Xiaomi demos Super Charge Turbo

Xiaomi demos Super Charge Turbo

Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President, Wang Xiang, has posted a video demonstrating the company’s Super Charge Turbo technology.


In the video uploaded by Wang Xiang on his Facebook account, it showed two smartphones, one Xiaomi with a 4000mAh battery capacity, and one Brand “O” smartphone with 3700mAh battery capacity. The Xiaomi device is displayed supporting 100W charging while switched on. Meanwhile, the Brand O smartphone supports 50W charging while switched off. In between the two smartphones is a timer. As the timer starts and the video goes on, the video showcases the Xiaomi getting a full charge in just 17 minutes using the company’s 100W Super Charge Turbo technology.

Watch the video below:

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2 Responses

  1. jobert_sucaldito says:

    Brand O? alam na hehehe ‘OPPO’ hehehe, may pangtapat na sila super vooc nila.

  2. mema says:

    RIP sa kuryente niyo ahaha

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