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GCash to move transaction messages to its own app inbox

E-wallet GCash 15 is now moving their transaction confirmation messages from the usual text message, now to the application’s own inbox.


GCash said from its advisory that they’re doing this to improve security and easier access to a user’s transaction history based on the report of Ted Cordero of GMA News . This advisory coincides with the current problem which is the spread of spam text messages and now these scammers are becoming more aggressive and they’re including now the name of the recipient or the name of its relative.

GCash said that this update will start for PAY BILLS this September 13, then SEND MONEY & BUY LOAD will be next September 28.

“They’ll be instantly accessible via your App Inbox and also available when you click the ‘Activity’ button on the app which has your transaction history,” GCash said

NTC released a directive that tells Telcos to process the blocking of SIM cards used by scammers right away. Telcos must submit their compliance reports on or before September 9.

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  1. Avatar for Erwin gallarde Erwin gallarde says:

    Kailangan ko ma fuly verefiy gamit ung dati kung imfo intranfer sa bago kung gcash account para ma fuly virefiy na ako

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