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Samsung starts production of 2nd-gen 16Gb LPDDR4X Mobile DRAM

Samsung Electronics has announced that they have started the production of their 2nd-generation 10nm 16Gb Lower Power, Double Data Rate 4X (LPDDR4X) Mobile DRAM today.

According to Samsung, the 2nd- generation LPDDR4X DRAM features up to a 10 percent power reduction while maintaining the same data rate of 4,266 megabits per second (Mb/s). Samsung has also created an 8GB LPDDR4X mobile DRAM package by combining four of the 10nm-class 16Gb LPDDR4X DRAM chips (16Gb=2GB). It has a data rate of 34.1GB per second and its thickness has been reduced by more than 20% compared to the 1st-gen package. The company added that it will be expanding its premium DRAM lineup based on the 1y-nm process by more than 70%.

 “We will continue to grow our premium DRAM lineup to lead the ‘high-performance, high capacity, and low power’ memory segment to meet the market demand and strengthen our business competitiveness.” – Sewon Chun, senior vice president of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics

Note: 1GB (GigaByte) = 8Gb (GigaBits)

Samsung plans to rapidly expand its share of mobile DRAM in the market by providing a variety of high-capacity products, including 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB LPDDR4X packages.

The company also unveiled the 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM for mobile just recently.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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