Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 Review

Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 Review

The Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 is technically the very first SnapDragon+Android powered smartphone to ever hit the Philippines (the HTC Magic is the first Android and the HTC HD2 is the first SnapDragon offered in the country).

The only other handset that has a similar combo I’ve tried is the Google Nexus One (though with v2.1 Android in it). The unit comes in two variants – the white one and the black one. I bought the white one for this review.

Design and Construction

The Xperia X10 was designed with great attention to detail and though the body is constructed from some kind of polymer (read: plastic), the white glossy finish and hefty weight gives it a ceramic appeal. It’s not very slim (13mm) but the somewhat curved edges gives it a slim impression. I’m not too sure about that silver-lined accent on the sides though.

The bottom of the front-panel is lined with 3 slender buttons that’s typical for an Android handset — Home, Back and Menu/Settings. There’s a dedicated camera button on the bottom right side and the volume rocker is on top of it that also serves as zoom control in camera mode. On the top side are the power button, 3.5mm audio port and a micro-USB port for data/power connection.

Display and Touchscreen

The 4.0 inch screen of the Xperia X10 offers more real estate than the 3.7″ of the NX1 and just 0.3″ short of the HD2. The 480×854 pixel resolution gives it a crisp rendering of images and icons but is no match to the brightness and vivid colors of an AMOLED screen of the Nexus One.

Nevertheless, it’s still one of the largest screens on a handset I’ve ever used. Add to that the responsiveness of the capacitive touchscreen and you’ll forget the TFT display is only doing 65k colors.

The virtual qwerty keyboard looks standard to Android and can get a day or two to get used to if you haven’t had experience with any similar full touchscreen phones before.

TimeScape and MediaScape UI

Sony-Ericsson added their own UI layer on top of the standard Android interface. The TimeScape parades all the activity done on the phone in a single timeline presented by 3D-panels.

That allows you to see the photos, tweets, FB updates, SMS, email, call logs, etc. in a single helix-shaped column of panels. You can slide across to another icon to see just a timeline for a specific activity (e.g. Tweet-only or SMS-only).


The MediaScape, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to Windows Media Center and allows for a more fluid navigation of all music, photo and video files on the phone.

Both the TimeScape and the MediaScape UI offer a lot of eye-candy but they seem to offer little practical function but just that — eye-candy. It’s nice though that tapping into a stream allows you to either fire up the browser or select an app or client for that service (e.g. TwitDroid for the tweet stream; or for SMS, TimeScape gives you a threaded view of a conversation).

The X10 also has the default 3 sliding panels of the Android, a feature I felt important after using the Nexus One with 5 and the HTC Hero with 7 — more real estate for widgets, folders and shortcuts.

Camera & Multimedia

The 8.1 megapixel camera of the X10 takes decent to good photos but is heavily dependent on available light. The shutter speed seems to be a bit slow so photos tend to get blurry on some occasion. I took several shots using both natural and artificial lighting and got these.

Click on image to see original/raw photo.

Video capture didn’t impress either. But despite all that megapixel rating, the video recording is a bit underwhelming and only captures up to QVGA and WVGA. The videos are decent but it would have been nice if it can do 720p. Here’s a sample I uploaded on YouTube.

What’s missing in this department is a secondary front-facing camera for video calls and the lack of FM radio tuner. The built-in speakers is relatively weak with the audio lacking the necessary bass and makes it a bit “tinny”.

Performance and Battery Life

The Xperia X10 is among the most powerful smartphones I’ve tried, along with the NX1 and the HD2, thanks to the 1.0GHz Qualcomm SnapDragon processor running Android 1.6. Apps load up pretty quickly, even with multi-tasking or several apps running at the same time.

The 1500mAh Lithium-polymer battery seems adequate but the device can easily get drained in two days and that’s with light browsing over WiFi and 3G.

Connectivity options are in full gear with WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G and GPS. The built-in browser does a fine job rendering pages but the lack of multi-touch somewhat dampens the usability/experience.


For a 1st generation Android phone, Sony-Ericsson did a pretty good job with the Xperia X10. Even if the Rachel UI isn’t that impressive, an upgrade to Android 2.0 this May will hopefully make up for that.

The absence of an FM radio is a minor setback and once the Android 2.0 becomes available, multi-touch might be enabled on the device too (although earlier reports indicate that no multi-touch support is due to hardware issues). The retail price of Php32,500 isn’t too bad either, considering their first Xperia came out at a whooping Php42,500.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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111 Responses

  1. Doc Harry says:

    Got to play around with the X10 at the Powerplant promo booths. GSMArena says that due to hardware issues, X10 won’t get multi-touch even with Eclair. Your thoughts on this?

  2. yuga says:

    @doc harry – if that’s the final verdict on multi-touch, then bummer. Google Maps and web browsing usability would be crippled.

  3. benjie says:

    will have to wait for the dell mini 5 “streak”…cause I cant buy an ipad and an iphone..he he

  4. Euan says:

    Etong X10 na to grabe! I love the eye-candy pero I would still prefer yung walang custom user-interface like Google Nexus One. at tsaka super laki nmn ng screen.. ok na sa akin yung 3″-3.7″. hehehe! :) Sir Yuga, question po, mejo Off-topic.. alam nyo po ba yung release date ng update Android 2.1?? or kahit 2.0 dito sa Pilipinas?? I’m asking dun sa mga Android phones na walang custom user-interface like HTC Magic at Samsung i5700.. at saka kung alam nyu, paano i-update yung firmware?? OTA update? or kelangan ng PC?

  5. giogagz says:

    sir yuga thanks for the review. Ya it’s true that the retail price is not too bad. I will wait for the version android 2.1 to x10 before aq bumili. The rumor said that the next update will be available on september (sana mas maaga). The said update will enable the ‘multitouch’.

  6. giogagz says:

    sir yuga, is android marketplace in ur x10 available? In the middle east the android marketplace is not available for their x10. So sad if it is not available here.

  7. mcv says:

    it will do multitouch once it updates to eclair (2.1) but it will take a while before the update will be available

  8. simplynice93 says:

    This phone is bigger in size but it’s slim. The problem w/ buying a new cp (especially Sony Ericsson phones) is that it’s not yet 3G compatible with our network (Smart especially!). Hope they solve this problem kasi sayang lang ang bili ng 3G phone na hindi pala pwede dito sa Pinas.

  9. Jon says:

    It really does look so slim, like it would slice your hand when you grip it too tight. The pics don’t look that great too. I was hoping it would take better pictures, since it is a SE phone.

    I read at gizmodo that the X10 is capable of multi touch, and it would get it when it updates to Android 2.x.

    It looks like the buttons below would be difficult to press. It is too thin and is located at the very end of the device. How was your experience with this sir Abe?

  10. anon says:

    sir yuga, for you since you have both, N1 or X10? :)

  11. yuga says:

    @anon – until I get the v2.1 on the X10, can’t decide yet. The NX1 was way cheaper though.

    @Jon – had that problem earlier but learned to acquaint myself to using the slim buttons.

    @giogagz – yes, I have the Android MarketPlace installed.

    @Euan – OTA and the service center will update it for free.

  12. manong says:

    “I bought the white one for this review.”

    so you have a conclusion but not a recommendation to skip or to buy since you already bought one hehehe!

  13. yuga says:

    @manong – I don’t do generalized/generic recommendations for a buy or no buy since it’s very dependent on user needs.

  14. manong says:

    android phones should be expected to be much cheaper than iphone or windows mobile since the OS is basically free because it is an open standard based on linux

    so i think 32k is still expensive maybe 25-27k should be the price range

  15. manong says:


    maybe because you already bought it, you cannot do recommendation on the negative side because a review should end up informing others to do a right choice otherwise what is the purpose of the review?

    if the product is bad, you end up questioning yourself “why did i buy this @#$%!! thing?”

  16. yuga says:

    @manong — the cost of R&D for the UI on top of the Android adds to the cost but a sub-30k price would have been great. I’m not totally sold with the X10 because there are cheaper alternatives like the NX1 and the Spica.

  17. manong says:


    i may even suggest a five star rating if you don’t like a buy/no buy recommendation if you think your generous sponsors will be offended :p

    • yuga says:

      @manong – I’ve actually installed a star-rating system on the blog for all past reviews I made. It’s all a matter of taking the time to manually update all of them.

  18. Emo22 says:

    @ manong

    i dont thnk big blogs like gsmarena and engadgts do the buy,no buy thing ur saying. The purpose of a review anyway is to show the cons and pros, and its up to the reader’s judgement. No need for blant one-sided conclusions. It wud be so awkward for yuga to say ‘ i dont recommend x10. Blah blah.’ haha..

  19. lolipown says:

    cellphone review says that multitouch will arrive via Android 2.1 at around september.. Boy that’s long


  20. Pedro says:

    I like the looks… but hate the price… because I’m poor… :p

  21. Sleepy says:

    Yay! I like Sony.. Hope this one is better than other models.

  22. Miguel says:


    Android is not free in terms of cost – see:

    Also expensive in terms of R&D engineering talent.

  23. zEr0-IcE says:

    I would’ve wished the X10 sold here was already in Eclair but as you’ve shown, it is not. Upgrading it to Eclair will take care of the 65K limit. Too bad pinoys have to wait for it (the upgrade) to be available here.

    I’d rather wait for Samsung i9000 Galaxy S (and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’ll be released here). It’s an Android phone (Eclair) as well, with multi-touch and Super AMOLED screen. I just wonder how much it’ll be when it gets released.

    I’ve already shelled out a few thousand pesos short of 40K for my i900 when it was first released. I think I’d pretty much do the same thing for the i9000, unless it’ll cost near 45K~50K. That’ll be too much.

  24. kannuchi says:

    IMO, too big for my pocket. Hope it won’t be like the Satio one wherein it easily (i don’t know how) had hardware problems, for instance, bug in slide lock that affects the killer-camera. (But based on my observation, this is the common problem on most Sony Ericsson, but I believe most of you won’t agree with me)

    Looks like it won’t have Adobe Flash support, even the upcoming Flash 10 player, as the minimum requirement would be ARM Cortex A8 CPU.

    Impractical for me and the “unnecessary” Mediascape just to attract many people easily.

    And this is not for me because of the lack of keyboard.

  25. Joe says:

    Sir, compare sa hero and NX1?
    Kamusta yung shutter speed ng x10? Mas ok ba?

    Naiinis na ako kasi hero ko, ang bagal ng shutter speed kaya laging blured..
    Hope you can help.. Thanks!

    Para sa akin kasi, nasa shutter speed na ngayon ang labanan..

  26. Rdness says:

    @yuga / @ everyone

    I was just wondering, sometimes when I check phones, I take “price” seriously. Ofcourse, as we all know, the better/more features the pricier the phone/device gets(but not always).

    I’m planning on buying a new cellphone but I’m a little confused as to where is the best place to buy it from.

    Different shops have different prices. Some even have very significant differences(ex.: A certain model has price ranging from 9000Php-12000Php. I wanna go to the cheapest one but it scares me (for some reasons).

    The question is, would you guys suggest buying cellphones from random cellphone shops instead of buying from the official stores (nokia shops,samsung… etc.). If so, what are the risks, what are the advantages and disadvantages.

    This question sounds off topic, but I think it will definitely help consumers in deciding not only what to buy but also where to buy.

    Thank you.

  27. Sony x10 says:

    Android 1.6 isn’t so bad on the Sony Ericsson X10, but with Android 2.1 and Multtouch the phone would be a lot better. So I am really looking forward to the update.

  28. Android 1.6 isn’t so bad on the Sony Ericsson X10, but with Android 2.1 and Multtouch the phone would be a lot better. So I am really looking forward to the update.

  29. X1 is like a toy… Nx1 pa din ako

    iPad review

    First post ko po yun kaya pansyA na..

  30. Eros says:

    I have a question Sir Yuga, and hope you can help me because it puts me in a dilemma.. i can’t decide if i’ll update or not..

    I’m using Samsung i5700 with Android 1.5 on it.,
    According sa mga nababasa ko sa mga blogs, it will be released in Germany first and will be “rolled-out eventually” on other countries.. (so it may take forever kasi walang definite date!)..

    Ayoko namang i-root (i-flash) yung phone ko kasi baka mawala yung warranty, sayang naman..

    I got an idea but I don’t know if this will void the warranty. I’m using Hotspot Shield, so I can effectively hide my IP and go to websites like without any problems (read: page redirecting to local version of the site).. nakita ko available na dun sa Samsung UK site yung Android 2.1 update. Sa tingin nyo, pede ko gamitin yung update na yon?? Will it not void my warranty?? I mean, isa lang ang version ng update sa Android 2.1 (for samsung) di ba?? At hindi naman considered rooting yon di ba??

  31. DAEMON says:

    Sir Yuga

    hows the browser performance. Can it play flash images and games. Can you play farmville here or flash videos more than youtube?

  32. manong says:

    @ emo22

    GSMArena on Nokia X6: “the handset is not really a smart buy in the way that the 5800 XpressMusic is”

    Engadget on Droid Incredible: “the Droid Incredible is the best Android device that you can purchase in America right now.”


  33. clyde says:

    if u can get ur hands on the nexus one or a motorola milestone, then go for these two… 2.1 is way better than 1.5 or 1.6 and the wait for a firmware upgrade is not worth it coz by the time the firmware rolls out, there will be a new version of the firmware again or better yet, a better-equipped phone…

    love the nx1’s gallery and app drawer…

    love the tank-like build quality and qwerty keyboard of the milestone…

  34. clyde says:

    and oh, these top-of-the-line android phones are cheaper too… the htc desire and the htc legend are not bad either…

  35. Joe says:

    Since mr. Yugatech cant reply, can anyone else give an opinion about the shutter speed of the phone’s camera compare to other android phone? (eg. Hero)

  36. markie says:

    sir, im torn right now.. what phone would you suggest? im considering the n900 or xperia x10… which one is better in performance? i also want a decent camera along with it… or should i buy a satio?? pls help… thanks

  37. Joe says:


    Satio is a joke. It got a good camera, thats it.
    I bought it and sold it after 2 weeks.

    i have no idea about n900 since i dont like it because of lacking of apps. i like x10 better.

    @Sir Yugatech
    camparing to nexus one, which has smoother UI?

  38. I actually think the HTC Legend is a better buy than the X10 even though the latter has a 1GHz processor. HTC Sense is just better compared with Timescape and Mediascape. I have a review of both devices on my blog (link on my handle) :)

  39. @ Eros. You won’t be able to use that update because Samsung updates are region specific so even if you manage to download the update for UK, your Spica will just give an error.

  40. kannuchi says:

    X10 I think is no good in camera with the others even if it has 8mp. And based on observation, most Sony Ericssons are popular for hardware issues.

    I’d rather choose Nokia N900 because of full open source Maemo, and the possibility of MeeGo, than the partially open-sourced Android of X10.

    The difference is, X10 is widely used in portrait mode, while the other is on landscape.

  41. the yawner says:

    I appreciate that the X10’s readily available here in the Philippines, just so I’d get the opportunity to have a feel of the device first before deciding the purchase. While the unit I checked out was only just a display unit, I’ve come to the conclusion that the phone is too big a device. It’s not for me.

    Would have wanted to get an HTC Legend instead, but it looks like the local stores won’t be getting this unit yet. Also, I find it odd that last I checked, they’re still selling HTC Hero on an SRP of roughly 32K, the same price as the X10.

  42. markie says:

    @joe hey thanks for the reply. anyways, im still undecided. my thing is that, im looking for a phone which is “loud” in appearance which is why im torn between n900 and x10. which one has better camera though? htc phones arent my taste. talk about performance, should i for x10? my concern with nokia is that they lower the price long before you know it. i want a phone that would give me a better value for money. pls help guys. enlighten me +)

  43. Joe says:


    hindi naman mahirap mamili, x10 na yan.
    mas ok talaga ang android since maraming apps.. pero mas ok ang browsing sa n900.

    sa pagkakaalam ko, maraming update ang mangyayri sa x10 since di hamak na masmaganda yung UI ng x10 mini dahil mas bago, baka itulad nila yung x10 sa x10 mini in terms of UI.

    in terms of looks, x10 talaga ang pinaka maganda.


    uu mas ok yung sense sabi nyo.. haha, pero mas gusto ko na yung UI ng x10, nagsawa na siguro ako sa sense, owner ako dati ng HERO.. mas sosyal kasi tignan ang UI ng x10, especially yung x10 mini.

  44. racki says:

    sir Yuga kindly help naman kng pano ko m activate ung timescape features ng x 10 ko.. i can surf sa browser pero pg dating sa timescape la talaga lagi contact your net provider.. why po kaya?

  45. Rem says:

    sa tingin niyo po ba marerelease din dito yung X10 Mini and X10 Pro? kasi anlaki masyado. tapos yung price pa niya para sakin ang mahal.

  46. markie says:

    haaayy.. finally, xperia binili ko.. no regrets. simply amazing… eyecatcher talaga sya, and this is the basic reason why i bought it.iphone kasi is so mainstream when it comes to looks.. functionality wise, im having no problems so far.

  47. JEC says:

    Can you advice what is the best N8 or X10?

  48. JEC says:

    Can you advice what is the best phone N8 or X10?

  49. kannuchi says:


  50. Rickey says:

    Sleek, neat, nice mouth-watering design. But poor battery life. For my line of work, almost dead before dinner. Unless of course u bring down all features to minimum including lighting.

  51. leemar says:

    hi guys,

    i know this topic is all about x10, but does any of you know when will the palm pre plus gsm version be available here in the philippines? or if it is available where can buy it?

    i really like the webOS platform.


  52. mike p says:

    after some thought i went to the mall yesterday to buy a nokia N900 but ended up bringing home an experia x10! what an impulse buy indeed. what made me shift? i could play around with the experia with one hand which i couldn’t do with the n900. but this morning as i explored all night the limitless possibilities of the experia… im convinced i made the right choice. its’ super fast, easily customizable and with tons of apps in the android market. the version 1.6 issue doesn’t matter, at least to me, since afterall, most average users cant really tell (i suppose) the difference between the 2.1 version. but i was told its going to get the upgrade anyhow. but not everything is positive about the experia. issues i noted were low ringtone and notification volume and low battery life. well, there’s always got to be trade-offs (lol) but overall, i’m happy with my experia!

    • summii says:

      i agree wid all the people who say x10 is the best…because awesome at its looks,8.1 megapixel[i never heard],large and nice screen..still not bought it but according to the vidoes i saw on youtube i liked da touchsreen..and wat else u want..simply luving the mobile..want one!!!

  53. pinoypi says:

    After some thought too, I finally realized how useful N900 is gonna be to me (over X10).

    First, there is a development of USB-OTG for N900 which will allow me to plug my 16gb USB flash drive to my N900 (Just like N8’s functionality).

    Next, I wasn’t wrong of choosing this over X10 because a so called Portrait-Keyboard will put to end texting with both hands, as I can type using alphanumeric characters. Amazing how active Maemo developers are.

    Finally, I can choose to install Android OS, or MeeGo 1.0 (upcoming), or dual boot them with Maemo, or whatever OS may come. That’s how powerful it is as of this moment.

    I don’t mind if it’s thicker, but I find it very useful with my everyday life.

  54. rona says:

    hi sir yuga, im choosing between these 2 phones, Xperia X10 and the samsung wave S8500

    can u help me po to decide between these 2,im planning to buy a new phone by july, need your opinions (techie people also welcome to message me)

    thanks a lot po :)

  55. Arvin says:

    Sony Ericsson is very sluggish to update when it comes to android. ang tagal tagal maglabas ng update nauunahan na tuloy ng mga bagong smartphones sa development. they say Q4 pa ilalabas yung 2.1 update. cguro nmn by that time mrami na nka 2.2 o nailabas na yung 2.3 beta android

  56. adam says:

    I like the looks of Xperia but if you’ll compare it with Nokia N900 I would go with Nokia N900

  57. adam says:

    I like the looks of Xperia but if you’ll compare it with Nokia N900: one of the best smartphone I would go with Nokia N900

  58. kannuchi says:

    Me too. I already have bought N900 and enjoying both Maemo and Android 2.1 (beta) on it as Dual boot.

  59. ahyessa says:

    how much X10 in phil?

  60. ray says:

    bakit sobrang mahal yun mga ibang cp sa pinas..dito sa cambodia.. must see the all brands and just go to kung gusto nyo magpabili sa akin

  61. ur boy says:

    Sir Yuga,

    3 weeks ago I was searching for a phone, specifically looking for blackberry storm 2. Unfortunately it’s not yet available here. But then I saw X10, with its design and screen size I decided not to wait for storm 2 and bought x10. So far it has not crashed yet,navigating to different apps was really fast, and I was able to download lots of cool android apps and games for free from
    I got it for P33500 using my credit card, its only 29k when you buy it in cash.
    There are few features that I really don’t like in this phone.
    1. You cannot take good photos in bad lighting conditions, even if you are using the built in photo light.
    2. It only accepts videos in MP4 format, so I had to download a video converter.
    3. The sound of the earpiece is weak, even the speakers are not as good as what I expected from a Sony ericsson phone.
    4. Because it doesn’t have a multi-touch functionality it does not recognize the multiple letters that you type so you have to slowdown a bit when typing.

    Hopefully The Update would Fix those bugs so that I can Enjoy my phone more.

  62. andrew says:

    @ur boy

    the camera is actually quite usable in low light if you use the night mode. the low volume was already fixed in the latest software update. try searching xda-dev for the update and rooting instructions

  63. nico says:

    i need your opinion.. which is better.? droid xtreme or SE x10 xperia.? thanks.. :D and tell me why is it better than the other.? thanks.. is droid x available in philippines.?

  64. jayse says:

    sir yuga baka aman pede aq humingi ng cp.

  65. jeff says:

    sir, anong verssion ung compatible sa 3g network sa pinas, x10a or x1oi? ty

  66. mightymau says:

    I got SE X10i …
    I do not recommend this pone, it has a very low in call volume.. I can’t hear the person im talking to when Im outside. e.g. in the mall …etc..

    I cant hear this pone ringing if its in my pocket.

    I cant even feel the vibration!!!

    this is a very good as a smarthphone and I also like the pic quality, but it totally suck for its basic functions!!!

  67. jid says:

    hey guys can someone tell me about the features of xperia x10? i lost my iphone kasi e and i just want to compare the features of this x10 to iphone.. actually i was confused coz a i planning to buy another phone.. i just want to kow which fone are better the experia x10 ba or ung iphone

  68. rey says:

    i have a se w705 and w995 phone which has 3Gs and video calls but when i try to use it to call my gf who has also a se c510 which also has video call, it always fails. is 3G for video calls really hard in the philippines sir? thanks

  69. ur boy says:

    @ Andrew:

    Thanks for the advice! I was able to update my phone to R2BA020. It seems to be running better now.

    For you to compare the specs of different phones I recommend you to go to

  70. HTCseeker says:

    Anyone knows kung magkano na HTC Desire ngayon? I am planning to buy the phone next month and I prefer to buy it in the mall to get the official warranty. Im from CDO kasi and there is no way i can get that phone here thats why i have to fly to Manila pa for it. Hope anyone out there could help me. Thanks a lot.

  71. Rem says:

    @rey, I also have a Sony Ericsson C510, but I haven’t experienced any problems with Video Calling. In fact, the quality of the Video seems better than my older K800i, my Nokia 5800XM, my cousin’s Samsung L700 and my mom’s N70. Maybe you should try using Globe. Globe’s 3G network signal in our province is a little bit weak but it’s fast enough for internet browsing. I hope Sony Ericsson will bring the X8 here with a multi touch screen. :D

  72. nico says:

    help me pls.. is xperia sony ericson good or motorola droid xtreme? is it available here in philippines.?

  73. YOGI says:

    san ba puede magpa update ng sony x10i?

  74. otel says:

    hi.. i want to know when the 2.1 version will be available here in philippines? i like this fone rather than Iphone 4g… thanks

  75. catherine presto says:

    sir yuga,

    kindly help me to choose from iphone4 or X10
    which one is better when it comes to taking pictures, videos and sounds quality? when it comes to battery life span and easy to send for repair here? pls. i really need these info for me to make a good decision. thank u po!

    • summii says:

      its damn obvious that infront of iphone nothing is better..but when a person has already used its good that he/she should try some other

    • herm says:

      bagal mag boot ng htc desire lol

      samsung galaxy tab shut down issue xD

      ewan ko lang sa iba ip1 ip2 ip3 ip4 then ip5 ^_^ di man lang uminit sa kamay mo yung smartphone

      nokia is good at releasing buggy phones ^_^

  76. dyepnoodle says:

    the next update wont have multi touch! update will be available by the end of OCT. I’m working at NOKIA and no NOKIA PHONE is better than the X10, dont even bother buying the N8, it really sucks, trust me.. Known issue would be the phone will shut off and wont power back on.. (bases on complaints we receive) all of the new phones that they released has a lot of issues,. They will release the E7 (N8 with slider) and the C6-01 (it also sucks)

  77. dyepnoodle says:

    the next update wont have multi touch! update will be available by the end of OCT.(best thing bout the update is android 2.1 and 720p HD video recording with continious focus).. I’m working at NOKIA and no NOKIA PHONE is better than the X10, dont even bother buying the N8, it really sucks, trust me.. Known issue would be the phone will shut off and wont power back on.. (based on complaints we receive) all of the new phones that they released has a lot of issues,. They will release the E7 (N8 with slider) and the C6-01 (it also sucks)

  78. dyep says:

    i have updated my x10 to 2.1, first in the philippines! rooted my phone and finally, updated it.!!

  79. YOGI says:

    @DYEP San puede mag pa root saka mag update ng 2.1?

  80. jayc says:


  81. junulrik says:

    after updating to eclair 2.1, my xperia x10 shows so much improvement from previous version. i really enjoy now my unit especially with huge screen for internet browsing and also live wallpapers are really spectacular…

    • summii says:

      how did u do that..i mean the downloading of 2.1 android

    • drew202k says:

      download mo yung pc companion para sa cell mo or etc.. vice versa then log in mo lang yun cell mo yung. software na maghahanap ng auto update sa cell mo or its either ikaw maghahanap

  82. nadzlb says:

    yuga paano ko mgagamit yun mga android market, facebbok applications dito sa pinas??? dapat ba wifi? ksi i tried using Globe 3g di po pwde..huhu..pls help me..

  83. jenue says:

    Anybody knows where can I but Sony Ericson LiveView product? Here’s the link of the product

  84. striker says:

    xperia x10 s0_01b japan is good at all…

  85. Mondeq says:

    Anyone got info about the Android 2.3 update? When? Tnx!

  86. androclus says:

    already got x10 its cute and very handy with 16gb mmc.. all i can say is hands down to x10

    never tried n900 madali lang kasi magpalit ang nokia

    at ayaw ko sa cell is yun may slide down alam nyo naman review pag may may flex diba 3 years mong e slide yung flex what will happen

    dont tell me dahan dahan kang magslide para di wear off yung flex xD

    kudos na lang but its your own choice i got my own opinion just my two cents lang..

  87. jenue says:

    Guys, where can I buy a brand new Nexus One here in philippines? Pls advice . Thanks

  88. ali noori says:

    give me new model of mobile

  89. I really enjoyed reading your blog, you bring up some very good points

  90. I just owned this x10i, but to my surprise, there is no SIM menu coz Im using a retailer sim with my e-load business, so I cannot access the e-loading menu of my SIM, I tried searching for an app that might have been designed for this but so far its a blank wall…but my lenovo a60 lephone has this menu…does anybody have any idea if there is some sort of a hidden menu or code to access the sim services menu on the x10i?


  92. I’m using an Xperia X10 right now and what I did to prolong the batle]tery life is to use a combination of Juice Defender[aggressive Profile], Advance Task Cleaner, StartUp Manager, and Background Data on the Settings is off, the brightness is at the lowest if im not using the phone…and I installed Best Simple Battery Widget so I can monitor the battery life…eureka!The phone can go up to 5 days now and perhaps 3 days if you always tinker it[text and call and net browsing]…

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