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Motorola demos long-distance wireless charging technology


Motorola has revealed its long-distance wireless charging technology.

Motorola Long Distance Wireless Charging • Motorola Demos Long-Distance Wireless Charging Technology

Spotted on Weibo, Motorola has recently demonstrated its own latest charging technology entitled “Motorola Black Technology.” The General Manager of the Mobile Business Unit of Lenovo China has identified this technology better than the current Qi technology-based contact charging. Moreover, this allows multiple smartphones to be charged at the same time.

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Based on the video, the device labeled as Motorola One Hyper enables long-distance wireless charging. Motorola’s latest charging technology allows the phone to obtain true wireless fast charging without attaching it to the charging device. The company also mentioned that multiple phones could be charged simultaneously and can achieve 80 to 100cm of wireless charging.

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According to various reports, this technology also has limitations since the charging may be interrupted in such a scenario that the transmitter detects a wall, window, or human body.

Meanwhile, this technology is expected to arrive in the future Motorola Edge series. However, Motorola has yet to give more information about the said innovation, so stay tuned!

Source: Weibo via SparrowNews

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1 year ago

This is a garbage idea, you’re going to waste so much energy trying to charge phones at that distance, the efficiency of qi wireless is already just ~70% and that’s at like 1-2cm and with perfect alignment

the only way this can work is incredibly inefficient (<1%) as Dave from eevblog mentioned. Unless Lenovo and xiaomi had some breakthrough discovery which I doubt.

It would be great If these companies spent less time on crap like this and more time on better products or making sure the factories aren't using slaves again

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