyou godbless
    pls. reply,,

  493. schizo says:

    pa help nman ayaw gumana nung wifi ne2, i just bought this fone 2 days ago, nagtry ako sa pancake house ayaw nman gumana, “service unable” un lumalabas, my kelangan ba kong ayusin sa setting, pls help!!!

  494. mr.13 says:

    Ask ko lang meron ba talang wifi ang samsung star. Kc nagtanong ako sa mall ang sabi sa akin meron raw me wifi at meron ding walang wifi so anu ba talga meron bang wifi ang samsung star o wla? Kc im planning to buy a samsung star :D

  495. denis says:

    mr. 13 men tama ung pinagtanungan m 2 kc klase ang s5233 (1. s5233 wifi – e2 ung may may wifi 2. s5233 star – no wifi at gps connectivity) ung s5233 wifi mas mahal xa ng d hamak s s5233 star.

  496. jeremiah says:

    guys ive heard some issues regarding to that matter, so there are some similarities din pala sa hp… because their product is undeniably great… but once your phone crack, your head will also crack due to chasing to their service centers…, i prefer acer and redfox na tuloy…

    about the samsung phone, my friends told me that samsung phones do not last for a long time unlike nokia…

    i’m planning to have a corby – the one that has a wifi, but ive read above… why in need of a phone that has a wifi? if i have separate gadget for that?

    so it’s better for me to choose nokia, at syempre Republika ng TM hehe, cgeh guys thanks for your posts….

  497. nicks says:

    guys, im thinking of buying N97, samsung star wifi, omnia2.. and i need the answer now

  498. abe says:

    i really like it, i just bought one of it yesterday.
    Its really a cool phone with easy access.
    I like it than my other phone .. :}}

  499. abe says:

    the phone is so cool, i rather use it often than my N5800 nokia .
    and it also has 1YEAR WARRANTY free of service and etc .

  500. joel esp says:

    Guys,is it possible to install opera mini in samsung star and run it with out any error? coz ive tried and tested different types of opera mini version but still i failed.. cana nyone would like to teach me how to run it properly?

  501. Mhaine says:

    Wanna have a techie cell phone for FREE? Check out Sign up, copy and paste this as your referral ID number:92262805

  502. Abetski says:

    how much of this unit brand new now a days? Thanks!

  503. nweknwek says:

    does anyone know what twitter applications work best with samsung star? thanks

  504. hahaha ………im proud to have this type if cp !

  505. JaVee says:

    have you heard the micro sd with wifi?

    out naba sa market un?saka compatible kaya ung sa samsung star??

  506. uknow says:

    is there any1 here know the unlocking code of BRAIN CHALLENGE in samsung STAR??

  507. .n_n. says:

    i already have this fone and its very nice…i love the wifi!!and the design, 5 stars…but there are some cons like games and applications, most of it are not compatible but if you are a good internet searcher you can search compatible games in it..actually by searching i found a game that fits in it :D ♥

  508. gemini1985 says:

    sum1 teach me how to use wifi, i have S5233.. pls..

  509. aquarius says:

    i juz bought my samsung star wifi alst january…could someone plz tell me where can i download free themes or skin colors? there are only two themes and i dont like both colors

  510. MartinPogi says:

    nice phone…gusto ko to kaya lng ibibigay sakin yong N95 ng kuya ko…ano kaya mas ok?di pa ksi TS ang N95…mas maganda lng talaga features

  511. kamote says:

    WHY??? My unit HANGS every time i end calls (the 3minute onward calls, there’s no problem with short calls, response is still ok.). The response time is TOO LONG that i always end up pulling out my battery just to restart it. it does not respond to the turn off key, unlock button, end call (it responds to end call to end the call but it does not get you back to standby mode meaning you’re stuck at the “call ended; 123:32 timer etc..). HOW can i solve this effin’ problem??? If i am the only one that’s experiencing this then it’s ok but if there’s many of us out there let’s revolt! We need to know the truth and we need to know it fast so that we can come up with solutions asap.

  512. uxiah says:

    i’m planning to buy samsung star this weekend, but after reading some negative comments, parang ayoko na…can any0ne tell me how worth it is to buy samsung star…?

  513. Martin85 says:

    just bought the S5233 star wifi ang ganda..walang prob..lalo na sa at iba pa ok na ok…kahit saan ako magpunta bsta may wifi lng ayos na ayos.hehe..

    at sa nagpost d2 na naghanap ng pangprotection sa phone..nakabili ako sa victoria plaza,davao don sa nagbebenta ng mga bargain goods pang samsung star talaga…. + screen guard FTW ^^

  514. ojoj says:

    @martin: just wondering how you were able to have your youtube working. did you install anything? my wifi is perfectly working, but my youtube isn’t.

  515. ebook reader says:

    pwede po ba makapagbasa ng ebooks sa samsung s5230?

  516. bubbles says:

    I got my samsung star wifi and i can say that it’s pretty good!!! mbilis cia at may NTC logo..guys if you will purchase one please look for the NTC logo so you can be assured that it’s in good condition…tenx

  517. allen says:

    san po pwede magdownload ng free na samsung star games??pahingi po ng websyt.. salamat.. o love my samsung star

  518. Hi;

    Anybody can help me how to connect to outlook express through my samsung s5233w.


  519. juls says:

    i can’t connect my samsung-star-s5233 to internet due to DNS problem..

  520. ashnah tariq says:

    hey..i 2 hv d sme cell vdh d sme clr :)

  521. daie Mae says:

    gud aftii mga guys!! magkano ung gnung fone and wer 2 buy dat ung malpit hr sa bicutan.. tnx!!

  522. jazmine says:

    nid to sell my samsung star for 7k flat original jst used for 1month original, color pink., im from visayas., pls email me if anyone intrested, tnx [email protected]

  523. traveller says:

    i’ve been using samsung star w/o wifi for at least 10 months. just last week the touch screen is not working anymore. tried removing the btry etc. wla epek. any idea guys? greatly appreciated.
    ps. under warranty pb yun? thanks again

  524. dave says:

    A good contribution to technology by Samsung that innovates the current styles of phones.

  525. Grin_Salt says:

    @ traveller:

    Dalhin mo sa pinakamalapit na Samsung Service Center sa lugar niyo. Under Warranty pa ‘yan, ‘la pa namang 1 year eh. Ganyan din kasi nangyari sa Samsung Jet ko, dinala ‘ko agad sa kanila.

    Ang pwede daw naging dahilan diyan ay ‘yung pagkakaipit n’ung screen niya, lalo na ‘pag nakalagay sa masikip na bulsa or pouch (^-^)v

  526. traveller says:


    thanks sir. cge dalhin ko n lng service center. yoko palitan ganda kc gamitin ng unit.

  527. Grin_Salt says:

    @ traveller:

    No prob. Okay talagang gamitin ang Star. Ganyan din ang cel. ko last year, nalubog lang sa baha ng bagyong Ondoy kaya kinailangan ko nang palitan..he he! (^-^)>

  528. john says:

    need more themes my mobile samsung

  529. suzzy says:

    just bought a brandnew pearl white samsung monte yesterday for only 8500, the black one costs only 8000…
    phone works great!…=)

  530. jessjr says:

    Selling my sister’s 5233 wifi at 7k each (black and pink).

    – jessjr
    [email protected]

  531. where i can download free games for s5233?please help, thanks..

  532. Likha says:

    Still is a month-long saga with Samsung! My SMART plan gave me a Samsung Corby-basic since Nokia was unavailable at that time. I am telling you of my nightmare with that unit. It repeats sms more than 10 times each. How annoying…

  533. Likha says:

    Samsung Customer service has picked up the unit. Thank God! And now offers to replace it with another model but for a fee…sorry can not spend a single cent for S

  534. Vylet says:

    Hi. I’m gonna buy a samsung star next weekend and I know its much more cheaper now hehe. I read everything about the phone and watched videos about it. Ask ko lang, can i download and install a dictionary?? college student kasi ako, and pano ba magpalit ng firmware? meron kasing s5230 na hello kitty edition at downloadable sya sa torrent. Pwede ko ba iinstall yung firmware ng hello kitty s5230 sa samsung s5233w? kasi ang bibilhin ko s5233w na eh? and last question, gusto ko sana ng pink na theme, e ang available lang ata sa phone green and red pag binili mo, pero sa youtube nakita ko, meron samsung star na pink ang theme? Please reply guys. :)

    or contact me:
    [email protected]

    thanks sa tutulong. godbless :)

  535. jonjon says:

    may i ask if you will need to present the original receipt when availing of the one yr warranty? i misplaced my receipt.

  536. raven says:

    tulong po sa s5233 ko….makailang change ko na sa GPRS/WAP at MMS settings ko, “no response” palagi ang resulta, d man lang maka-open maski isang webpage…ni walang icon na G o E ang lumalabas sa screen…..binili ko pa to last year sa italy…..hope someone who encountered the same mobile internet problem or anybody with a helpful idea can help me solve this….thanks a bunch folks…more power…..just email your tips tru… [email protected]

  537. raven says:

    one more thing….Smart subscriber po ako…..

  538. yvette says:

    help guys.. how do i configure the sensitivity of the screen?? help po.. thanks..

    [email protected]

  539. rhyan says:

    how can I remove the write protect alert from my samsung star memory card

  540. Screenguard says:

    screen guards are avail at cdr king you can buy for only 80php.. im just customizing the size, it’s cheap rather than buying th original screen guard for 300-500 php

  541. anonymous says:

    may wifi naman po ang samsung star aa. tska okay sya gamitin. :) i’m happy using it :)

  542. maricel says:

    guy..your right you know what nabili ko rn yng phone ko,,hndi brand new but pinaswap ko yng myphone ko..3500 lng dinagdag,,,ang pinakamasya doon ay tlgng brand new yng samsung star na nakuha wala pang khit isang ng store owner yng mayari dw ng samsung na yn,,ay nagipit kya binenta yng samsung star nya kahit bago pa..grabe ganda nya tlga the best,,ito na yta yng pinaka magndang phone na nabili ko:):):)

  543. areej says:

    China made b talaga to? gusto ko yung star wifi decided na talaga ko pumipigil lang sakin yung made in china..lahat ng mapagtanungan ko pro ganun.. ok lang ba yun? i’m not against china made products pero pagdating sa phone eh..

  544. vhinz says:

    Marami na kaming gumagamit ng 5233w…okey naman ang phone…kaya lng kailangan maupgrade ung firmware nya..kaya lng takot kami na e.upgrade kasi ung mga blogs na nabasa ko ay bwt sa indian setting man un..baka endi magwork sa phone namin at tsaka endi man un sa wifi…katakot masira…may alam kayo na may blog na sa 5233w?ty

  545. bonjo says:

    dis is the forum or blog for SAMSUNG STAR WIFI!

  546. ban says:

    it depends on how you use your Samsung Star! if you’re careless on using it madali talagang masisira yan! Nokia user din ako but what I found out about Nokia is madaling bumaba ung demand nila! Like the Nokia 6500 slide I bought it last 2008 for 16,000 then pagdating ng 2009 13,000 nalang cya and hindi na cya masyadong considered as an in demand phone to think na hindi cya touch screen at walang Wi-Fi. 3,000 agad ung binaba nya! Unlike Samsung kahit magtagal cya bumaba man ung price nya still hindi ganun kalaki at in demand pa rin sa market.

  547. arlo says:

    Hi,please reply to this post if you can access the yahoo messenger page and able to send messages or perhaps able to make calls via YM.

    I am planning to buy Samsung S5230W. Thanks.

  548. Arlo says:

    *Samsung Wifi

  549. Solitaire says:

    I bought my samsung star last April, 2010. It’s a great phone. It records clearly. Really very useful. The camera, video and everything. And dapat u know how to take good care of your phone.

  550. leah says:

    hello po !
    help nyo nmn aq kung paano ung settings ng connection ng samsung star .. d q kc mgamit ung wifi eh ..thanks :)

  551. Clyde says:

    hindi ko masiyadong type ang mga touch screen.. mukhang madaling masira yung screen nila.. baka matyempo ka sa isang unit na depektibo pala.. sony ericson parin ako, 4 yrs ko ng ginagamit yung phone ko hindi parin sira at hindi man lang nag hung.. kahit 4 na beses na siyang nalaglag..

  552. Name: harold says:

    pd po bng my mg2ro ng gprs setup ng samsung star sakn ung manual setup

  553. johnzel says:

    panu ba mag conect sa isang unlock na wifi gamit ang star..??

  554. You are writing important, the topics are nice. I like this web site. Depending on how long have you been blogging? How much time do you invest in it? I am hoping that I can use some of your texts on my web site.

  555. noel garces says:

    i have a samsung wifi GT-S5233W if u need just drop my Yahoo Messenger or call 09292506214 …

  556. Gauri says:

    I wanna change the OS of my samsung star next to bada??? plz help me hw can i do dat??

  557. Heiko Merz says:

    new or would you also buy the iPhone 4, may also be needed.

  558. xajrahlee says:

    my android market ba ito?

  559. aries says:

    my virus samsung ko huhuhuh

  560. grace says:

    pano kaya maaayos ang star wifi ko madali syang malow bat at sobrang init kahit di ginagamit..meron po bang may alam kung anong prob?pi na check k naman sa repair man di naman daw grounded ano kayang possible gawin sa phone ko..thanks

  561. Elalajeds says:

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