Huawei releases HMS Core 4.0, with new developer kits and security

Huawei releases HMS Core 4.0, with new developer kits and security

To round out its Consumer Business Product and Strategy Virtual Launch, Huawei introduced its HMS Core & Capabilities for developers, pushing the AppGallery forward as an alternative choice for apps.


With over 400 million monthly active users in over 170 countries, Huawei is making app development more convenient for developers with the release of the new HMS Core 4.0. It includes several developer kits to make the app development process faster and easier, including:

  • Camera Kit – advanced APIs to integrate the cameras into apps
  • Device Virtualization Kit – allows Huawei smartphones to connect to external devices such as TVs, cameras, and speakers
  • OneHop Kit – provides seamless data transfer and interaction between apps in your Huawei smartphone and other third-party devices
  • Share Kit – allows high-speed file transfers over Bluetooth by setting up peer-to-peer WiFi channels
  • Map, Site, and Location Kits – optimize and allows for location-based services based on GPS, WiFi, and base stations to triangulate user locations faster and more accurately
  • Machine Learning Kit – integrates machine learning functions (i.e., face detection, text recognition, object detection, etc.) into your apps

As for protection, the Huawei AppGallery is CC EAL5+ certified to protect its user’s data. Users are also able to opt-out of personalized ads, which stops their personal data from being sent to advertising platforms.

If you wish to learn more about Huawei’s Developer kits, check out the link here.

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