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RedMagic Global Store now ships to the Philippines

RedMagic has recently announced through a Facebook post that it would include the Philippines in its Global Store’s official shipping countries.

The Philippines is now among the countries where the RedMagic Global Store currently ships products such as smartphones and accessories.

However, the product prices on the website are still listed in USD instead of PHP. Currently, RedMagic Global Store offers the following smartphones:

• RedMagic 6 Pro – USD 699
• RedMagic 6 Pro + Tempered-glass Screen Protector – USD 703.90 (from USD 713.90)
• RedMagic 6 Pro + Ice Dock – USD 727.90 (from USD 742.90)
• RedMagic 6 – USD 599
• RedMagic 6 + Tempered-glass Screen Protector – USD 603.90 (from USD 613.90)
• RedMagic 6 + Ice Dock – USD 627.90 (from USD 642.90)
• RedMagic 5S – USD 539 (from USD 579)
• RedMagic 5G – USD 579

Other products available on the website include gaming accessories, as well as chargers, protective cases, charger cables, etc.

Source: RedMagic

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