Google Pay stores COVID-19 Vaccination Card on Android

Google Pay stores COVID-19 Vaccination Card on Android

Google Pay is now capable of storing and displaying COVID-19 vaccination cards. Google Pay is getting an update to its Passes API, which stores boarding passes, loyalty cards, digital tickets, etc., to allow storage of COVID-19 vaccination cards. The feature is now available on Android in the US, followed by a release to other countries soon.

Once the digital vaccination card provider supports the new API, you’ll be able to save the card locally on your device. For privacy, Google Pay will not store data in the cloud, share it with third parties, or use it to target ads.

The vaccination card can be saved on multiple devices at a time. In addition, the digital vaccination card can be added to your Android home screen for quick access. And to ensure your privacy, a pin and password are needed before you can get access to your COVID-19 vaccination card. The digital cards are also not uploaded to the cloud and are instead stored locally on the device.


Any device running Android 5 or higher and is Google Play certified can digitally store their vaccination cards on their device. Qualified and interested companies can contact Google to get enrolled in the program.

Source: Google

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