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Apple Vision Pro production shipments cut due to low demand

Apple Vision Pro production shipments have been cut due to low demand.

According to Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo , Apple has slashed the shipment estimates for the full year. He also added that the tech giant is back to the drawing board, planning out improvements for the next model.

For 2024, there will now only be 400,000 to 450,000 Vision Pro headsets in-the-making, versus the estimated market consensus of 700,000 to 800,000 units or more.

The company has been in this spot before, meaning that the demand in the US is below Apple’s expectations. Consequently, the low demand depreciates the product globally.

Although, Apple is still moving towards a conservative view of demand in other markets. The Apple Vision Pro has yet to launch in other countries, and will still commit to do so later this year.

It seems like the Vision Pro was magic, until it wasn’t. The once anticipated product is en route to obscurity, until proven otherwise.

The company is currently reviewing and making changes to its future release roadmap. This means that there might not be a Vision Pro model by next year.

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