Sony Ericsson XPeria X10 Mini and Mini Pro

Sony Ericsson XPeria X10 Mini and Mini Pro

So while we’re still waiting for the arrival of the Xperia X10, Sony Ericsson has also announced the XPeria X10 Mini and the X10 Mini Pro. Both phones will come with Android 1.6 and have almost the same features as their big brother the Xperia X10.


Sony Ericsson XPeria X10 Mini & Mini Pro
2.55″ touch screen @ 240×320 pixels
Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz
128MB internal memory
up to 16GB via microSD card
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1
5MP autofocus camera w/ LED flash
GPS w/ aGPS support
Android OS 1.6 w/ TimeScape UI

The main difference between the two, as seen on the video above, is the slider, full-qwerty keyboard on the X10 Mini Pro.

Sony Ericsson also added its own layer on top of the Adroid OS and calls it the TimeScape UI (very much similar to what HTC did with the Hero using HTC Sense).

So for those eagerly waiting for the Xperia X10 to arrive in the Philippines, hopefully there will be three of them coming in all at the same time.

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100 Responses

  1. Jam. says:

    how much? :P. Will it be affordable?

  2. Jon says:

    The X10 mini pro is sleek and cute. I’m really a sucker for qwerty phones. I hope that would be cheaper though. In the video, I didn’t see anything that resembled Android 1.6, must have been the UI they put on top of Android. I kinda like the interface of 1.6 instead of this though.

  3. simplynice93 says:

    Hope it’s more affordable than the HTC Hero phone. It looks nice!

  4. Jam. says:

    Hope that it will be the cheapest android phone. EVER.

  5. MIKE says:

    I really like Android but any new smartphone having lower than 8MP cam and lower than 720p video recording is step backward for me.

  6. Erin says:

    @Jam: don’t get your hopes up as its from Sony. The Samsung Halo looks nice but I am pretty sure the pico projector is going to jack up the price.

    @Mike: why the need for >8MP? unless you are shooting pictures for huge billboard ads with your phone cam, 7MP should be enough for your needs. search for the “megapixel myth” for the explanation.


  7. boy says:

    @jhay – lolz, ulol, wala ka mang pambili ng laptop, bugok

  8. Ebengt0t says:

    A lot cheaper daw malamang pero parang hindi ganun kaganda kasi qvga resolution lang. Wait pa sa update ng MWC.

  9. I like the X10 mini pro w/c has the qwerty keyboard. 5 megapixels for a camera at 240×320 is fine.

  10. andrew says:

    SE eh. Malamang mahal yan pa rin yan.

  11. Rome says:

    Yep, hindi importante na masyado ang megapixel.. 5MP is decent enough.. ISO speed is much more important.. BETTER IMAGES, NOT JUST BIGGER PICTURES.. check this

  12. MIKE says:

    I’ve been using samsung i8910 for almost a year now. It has 8mp high def cam lens and I can say it’s total digi cam replacement and 720p video recording, AMOLED screen, powerful GPS receiver (2-3 sats even indoor), fm wl recording, omap series 3 processor, etc. Coming later this year is omap series 4 wlc is capable of 1080p and up to 20mp cam.

  13. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    yeah right for sony ericsson… for sure another year nanaman yan before nila ma release….

  14. Young says:

    – 2.55″ touch screen @ 240×320 pixels
    – Android 1.6

    Low end resolution and an outdated OS. No thanks!

  15. no_label_noise says:

    Lets wait for the Windows Phone 7 Series.

  16. dondontech says:

    Not bad but I don’t like the design of that phone. Windows Phone 7 Series would be better OS.

  17. whoa says:

    i hate questions like “will it be affordable?” “how much?” when it’s not even out in the market!

    also questions like “what’s the weight?” “when is it going to be available?” are equally annoying. guys, you have an internet connection when you post that question so i think GOOGLE will only take 2 seconds to give you answers.

    also don’t say it’s much better than this than that than whatever in this world because it’s not out yet!

  18. Ernie says:

    Check out for samsung wave: Super AMOLED screen ( 5x more vivid than a typical AMOLED screen and has 20% improved brightness when used outdoors), SOCIAL HUB, 720P video recording. Link:

  19. clyde says:

    give us a break se! u really think these midget x10s will sell like hotcakes eh? let me guess, the market audience are grade school pupils ryt? oh no better yet kindergarten! 2.55″ touchscreen? you guys must’ve been really out of ur wits! but then again, i’ll give u the benefit of the doubt. give it a proper price, and proper price here means affordable, and it might have a chance to survive… next please!

  20. whoa says:


    you just said everything bad about the product and to say “i’ll give it the benefit of the doubt” at the end is just too late.

  21. bola says:


    hating? puhlease.. get a life!

  22. StrayArrow says:

    any idea whats the price sir?

  23. whoa says:


    i have a life that is why i’m hating. and PUH lease get real. you don’t live in shangri la

  24. whoa says:


    are you dumb (or dyslexic for that matter) it’s not out yet! goodness!

  25. LEEMAR says:

    the mini pro will be at P20,500-P22,000 only. from a trusted source.

    the mini will be sold at P18,500-P19,500 only.

    price depends on store.

  26. elec_math123 says:

    mmagkano na po ba ang phone na ito? mas lalo akong naguguluhan sa bibilhin kong phone hehe.. i’m choosing samsung marvel samsung monte and added this one…pls advice naman po thanks

  27. leemar says:

    this phone looks promising, kaya lang walang multi touch support…its hard to decide which to choose this or the palm pre…

  28. Leo says:

    Jezzus christ! People can be such dumbasses. Why the hell would anyone compare these phones to high-ends! It’s a mid-range phone for god’s sake. And it’s a MINI phone so I don’t even get why people complain about its size.

    Anyways, the updated prices for these phones are about 14.3k for the Pro and 13k for the Mini. IMO they’re pretty well-priced.

  29. leemar says:

    is it available here in the Philippines ? and 14.3k for mini pro is a good price…

  30. kazper says:

    It will be out soon here in the phils. Ginagawa na namin ang mga merchandising collaterals for this phone. Sabi ng mktg manager of SE it will be around 17K up 20K depende pa yan sa dealers.

  31. kampupot says:

    Ok lang sila? 17K to 20K? Ang laki namang patong nyan!!! It’s obvious if you google for its’ price, it will barely go as high as 15K. Pabili na lang ako sa SG. Grand sale pa ngayon dun.. heheheh

  32. leemar says:

    available na ba dto sa pinas? ang tagal naman ng se!

  33. wuhat? says:

    Twitter: hex614
    replied on Apr 3rd, 2010 at 11:19 pm (25)

    the mini pro will be at P20,500-P22,000 only. from a trusted source.

    the mini will be sold at P18,500-P19,500 only.

    price depends on store.

    [email protected] set san nyo po nakuha info?

    nakita ko kc dito

    xperia mini php16990 xperia mini pro php17990 ok sana sakin to huhuhu..

  34. leemar says:

    mini meron n @18k pero mini pro [email protected] p rin.

  35. x2fer says:

    got my x10 mini @MEMO XPRESS.. it cost Php17,500, not bad.. i want HTC fone sana ung HTC mini kaso hindi ANDROID and it cost too much..

  36. Jay-R says:

    Hi Abe and everyone,

    I’m trying to find documentation on Globe prepaid GPRS/MMS setting for the x10 mini pro but hours of searching on the internet proved futile. Even Globe reps can’t give an answer to my query as they don’t have any GPRS configuration for the x10 in their system.

    But the mere fact that I can’t find anything about this on the internet may only show that other x10 (mini) owners don’t have problems with their mobile internet connection.

    Could not find anything for Galaxy S either, which is a Globe-subsidized Android handset.

    Any assistance is appreciated.


  37. leemar says:

    @ jayr

    automatic naman ang globe sim pag insert mo meron na agad settings sa apn nya. that’s for postpaid.

  38. PW says:

    @Jay R:
    No internet connection as well for my X10 minipro. I think settings for globe is not yet available for this unit :(

    And actually, i’m also having problems with its bluetooth connection, i can’t transfer files or connect to other bluetooth phone devices.

  39. Jay-R says:


    You’re right…Sony Ericsson informed me yesterday that their device is not yet registered with Globe.

    Unfortunately, you can’t use bluetooth to connect to other phones. The BT on the x10 only works with devices such as earphones.

    I haven’t used it but try downloading the Bluetooth File Transfer app from the Android Market.

  40. PW says:


    whoah! thanks for your help! I just installed what you suggested and it worked.

  41. Leemar says:

    PW & JAYR

    marami bang compatible na apps sa market para sa x10mini pro??? kasi un resolution nya 240×320 lang. and most games hindi na magiging thumb friendly pag ganun kaliit ang screen, im planning to buy it next month pa naman sana, i thinking tuloy kung motorola milestone na lang.

    kasi sa sister ko she is using galaxy spica and all apps are comatible with spica, even mga paid apps na pede mo ma dl outside market.

  42. Jay-R says:

    There are numerous apps available to the x10 mini in the market, although there are a few apps incompatible with this device. But personally, I’m not complaining since I think the list of compatible apps is enough for me (I use mostly GPS-based apps).

    You might as well get the X10 or Galaxy S instead of the Milestone…just a suggestion.

  43. Leemar says:

    @ jayr

    yup like ko din ang x10, pero ang galaxy s kasi medyo di ko gusto ang interface tsaka build quality. x10 is ok but compared to milestone talo ang x10, gusto ko kasi as much as possible my keyboard, tsaka ang milestone upgradable to android 2.2 froyo, eh ang se x10 di pa nga sure kung magkaka froyo at wala pang multi touch support ang screen.

    but will see depends on the price. kung di malayo ang price ng x10 sa milestone ill get milestone. pero kung mas mahal ang milestone ill get x10 na lang siguro.

  44. Limehouse says:

    Hello! Ako im having problem with my wifi connections too :( di ako maka connect sa bahay and im using dir-300 router, tinry ko naag static IP and DHCP pero wala tlga, im using my ipod ryt now with no prob and lht ng laptop nmin wla dn prob sa pag connect.. D rn nya ma detect un wifi sa ofc and Globe 3g wla dn… Any suggestions, thanks!

  45. Jason R. says:

    Hi guys (especially to Jay-R)!

    May mga nakakaconnect na ba sa inyo to Globe using mini pro? I still can’t figure out the APN settings. Is it even possible?


  46. PW says:

    @Jason R.
    Hello, try visiting the website of SE and request for manual configuration of its APN for the X10minipro. They’ll send it to you.

    @JayR: just a question, about the battery life of this phone, i find it too short eh. I have a P1i before, and it actually lasts longer than the x10minipro. lalo na pag nakaconfigure yung 3G/internet nya, mga half day lang, ubos na battery.

  47. Jay-r says:

    PW, you already have the APN settings for this phone? Will you post it here?
    Mine lasts for two days with regular use. Given that I have my 3G turned off. Try downloading an appkiller to shut down apps running on the background.

    @Jason… I’ll try PW’s suggestion. Last time I checked, there is no info yet on the website

  48. Jason R. says:


    I’ve checked out the SE website (and several other sites) for the manual settings. I’ve even called Globe, but to no avail. I just want to know if it’s actually possible to connect to Globe’s GPRS/3G. Sabi kasi ng customer rep nila wala pa daw settings, though he did give me the usual just in case it works.

    Have you had success?

  49. PW says:

    here you go, I finally found that email from SE, sorry I intend to post this yesterday but wasn’t able to find this on my inbox, turned out, I accidentally deleted it, luckily, I saved a backup :)Good Luck!

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson on the World Wide Web.

    Regarding your Ticket ID 87993953, we’d like to advise you to setup the Internet and MMS settings manually. Please do follow instructions below:

    1.Go to Settings
    2.Select Wireless Controls
    3.Select Mobile networks
    4.Select Access point names
    5.Press Menu key New APN
    For Globe: MyGlobe Connect
    For Smart: Smart

    For Globe:
    For Smart: smart1

    8.Press Done
    For Globe:
    For Smart:

    10.Port: [8080]
    11.Press Menu key New APN
    For Globe: MyGlobe Internet
    For Smart: Smart Internet

    For Globe:
    For Smart: internet

    14.Press Done
    For Globe:
    16.For Smart:

    17.Port: [8080]
    18.Press Menu key New APN
    For Globe: MyGlobe MMS
    For Smart: Smart MMS

    For Globe:
    For Smart: mms

    21.Press Done
    For Globe:
    For Smart:

    23.Port: [8080]
    For Globe:
    For Smart:

    25.Press: Done

    Please wait for within 24 hours for the activation period.

    –after I configured this on my phone (and after 24hrs) an icon 3G appears on my screen. I think I tried using it, and was successful though the loading of the page was too slow so I had to resort on using the wifi instead. And yes, turning on the 3G consumes battery faster so I had to erase this setting on my phone to turn it off.

  50. Jay-R says:

    3G icon appears (as has happened since purchasing this phone) but no connection to the network.

    Anyway, thanks PW for the info.

  51. Jason R. says:

    Same with me. I get the 3G logo to pop up, but can’t really connect/surf. Thanks for the help though. Maybe Globe really doesn’t support it yet.

  52. Jason R. says:

    I tried removing the “http://” portion of the APN, and I was able to access the globe site. However, all I was able to see was a page that read

    “Service Unavailable.

    Service temporary down, please try again later.”

    With a link to

    So I guess it can communicate with Globe? Let me know if you guys have any luck.

  53. Jason R. says:

    Scratch that. It officially works, guys. Probably just takes a while. Thanks for the info PW!

  54. Jay-R says:

    @ Jason R. are you able to use web-based apps like Facebook or Twidroyd? I can surf the net (limited sites) though my apps remain stale as I can’t connect to the network with these.

  55. Jason R. says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t get my web-based apps to work yet either. But web browsing is okay, though the connection is sometimes slow and intermittent.

  56. PW says:

    yey, it takes some time…

    @Jason R: can you update me if turning on your 3G also consumes your battery in a very fast time…

  57. Jason R. says:

    Yeah, it definitely eats up your battery. But I guess that’s expected. I find myself charging every 2 days or so. But I think I read somewhere in the manual that it’s actually better for you to charge frequently as it prolongs the phone’s battery life.

  58. trojanzthor says:

    with regular text and calls ony.. how long will the battery last?

  59. Jay-R says:

    mine lasts for about two and a half days.

  60. Japster says:

    Does the post of PW works? I tried following the instructions but I stopped midway. I might get charged by my prepaid network if I complete the form.

    As for the battery, that’s my only complain. I’m not a frequent caller though, but a heavy texter, and the battery on my unit on average lasts for only 1.5 days. The longest it stayed on was when usage was minimal, it as it lasted for 2.5 to 3 days, I think. I’m planning on getting a spare battery. Does anyone here have an idea how much an original SE BST-38 costs?

  61. Jason R. says:

    Mine lasts about 2-3 days with regular use. You don’t have to worry about getting charged for using globe’s 3G network. Just make sure you disable “Data Traffic” when you don’t want to be connected and you’ll be okay.

  62. Japster says:

    So what settings do I use? there’s like 2 to 3 settings for Globe from that post. I did steps 1 to 10, but realized that there’s another setting where you have to input another APN (that’s why I stopped midway). So which is which? Are they all the same?

  63. guiea says:

    heloo japster , PW and JAY-ar
    How much is thex10 mini pro?
    cause I am planning to but that phone :)

  64. Japster says:

    When I went to Sony Ericsson G4 last month, the price of the X10 Mini is 17k, and the Pro version was around 18k (i think.). I have to admit that it’s too expensive for such a “basic” smart phone of its size, that’s why I bought mine from an online seller, which is 12k for the pro version! Talks about a huge price cut.

  65. Jay-R says:

    @ Japster… but remember, you don’t get the same warranty from online sellers. And yes, I got mine from an online seller a few months ago…14K :)

  66. CAP says:

    hey guys, specially to PW. Will this APN settings also work on X10 mini? thanks.

  67. paul patrick says:

    putik ung bluetooth ng x10 mini pro ko ayaw nmn umandar, cra ang pgkkgawa ng bluetooth nla nkita k dun s site kya pla pair but not connected ung bluetooth ko…

  68. Kris says:

    hi, san po ba makikita yung settings ng proxy and port sa sony erickson xperia x10? please help me

  69. John Patrick says:

    It’s in Settings>Wireless Controls>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names (APN). From the APN, you can put your Proxy and Port number there. Hope this helps. :)

  70. Kris says:

    thanks John I really appreciate your help.

  71. kirby says:

    hello…question lang gusto ko kasi iactivate yung bluetooth function nitong x10 mini ko kaso tuwing
    pumupunta ako sa android market hinihingan ako ng
    google account..then kapag nilologin ko namen ung
    google account ko can’t establish a reliable
    connetion from servers daw bsta something like that
    may 3g connection na sya same settings kung pano nio
    ginawa ung sainyo using globe prepaid but di ko pa din maacess ang android market help namen po plssss

  72. iQ50 says:

    Mga Guys kelan lalabas yung update ng OS nito? i need 2.1 eclair update for skype to run on android.

  73. k says:

    What’s the current price ng x10 mini pro? I’m planning to buy one.. Mas mumura kaya sya sa january hehe :)

  74. yuweh says:

    ngaun nasa 14k-15k na lng xa sa market.. online sellers mas mura.. 10-13k lang.. meron na bang internet settings for globe users? ayaw nman gumana saken nung mga unang gprs settings

  75. Paul_Raymond_1994 says:

    i bought this phone last jan. 2, 2010 and it costs PhP 15 690 (card) sa cyberzone ng SM. And its already Android 2.1 . May settings na ang Smart 4 this phone . SET SEU20a to 211 kasi yung U20i di walang settings. sa globe naman wala pa din. ahhmm .. may prob ako ngaun sa phone na to kasi ambilis mapuno ng internal storage nya kaya limited na lang ang apps na dinadownload ko. Gusto ko imove ung mga apps sa sd card but its impossible daw. dapat i-update ito sa Android 2.2 na wala pa sa ganitong unit para makamove ng apps to sd card but the supported only. At isa pa, nagkaproblema ako kasi yung screen display nya nahati. yung upper part napunta sa baba and ung lower naman sa taas but the key function is still in the same place. how will i able to fix it? help please…

  76. Ram says:

    Bumili ako sa TCP nakuha ko xa 8.5k. Ganon din na eexperience ko kay kirby. ok n ung 3G. But when registering for an account on gmail, cnsabi need internet setting. ano po ba gagawin?

    Xa nga pala kay risingkitty at sunrise09 ung price ng x10 mini ay 8.8k store warranty at un se warranty is 12.5k. hope this help kung cno gusto makamura sa android phone.

    need help po sa inquiry ko sa taas.

    • Alvin says:

      Hello.. itatanong ko lng kung nasaan ang pinakamalapit na store nang TCP.. sorry.. newbie here in manila.. btw I’m currently staying at Makati.. thanks

  77. April says:

    @Ram: where did u bought ur x10 mini? coz m planning to get one real sooon..

  78. Ram says:

    April sa Just type keywords “rissingkitty” then go to members then enter. Just look for the user items. You might found out the phone you are looking for at the cheapest price.

  79. Ram says:

    April sa Just type keywords “rissingkitty” then go to members then enter. Just look for the user items. You might found out the phone you are looking for at the cheapest price brand new with warranty.

  80. yuweh says:


    ahh, wla pa tlagang settings ang globe? kung ano ano na kcng palusot ng customer service nila narinig ko eh.. un din ung problem ko, di ko alam kung pano mamomove ung apps sa sd kc puno na internal ko.. gud to know from u na sa 2.2 pwede na.. have 2 wait na nga lang talaga..

  81. Jay-R says:

    @ yuweh and everyone else,

    I suggest getting a new sim. Try Globe Tattoo. Automatic na na-maconfigure yung APN settings so you can connect to the net using 3G or HSDPA.

  82. gonkyouka says:

    @yuweh sad to say na hindi na pwedeng e-upgrade ang xperia mini pro sa 2.2 since magkoconcentrate na ang SE sa new xperia.

  83. gonkyouka says:

    sorry double post.

    @Jay-R im using globe tattoo pero wla pa ren ung setting ko. try ko yung sa globe menu pero pag enter ko ng model na U20i reply sa aken is invalid daw yung model number ko.

  84. awi says:

    hi. just bought x10 mini and its already updated to 2.1 and its awesome!!!
    my battery last for 2days..
    i really love the design. mas ok to kesa iphone

    • gonkyouka says:

      buti ka pa. ako nag enjoy lng ako nung first week ko. ngayon grabe.

      are you having the same errors? i had a messaging process errors that occurs pag sobrang bilis ko mag type with qwerty keyword saka i had a random shutdown and more…

    • awi says:

      mini sakin eh, hindi pro. kung may problem ka edi dalin mo sa SE stores. for sure may waranty naman yang sayo di ba?wag moong sayangin warranty, ang mahal nyan ah. sakin kasi wala, store warranty lang

    • gonkyouka says:

      UU nga eh sa katapusan dalhin ko na ulit to sa MOA.

  85. christian says:

    hi does anyone know if rooting the device will make your SE warranty void?

    i just recently bought my phone at SE store, and i’m interested in rooting it, because you can do more stuff with it. i wanna know it rooting would make my warranty void.

    sayang naman yung additional fees ko diba kung mavvoid lng in just a month hehe. lam naman nating yung SE warranty tlg yung nagpapahamal ng phones….

    thanks po sa nakakaalam ng sagot.

  86. trish says:

    XDA developers have 2.3.3 custom roms for this.

  87. j says:

    Anyone willing to buy my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 MiniPro? Made in HK. Two months old. I’m selling for 6T only pesos. No defect, not even any minor problem. I’m just curious if anyone will buy it. I can sell more and brand new, any brand cheaply. But allow me to make even just a little profit. Just email me.

  88. excite says:

    I savour, result in I discovered exactly what I used to be taking a look for.

    You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

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