Angkas shares Motorcycle Passenger Shield design

Angkas shares Motorcycle Passenger Shield design

Recently, Angkas has shared the specifications of its Motorcycle Passenger Shield on its Facebook.


The motorcycle previously submitted a prototype of the shield following the IATF’s decision to allow motorcycle back riding for married couples, common-law couples, and live-in partners. It has been approved by the National Task Force on COVID-19 chairman Delfin Lorenzana a few days ago.

The backpack-type barrier is 30-inch high and is made of a 2.5mm thick high-grade Polypr0pylene sheet. It has a rubber passenger grip at the bottom with polyester nylon straps. Angkas’ Motorcycle Passenger Shield is 18-inches wide with clear Polypr0pylene plastic for protecting the passenger. The shield’s sides and top also fold outward towards the passenger. Its straps for the riders are made from ABS plastic.

Angkas posted the design to help other motorcycle riders who want to produce their own for private use. The company reserves the right to prosecute anyone who infringes and copies its design for commercial purposes.

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  1. Batang80s says:

    This will be up for sale in the coming weeks.. pasyal pasyal lang sa divi..

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