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Samsung announces new lineup of air purifiers

Samsung has just announced that it will be launching a new lineup of air purifiers, namely the AX9500 (Cube), AX7500, AX5500, AX3300, AX3000.

The AX9500 (Cube) features Samsung’s Wind-Free technology with 60,000 micro-holes. It comes in a cube-style shape that can be easily stacked and setup and has its own docking component.

The AX7500 features a front air inflow to draw air in and a dual power fan that discharges the air with the use of 3-way airflow.


The AX5500 also has a front air inflow and a power fan with a 3-way airflow, allowing the unit to achieve a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CARD) of 467 cubic meters per hour.

As for the AX3300, the air purifier won an IF Design award with its look. It features an Air Sensing Light and optimizes the operating modes automatically.

Last but not least, the AX3000 has a sleep mode function for a quiet run. It has a dust and gas sensor, a 2-in-1 HEPA filtration system, an ultrafine dust filter, and an Activated Carbon Deodorization filter.

The AX9500 (Cube), AX7500, and the AX5500 all features a numeric air quality display and a Laser PM sensor that monitors air quality in real-time with a 4-color indicator.

Samsung has stated that the air purifiers will launch globally. The price of each unit has not been revealed.

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