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WATCH: Here’s why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone SE 2020

Apple released one of their most anticipated phone this 2020, the 2nd generation iPhone SE. With its affordable starting price of PHP 26,490, we don’t recommend buying this phone. Here’s why:




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  1. Chris says:

    Honestly I don’t agree with this, 1st there is a reason for the SE being smaller and that’s because it’s cheaper. It’s for those people who cannot afford a phone that is worth 100,000 and second yes you have android suggestions but yet the SE is still cheaper and I own an iphone SE and it’s about the same size as an iphone 8 but with the processor of an iphone 11 which is worth it and lastly those are rumors about the iphone se 2 and it is not confirmed and also it isn’t difficult to use it during the day time.

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