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Copilot can be set as your default assistant on Android

Mircrosoft is working on new updates for Copilot, enabling it to be your default assistant on Android smartphones.

Mishaal Rahman noted that feature is available through the latest Copilot beta version 27.9.420225014 via an X post 35 . Users now have the option to move away from Google Assistant in favor of Microsoft Copilot.

Android users can launch Copilot from the screen by swiping diagonally from corners or long-pressing the power button. However, Rahman added that Microsoft didn’t implement their AI model into Android in a way it could be fully utilized.

Copilot on Android isn’t inclusive of a simple floating UI. Users are instead brought into their main app. Additionally, the AI reportedly isn’t intuitive to user input, nor does it use an API enabling device screenshots.

However, this version of Copilot is still under beta. As our tipster states, this could still be a work-in-progress on Microsoft’s end. Overall, we’re optimistic that they’re still working on ways to make AI feel more seamless when applied.

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