Sony Ericsson Aino connects to PlayStation 3

Sony Ericsson Aino connects to PlayStation 3

Sony Ericsson announced a new mobile phone that’s supposed to be able to connect and control your PlayStation 3. Named the Sony Ericsson Aino, this slider phone has a touch UI too.

The Aino has an 8.1 megapixel autofocus camera with 16x digital zoom and a 3″ screen (240 x 432 pixels).


sony ericsson aino sony ericsson aino

Sony Ericsson Aino
8.1 MP camera with autofocus, LED flash(3264×2448 pixels)
WiFi 802.11 b/g
FM radio with RDS
SanDisk microSD 8GB (up to 16GB)
accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
GPS with A-GPS support
Bluetooth with A2DP

Aside from that 8.1MP camera, the Aino can access your PlayStation 3 using your WiFi network or mobile 3G via Remote Play. Will be released in last quarter of 2009.

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31 Responses

  1. edz says:

    magkano kaya to.. ang cool nung video teaser nito..

  2. Wow! this is truly a great deal. Can’t wait for this. LOL. Thanks for the info.

  3. Jhay says:

    Strange that they opted for the microSD for this phone instead of the M2 micro.

    Still, an 8.1MP camera phone is certainly something cool.

  4. BungeeJump says:

    it looks neat.

  5. dan says:

    WHAT THE HECK? why ist in micro SD? does that mean sony is going to phase out their own brand of memory cards?

  6. this is a perfect phone to have, very nice!

  7. whaâ„¢ says:


  8. burn says:

    I lost my cellphone. I’m, looking forward to buy a new one. Do you have an idea how much is this? It sounds interesting.

  9. phitski says:

    good phone, but im still looking forward to sony ericson satio Idou..

  10. Pedro says:

    i like…but looks expensive…

  11. john says:

    wow.. how much kaya ?. Available na ba to sa pinas this last quarter of 2009 or sa US lang?.

  12. Snows says:

    Lovely phone! Kasing ganda ng iPhone!

  13. Vince says:

    I like the features but I hate the looks of this phone.

  14. JDSalinger says:

    Sony ericsson phones are very user friendly and operates much faster than nokia ones, the only downside of this one is that it’s highly priced compared to other phones specially when you buy the accessories… but still two thumbs up to Sony ericsson

  15. bengtotpogi says:

    Nice to see they’re walking away from those proprietary mem cards and opting for the ones used by everyone else.

  16. Go says:

    the 3.5 mm jack socket?! still playin’ proprietary huh?!!!

    what about the OS?! this should be a smartphone! you only have 5 smartphones right now!!! FIVE…

    and those two similar phones

    Nokia has more than 25 available in the market!

  17. can’t wait for this phone. para ma try ko sa PS3.. weeeeeeeeee!

  18. Gams says:

    Wow!The best talaga ang SE!

  19. rc fajardo says:

    i like the Yari better. it’s a high end gaming phone and it plays like the Wii! haha.

  20. deng says:

    hmmpf doesnt have any front camera .. and if this phone is is 25thou or lower ill buy it soon as i can .. i broke my NOKiA AS OF NOW IM PIKKING BETWEEN




  21. melody says:

    does someone knew when is the release of this fone? i thinking of buying this, or the new iphone 3gs, and please post the price, i’ve been looking over the net, it says $400.. i really want to know how much this fone is.. thanks a lot! :D

  22. Cheers for the great info m8

  23. Ta for the information, very usefull

  24. cyberchick says:

    how much?

    i dont know why, but i still keep coming back to Sony Ericson…

    im more on texting and i dont think i can ever be comfortable with the ‘qwerty’ pad, so this one’s my bet…hopefully the final one.

  25. mardee says:

    ideal phone for me… :D

  26. mcoy says:

    mga padali naman kayo sa phone, kahit di bagay sa life style nyo, bira pa rin kayo ng bira..
    mga putang ina nyo lahat’

  27. shine says:

    ganda ng phone na ito…. :)

  28. milagros solidarios says:

    great phone

    manny pedquaio is a cheater!
    he is using human growth hormones to enhance his performances!

  29. maria says:

    teleio auto tha parw egw twra

  30. vladimir grim says:

    I have this one,opera mini is superb! It’s touch enabled,and like other compatible java apps. Sound quality is perfect,but kinda low,but not much,it’s got clear-bass and clear-stereo,boom! What I like most is the headset,bluetooth it is,wireless music saves me time untangling my hpm-88 headset! Wifi is great,though only b/g,the gps kinda locks in ages,i dunno why? It’s got a media center,active when the phone is closed. I love my AINO!

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