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GCash releases statement on temporary unavailable services

GCash users have been experiencing issues in regards to their GCash accounts. The company has posted their advisory on their social media accounts in regards to this.

Gcash Advisory Oct 9

The most common problem that GCash users are currently experiencing is the failure to send money to others users. Though users have the amount needed to send, the app does not register it for some reason.

Netizens have complained that this has been going on since this morning.

GCash has stated in their advisory that they are currently working on the issues to get them back up soon. They also reassure that the funds of the users are safe.

Have you experienced this issue today? Let us know in the comments!

Update: GCash is back to normal 892.

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23 Responses

  1. Avatar for April April says:

    Still now i cant open mya gcash acct. It almost 2weeks.

  2. Avatar for Rizel Rizel says:

    My gcash app not responding since yesterday😔😔how can i cash out the money,,its my son’s birthday today😭😭😭

  3. Avatar for Rizel Rizel says:

    My gcash app not responding since yesterday😔😔how can i cashout the money,,its my sons birthday today😭😭😭

  4. Avatar for jose mambie malicse jose mambie malicse says:

    hi can help me back my gcash on normal pls since Oct 9 I can’t use my gcash

  5. Avatar for Niño Niño says:

    Since yesterday noontime, I’m having a hard time paying for my bills through GCash! They could have expedited asap in informing their GCash users. What an arrogant way in providing customer service!

    • Avatar for Michael Michael says:

      Tapos ang irereply lang sayo, if you’re still experiencing issues you may login to gcash and click chat with Gigi. Paulit ulit na ganun. 🤣

  6. Avatar for Eric Grey Eric Grey says:

    The best thing you can do is to transfer Gotyme app, It’s reliable unlike Gcash their system is unsecured even their own worker can hack the customer accounts and they don’t even notice it. Byebye Gcash Hello Gotyme.

  7. Avatar for Rose Evangelista Rose Evangelista says:

    Yes ngwidraw ko using gcash card pero Wala nmn Pera lumabas at ngbawas p xa sa account ko..ng email nko sa gcash.. waiting for there reply

  8. Avatar for Karl Karl says:

    As a forigner, gcash is a joke right . Half the times it don’t work, you have to be lucky.

  9. Avatar for Nancy tialang Nancy tialang says:

    Yes yesterday my gcash has logging out and have money inside in the amount of 100,000,000 peso but I can’t open

    • Avatar for mhell10 mhell10 says:

      Kelan ba maayos gcash nyo ?? Noong Sunday pa nagloloko app nyo .. tagal naman bumalik sa dati

  10. Avatar for Mel Mel says:

    Bumili ako ng lod para sa gomounli 599 nagkaltas sa gcash pero d pumasok sa gomosim..

    • Avatar for Jayanne Jayanne says:

      ^lagi nalang buong October until now november na nalang ganun parin ang problema hindi ako nakakasend ng pera gamit ang Gcash sa ibang customer bakit ganun lagi nalang sinasabi na ang device na ginagamit ko ay di secure tuwing magsend ako ng pera EH samantala ginawa ko naman ang mga pinanood ko sa tiktok na mga vlogger na secure naman ang device hayss

  11. Avatar for Constantine Zafra Constantine Zafra says:

    Submitting a complaint to Gcash is like talking to a robot. I guess GiGi is a robot with no answers. Waste of time.

  12. Avatar for Sonny barcelon Sonny barcelon says:

    I transferred 1k to a certain person but it neither appear in transaction and inbox so i returned the money he paid me but after a few minutes, the money was deducted fromvmy acct. Tried calling and texting that person but he ignored both. Is there any way you can refund my money?

  13. Avatar for SONY SONY says:

    I paid by scanning merchant’s QR code. It appeared successful with a reference number. My balance got deducted but both the merchant and myself didnt get confirmation texts. Furthermore, the transaction didn’t reflect on my transaction history

  14. Avatar for Marichu Marichu says:

    I widraw money in 7eleven using my gcash mastercard but I didn’t received a money,

    • Avatar for Mike M. Mike M. says:

      Did not receive any notification about gcash system maintenance. Withdrew money on atm using gcash card. Atm machine shows transaction not allowed, no money was withdrawn, then shows a deduction from my gcash account.

  15. Avatar for Ricardo A Daos Ricardo A Daos says:

    I already paid my order to tiktok they deducted the amount but it is not reflecting Im missing 258.00 please return it back to my account

  16. Avatar for Lovely Ross Gilles Lovely Ross Gilles says:

    I can’t open my gcash account it says that my account is blocked/ locked? What happened to my account? Anybody help.

  17. Avatar for Jennifer P. Cabradilla Jennifer P. Cabradilla says:

    Yes i cannot use my express send earlier pa.And i google it said that gcash is temporarily unavailable today.

  18. Avatar for Shaun Paterson Shaun Paterson says:

    GCash not working. Message when trying to buy RFID load from 5.35pm: Oops. We’re sorry. It seems that we could not process your bills payment at the moment. Please go to Help > Help Center to learn more or submit a ticket for your concern. (Code BCC3-422)

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