MRT now runs 22 trains

MRT now runs 22 trains

The Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) has recently increased the number of trains that can transit along its mainline to improve service to commuters.

According to MRT-3 Operations Director Michael Capati, the line began to add operational trains last January 2, 2021.  Out of the 22 trains running, 20 of which were CKD trains from the Czech Republic. The other two trains were identified as the Dalian trains from China.


The increase of running trains in the MRT-3 aims to shorten passengers’ waiting time on stations and increase passenger capacity during rush hours.

Currently, the MRT-3 serves approximately 79,520 passengers and has an average of 21 running trains during peak hours. This is more from the 72,465 passengers and an average of 20 running trains recorded last December 31.

The MRT-3 also increased its operational to 50 kph from 30 kph last November 2020.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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