Polaroid Now now official

Polaroid Now now official

Polaroid has just released its latest instant camera, the Polaroid Now.

The Polaroid now is an improvement over the Polaroid OneStep cameras from the 70s. It has a 41° vertical and 40° horizontal FOV, features a 2-lens autofocus system, and built-in double exposure.

Another addition is a 9-second self-timer to allow users to jump into the frame.


The flash has also been improved, taking into account present lighting conditions to project the right amount of light.

The Polaroid Now’s outer shell is made of polycarbonate and ABS plastics. It’s powered by a 750mAh Lithium-Ion battery, rechargeable via micro USB.

The Polaroid Now is compatible with both i-Type and 600 film. It’s also available in seven different colors, for USD 99.99 on their main website.

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