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Fujitsu hits an all-time low in 34 years

As the going gets tougher, some companies struggle to keep up. Just like the multi-national IT Company Fujitsu that’s in a pretty bad shape right now with their stock shares dipping to a three-decade low.

Dubbed as the third largest IT services provider behind HP and IBM, the Japanese company has been on a slump lately as their stocks dropped by 12%. On a statement made by the company, they said that their last quarter’s net loss amounts to 23.7 billion yen.

But instead of succumbing to the unforgiving market, Fujitsu’s President Masami Yamamoto shows no sign of giving up in his statement regarding this market share loss. “We are moving away from a defensive stance to go on the offensive, and we will challenge ourselves to achieve further growth. Moving forward, we will continue to go on offense with structural reforms, accelerate globalization, and create new services businesses,”

It really looks like the market competition is getting steeper and steeper as once glorious companies slowly crumbles down to their knees. We hope that Fujitsu has some ace up their sleeves, ‘cause if not they’re in for worst.


Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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4 Responses

  1. coachjojoc says:

    I was one of the first owners of a Fujitsu u1010. Two friends subsequently bought their own u1010s after seeing mine…the u1010 was ultra small and unique and ahead of its time. Heck, we even bought replicators and extended batteries and original leather cases.

    People would stop and stare when we would fish the u1010 out from our bags and twist the monitor into tablet form.

    The three of us eventually had to downgrade from Vista to XP as the hardware would occasionally freeze.

    Call us The Three Amigos (actually two amigos and an amiga) or The Three Stooges but we’re still using it until now… why, we do not know. But we all agreed that a Fujitsu product was synonymous with quality.

    Here’s a toast to you, Fujitsu!

    • louie says:

      correct me if i’m wrong, you mention that is was synonymous with quality..maybe because it is made in japan..

      i am still hoping they would come up with a new laptop..i am a fan of japanese gadgets..

    • coachjojoc says:

      Could not agree with you more. Yup, it’s Japan-made which is what makes it special.

      Reality check: Fujitsu’s been in a funk the past few years as its products have been few and far between.

  2. lalaland says:

    japanese products are way better than korean products and chinese products!! best of luck fujitsu

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