Apple Vision Pro unveiled, priced at $3499

Apple has just unveiled its first virtual reality (VR) headset, the Apple Vision Pro.

Vision Pro (3)

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Called by Apple as a “revolutionary spatial computer,” the Vision Pro is a VR headset that serves as a canvas to view and interact with both apps and digital content.

It features a high-resolution micro-OLED display system comprised of two displays, which Apple says equates to more than a 4K TV for each eye or around 23 million pixels across both displays. It will run on Apple’s first spatial operating system, called visionOS, and will be powered by custom Apple silicon with a dual-chip design.

Apple’s headline use case for the Vision Pro is utilizing the VR headset as an “infinite screen,” with the Vision Pro giving users a full view of apps for multitasking and productivity.

Vision Pro (7)

Users will be able to use the immersive screen together with Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, which in effect offers an almost desktop-like experience.

Vision Pro owners will also be able to do FaceTime calls on the VR headset, with those in the call appearing as tiles. FaceTime with the headset also makes use of its Spatial Audio feature, making those on the call sound like they’re in the same room.

Vision Pro (4) In addition, Vision Pro also introduces a new VR feature called EyeSight. The VisionPRo will automatically display the user’s eyes on the external display whenever a person approaches him or her.

Apple says this provides visual cues to people around the Vision Pro user on what they are focused on.

Vision Pro (8)

The new Apple VR headset, aside from the glass at its front, will feature a custom aluminum alloy frame, a seal, and a headband.

Vision Pro (2)

The Apple Vision Pro will start at USD $3,499 (around Php 196,775) and is slated to arrive on store shelves by early next year.

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