Sony Ericsson presents Idou at 12.1MP

Sony Ericsson presents Idou at 12.1MP

Looks like an 8.1 megapixel camera phone isn’t enough — Sony Ericsson has just presented the Idou, a 12.1 MP touchscreen phone.

sony ericsson idou


3.5 inches, 320×640 pixels @ 16M colors
HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
FM radio with RDS
Built-in GPS with aGPS function
Memory Stick Micro (M2)
12.1 MP (4256 x 2832 pixels) autofocus camera with xenon flash, video LED flash
secondary VGA videocall camera

se idou

The Idou will run on a Symbian OS instead of the usual platform used by Sony Ericsson. The model name itself is not yet final and Sony Ericsson will be using a different one when this goes to market (probably a good idea since the current name doesn’t have a ring to it). {via}

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42 Responses

  1. vinci says:

    SE loves to announce then delays. But this is quite understandable bec the os is still in the works. I just hope that hey wont delay it for months like they did with the xperia X1.

    I also noticed that this phone is not branded as a cybershot device despite it being a megapixel monster. the looks are quite boring too. it looks like a rehash of some lg or samsung ts phones with a huge sliding lens cover. i hope that this is just a pre-production model and come up with a fresh design for the final version.

  2. Reggie says:

    pure touchscreen huh? does it run on the same Symbian OS used by the Nokia 5800 or will it use the Symbian UIQ?

  3. Levra says:

    So after all, every phone manufacturers are really going to produce touchscreen phones. Wow, now we are really on the 21st century. So it is going to be a competition on phone looks but what would happen with the features? I’m going to definitely look for more features with this phone. I’m very curious.

  4. TechPinas says:

    This one really looks sleek. I wonder how much it will cost though.

  5. pando says:

    Lahat na ata ginawa ng SE para tumaas pa lalo sales nila. Walang tigil sa pag-gawa ng cellphones.

  6. Gams says:

    Well, we can not deny the fact, that SE handsets are more advanced than Nokia. which is lagged behind in terms of technology.SE fones are also high-ends, not cheap!!!

  7. Dang is that phone nice! This puts my Viewty to shame! How much would one of this cost? An arm and a leg? Huhuhu!

  8. Pink says:

    Wow! uber nice and elegant-looking phone.. Ü Yeah how much could this be?

  9. Way to go SE ! keep them great phones coming :)

  10. taksan says:

    I agree with Gams, SE phones are somewhat high end. I always love SE phones cause of their sleek design, and this phone looks really amazing. The line between Digital camera and phones are really getting closer… Its like having cyber shot T700 as a phone!

  11. Ernie says:

    Idou, I mean I do like that SE Idou, now…

    Cybershot digicam will definitely be affected hahahaha by the 12.1 mp camera phone. WOWOWOWOW

  12. wow! 12.1mp kelan release nito?

  13. SE are it.galing talaga..
    wag na tayo magtaka if someday my
    Sony Ericsson DSLR na nyan..hehe.
    kelan kaya release ng C510 at W705

    any IDEA? pls comment to

  14. The first 16M colors TFT Screen of SE
    The first 12.1 MP
    The first full touchscreen of Cybershot Series
    The first Cybershot with S60 UI
    The first camera phone w/ both LED flash & xenon flash

  15. samsung offers bunch of touchscreen but limited of them have wifi

  16. this phone is tops. it’s really worth holding your horses when you’re about to buy an iPhone. good thing haven’t thought of buying an xPeria. this is something worth waiting for! :)

    on the contrary… what am i gonna do with my sony 8.1 mp camera? wohoo!

  17. CarloBlogg says:

    oh no, is my k800i already low-tech gadget? WAH! :(
    By the way, I cant see the “cybershot” print on this phone… wala lang :D

  18. chris says:

    cool! magkaano kaya ito

  19. How much would this phone cost?

  20. SEBOY says:

    baka mga 50k+ yan cguro… kalaban nyan blackberry storm

  21. dimsirch says:

    This one’s made to compete with Nokia’s N-series so it won’t be getting the cybershot brand. Probably a cross between SE’s cybershots and walkmans. This one’s a real convergent device!

    As shown on the pictures, this phone will not be equiped the cursed UIQ used on their previous P-series phones. This one will rather be equiped with the latest offering from symbian, the Symbian S60 5th Edition, the same one used on Nokia’s 5800 and Samsung’s OmniaHD. This version is well optimized for touch-oriented phones.

    This phone will unite entertainment experiences into one offering. Walkman music experience + Cyber-shot imaging experience + Java gaming (is the PSP gaming experience?!?) and messaging integrated with services and application = SE Idou…

    How’s that for one compact device!

    Check out the idou’s website:

    More pictures @

  22. anthony says:

    when i saw this phone, im really sooo ready to dump my iphone 3g! imagine a fone having it all! 12.1 mp camera and the sleek design make it stands out of the rest! im goin to get this one! kudos to SE!!!

  23. Yobu says:

    You don’t really need a 12MP camera if its specs are still the basic plugs. The 3.2 k800i gives nice shots, as well as iPhone’s 2MP. And I think it can never shake Sony Cybershot digicams. It’s not in the MP, it’s in the specs.

  24. jr gallrdo says:

    “”The first 16M colors TFT Screen of SE
    The first 12.1 MP
    The first full touchscreen of Cybershot Series
    The first Cybershot with S60 UI
    The first camera phone w/ both LED flash & xenon flash””

    -actually this is not LABELED by sony as a CYBERSHOT neither a walkman phone. i think cybershot digicams won’t really be affected cos sony cybershot digicam now has a 13.6 megapixel you know. Sony really is witty! Love them all SE phones!

  25. deng says:

    well il choose AiNO Instead but this one is good too

  26. Jay says:

    Nice! been a while since I found something I want from SE. Mahal to surely.. Benta ko muna kidney ko hehe

  27. jayson says:

    i wonder when will it come to release… i know it will be released in world market by october…. how about in the philippines??? October… 2010??? hehehe
    i can’t wait….

  28. low tech says:

    how much would it cost? tnx

  29. buyeshwa says:

    i would prefer samsung omnia hd on this one

  30. sarovic maharjan says:

    bring new style

  31. Joe Torres says:

    Thanks for the info. Regards

  32. dhors says:

    hi! magkano po ba ito?

  33. Danielle Williams says:

    Howw Muchh is thiss phonee :) x

  34. hass says:

    How much it cost. pls

  35. CAMgirl says:

    this phone is frikin awesome i got 2 test it out!!

  36. CAMgirl says:

    its 800 bucks though its totally worth it when it is realesed

  37. Afonso Goncalves says:

    Pliase how i have to do for buy this cell fpone in Brazil, Rio de janeiro.

  38. sopha says:

    Hi SE manager, my name is SOPHA. i would you to create the next SE for using OS is window mobile. because that program is usefully for user. it is easy to put some document and,,,,,,,,,, thanks!!!

  39. how much the price of sony ericson iduo 12.1 megapixel camera phone.

  40. magkano po b 2ng unit n2 ? gnda naman ..

  41. peter says:

    Early device information. Some of the specs might not be complete

    Phone Sony Ericsson Idou Manufacturer Sony Ericsson Status Available Available in India Yes Price (Indian Rupees) Avg Current Market Price:Rs. 24500

    Last Updated On:July 18 2010. Price (USD) $504.12 approx Description Sony Ericsson Idou is the first all rounder from SE sporting a 12-mega pixel camera with Xenon flash,a 640×360 pixels display with full touchscreen and 16:9 support. It also has an inbuilt accelerometer

    SMS yes
    MMS yes
    Email yes
    Bluetooth yes
    Infrared no
    Wi-fi yes
    3G yes
    Camera yes
    Video Capture yes
    FM Radio yes
    Audio Player yes
    Video Player yes
    Memory Slot yes
    Java yes
    SmartPhone yes
    Touchscreen yes

    ganda ng cp ko na ito compare mo sa xperia x10

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