WATCH: Can you still use iOS 6 in 2020?

Released 8 years ago, iOS 6 was one of Apple’s well-designed OS. It is also the last iOS version that Steve Jobs helped developed. But is it still usable in 2020? Let’s find out in the video below:

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  1. Avatar for joseph joseph says:

    hindi na, wala ng fb messenger at youtube na compatible sa ios 6 kainis nga ang iOS, iPhone 3gs ang pinapagamit ko tao ko sa tindahan para kaya ko silang tawagan o i iMsg maliban doon wala na. sa iOS 7 naman mayroon pang FB messenger pero Youtube wala na nito lang last month sa iPhone 4 ko pinapanood ang ABS CBN news habang nag papatulong ng baby kainis unti unti na hindi na sinosoportahan ng Apple mga lumang device, d tulad sa android kahit na ice cream sandwich os compatible pa rin ang mga popular apps

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