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Globe Postpaid users may now spend more than their monthly bill limit

So aside from Globe’s initial announcement that postpaid and Platinum customers will be given an extra 30-day billing extension due to the coronavirus crisis and the ensuing Luzon community quarantine, Globe has also announced it is taking off the monthly billing limit for their customers. This means any postpaid customer may still be able to consume more than their monthly allocations and exceed their cap without being temporarily disconnected.

Globe is giving its Postpaid and Platinum customers an option to suspend their monthly spending limit. This is in response to the surge in demand for voice and mobile data, as work and study from home arrangements are implemented in Luzon and other parts of the country.

“We understand how our customers’ current situation requires high reliance on continuous mobile services such as voice and data especially among those who need to work or study at home because of the enhanced community quarantine. We would like to help our postpaid customers stay connected by providing them with a way to suspend their spending limit as these times may call for it,” said Rebecca Eclipse, Globe Chief Customer Experience Officer.

Spending limit is a special feature that helps customers take better control of their postpaid spending. It is the maximum amount that can be used for services when one has exceeded the monthly plan, in order to stay within budget and avoid bill shock. Customers will be sent a text message with instructions on how to suspend their spending limit to help cope with the increase in connectivity needs during this period.

Aside from this, Globe has provided a 30-day bill payment extension to all mobile postpaid customers. To help manage and monitor their usage, customers will still continue to receive billing notifications.

To reduce physical contact and help protect customers, Globe has also temporarily stopped sending printed billing statements and will instead send the latest bill via SMS or text message.

Customers may download and use the GlobeOne app and Globe At Home app to make it easy to track down data usage and subscribe to offers. Connectivity is essential at this time and Globe is continuing efforts in coming up with measures to empower its customers in the security and safety of their homes.

We have yet to receive this text message that Globe promises for the steps to suspend our bill limit but we will update this article once we get them.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. Augusto Cortes says:

    Globe representative called me and offer a new plan. I was told that if i avail payment will commence on my next billing. What i did i visited globe branch in festival mall where i applied for tje promo. I was surprise when i got my statement. I went again to the same branch.

    I ask the customer service staff how come my bill was such. I was told It was an advance payment. WHAT?

    They lied??

  2. Mira says:

    How about smart users and Sun users..
    Globe is so generous..

  3. Zhacky says:

    Globe is super duber slow in my area… ive been trying to call them no responce…

  4. Ean says:

    Globe: extended payment dues….. exceed usage but no cap… huh?

    Smart: boosted with addl 5gb FREE… extended for 30 days….hmmm

    Globe, mahiya ka naman!

  5. Ean says:

    Btw….my Globe is 20yrs old this year. I dont even get anything except 917 every sept.??
    My Smart is about 15yrs old.
    Oh my…
    Good thing staying home is no hassle for me coz i have pldt fibre and skybroadband.

  6. kamote says:

    fck globe! we can’t even consume properly our monthly promo data which is 1450 php 500 gb!! only an average of 60gb were commonly used and we already report this and fir god sake!! they still do nothing about it!!

  7. ROLYN says:

    I’m already spending more than my monthly plan. I applied for a 1599 plan and now my bill is reflected 1981. 1858 for the monthly recurring fees no add ons. Please investigate this case. One of my friends also reported paying more than what their plan indicated.

    Ps. I haven’t exceeded my monthly data limit. I only use 200+gb from my 500gb data allocation.

  8. Rggy says:

    In times like lockdown, cannot really rely on this slow service of Globe, regrets having them as our ISP for 7years. Shame on you 917, puro lang kayo arte, endorsement lang kayo magaling.

  9. Warren Umaguing says:

    This is what I got thru text from Globe:

    Hi! Keeping you connected while staying at home is important to us. If you go beyond your spending limit, don’t worry. You’ll have continuous outgoing services until April 15.

    No need to pay your bills yet since we have extended your due date by 30 days. And to help you monitor your usage, you’ll still receive SMS bill reminders. You may also use the GlobeOne app for this and other transactions. For more info, visit globe.com.ph/help/postpaid/spending-limit.html. Thank you and stay #SafeAtHome!

  10. Amy says:

    If you decided to get a Globe at Home postpaid, u better think thrice…or suffer the consequence of their very poor connection and customer service.. pls GLOBE stop bullshitting the people.

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